The On Cloudmonster Hyper is a big shoe with a huge price tag, and billed by On as the ultimate daily trainer thanks to the dual-density midsole that contains a big chunk of the brand’s Peba-based Helios HF foam. Mike, Kieran and Nick have been out for a first run in the shoe, here are their early impressions of the Cloudmonster Hyper.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our first run review Of the on cloud Monster [Music] Hyper so Cloud Monster hyper is a new Shoe for on within the cloud monster Line that is built to be the ultimate Daily trainer according to on it can be Seen as the training Partners Sho to the Cloud boom Echo 3 definitely has some Super train ribes with the materials Used and also the price which is Exceptionally high it's £210 in the UK $220 in the US weighs in at 270 G or 9.5 O in my UK size 9 which is a fair bit Lighter than the cloud monster 2 it's Got a 6 mm drop from Hill to toe and the Stack height is 37.5 at the heel and 31.5 at the 4 foot so that's actually a Higher stack height than the standard Cloud monster 2 but it's also a fair bit Lighter a lot of that's down to the fact That on is using its best material in The mid soole here which is the Helen HF Foam which is a PE based foam so it's a Dual density midsole with chunk of the Helion HF foone I think it's mostly Located under the 4ot and then the other Material used is on classic cloudtech Pods which you can see at the back of The shoe here which are a bit firmer and Obviously a little bit less bouncy than The PE foam you have in that big chunk Under the for foot there you don't have

A carbon speedboard running through the Shoe unlike obviously the cloud boom Echo 3 which because this is a shoe Built to be used every day day in day Out when you don't necessarily want that Stiff carbon plate in there at all times You have a lightweight woven mesh upper With a bit of padding around the back of The shoe and a very thin tongue there Then you've got the kind of ped outsole Design with the classic on Groove which Is not as deep as on other shoes but Probably still deep enough to catch the Odd Stone and then decent chunks of Rubber on some of the pods decent 4 foot Coverage a few chunks at the back there So their key impact areas on the shoe Will be covered so it should have decent Grip and Durability so when it came to fit I ran In a UK 8 and a half which is my regular Running shoe size when I'm choosing on Shoes when I first put these shoes on The very first time I found you know Immediately I could feel they were going To be roomy and that's how I find them I Get pretty good lock down across the top Of the foot I think those wrapping Tongues that they've got really help With the lock down the heels hold nice And well and secure for me on that first Run the toe box is really roomy that's The one thing they have got quite a lot Of length and there's quite a lot of

Room across the top of the toes big Volume in the toe box which I guess That's maybe a positive maybe a negative Depending on what you like I really Quite like it it's bordering on kind of Feeling a little bit baggy and a little Bit too roomy but it's nice and spacious You know if you're someone who goes for A more spacious outra that kind of shoe And you want a bit more room then that's Going to be good but yeah but overall I Think I would recommend going true to Siz in these shoes so in terms of it I Would say the cloud Monster hyper feels Very Cloud monster too in that respect It feels very similar I would say in Terms of the feel you know particularly When you look at the front of this shoe And it does kind of open up and it Offers a lot of space a lot of volume in My UK size 8 that's what I had the cloud Monster two in and generally that's what Size I would be in for on shoe so I do Think there is a lot of room lot spacer A lot of wiggle room midfoot wise again Very similar to the cloud monster too in Terms of the hold that you're getting Here not massively close or narrow but Definitely going to give you something Pretty accommodating some similar level Of padding not overly excessive in terms Of that Hill padding at the hill collar Tongue and laces lock down was generally Fine one thing I did note is the laces

Are quite long here maybe unnecessarily Long for me um so I mean a minor thing But something I noticed so yeah I think My experience very Cloud mon two in Terms of the fit here very spacious up Front of the toes I think most people Going true size would be fine there may Be an argument to go half a size down if You prefer something a little bit more Snug fitting but I think in my size it Felt fine comes the fit of the shoe it Was all good for me in my normal running Shoe size got a uk9 here that's a us9 And a half with on but a good amount of Room in the front of the shoe and nice Secure hold around the heel and midfoot It's not quite as big and roomy as the Cloud monster 2 was in the same size I'd Say if you did find yourself swimming About in that shoe a little bit got Slightly more dialed in fit with the Cloud Monster hyper and I'd say in General stick to your normal running Shoe Size good morning I'm just heading out To do my first run in the on cloud Monster hyper quite an exciting shoe Landed a little bit unexpectedly at the Weekend quite excited to get out and do My first run in it today which is just Going to be an hour pretty relaxed get Used to the kind of the feel of the shoe But it's build as a big versatile all Arounder so this is the kind of run that

