We' probably leaned towards a shoe That's a bit more kind of road to Trail Something that's probably bit better on The less sort of technical side of Things so we're thinking about maybe Rolling easier Trails than the sort of Steep Mountain sort of technical Descents that you might find people Doing Sky running and for that reason The winner that we've chosen is the H Tekon X2 it's definitely one of those Shoes that can cope with road to Trail It sort of ticks all the boxes of a sort Of versatile off-roader I think it's It's good it's kind of fast it's pretty Ball it's got cut of balance cushioning So there's enough cushioning there to Soak up a bit of the trail and the road But you're getting response there's Enough stability and support I think for A lot of people to find it quite a Generous shoe and easy to run in on Trails um I think it's got gears for Shorter and faster runs but you can also Wear it on you longer slower runs and It's got the protection that you might Take into Ultra territory when you're Going to have a lot of