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Today I’m reviewing the Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low Bubbles! The Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low Bubbles has a release date of December 14th 2023 at skate shops and December 15th 2023 on the SNKRS App and a retail price of $135. Check out my full Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low Bubbles unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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So it seems like Nike has been a little Bit sneaky and held on to one of their Best releases of the year until the end Of the year and so in today's video I'm Going to unbox and review this release And find out whether this shoe is worth The hype I think this shoe initially Releases on the 14th at skat shops and Also the 15th on the sneakers app for $135 which is not a bad price I think I Paid about five times that but hey I'm Doing it for you guys and this is Actually my first time unboxing this Shoe so I'm excited to see it along with You guys to find out whether this shoe Was worth the $600 something doll price Point so Inside the Box you've got a Smaller box it says Nike spb so you Probably already have some idea of what This is I probably also made the Thumbnail of this video the sneaker Itself so you definitely already know What this is but I mean the outside of The box itself seems to be your standard Nike SB cream box you've got the cream Colored glossy finish with the gray Nike SB logo you've got the size tag I Grabbed a size n which is my true size And the official colorway of this Collaboration is blue chill deep royal Blue but here we go let's check out the Interior packaging let's see what we got Ooh okay right off the bat you see a Powerpuff Girls I don't know which one

This is Buttercup we got Buttercup right Here on the front now I'm a 90 kid but I Didn't have cable so I I never watched Powerpuff Girls but hey if you love it You're probably super nostalgic for this Show also I'm just noticing this thing Now on the top of the inside of the Box We've got the sticker that says the Powerpuff Girls and all related Characters and elements are owned or Trademarks by Cartoon Network s23 so There you go some just legal ease right There for you oh we got the other one we Got uh I'm assuming from the blue eyes That's the the namesake of this sneaker That's a Bubbles and then do we have the Other one no we don't but we do have the Sneakers so here we go Moment of Truth Woo these are actually super clean looks Like a Nike SB sticker in there there I Didn't expect that so this is the Nike SB Powerpuff Girl collaboration and this Is the bubbles colorway and I'll be Honest looking at it for the first time At hand it's actually nicer than I Expected I didn't expect to love this Sneaker I still don't think I love it Because I'm not really a Powerpuff Girls Fan but I do think it's nicer in hand Than I expected obviously we'll dig more Into sizing and some of the details that Make up the sneaker later on in the Review but at first glance it's pretty Clean there's this really interesting

Sort of textured leather finish it Almost looks like snakes skin on the Upper of the shoe I don't know if you Guys can see that I'll throw out b-roll I thought this might be like a fabric Finish based on images online but it Seems like it's leather with a uh a Textured snakes skin finish it's like a Miniature version of like the snakes Skin details that you find in like Kobies or something not the Kobe 6s not The 3D Kobe 6s but like that sort of Flat snakes skin texture that might Actually be on some other Nike Dunks but It does appear like this material on the Upper of the shoe is still leather so That's something that I wasn't sure About before I got the shoe in hand Obviously the other two colorways of the Shoe come with two different materials You've got the lenticular sort of satin Looking Buttercup color way the green One and then the pink one I don't know What material that is let me check Really quick from what I can tell the Pink or the blossom color way comes in This like sort of very low pile suede or A Nuuk possibly just a textured leather Finish I'm not sure until I see that Shoe in hand but this one definitely has The most uh interesting texture that I Saw of the three which actually now that I see it in the light gets this really Interesting sort of like dimple texture

