2 accessories mashed together to make 1 incredible creation. After picking up over $700 in hats from Hat Club these two masterminds went to work. The options were endless with these kicks and even after a design change these turned out amazing! #shorts

Going into the design we wanted to Really make sure that we were utilizing The Hat material but we didn't really Know what that would look like or how it Was going to work I've never Deconstructed a hat before in my life They're very simple there isn't a whole Lot of usable space there's just a lot Of small panels you also want to make Sure that it looks tasteful and cohesive And that it doesn't look forced or Overdone for example we were utilizing Some larger patches that you'll see on The temples of some of the hats the Lateral side has a swoosh there's no Patches but then on the inside there's a Beautiful patch and we didn't want to Take away from that so we did not put a Swoosh over it