When it came out the On Cloudmonster was the biggest stack shoe we’d seen from On. It promised a cushioned ride for daily training and was popular among The Run Testers. Then along came the On Cloudsurfer 7. Completely revamped with a new midsole unit, a change to the classic On Cloudtec and crucially no Speedboard. And the Cloudmonster had competition for the accolade of On’s best running shoe to date. But was it toppled? Run Testers Gill, Tom, Kieran and Nick have put in 100s of miles in both shoes and here’s their verdict in our On Cloudsurfer 7 vs Cloudmonster head-to-head.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Design details
3:15 – Fit
4:47 – The Run Test
17:50 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the run test it's Kieran here and in this video we're Going to be telling you whether you Should buy the on cloud surface 7 or the On cloud monster now to help you decide Four run testers have been doing many Many miles in both these shoes we have Tested these to the nth degree and in This video we'll be giving you our Verdict on everything from fit to the Run test to which one we think is a Better shoe all round so watch on to Find out So some quick details then the monster Is a heavier shoe then coming in at 10.2 Ounces or 290 grams in a UK men's size Eight and a half while the cloud Surfer Comes in the shade lighter at 237 grams Or 8.4 ounces in the same size Now on doesn't list the stack height for Either of these shoes but the cloud Surfer has a higher drop it's got a 10 Mil drop compared to the cloud monsters Six mils price wise they're both the Same price in the UK 150 pounds but the Monster is 10 bucks cheaper in the US 170 compared to the cloud surface 180 so Let's give you a quick round of what's Different about these shoes to compare Them and contrast them I think starting With the uppers basically you've got Like a dual layered mesh upper on the on Cloud Surfer it's a little bit more Breathable there's a bit more kind of

Airiness to it it's a bit more Structured and a bit more kind of tight Knit on the cloud monster tongues you've Got a big padded tongue on the cloud Surface a little bit more plush bit more Cushion takes away a little bit more of That lace pinch the cloud monsters is Very much for sort of more of one of Those kind of thin tongues that kind of Wraps over the top of the uh the mid Foot so yeah it's a little bit more Minimal there in terms of heel collar Cushioning as well there's just a little Bit more padding in the cloud surf than You're going to find in the cloud Monster though it's not hugely different There it's just a little bit more plush On the cloud Surfer I think you've got To notice that a little bit when you're Running but really the major difference Here is in the cloud tech technology That goes into the midsole now both of These feature helium foam that's on kind Of foam and they've got Cloud text They've got these kind of cushions along The bottom the key difference here is That the cloud monster have got these Kind of enclosed kind of cloud Tech Elements that they do compress but They've changed it up with a cloud Surfer where they've basically made it So they're now in a kind of domino Structure so what happens here is as Your foot kind of drops down and it

Rolls through the step these Cloud Tech Elements now compress a little bit like In a domino kind of style they're a Little bit soft and they collapse a Little bit more than they do on the Cloud monster so overall you've got to Get a bit of a softer ride when it comes To the cloud Surfer the other thing that Enhances that is the fact there's a Speedboard still in the cloud monster But they've dropped the speed board it's Been most of on the shoes have a Speedboard that's gone with the cloud Surface seven and that's one of the Things that tends to give on to shoot a Little bit more stiffness overall so Again that changes the ride of the cloud Surfer if you flip them over you can see That they both use rubber quite Sparingly here in the key impact zones On the cloud monster there's a bit more Of a sort of larger area of kind of Covering in the forefoot here of the Cloud Surfer two kind of sections in the Back of the cloud Surfer as well the Other thing that you'll notice it's Different this is a great thing that I'm Really impressed on have changed finally Is that there's no kind of really deep Channel in the middle of the cloud Surfer that you can see here in the Cloud monster I actually just picked This show up just a second ago and it Had a stone in it that's obviously

Collected before Those channels in onshoes can collect Stones that has gone with the on cloud Surf and that gets rid of one of the Things that's sort of slightly Frustrating about on shoes So the tip for me in both of these shoes Is completely true to size they're both Very comfortable shoes I definitely Wouldn't size up or size down in these And uh yeah completely happy with them Stick true to size in both so it comes The fit of the two shoes I found that The on-cloud Monster Fit Me perfectly Well true to size with really no Concerns at all the cloud Surfer is a Little bit tighter around the toe box There's potential there to maybe get Half a size up actually I've been Comfortable enough in my normal size Just with that slightly tighter fit Around the toe box both of them are very Comfortable around the heel and midfoot And hold the foot securely so really Good uppers and a good fit the cloud Surfer is that little bit tighter and The potential to go half a size up but In the end I've been happy true to size In terms of fit one noticeable thing I Think the on-cloud surfer come up a Little bit narrower across this kind of Mid to four foot area across the top of The foot there's a noticeable bit of Kind of tightness there I've sort of