That's really crazy it's kind of like Hexagonal I don't know exactly what that Is I'll talk about that more later on in The review once I get a better chance to Look at these sneakers and of course try Them on but before we dive any deeper Into the sneaker itself I want to give a Huge thank you to the sponsor of today's Video whatnot and not only that I'll Also be letting you guys know how you Can win this brand new pair of Air Jordan 11 gratitudes for yourself so by Now I'm sure you're familiar with Whatnot whatnot is a live auction Shopping platform with sneaker auctions 24 hours a day starting at just $1 in a Lot of cases I start all of my auctions At $1 and honestly it's a great place to Find sneaker deals especially in my live Streams because I love throwing out the Deals and speaking of my live streams I've actually got a whatnot live stream Coming up this Friday at 2 p.m. eastern Time if you guys want to check it out I'm selling a bunch of sneakers from my Own personal collection also a bunch of Apothecary socks and I'm giving away This brand new pair of Air Jordan 11 Gratitudes I really love doing these Live streams because it gives me a Chance to talk to you guys in real time In person give away some free stuff like Sneakers and socks and of course get rid Of some sneakers in my own personal

Collection because I have way too many But it seriously is a blast getting to Hang out with you guys and again if you Guys want to check that out there will Be a link to it in the top of the Description below and if you sign up for Whatnot using that link you get $10 Towards your first purchase which you Can use in that upcoming whatnot live Stream and of course if you tune in you Have a chance to win not only some Apothecary socks but also this brand new Pair of gratitude Els which just dropped One one of the hottest sneakers of the Year so make sure to check it out this Friday at 2 p.m. eastern time all right So it is finally time to try on the Brand new Powerpuff Girls Nike SB dunk Low's I'm assuming they're going to fit Like every other pair of Nike SBs that Tends to be the case with Nike they're Usually pretty good with sizing but Before we try them on I just want to Show you guys the brand new shade TV Apothecary slouch socks this collection Is super fire it's a brand new slouch Sock in collaboration with Marissa Hill It officially drops this Friday at 11:00 A.m. eastern time on Apothecare dcom if You guys want to check it out make sure To sign up for the email list and you Guys will be notified right when it Drops of course I had to rock the black Pair with Powerpuff shoe because it

Matches perfectly so let me throw these Guys on feet see how they feel oo that's Weird it looks like blue from the shoe Gets on the laces which is kind of Annoying oh man it kind of like dyed the Laces there that's crazy so keep that in Mind if you're buying these shoes you Might have some blue on your yellow Laces which kind of a weird problem to Have so right off the bat they fit true To size they grab these in a size n I'm A size N I would say go true to size or Whatever your Nike SB dunk low size is You should be totally fine these Honestly feel just like every other pair Of Nike s dunk low so if you have Experience with these shoes you should Be fine if you don't maybe try on a pair First before you buy them just to make Sure that you're grabbing the right size For you because these aren't cheap but Honestly true to size you should be good To go I also realize I'm wearing the Same color shirt as I am pants that was Not on purpose all right so getting into The actual review of the sneaker itself Obviously this is the bubbles colorway There are three different colorways of The Powerpuff Nike SP dunk Lowe's you've Got the Blossom colorway and of course The Buttercup colorway like I mentioned Earlier on in the video I've never seen The show but I know that it's a popular Show and I know there are a lot of

People out there who are nostalgic for This franchise so I'm going to try and Be as unbiased as possible when looking At this sneaker and give you guys my Honest thoughts and let you know whether I think this shoe is worth the hype Because this shoe is insanely hyped up And actually so are the other sneakers In the collection of course this is a Nike SB release which means that Inherently it's going to be hyped the Fact that this collab releases first at Skate shops on the 14th and then Secondly on the sneakers app on the 15th Means that this shoe is probably going To be very limited and very exclusive Obviously the retail price of this shoe Is more expensive than a standard pair Of Nike SB dunk lows it comes in at 135 Instead of 130 but a $5 price bump isn't Too crazy that being said this price Increase no matter how small even if It's just $5 it still does set a Precedence for Nike to increase their Prices down the road because they can See the people will still buy these Sneakers if they're $5 more expensive And I mean to be fair not many people Are actually getting this shoe for that Retail price most people will be buying This shoe at resale which currently is Around $400 not saying that Nike should Increase their price to $400 but there Is definitely a lot of wiggle room for

