Some of the RAREST Sneakers in the game all in 1 room…????

2 diehard sneaker collectors come together to discuss their INSANE collections. Randy, better known as Ballin Twin has some of the rarest and most incredible samples to ever be created. While Brian, THEOGSHOEGAME busts out some of his rare samples and the crazy part is this isn’t even a quarter of what these two have tucked away! Not to mention two of the greatest customizers in the game joined these two collectors to discuss these rare samples.

20 years ago Nike had the “Laser era,” also known as one of the most underrated eras that has ever happened at Nike. Mark Smith was the mastermind behind the laser era and more than half of the sneakers he played a part in never even released; in fact a lot of them weren’t even seen. We bring this up because we recreated just 1 of the laser engraver era sneakers, but there was so much more to showcase.

Over $500K worth of sneakers.. That value alone is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard! Looking back to 20 years ago these sneakers had a lot of different designs, intricate details and the most incredible thing is that not a single one of these sneakers is the same! The projects that Mark Smith played a role in is so much more than just sneakers. This man is hands down a creative genius. Did you even know about these sneakers?

This table talk and the opportunity to see these sneakers is hands down a once in a lifetime opportunity! What sneakers out of the batch is your holy grail?!

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What's up guys today we're celebrating With Malaysian grave era we got a lot of Beautiful shoes here today with ball and Toy OG the shoe game and Dane Customs Dude why are we here today well we're Here because this is the 20th Anniversary of the laser era Mark Smith Uh headed up a nice crew of laser guys For Nike and as you can see many of them Here that Randy owns they're here on the Table and this table is about to catch Fire because Mark Smith was a master at Laser engravy and we were celebrating it 20th anniversary we're doing that with The Kobe project the Kobe Low Project That we're here working on some of you Know about that mythical pair as uh Jake Here expressed and we're trying to get That laser project dialed in to make Mark proud and celebrate his anniversary Of his 20th anniversary so I think There's so much fire on the stable man It's crazy Randy Randy pulled out some Major Heat As we're working on this we were just in The middle of it falling twin came by Dropped off a lot of cool shoes for us To check out dude where do we start Let's see the question I mean uh I think We can start with Brian's pair I mean That's you know that's one of them I Mean that's probably the first time I've Ever seen that period in hand and I mean I've only seen pictures of it and like I

Said most of the stuff you know a lot of Us like me and Brian Just seen pictures of it and it's just To see it in and it's just like oh you Know and this was the era that like I think to me it's like you've been Forgotten like nobody really talks about It it's kind of you know and it's cool That you guys are doing the positive you Know to like kind of read kind of bring It back you know to life or or whatnot But I think that's pretty cool that you Guys are doing it and you guys are doing A great job and I came in here and I saw The pieces I was like yo that's you know That's crazy I was like that I was like It looks exactly like it and I think That's cool you guys are doing and um Yeah you know I just this is just my Stuff and I brought some stuff you know Just just to show you guys or you know What not maybe stuff that you guys seen Or have not seen and it's just you know Stuff that I had in my collection for Years and I was like you know let me Bring it out for some air this one this One might disappear tonight I'll put That out there that is I've said it for Many years yeah it was Rarity this is my Favorite Air Force One of all time it's I've just never seen a more how'd you Get those captivating like yeah explain The story how you got these because it's Amazing explain the story how you guys

[Laughter] Um so yeah it was back in back in what Was it like oh 506. I started in 04 was It first the first uh Soul collector Competitions and I won the very first One in San Francisco right in 2004 and Um then I went to LA and then they won The second one they went to I don't know If I went to Chicago after that yeah I Went to Chicago then I went to Seattle Seattle Hawaii through New York Miami Like all the major cities all the main And it's funny because they're all the Cities that the competition was held It's lasered on the shoe if you look at It it'll say like Miami a lot and then I Say finale Las Vegas and has a bunch of Cool details on there like this place This is October 2003 on here yeah so way And then what happened was that so at Every city it was about 15 people that Competed And then every like it was a public pool Right from what I recall was a public Vote and then like whoever was attending The event and they would um Everybody's voted for who had the best Table and then every first place from Every city Was supposed to be at the finale I never Made it I don't know it was like it was Weird it was like yeah I know you and Jake I didn't make it Jaden yeah uh The competition went a certain ways

After we won the first two yeah we just Chose not to participate after that but After seeing this I kind of wish I did I might ask you about a beautiful box Too yeah yeah so but you know I'm glad I'm glad Randy won it because I know how Big a laser fan he is we're probably We're probably about equally the same Amount yeah for sure every time like I'm More intrigued about like finding or Seeing things like this Yeah some of the newer stuff to be Honest I'm like man like like I haven't Seen that like I saw when I saw your Prayer I was like oh damn like or even Like the work that you guys are doing With this like the I mean look at the Lasering that you guys learned it's very Interesting yeah exactly it's very Detailed I'm sure Mark's gonna be happy With it I'm sure you know and and I'm Sure everybody's gonna be You know stoked to see it you know Because like you said like nobody's ever Seen that pair I mean the only time it's Been photographed with Kobe up with it And then who knows what happened two Photos ever yeah there was these these Were probably made very similar time Frames and probably were together at Some point these are too upset they Might have been made they might have Been made a day apart yeah maybe and and But there's no tagging to show that