Mentioned it in the full review that we Did at the on cloud Surfer I've got Quite a high instep quite wide feet and For me I noticed that it was a little Bit tighter particularly as you sort of Just go across the top of the the Footwear the kind of I guess the big toe Knuckle is just before that and there's None of that in the on cloud monster the On cloud monsters are really good fit I think toe box wise similar amount of Room not too much difference I think the Inners of the um the on-cloud surf are Probably slightly softer and wrap Slightly softer around the foot than Neon Cloud once but overall in terms of Both these shoes I get good lock down Good heel hold I'd go true to size of Them even though there is a little bit Of tightness in the gun Cloud Surfer I Think Beyond Cloud monster a little bit Roomier Both the cloud monster and the latest Version of the cloud Surfer I think have Been really positive steps from on in Reshaping their approach to running Shoes they're both a lot softer than What we've seen before from the brand And that's not necessarily descending Into like squishiness or anything like That it's just they're not uncomfortably Firm Cloud monster'll be obviously Tested first and I enjoyed it quite a Lot as a good Max cushion shoe that was

Nice for easy runs uh fairly firm and Stable ride still compared to some of The other options out there but you know A comfortable ride for sure and a little Bit of Versatility in it because it's Fairly light for a Max cushion shoe You've got the speed board running Through it you've got that responsive Cushioning so you can pick up the pace End up being a really solid daily Trainer all round just not one that Released it out for me uh overall and on The market at large whereas the cloud Surfer is something that stands out a Lot to me on the market Lodge one that I've kept around the off to our review It's pretty give me more rotation for a While because I do think it is almost a Unique ride for easy runs the way that The cushioning kind of collapses in on Itself there creates a very soft and Smooth ride it's a show I really look Forward to using as a result it's really Comfortable and it is still a Lightweight shoe so you can pick up the Paste a little bit in it not the best For that I'd say actually despite being A fair bit heavier the cloud Master Probably has a little bit more Versatility in terms of the poppiness of The ride but when it comes to their main Purpose which is those easy and long Runs Cloud surface ride is just a lot More enjoyable for me just because it is

So smooth and comfortable the redesigned Midsole just really works from on it's Not quite as stable as the cloud monster For sure I have any real problems with Instability myself but that would be Something to look out for with this shoe And I guess the other point probably in The long term will be durability between Them with this midsole design this is Sure I want to put a lot of miles on and Really see how it holds up but so far It's fine the ride stayed the same but It is something that I think could be More of a concern than with the cloud Monster that I think is perfectly fine On the durability front ah the run test Between them This was a lot trickier than I thought It would be Um I haven't run in the monsters for a Couple of weeks because I've been Testing other things and I'd forgotten Actually how enjoyable they are so Quickly to remember we've got a 10 Millimeter drop on the cloud Surfer and Only a six millimeter drop on the cloud Monster you've also got the surfer Weighs only 213 grams and the monster Weighs about 40 45 grams more in my Women's size 7 which is quite a lot Really when you think about it so that Lightness of weight and the heel toe Drop in the surfer I'd say is what makes On want to suggest it as a race shoe and

A Tempo shoe were more than just a Max Cushion shoe the monster though I would Actually say is a snappier shoe that Speedboard does Propel you forward it Pings you off whereas the surfer it's The lightness and the nimbleness that is Getting you the pace there rather than Any kind of snap back from the shoe 40 grams is a big difference though so If you're racing what would you choose That's really tricky the weight or the Snappiness now both of these shoes Really do protect your feet just because They have that huge chunk of helion foam Underneath them but again obviously one Is a lot softer than the other now the Depression on that will change a lot Depending on your weight so the monster You might feel quite firm if you're on The lighter end of the spectrum or if You're a bit heavier then actually you Might get more of a depression and a Kind of cushioned feel out of the cloud Monster but it's certainly a lot firmer Than the cloud Surfer The other thing is is that the cloud Surfer doesn't often offer any stability Now I noticed that my kind of piriformis Area was feeling a lot tighter I've got You know slight imbalance off to my Right hand side and so it was feeling a Lot tighter on that right hand side Having run in the cloud Surfer a lot Than it did when I used the cloud

