Don’t miss your chance to enter! We will be giving not one, but 3 lucky winners a chance to win in honor of our big milestone! Head over to reshoevn8r.com right now to enter!

Prize options:
1. Off White UNC AJ1 (Size 12)
2. Off White AJ5 (Size 7.5)
3. $1000 to Many Worlds Sneaker Boutique

Yo in honor of 1.5 million subscribers On YouTube plus us uploading over 1 000 Videos we got this crazy giveaway for Y'all we got these off-white UNC ones The off-white sale fives or 1 000 gift Card to our store many worlds here in Phoenix Arizona to enter all you gotta Do is go to recruiter.com you are going To get hit with a pop-up you just got to Put in your email it's open to anyone Who's currently subscribed or any new Subscribers I know personally I'm going For these off-white Jordan Ones if I Could win they ain't gonna let me though Again there's about two twenty five Hundred dollars I'm going for this what Would you choose if you're our first Place winner let us know in the comment Section down below