Outdated style trends you need to stay away from

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Here are four outdated style Trends you Need to stay away from first is bold Patterns now don't get me wrong patterns Do have their time and place but for an Everyday look you want to make sure your Closet is filled with basic essential Pieces that'll make putting outfits Together a lot easier next we have Oversized watches these will make you Look like Ben 10 and if that's not the Look you're going for then opt in for a Smaller classic watch there's tons of Affordable options on Amazon that are Really affordable under twenty dollars Getting into the grooming side of things Is hair gel this isn't 2000 anymore hair Gel is super outdated now if you still Want to style your hair there's tons of Options out there like Pomade textured Powder and hair paste lastly we have Skinny jeans I'm talking about the men's Version of leggings now this doesn't Mean you should stay away from straight Cut or even slim denim what I'm talking About are skin tight jeans that are Hugging your butt and thighs it's just Not a good look and should always be Avoided