Monster which being firmer kind of ends Up with a bit more support so if it was Someone who has any kind of issues with Pronation or any kind of muscle Imbalances that might affect that kind Of upper posterior chain that kind of Area then I would say that's the only Problem is it's so cushioned and Squishy That you're going to be working those Muscles a lot harder on the cloud Surfer Than on the cloud monster Both react as when you pick up as you'd Expect you know Um you kind of think you're just Pottering along nicely in the surfer but Actually when you pick it up it's so Light that it really can do and as I Said the monster is a lot snappier would You rate either of them well that's a Good question my head when I was running In them said I'd race in the monster Because of that snappiness and that kind Of feeling that the shoe is helping Propel you forward even when you're Fatiguing however the heel toe drop and That lightness would make me think that Actually the cloud Surfer would be a Smarter move because as you fatigue Towards the end of a race well you've Got that lightness and you've got that Aggressive heel toe drop even though Both of them when you look at them side By side look like they've got a quite an Aggressive uplift on the toe you can

Really see that kind of rocker that They're aiming for So this has been a really tricky one I've enjoyed running in both of these Shoes over the last couple of days and I've run in both of them side by side as Well one on each foot on the treadmill And and they are very different you know The the monster is actually you know it Just feels very consistent under your Foot it's pretty firm all the way Through it's not got much heel toe drops You don't really feel much difference Whereas the surfer you know you do feel That kind of roll through of your foot Because it depresses and then pushes you Forward onto your toes and you've got That squishiness so it is a very Different feeling Um and they're both quite enjoyable Shoes and I thought that the surfer Because I've just enjoyed putting it on So much would win hands down but It's going to be a tough one to call Probably most interesting experts about These two shoes is that the on cloud Monster is almost like the last shoe Innovation from the older on shoes using Helium metal foam now I've said it many Times that I'm not a massive fan of ons Midsole foam so I find it to be quite Firm in a lot of shoes and it's not very Versatile Tends to be a little bit too rigid for

Me Um and I just some shoes have been fine For me but I just never really click With them they've never really won me Over as a great shoe Um but the on cloud monster I I quite Liked when it first came out because Basically what on did with that is just Take the same technology that they've Got the same mid-sell foam and just add Loads more of it into a shoe and by Doing that it went from being quite a Firm shoe to being a little bit more Cushioned a little bit more versatile Um and a little bit more enjoyable to Running it's still the same sort of Technology that's in those ones just by Adding a lot more of it it's made the Shoe a little bit Um more accessible to people a little Bit more enjoyable for those longer runs Um but It's still the same sort of Technology It's not really changed the shoe it's Just added more stuff into it but the Card the cloud monster is a good shoe And it ticks a lot of boxes it's nice Comfortables it's relatively responsive For a Max cushion shoe it's very it's Not very similar to some of the other Competitors out there that are doing the Same sort of thing so if you look at Things like the A600 was 25 things like the New Balance

More V4 they are a lot softer than the On cloud monster for me Um and I love cushioning I love Comfort Um and the on-cloud monster still she's A little bit too firm for me it's just a Little bit too rigid Um and although I do like it it's never Going to be in my top four cushion shoes Um but it's fine now when the on cloud Surface 7 came out I was really Impressed when I first put it on it felt Very plush lovely level of stepping Comfort straight away not that some Other on shoes don't do that but I just Really noticed it in this in this shoe But the biggest thing about the shoe is This Cloud Tech phase midsole foam and That's a completely new type of midsole Foam for on and it is really soft and The way that those holes in the midsole Foam Um expand and uh squish as you're Running in it is really noticeable you Really squish into the ground when You're doing it it feels very soft but It also doesn't feel like it's slowing You down it's Keeps you moving nicely this it seems to Be a nice level of bounce back from it And it's just such an enjoyable shoe to Run and it's it's really nice to do I uh One of the first ones I did in it was a 16 Miler and my legs felt great by the End of it I felt like I keep on running

Um and I was really surprised because I Don't want to get that from on shoes Because they tend to be a bit firmer and I don't get that enjoyable bouncy Cushing feeling at the end so I've done Probably about 60k in issues so far and I really like it I think it's just a Very very comfortable daily shoe I think It skews more towards the cushion side Of things so into the Realms of the Cloud monster but it's actually in many Ways softer and feels more cushioned Than the cloud monster even though it's More designed for daily training Um but it is quite versatile as well so I think you can use it for as a as a Cushioned slow run shoe but also as a Daily train as well so you can go a Little bit faster in the shoe it's not The same as something like the Mach 5 Where it's a little bit faster where It's designed to be a little bit more Lightweight Um but it's good it'll it'll take the Box for you if you're just looking for One trainer you want to go running in Um and do all your runs in and just pick Up the pace if you want to do a nice Easy run if you want to I think it's a Really nice option and On's really done A good job in how they've developed this Uh it doesn't have a speedboard in it Which is another interesting point to The shoe so most of our shoes have this

