The new Cloud surf has been one of the Most pleasant surprises of 2023 so far With its impressive cloudtech phase Midsole design offering one of the Smoothest most cushion rides out there The holes in the midsole are placed to Compress like dominoes rolling you onto Your forefoot of each stride is to Departure from the stiff and firm ride On shoes have been known for and the Cloud Surfer is a joy to pull on for Your easy everyday training runs while Also being a bit of a looker you can Wear when you're not training as well Despite being well cushioned and Comfortable the cloud Surfer is still Lightweight and it's a fairly versatile Shoe that you can use for Speed work Though he enjoyed it most for relaxed Cruising the only concern we have with The new Cloud surface with the unique Midsole design will hold up in the long Term but so far so good on that front in Our testing and certainly want to Consider if you like a daily trainer With a soft smooth ride that makes Putting one foot in front of the other Feel almost effortless on easy