Recently launched a new foam called Cloudtech phase and that's used in the New oncloud Surfer and that foam really Impressed I think all of the Run testers It's a really soft um slightly bouncy Foam but it's just so nice to running It's very smooth it's very enjoyable It's great for easy runs it's great for Daily runs um this shoe does not have That in this still has the uh helium Foam uh that's used in a lot of on shoes Or most of on shoes um and as a result It's quite similar to the pr shoes it's Not it's not a big upgrade on uh the Earlier version of this shoe um the Midsole is is fine it's fine it's it Feels good uh it's there's not a lot of Bounce in it it's uh not necessarily Very Lively foam it feels quite stable It feels very comfortable there's a nice Little bit of a not a soft Landing but It does feel like you're Landing Comfortably um and I've had no problems At all