Plastic speedboard that runs all the way Through it which tends to make them feel A bit firmer along with that helium foam This doesn't have one so Um it's a lot more flexible a lot more Natural feeling Um and I think it really helps the shoe Actually it really makes it feel like a Very enjoyable natural feeling shoe one Thing I'd say about these two shoes and We get this in a lot of comments about The cloud surface 7 is there's a worry That it's got not going to have the Durability Um of the helium foam ceiling foam is a Little bit stiffer a little bit firmer Rides pretty well when it comes to Longer distance high mileage training it Doesn't wear down as quickly as some Foams this new foam it does feel very Light and all much delicate so I've not Eaten I'm nowhere close to being able to See any signs of wear or tear on it but People have raised an issue that might Be durability concerns with the shoe Can't say if that's actually the case But there's not a lot of rubber on this Shoe so you get a rubber out the front And the on a little bit on the heel Section so not a lot on there so if There is a problem then it's gonna we're Gonna see that pretty soon in testing Same goes for the um Cloud monster There's not a lot of rubber on it but

That helium foam that's in there is just A little bit tougher so it's not so much A problem with that so hopefully it's Not really a problem with the cloud Surfer 7 but um yeah not a lot of robot On either of these shoes I've just done My one mile side by side test with the On-cloud server on one foot and the on Cloud monster on the other foot I'm Really glad I did it with these two Shoes because I was really expecting Them to be a huge pronounced kind of Difference between these shoes just in My mind I had the on-cloud monsters a Much bigger much bulkier different shoe On the foot and actually it's such an Interesting thing when you do this it's Why I do it is because when you put them On It kind of sometimes blows your mind Because not only does the sort of Step In comfort in these shoes sort of feel Quite similar the way the the uppers Kind of hug the foot also feels quite Similar the whole feel on the foot is Quite similar then you go and run in Them and from shoes that I thought were Going to be really distinct and have a Really different ride It's quite subtle the difference between The two shoes for me the on cloud Monster a little bit firmer I think it Relies a little bit more on the rocker But I think with the on-cloud surfer you

Can feel a little bit more of that Squish you know the on-cloud monster When it came out was on this kind of Biggest stack shoot it's the first time You'd seen these kind of clouds of this Size A high stack kind of easy shoe to kind Of daily trainer somewhere along that Kind of trajectory it ran softer than Any other on shoes in the past but it Was still sort of a firm shoe really Compared to a lot of other shoes that You put into that bracket then comes Along the cloud Surfer and you've got This kind of new Cloud structure with The collapsing kind of dominoes effect You've still got helium foam but I think It's a much softer healing frame you can Squish it a lot more on your fingers but Then when you put them both on what I Think you're really seeing is the On-cloud surfer to me it feels like it Relies a little bit more on the rocker I Think the on-cloud wants to come up a Little bit flatter when you're landing On them the on-cloud monster is a Heavier shoe but on the foot I don't Think you really notice the difference In the heaviness in all honesty I think If you blindfolded me and put these Shoes on the difference in the feeling Isn't quite a star because I really Expected it to be you'll get a slightly Softer more springy ride in the on-cloud

Surfer I think that is good for a couple Of things it's good for kind of easier Running but I also think it's got a Little bit more for when you want to go Faster I always sort of found the On-cloud monster would be quite good if You wanted to do sort of in order to Pick up the pace that firmness really Worked for it but the on cloud monster You know the softness comes in but then That spring I think replaces kind of That over kind of firm ride that you get It's really interesting they both run Quite similarly they both feel quite Similar on the foot it's difficult to Choose I think overall my feeling is That the on cloud Surfer is probably the More versatile more rounded shoe and Maybe even it's the shoe the on-cloud Monster should have been on the on cloud Monster we thought it was going to be When you look at it that's the kind of Ride that you think you're going to get With the on-cloud monster On balance Uh it's a kind of head versus heart Thing isn't it my head says the monster Makes more sense Because of the snappiness and oh yeah I Didn't but the surfer is just the one That I've really kind of gone to every Morning and thought yeah I want to put That on my feet that's really nice I Enjoy running around in it

