The on-cloud surface 7 was a big hit With the Run testers a great follow-up To the cloud monster and a shoe we all Agreed was one of On's best running Shoes yet the midsole features a brand New design what on called Cloud Tech Phase midsole technology where you've Got a newly shaped cloud elements the Pods on the bottom that are made from Helium foam but the idea here is that These collapse in sequence a bit like Dominoes As you move through your Transition and that creates a better Rolling motion there's a pretty big Rocker here too and interesting there's No speedboard which makes them a little Softer this is a really nice balanced Shoe with great versatility a nice Rolling Snappy responsive springy ride It's not too aggressive there's good Cushioning and stability and the Transition is nicely smooth then Noticeably softer than many on shoes That have gone in the past and that Might be down to the removal of that Speedboard that generally adds a bit of Stiffness to their shoes but also the Phone feels more compressive but without Feeling sinky and flaccid it kicks in With return just