This is the easy boost 350 V2 MX dark Salt and it's one of the last easy boost 350s to ever release the MX and the name Of the shoe apparently stands for mixed Because the upper of the shoe has a very Marbled look and that's because of the Stitching on the primeknit the knit on The upper of the shoe is made up of Three different colors all marbled Together a light gray a medium gray and A dark gray and running down the entire Lateral or outside of the shoe you've Got this black plastic stripe on the Heel of the shoe you've got this black Pull tab that actually looks like a Continuation of the stripe and somehow Even though it's just a black and gray Pair of Yeezys it still looks pretty Wild but the shoe does feature that full Length boost midsole so it's very Comfortable underfoot when it comes to Sizing this shoe fits just like every Other pair of 350 V2s Adidas recommends Going up a half size