There's no pictures of them but you can Definitely tell that they were made by The same person and you can also you Know it's safe to say that because we've Never seen pictures of them together but This might be the only time this is the First time we've ever seen things Together yeah I haven't seen Randy I've Known Randy for years I mean [Music] Man now but it's interesting you know we He lives here I live in California and We don't get together but to finally Reunite and see him again and you know Reunite these two uh Brothers I call Them brothers you know I think your this Brother needs to come home with big Brother Yeah you know they're pretty I mean They're unique pairs for sure I will say This so after being a part of laser Engraving these parts alone I have a Whole nother appreciation for the laser Engraving World from artsmith and their Whole team like this stuff's already Beautiful as this but dude it takes time To like get everything figured out make It look nice lighten everything up fish Not to mention if that would just be one Size right and then you got all Different sizes so you're telling us we Might see Vic the laser Master Almighty Bring it back bring it back you know What's great when I would see all these

Like to me it was like It was more how do I say like it was it Was more art to me than like than just a Shoe You know all the details and obviously Like I mean and during that time like When laser was on like obviously each There was a what was it like four Different uh guys that had their own Shoe like Chris Lundy Um Oh it was Desmond Chris Lundy Maze and There was one more so they all got their Shoes released but still it was like Like they only made a certain amount it Was like at least one put their own like Artwork on it like obviously Chris Lundy Was known for his like his voice wave And water like yeah I know I've always tried to get pairs He had their own Personality yeah Exactly like they each had their own Thing like maze I have a manuscript but I didn't tell me I just I couldn't I Probably couldn't find but maze was the Graffiti guy he had the um NYC or the Train right the NYC train and like uh Desmond or his dance you know it was More of like I mean it was to mimic like I think a like a bill or something yep Uh so it was like they all had their own Like like little their own style even Genie looking make sure it's like money It's interesting like Mark Smith stuff

And talking with him he always says you Can always tell if I lasered it because He does extra deep if you look at him Like this bear this Bear yes bear This Bear That pair You know they're all Mark Smith because Of the depth of the engraving yeah and That's kind of his uh Master stroke and Yeah personality of his engraving Another guy you guys mentioned too like It's cool too that recognize them Because they're all in the filigree as Well in this pattern they're all just in There yeah MJ's name with teams names All of them what's cool too with Mark You put his face yeah It's awesome so And then obviously everybody I mean Everybody nowadays knows this one just Because we're recognizing Yeah the more Recognizable one just because I mean you Feed it and then for the Entourage and Whatnot but Mark's the original Fuki Yeah he is to me it was great you know You want to know how I got these it was So funny I went to an event and Hollywood was uh that's what I made when I first met Kobe Bryant and he was and They had a silent auction right And I go to this table right and had a Bunch of stuff and I'm like all right I Was like all right I need this one and I Put a bid for like 250 bucks I said all Right they're gonna outbid me whatever I

Just left 250 bucks Like two days later hey Mr Randy uh you Won the shoe for 250 tonight I'll double Your money right now And I was like I was like yo 250 I said That's crazy I was like all right I'll Buy you know obviously I'm here's my Credit card can I go pick it up wow and They were like oh yeah it's here it's 250 and I was like oh perfect you broke Your neck to get down yeah I was like Man still you know yeah no for sure and It was like I hope you recoup some of That money The other ones not those the original Ones I think I I should still have I Have the laces to most of them but yeah I don't know I just to me personally [Laughter] For sure we're trying to make it look Like We got some tweaks on it so we're not Trying to replicate it we're just trying To make it close enough does this one Originally have fat laces yeah all of Them yep I think that one came with you So that's how much you don't like the Fat ladies Yeah and this one came with that too yup Yup fat laces white or black black I'm gonna tell Mark you change You know what's funny is like I'm Working I've never asked him like what Was your thing with like the fat laces

Like did it just he he's old like me When you put it through the loophole It's just it's like it's not as easy fit You gotta like push it and then pull it It's not like like putting on a regular Shoelace so just he must have just liked Something about it oh yeah absolutely Love the look so I'm totally up with it Oh yeah how many pairs do we have here In total uh five times So that's like what up one percent of The stuff that Mark and his team have Created like point zero zero one percent What do you say yeah well I'd love to Have just a book of everything yeah that Would be awesome so that's just like We're probably scratching the surface When it comes yeah you know because then Michael Jordan has some of his stuff and His personal collection for my 40th Birthday and stuff so like we had some Gems here but there's some even crazier Gems out there that either we don't know Of obviously you won't get to touch them Because they're in MJ's closet and Everyone who knows when they'll ever Then we have and then sorry we don't Even know where the code do you guys Know where the Kobe laser though three The one we Recreate that It's probably with this estate probably In there it's probably a Newport Coast Up on Pelican Hill crumble so probably

