Hi, welcome to The Run Testers. In this video we’re getting into the run testing detail on the third generation On Cloudstratus 3. It’s a big cushioned daily shoe that On claims is built for lacing up when you want to run long and fast in comfort.

For some the last generation came up a little firm and unforgiving. So has On fixed those issues and do we have a top quality daily trainer on our hands? Hit play for our On Cloudstratus 3 review


0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Details: Price, Weight, Stack, Drop
1:08 – Shoe whip round
1:53 – Fit
3:19 – The Run Test
8:38 – Verdict

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Hi people welcome to the Run testers and In this video we are getting into the Run testing detail on the third Generation oncloud strus 3 it's a big Cushion shoe that en claims is built for Lacing up when you want to run long and Fast in Comfort now for some the last Generation came up a little firm and Unforgiving so has on fixed that issue And made this a daily trainer that's a Winner does it compete with the others That are out there it's now a very Crowded market so have we got a good top Quality daily trainer on our hands well Watch on for our multi tester on cloud Stratus review to find Out first up the key stats then on stack Kite on doesn't list the stack kite for This year on the site but they're Packing around 30 mil Plus or a little Bit more in the hill and around 24 Ms in The 4 foot for a 6 mil drop that's 2 mil Lower than the last generation in terms Of drop weight wise it comes in at 320 G Or 11.3 o in my UK men's 8 and 1/2 That's a US men's 9 and A2 and that's 20 G heavier than the previous generation This shoe the Cloud street will cost you £170 in the UK or $1 $80 in the US now then a quick shoe whip round mids First and the cloud strs 3 has a double Stack of on trademark Helen foam clouds Sandwich in that midsole there's a nylon Speed Bo plate and there's a pretty

Substantial rocker here too that's for a Bit of stiffness and clip through in Your transition up top the cloud St have These perforated uppers that are quite Thin and Airy there are tongues and Hill Col here that are plushly padded the Cloud Stratus 3's gusseted tongue Extends right down into the shoe for Almost got a WRA booty feel the cloud Stratus also has quite an sort of rigid External heel clip here to improve the Fit security and hold flip them over and The stratus has a pretty generous Coating of out soole rubber with tabs Covering all of those kind of key Cloud Elements in all the impact Zones now when it came to fit I ran true To size UK and a half that's my regular Shoe size and I found these fit pretty Well there's good room in the toe box But I did have to pay attention to how I Laced them down to get a good hold Across the midfoot I struggled to get an Entirely secure fit I also found they're Not the most secure fit in the heel but That said I would still recommend going True to size the fit for me in the Oncloud stratus this is a size eight for Me I'm a size eight in the UK um I would Say that it's a very roomy shoe there is A lot of space in this forefoot in this Shoe it's really noticeable um so if You've got narrow feet you you might Notice that I would stick to my size in

This shoe um but just take that into Consideration uh I did find that the Upper was it's quite a structured upper Um and it's quite hard to get a lock Down fit in it it feels like um even When you tighten it down a little bit it Still feels like the shoe's pushing out A little bit and it doesn't doesn't feel As secure on my feet uh as I I normally Like from a shoe there's a lot of Padding in it an enormous amount of Padding around the heel section which is Very comfortable I didn't have any heel Slip or anything like that but I did Feel that it wasn't tight enough on my Feet when I was running it it just felt A little bit loose so I definitely Wouldn't use this for uh speed runs or Anything like that just I'd like a a lot More um uh tighten fit on my on my feet Which I just couldn't get from this shoe So I would stay to my size but it's a Very roomy Shoe rst then I've done shter 50 miles In the cloud stter 3 that's a mix of Paces on roads light off-road the usual Drill that we take These shoes with going back a generation I found the Cloud strs 2 to be pretty Reliable as a Workhorse an okay shoe That wasn't particularly remarkable Probably a bit behind the competition on Performance and price when it came to This sort of daily trainer area and

After my runs in the cloud strs 3 I Think I'd still say the same basically There are improvements here the midso Ride is notably softer and more Cushioned underfoot these sort of double Stacked heling clouds provide good Protection on The Landings without Feeling too soft and sinky if you've Always found on shoes too f these have Changed that for the better but without Going too far the other way and making Them super soft and over sinky but when You compare them to the likes of the GEL Nimbus 26 New Balance 1080 v13 those Pillowy soft shoes these still come up Considerably firmer than both of those So if you're after that big bouncy feel Offered by some of the big stack daily Trainers you don't really get that here I don't think there is some return and Responsiveness here as well and the Rocking definitely helps with that kind Of clip along I like the firmness and Roll of the cloud Stratus but I'm not Sure they're as free flowing as shoes Like the cloud monster or the cloud Eclipse both of which I think I prefer To this shoe they're also considerably Heavier than many other dailies and even Max cushion shoes they're heavier even Than the second generation Cloud Strutter and I think you do notice that Weight on the foot there's quite a lot Going on here so you'll need to enjoy

Big builtup shoes to enjoy these now as Ever with on the uppers and nicely plush Heel and tongue make for an okay step in Comfort I was able to log long miles Straight out of the box in the shoes Though it took a while for them to sort Of loosen up and I am more aware of them On my feet than I'd really like they're Not quite as natural and disappearing They just don't feel natural enough Actually to me I'm too aware of them on My feet as I'm running now if I was Setting out on a 2hour plus run tomorrow As a result I'd be happy enough to pop Them on I know they do a good job but These wouldn't be the first shoe I'd Reach for just because they for me they Feel a little bit disconnected overall There's something that's not quite right With on shoes there's not many in the Past that I've really warmed to and There's a few reasons for that the Biggest reason is that I've never really Got on with the Foams in on shoes um the Helium foam which came around a few Years ago as an update which is On's Proprietary foam um it is quite a firm Foam um and it doesn't really have a lot Of energy return or anything like that In it it it's solid it's quite stable um But it just doesn't really give me Anything back when I'm running in it um The new foam uh that's been added to the Oncloud Surfer is I I really like that

