Impromptu sneaker unboxing today we've Got the bodega grid Shadow collaboration That dropped officially today huge thank You to Bodega for sending this my way Really appreciate it this is the grid Shadow 2 in the ja woven colorway woo Look at this man the upper of the shoe Looks amazing apparently it's made up of Uh obviously woven materials you've got Some hemp in there you've got some Beautiful green speckling so let's talk About some of the details going on on The shoe you've got the bodega logo on The tongue right there this shoe Officially retailed for $140 I believe At this point it is is sold out but uh You could probably still grab it on the Resale Market if you want I love the Paneling used on the upper too so clean Plus at the top you got these really Thick laces which I think are awesome Contrasting these thinner laces and then Of course the upper of the shoe comes in This nice sort of like tan hemp color Acced by the darker greens and then the Neon greens and then some orange hits on The toe let me know in the comment Section down below what you guys think Of the brand new Bodega Sak grid Shadow 2