I hope to be able to handle quite well As well as being able to do some faster Stuff down the line I'm just doing an Easy 60 minutes today after running a Half marathon yesterday so legs are Pretty beat up hoping that nice big Midso stack with a mix of Foams in there Will protect the legs well and let me Bounce through this run quite nicely so Let's get out and do It so just back from the Run uh first One in the cloud masterer hyper it was Pretty pretty good today it's certainly A very comfortable shoe and uh do think It fills that role it's talking about of That protective daily training that Keeps your legs fresh with that peber Foam on top and it has a little bit of Bounce not so much like I did a few Little sections where I sped up a little Bit and it did feel quite good like it Doesn't feel like it's really going to Shift and be an allout speed shoe but I Think there'll be some versatility there Certainly more so than shoes like the uh Cloud monster 2 and generally it felt a Lot better than the cloud monster 2 all Around I wasn't a huge fan of that shoe The uh the know the pods on the bottom Still feel like a weak point for the Shoe like they don't create the nicest Ground contact I find when I'm running In on shoes with that podded base and The slightly firmer feeling under the

Foot they add a like an element of Firmness and slapp to the shoe that Isn't really there with the nicer foam Above that which should probably feel Even better still I think with a Slightly better underneath to it so I do Think they take away a little bit of the Uh the enjoyment of the shoe they're Probably quite heavy as well like it's Not the lightest shoe in the world but I Don't think that's I think it's fine the We for what it is but does mean it Probably will lose out in terms of Versatility to some other shoes that Will have more of a speedy Edge to them But yeah all around it felt okay today As a daily trainer with a little bit of Super foam in there you know it was Comfortable I had a bit about it if you Want to move a bit quicker I think I'll Enjoy running some slightly faster miles In it certainly feels like it be a nice Protective Workhorse shoe for long Mileage think that'll definitely be a Feather in its cap like today I'm on Really tired legs and I felt really nice In the shoe cruising around in it where That's all going to add up to what is a Very high price tag for this shoe I Don't know we'll talk more about that in The early verdict in the full review but Yeah pretty enjoyable first run in the Shoe there still don't love the way the Pods feel on the bottom of it compared

To the phone above it so into that run Test and on the train schedule today was A 5 Mile base run at kind of 8 minute Mile pace so that's what I went out and Did kind of dropped it down in places to Kind of 740 750 minute modile pace to Kind of do some Up Tempo sections in the SHO cuz ultimately this is a shoe on is Kind of really kind of saying that you Can do some faster stuff in this shoe And kind of take some pressure off maybe Your race St shoe the shoe you can of Really save for when you are kind of Doing going out and do kind of much Quicker stuff now first thing I would Say Weight Wise I'm glad that is lighter Than the cloud monster 2 so I think mine Weighed in at 250 gram so pushing it Closer to that original cloud monster Terms of overall weight now it isn't a Shoe for me that kind of entirely Disappeared you still notice it is a Little on the bulk so than I would want From a shoe for slightly more Up Tempo Running it is kind of sits in that kind Of Max cushion kind of super train and Mold I would say but I think in terms of The shoes that sit in that profile that I've kind of run in some I can some I Can't talk about I think the still isn't One that absolutely disappears for me or Feels the right side of kind of Lights Um for me in terms of a Max cush super Trainer then you get into the midso and

