This is one of the last Yeezy boost 350 V2s the official name of this colorway Is the 350 V2 Granite you can definitely See where they got the inspiration for The name kind of looks like Granite the Upper of the shoe is made up of a soft Prime knit construction which is very Comfortable on foot it also looks very Similar to the original 350 V2 belugas Even though we've had tons of different Yeezy Styles over the last couple years For this release they decided to go back To the original one thing I noticed when I got the shoe in hand is that online The pictures of this shoe look very gray But when you see the shoe in person it Kind of has this green tint to it these 350 V2 granites officially released on August 14th 2023 for a retail price of 230 bucks and when it comes to sizing These shoes do fit like any other pair Of 350 V2s Adidas actually recommends on Their website the ego up half a size When you buy this shoe so if you're size 9 go with a size nine and a half I love The Simplicity of this colorway and in My opinion it's one of the best 350 V2s To ever drop make sure to check out the Full review on my channel