Foam it's soft feels like there's a Little bit of Bounce in it it's just a Far superior foam for me um but for some People and I imagine Kieran is is one of These this firmer foam that you get this Helium foam is is actually probably Something people want because um maybe If you're a heavier Runner or you want a Bit more stability and less sort of Softness or any wobbliness in a shoe you Will get that from the the foam that You're getting on shoes in the cloud Monster there's a lot more of that foam And it works a lot better I I do like The cloud monster I think it's a a solid Shoe I think it's a very comfortable Cushion shoe um which it works really Well for longer runs easy runs that sort Of thing um but with the cloud Stratus There's not it doesn't have the same Feel that you get in the on cloud Monster it's just it still just feels a Little bit dead to me and there's not a Lot that it gives gives me back so um I Don't really enjoy running in this shoe It just feels like I'm wearing a pretty Hefty Chunk of um rubber on my foot that uh Isn't really giving me anything back it Feels very solid feels very stable um And definitely didn't have any major Issues with it when I was running into It but also I would I just wouldn't pick This shoe up if I was going to do an

Easy run because I'd want more softness Uh I wouldn't pick it up if I was going To do a faster daily run because it's Definitely not a fast shoe um there's Not a lot in that foam but also it's It's quite a clunky shoe as well to wear So for me it it's fine if there's that Specific purpose that you want but it's Not it's not in any way versatile and uh There it just doesn't feel like it's Giving me a lot back I mentioned a bit At the enjoying the fit that I struggled To get a lock down fit in this shoe that That feel does make the shoe feel like It's not really a running shoe when You're out running in it I couldn't Really get to grits with this shoe and Get nice consistent Pace it just felt Like the shoe um just wasn't really Giving me anything back the out soole uh Is actually really good uh helium foam Is pretty Durable foam anyway um but There there's quite there's not loads of Rubber on it there's quite a bit at the Front and a little bit at the back and There's quite a lot of exposed area Around the middle of this foam section But um it's not really I'm not really Seen many much wear on on this shoe I've Probably done about 50k in this shoe so Far not a lot of wear on it and that's Because that foam is a little bit more Durable if that was a more delicate foam Like zoomx or something like that that

Wouldn't be the case but Helens a pretty Hard wearing foam so um the grip as well Is very good on the sections that it's Got it on um so I would say the outsole Is uh Not necessarily well covered but it Doesn't necessarily need to be it's Still pretty good grip from from where The rubber placement is on the Shoe verdict then well this is another Perfectly reliable happy cushion Cruiser I think these will make a decent Workhorse for many Runners like the Cloud Stratus 2 those Runners who are Happy to take things easy and tick over Slower miles this can do that job so if You're after a cushion Cruiser for low And slow easy miles with a perhaps a few Mid-tempo efforts thrown in these will Do a job they're just not a wow shoe for Me I've enjoyed my miles in them without Being blown away so it's a happy Cruiser Kind of vibe I found them relatively Well balanced if a tad heavy and that Weightiness probably limits their top End speed and subsequently the overall Daily training versatility which is Something I really like in my daily Shoes I want them to be able to do Pretty much everything now in terms of Alternatives from on stable I choose the Cloud eclipse and the cloud monster over That for that purpose and the cloud Surface 7even even I think are a better

Sh Sho outside of that I think the New Balance 108v 13 edges it versus this one On slow and easy Comfort I personally Prefer the soccery ride 17 as well that Also has more versatility and both of Those last two I mentioned are cheaper Too so my verdict on the on cloud Stratus I'm not entirely sure what this Shoe is really designed for I would say It's a sort of Workhorse shoe uh Something like the Nike Pegasus 40 um It's definitely not a shoe that I would Put up against things like the Brooks Glycerin or the socon trium 21 although I imagine that's probably the world Where it's designed to fit in because It's not it's not really like a Max Cushion shoe uh it's more of a Workhorse Daily shoe that has this chunk of Cushioning in um it probably is more Comparable to me with more old school Stability shoes because that's the feel I get from it I feel like my foot's Firmly in position with it I feel like Uh it's not going anywhere but also I Feel like the the midsole in is not Really delivering anything either so it Feels like your foot's firmly in a Supportive position um but that's about All I get from it um and overall it's Not a particularly comfortable shoe for Me um and I I struggling to work out What I what I would use it for I Definitely pick up uh something like the

S 21 for this the the sort of runs that I think this is designed for um and Because it's on is quite an expensive Shoe as well so uh it may be that it's More of a fashion shoe uh it definitely Feels like a fashion shoe when you're Wearing it it doesn't feel like it's um Promoting you into a running uh in any In any way apart from that stability Element so for me not a big fan of the Oncloud stratus so there you have it That has been our review of the oncloud Strus 3 I hope you found it useful if You have any questions or comments about This shoe if you've running it how do You find it tell us in the comments Below we'd love to hear those yeah as Ever thank you very much for watching if You enjoyed that video don't forget to Hit like And subscribe ring that Bell For more content that's going to come up On the channel soon if you're interested In other daily trainings I'm going to Pop a video up on the channel that You're going to be really interested in Now Otherwise thank you very much for Watching and we hope to see you again Soon on the run test happy running Everyone