There are no kind of clear for me kind Of speed focused elements to me despite Having hyper in the name I think you Know you're got you're getting Cloud Tech here so it is definitely on the Firma side there's less of it obviously Than the cloud monster 2 there's none of That kind of softer kind of cloud phase Um Cloud Tech phase in here either so I Think you know when I did drop it down In terms of that pace I did find that There was a bit of Life there a bit of Energy it felt like it could handle that Slightly my Tempo running but I think in Terms of allout speed and you know what I may would want to do in the shoe I'm Not sure that it felt like it was giving Me that impression really mainly because Of that weight mainly because I think The mid so still is a little too firm For me or kind of that firmer approach From on that I kind of hoped they were Kind of moving away from But ultimately For the cloud monster they're kind of I Think clearly sticking around with that Kind of Mido so for me yeah it was fine I think when I kind of eased off it was Absolutely fine at that pace I did feel The weight a little bit more when I kind Of picked the pace up it felt okay I Think fine I don't think is a massively Aggressive rocker in there and as I said I don't think there's a lot of quite Clear speed focused elements that makes

That kind of Screams to me this is a Shoe that I'm going to want to do Quicker sessiones maybe more Up Tempo Sessiones more so than the cloud monster 2 and more like the cloud monster But Ultimately I don't think it massively Moves away from the cloud monster at its Core and being a shoe more in close um Kind of resemblance to the original Clown monster lesser the clown monster 2 Which I think that that's what you were Looking for from the Clown wants to I Think maybe getting a little bit more of It in the hyper but as a kind of all out Kind of speed focus training shoe I'm Not sure it's quite there for me um Based on that first run it felt solid Enough I like the fact that it's lighter Than the cloud monster 2 F to the cloud Monster but I just think maybe there's Something slightly missing for me so far Say it's one run so far and your five Mile run we'll be looking to see how Maybe handle some shorter much sharper Stuff and also maybe going longer in it As well but yeah a mixed first run I Would say in the cloud Monster hyper so I'm just back from the first run I did 10ks basically in an hour so I was Moving very easy Pace low heart rate for Me just ticking along really as you Might be able to hear it I've got a Little bit of a cold so I didn't want to Push it too hard I don't real what to

Make of these shoes ini when I first put Them on got them out the box a massive Stack again and we look like it's kind Of they call it Cloud Monster hyper and That's exactly what I was thinking you Know you got really big midsole here and You've got those what looks like kind of Very different parts in the forefoot to The heel and I wasn't sure if those two Were going to kind of play nice together When you started rolling first foot them On the foot in the house they felt quite Firm underneath the midsole felt quite Rigid and quite stiff but once I got Moving after a couple miles in these Shoes really really surprising actually There's a lot of energy to them I found There's a decent amount of spring to Them the footed Landing is really quite Soft and that's really nice there's a Big sort of nice cushion to it but it's Almost like this kind you got this Strange combination of like a cushioned Landing but there's a stiffness to the Main outsole unit that returns you know Quite quickly it's quite a rigidity to It but there's quite a lot of Pop to Them and overall I thought that made for Really quite a nice enjoyable happy kind Of cruising ride with a little bit of Energy on them they're not as kind of Firm as going back to the old Cloud Monster I think they're they're a better Ride for the sort of firmness and the

Softness than we got from the new Cloud Monster there was definitely that higher Stack but they don't feel unstable to me They've got a nice wide platform there's Pretty good cradled Landings that to me Felt well protected and yeah I really Enjoyed those miles actually I clipped Long nice in them I can't remember what They are on the scales but I didn't find Them particularly heavy compared to some Other shoes you know yet they are a Bigger shoe in this kind of world where You're going to be talk about like Nimbuses and you know the New Balance 1080 v13 along with this I didn't really Find them particularly heavy on that run Even though I was feeling heavy myself And overall the fit was good I thought It was very comfortable and the foot and I have to say you know on that first run I've enjoyed this shoe yes so I didn't Look at the specs before I went and ran In these the first time because I didn't Have them so I don't know that what that Stack is going to be but what's going to Be really interesting is understand how The engineering works because it looks To me like that kind of 4ot section of Foam is very different to what you're Getting in the rear it might not be Certainly the clouds in the 4 foot are Shaped differently there's you know you Got sort the full clouds in the back and Then you got these almost like half