But you know Yeah I mean ever since it surfaced with Kobe it's just Besides obviously this one the Entourage This pair with the sample tag and then These Out of out of the lundies which I guess You want to switch that one this one Yeah this whole back row would be Lundy Right So except for this one who is this Artist that was it Mark did that Mark Did that too yeah that's the black cat Uh MJ yeah so I know I never knew he did The um absolutely the collage with all That absolutely oh wow that was him I Did not know that there's a lot that he Did that like he's very yeah he's very Low-key about it he's the same pattern That's on the spin dikes or is it Similar I think it's very similar There's a variations And the fours so is that I know at the At the Grove 23 the golf course which Mark was heavily involved in creating of Things in the clubhouse what I realized To do is Mark them a lot of different Things outside of shoes and you can Touch on that like floral bottle uh he's Created LeBron James logo a lot of People didn't know that he uh Serena Williams logo which which he told me That he had originally created for Himself and then Serena thought and

Wanted her see that's so pretty um in His family's very talented his wife Created the Tiger Woods logo [Music] So just insane and then like the latest Piece Henry creating the MVP Michael Jordan award you know that's a beautiful Piece as well like yeah For that creative genius and he's so Low-key about it he never brags about it Or doesn't really want any spotlights I Mean I want you that I think this this Era would know about that that he did And As he did the easy one easy one it was Behind the easy one yep I mean look at Tinker has a laser pair yeah [Applause] He did he designed the easy but not so Many people you know he's very like Low-key he's like I think he was air Raid too yeah very rude he did a sock Dart he did I mean he's done a lot of Stuff that like like this goes off not To mention all the Motorsport teams Everything yep all that you know all Nj's Motorsports you were telling us Going to I think his Studio or something Yeah clear box or something or just like He's just a bunch of shoes and I get it You know dude wears his shoes all the Time so for him it's just you know Whatever him is just like for us we'd Have him in a glass case

Yeah this is something up on the Shelf He sees them all the time so he's like He's probably tired of it of seeing Shoes he's like Right there I don't know but he just has A big pile I don't want to know it makes me jealous I was like can I go in there just Pick mod or whatever and you know what Not Randy came out with his pockets full Body yeah so no but now Mark's real cool Like I've known him for years uh And it's just he's he's real cool dude Like he's real humble I sent any Questions he he you have for him if he If he recalls he answers if not he'll Try to see what he can do to remember But not he's a real cool dude I won for Years Um I met him I think the first time I Met him was in like 2006 in Hawaii Um yeah and then ever since then I mean When the whole shoot thing kind of died Down like what 0809 you know I kind of Got out of it too and then I came back And then yeah and then I reached out to Him and we reconnected and then yeah Ever since then like it's real cool dude So this is our plea tonight bring the Laser program back yeah why not bring it Back Exactly To like bring a whole new wave of Artists you know imagine like there's so

Many artists doing crazy stuff nowadays Like imagine Both Worlds combining laser With some of the art that people were Putting together and it's art even like Uh talking with them they consider that Artist proof coming out of the Nike Kitchen Innovative kitchen they consider Artist proofs so you know they are works Of art these are prices that's why That's why we love them these are pieces Of our S and honestly it's like like It's like I've had people offer me money And this is like what's the craziest Offer you buying if you don't mind me Asking damn You're gonna say you're crazy just say a Lot Randy just say a lot it's a lot Um and it was actually for the one I won Because everybody like people who know About it know about it and they know Like They know like it's it's the only one Out there because I don't think any Other player has ever been seen or Nobody else has it I mean I've asked Mark too and Mark's like he's like I Think that's the only one I did yeah He's like so you have the only one the Term Holy Grail Corn gets to around Right there Dude that's a union Nicole and Alex you know who that is

Right that's his daughter's Soul Collector uh the owner the two owners Yeah they were they were judges I know They changed a little bit but when they First started the competition Alex was One of the judges Steve was man if they Had a competition now So like you know the internet voting Back then it was just like you had to be There to see it yeah it was when we went Like the first I went to the first one I Didn't go to win I just went to show What I had and check out other people's Cool shirt shoes That 2004 to 2006 the finals was 2006. Yeah so it says 72206 it says Grand Finale yeah that was in Vegas and I said Las Vegas yeah that was in Vegas Um yes this is Las Vegas And it has like the heart speed club and Diamonds how he lays it that Panda Though yeah it's crazy because it's it Panda that's hardly laser yeah she Definitely has tricks yeah of course Yeah I was just like and then how you See it's like it's laser on point it's Not brown over burnt or nothing yeah It's cool though to get together with You all and just talk about it it's Awesome this wasn't even expected you Know I thought we were saying you're Working on the shoe dude I appreciate You crying all this stuff because yeah You don't see this stuff every day not

Every single person in the world gets in Touch stuff directly that was worked on From The Innovation kitchen you know so This is a treat I appreciate it yeah For sure the camera to see right there Animation kitchen right there on the Tunnel barely make it out the kitchen Sweet okay it was awesome chopping it up With all you guys it was awesome All right crazy crazy Thank you [Music]