Um you know I think you could do Tempo Workouts and things in it durability We'll see how that goes with such a soft Foam and that lack of the speedboard but I think on balance I'll probably go for The surfer if they can come up with Something which is kind of a hybrid of The two I'm in let's go for it so Cloud Monster Cloud Surfer both could choose For me the cloud Surfer is the clear Pick if you're looking for a cushion Shoe for relaxed easy runs long runs It's just a very enjoyable shoe to use For those kind of runs with that Redesigned midsole that creates that Smooth comfortable and very fun ride Like I really look forward to pulling on The shoe for that kind of run cat is Also a nice lightweight shoe which I Appreciate freezy runs like you know in Any run it's nice to have a nice nibble Shoe in your foot like this and that Means if you can up the pace in it for Daily training I do think it's a pretty Solid all-round daily trainer I prefer It myself for the easy runs but you can Do a bit of everything in it that's Pretty much true the cloud monster as Well it's geared more towards just daily Training and long and easy miles but Despite the fact it's heavier than the Cloud Surfer the firmer feel underfoot Does mean you get a bit more pop for Around faster runs almost think if I was

Looking for an all-rounder shoe maybe I'd lean towards the cloud monster still Just because because it's got that Slightly firmer more compulsive feel When you're trying to up the pace then Neither of those shoes are really best For that I'd say they fit nicely in the Rotation alongside faster shoes and the Cloud surface is the more enjoyable easy Run shoe it is less stable though that's Something to consider with this shoe When you're looking between them if you Need a more stable ride prefer that Slightly firmer feeling under first You're going to get that with the cloud Monster and yeah durability will be Concerned a little bit with the cloud Surfer all in all a couple of decent Shoes here from on the cloud monster was A nice step in a different direction for Them but I think the Cloud Server really Drove home the point remove the Speedboard created that really soft fun Effortless ride for easy runs and it's My preferred pick of these two so a Quick verdict on these shoes then I love The on-cloud monster when it first came Out I really thought that was a step on From on in terms of its running shoes One of the best on shoes that I'd run in But I think personally the on-cloud Surfer 7 supersedes it still love Running in both of these I think they're Both pretty good versatile shoes but I

Think overall the cloud surface 7 just Has a broader range I think it does Everything that the on-cloud monster Does and more it's just one of those Shoes that when you look down at a pile Of shoes that you've got you'll Immediately drawn onto it it's a happy Shoe to go and run in I love putting it On and I think it just does a little bit More in terms of that kind of flex Between kind of the slower up to the Faster paces and you get from the on Cloud monster although some people may Like the kind of slightly firmer riding On cloud monster I do think that overall For that range of cushioning and comfort And kind of pop and and sort of energy And just fun the on-cloud surface 7 for Me is the best kind of all-round shoe And therefore at the same price here in The UK I think it offers the kind of Best value for money as well so for me Difficult Choice both good shoes but I Think the winner is the on-cloud surface Seven okay so my verdict on these two Shoes is that I think the cloud surface 7 is by far the superior shoe I think It's the best shoe on has ever made Um great work on on this um I've been Waiting for a development like this from On for a long time it's a fantastically Comfortable enjoyable shoe well worth Picking up if you're a sort of Runner That just wants one pair of shoes that

Just wants Comfort but also wants a Little bit of Versatility It's just an enjoyable shooter running Um and when you've got a big pile of Shoes and you you reach for this one and I don't often do that with one shoes That's a major major uh kudos to to the Development of the shoe because I think It's it's a really nice shoe to wear and If as long as there isn't any major Durability issues with a shoe I think It's a great step forward on um and I'm Looking forward to seeing more shoes Using the same technology over time the On cloud monster I still think is a Solid shoe I've never had any issues With this shoe I just not massively Blown Away by it either I'm happy to run In it I have to do daily training miles Um easy runs in it but I have shoes that I prefer to use that for like the New Balance more V4 Um Saucony Triumph 20 all of those sorts Of shoes that Um are really nicely designed for those Long easy runs I just think the on cloud Monster Um is just a bit too firm for me it's Just it feels a bit clunky Um and I just don't get that soft Cushion feeling that I like in my shoes Which I get from on the on cloud surface Seven today happy that has been our Multi-test of verdict on the on-cloud

Monster versus the on cloud Surfer 7 we Hope that's been useful in helping you Make up your mind which shoe however Don't forget to like And subscribe ring That Bell to hear about new videos and Head to heads that we've got coming from The channel soon if you're interested in Finding the best daily trainers we've Got a video appearing on the channel You'll be able to look at about now Otherwise it's been a pleasure to talk To you and we hope to see you again soon On the Run testers happy running Everyone