Clouds in the front what I will say Basically on that first run is I think This was a comfortable shoe a Comfortable kind of cruising easy shoe That was very easy to run in from the Start so first run verdict in the on Cloud Monster hyper then obviously I Haven't done many miles in them 10ks an Hour it's not enough to really give a Full verdict on a shoe want to do more Testing but my initial first impressions Are that this is nice comfortable easy Cruising shoe with good softness but not Overdone it's not soft and over squidgy It's got some kind of response to it There's some sort of firmness to it I Found like it rolled along really nicely And there's definitely a bit of energy To that midsole as well I found there Was quite a bit of Bounce from what is Essentially quite a big old stack now of This kind of the foam whatever the fo is In there I didn't have the text so I'm Not sure if it's Helen does feel softer Than some of the other Helen sort of Midsoles that I've running yeah I my Initial sort of feeling you go to is it Going to be better than the cloud Monster 2 I think absolutely yes I think It's going to do that easy Comfort Cruising better than the cloud monster 2 And have more energy it doesn't feel Quite as soft and sinky and a bit sort Of flaccid like the cloud monster 2 did

Is it how's it going to compare to the Cloud Eclipse maybe the cloud eclipse is Going to be a bit more sort of rocked And Responsive I think you know looking back It's it's definitely a bigger sort of Softer shoes and something like the Original cloud monster which had kind of A lot of firmness to it and I definitely Think when I've been recently sort Running in the oncloud stus that to me Just feels a bit ponderous and a bit Heavy this shoe is going to be a bit More lively than that so I think it's Going to strike a nice balance between Being cushioned and protected but also Having a little bit of life to the Midsole ride which I I think a lot of People are going to like but I'm going To be very interested to do some more Miles in it to see if that holds up Under different conditions but first run Yeah with a cold with heavy legs heavy Mind it was exactly the kind of shoe That I needed today so that was a tip For the oncloud Monster hyper so I'm Back at the office it's the morning After the first run in the oncloud Monster hyper and Nick has just sent me The price of these shoes I didn't have Them yesterday when I was recording that And my initial verdict I had no idea no Context of what the tech was what the Shoe was really aimed at what it was

Supposed to do from On's perspective They just told me it's going to cost you $210 or $219 I mean that that's an extraordinary Amount of money for a daily trainer and And for me I'm going to save my full Vert on whether or not I like the shoe As a running shoe until I've done more Testing in it but I can tell you now It's not going to be worth £210 I don't Care what it does that is too much money For a daily trainer if we're getting Into the world where daily training is Going to start costing us North Of200 then I think yeah we're all are Going to be a little bit in trouble There are so many good running shoes That you can get for 60 70 pound cheaper Than that the yeah I don't know this is Going to have to do something really Really special in order to Warrant that Kind of price you know that's close to What we sort of saw at the launch price Of the new sort of vaporfly next perent To race shoe back in the day it's too Much money on whatever happens with These shoes over the next few months When I'm testing them that is too much Money and yeah yeah I just thought I'd Say that okay some initial thoughts on The on cloud Monster hyper is that feels Like quite an interesting one is I'm Kind of thinking is hyper the right name To associate with the shoe um this

Almost feels to me so far and say I've Only done one run in it that this was The shoe that I thought the cloud Monster 2 was going to be and it feels Maybe like a natural progression from The cloud monster but in the same kind Of token I still feel like when is Talking about this maybe being a shoe That you can do faster sessions in this Is a shoe that screams faster sessions To me I'm not entirely Sure and that's my kind of problem here I think ultimately I think that it is a Cross between the clown monster and the Clown monster 2 but does it give you Enough in terms of that kind of quicker Feel I'm not sure so far based on that First run then you get into the price And it is not cheap it's not a cheap Shoe and I think there is a bit of a Trend with these kind of Max cushion Super trainer shoes pushing the badges In terms of pricing we saw at the aex Super blast I think there are other Shoes that are going to come maybe the Next month or so that are going to do Something similar in terms of that Pricing realm and there's a argument Should you be spending that amount of Money when you could probably buy a Couple of shoes that can cover those Types of runs I definitely think there's A bit of an argument here based on that First run with the cloud Monster hyper I

Do feel like it feels nicer than the Cloud monster 2 and I think that's a Positive here is that enough of a Positive to say that it cost it should Cost as much as it does I'm not 100% Sure but I do think this is a nice shoe Than the cloud monster 2 I think more of What I thought it would be from the CL Original Clan monster the hyper FS like That but as a Max cushion super trainer I'm not seeing it quite yet in terms of My kind of first run with it maybe That'll change it over time but right Now it feels like an expensive Max Cusher trainer that it's not quite Telling me that is a shoe that I'm going To want to run speed sessions and it's Probably going to be a shoe that I'm Probably going to log a lot of slightly More a Tempo running time in it but Ultimately it's is it going to be that One that I'm going to do want to do Quicker stuff I'm going to grab four for Quicker stuff I'm not entirely convinced Just yet so it comes to the early Verdict on the shoe it says on the Inside there it says fresh legs and fast Legs and I think fresh legs is right I Think this is a shoe that will work very Well for high mileage Runners it's going To give you a lot of protection it's not The heaviest it's fairly versatile and Will give you a nice feeling under foot And protect the leg so you are a bit

Fresher as you churn out those long runs Fast legs little bit unconvinced by I'll Have to do some faster runs in the shoe To test that before our full review but It feels a little bit big and bulky and Not necessarily as sprightly as some Other shoes out there if you are going To use it as a really verstile shoe that You do speed sessions in along with Those easy runs compared to other on Shoes this is a much better shoe than The on cloud monster 2 which I just Really wasn't a very big fan of at all That was just a very dull ride a heavy Shoe just a lot of Stack but not really A very nice feeling under foot got far More enjoyable ride feel with the cloud Monster hyper and it will be a lot more Versatile with that more responsive Peber foam and the lighter design on Cloud eclipses out there as well which Is a pretty versatile very cushion shoe As well which has the kind of rocker Cloudtech phase design that on has which I really do think is a strong design Element of of their shoes and in the Shoes it's been put in I think it works Really well obviously haven't gone for That with the cloud Monster hyper at Some point I wonder if we're going to See a combination of the cloud Tech Phase kind of Rocker with the Pea foam And maybe that will be producing the on Shoe that everyone really wants but for

Now the eclipse is a slightly different Feeling shoe I do like the rocker on That shoe and after one run I couldn't Really say which I prefer of the two Shoes uh in it comes to cushioned and Versatile on shoes price is obviously a Big talking point with this shoe uh Obviously even with the on markup it's a Very high price like onice shoes tend to Be a little bit more expensive lots of People like them for casual use as well But this is such an expensive shoe and If you look at what you can get Elsewhere for less it's going to make This Quite A Hard Sell I'd say like even The ax super blast is cheaper which is Something you know I never thought I'd Say given how expensive the super blast Is that and that is very much the Standard set for these big high stack Plateless super trainers it's a Brilliant shoe the super blast it's Lighter than this shoe it's got a lot of Bounce from that FF turbo midsole not Really sure after one run the cloud Monster hyp is really going to challenge That shoe in terms of all round Performance and it's more expensive so That's straight away quite a Punchy Thing to think about with the price and Then you've got a lot of cheap shoes Whether you're looking for a plated Super trainer like the S andin speed 4 Or the Adidas Boston 12 with its energy

Rods like really proven versatile very Good all round shoes and if you're Looking for a plateless all round shoe Then the New Balance Rebel V4 and the Hoka Max 6 are a lot cheaper than this Shoe they're lighter they you know Deliver really good rid for everything I Did enjoy the first run in the shoe and It felt pretty good and looking forward To doing some other runs in it and Trying to get up to speed but there are So many great shoes out there already That are so much cheaper than the shoe And after one run I'm not really sure The performance is going to be there to Justify the very high price you have Here but anyway do some more testing Definitely check out the fast legs Element of the shoe whilst also hoping It keeps my uh fresh legs Going that's our first look at the Oncloud Monster hyper let us know what You think in the comments below please Do like subscribe and ring the little Bell that's very helpful for us as a Channel to keep growing and we will see You next Time