Them all that aside one thing that I've Been really interested in about this Collaboration is which one of these Shoes will end up being the most popular Is it going to be the bubbles colorway The blue and yellow is it going to be The Buttercup colorway the green and Black or is it going to be the blossom Colorway the pink and orange I really Have no idea in my head this is my Favorite color way I think this blue and Yellow just contrast each other so Nicely but I know there's people out There who just want to buy the most Limited version of the shoe which I Guess is the green color way the Buttercup color way but I'm not sure Could also be the pink color way there Really is no solid information on that Yet and of course there's going to be People who are going to buy one specific Colorway because they like that specific Powerpuff girl but for me as someone who Just learned the names of the Powerpuff Girls today for this review this this Blue and yellow colorway is definitely My favorite but shout out to everyone Who loved the show where they saved the World before bedtime is that the Catchphrase I'm not sure but even if you Didn't grow up watching the show you do Have to admit some of the details they Put into this shoe are incredible like This is genuinely a really well executed

Collaboration and it's probably one of My favorite collaborations of the year Will it be a shoe that I personally end Up keeping I don't know I don't really Have that Nostalgia Factor but it is a Very very solid Nike dunkl so diving Into the details around the toe of the Sneaker on the mudu guard you've got This really interesting sort of glossy Textured leather now like I mentioned Earlier on in the video it kind of seems Like this leather has this really Interesting sort of snake skin finish You've got these tiny little glossy Scales that are all kind of patterned Together to make these swirls which Reflect the light in this really really Cool way like when you look at this shoe In certain lights you catch these very Faint hexagonal shapes and they sort of Patterned together to create these Little dimples that really only manifest In like these little light hits so it Kind of looks like you've got these White dots all over the shoe in certain Lights which is very cool it's something That absolutely could have been very Corny if they had done it wrong but on This shoe they did an excellent job and I think it just gives the shoe that Little bit of extra oomph like it makes This collaboration that much more Interesting and it's interesting because At a glance or even from a distance it

Almost looks like the material making up The shoe is like a canvas or a fabric And I even said that in my sitter cell Video which by the way if you guys want To check that out and check out all the Upcoming releases in December make sure To leave a link at the top of the screen But when you actually see this shoe in Hand you'll notice that it really is Just a leather with this sort of Patterned snakes skin finish and it's Cool man like it's really solid I mean It's it's different it's not something That you get a lot of on Nike Dunk Glowes and I think that's why I like it So much and I think this might be my Favorite finish on the Nike s dunkow Powerpuff Girl sneakers because it's the Most different like the green one sort Of seems like a satin lenticular finish Which is fine the uh the pink one like I Said is sort of a suede newbu finish Which again I don't know until I Actually get that shoe in hand but from What I can tell from these images that's Kind of what it looks like and those are All fine but we've seen them before this One we have seen variations of this Before but never like this and I really Think it gives this shoe a very unique Look around the edges of each one of the Panels that make up the upper of the Shoe you've got this black piping or at Least it looks black at first glance but

When you you take a picture of this shoe With the flash you'll notice that these Piping details are actually reflective 3M and I also really like these black Piping hits because it makes this shoe Look more cartoony kind of like a Joshua Vides custom or something like that it Makes the shoe look like it's drawn like The Powerpuff Girls and I think that's An element that Nike really played up Well on this sneaker like it's not too Overbearing but it's just enough to give The idea and I love it moving up on the Shoe you get to the I STS which come in That same blue leather material that you Have all the way around the upper of the Shoe and weaving through the I days You've got these bright yellow laces now When I did the initial unboxing of these Shoes earlier on in the video I didn't Notice but there's actually an extra set Of laces attached to the yellow laces Inside the sneaker you do have a set of Black laces if you decide to switch them Out from the yellow laces personally I Think the pop that the yellow laces Gives the shoe is amazing I would Definitely not switch it out but if you Kind of want to minimize that bright Aesthetic you can go with the black Laces and I'm sure it'll still look very Clean you also have that yellow hit of Contrast on the side of the shoe with The Nike Swoosh so you're not going to

Lose all the contrast but in my opinion The yellow laces really make this shoe Pop and that's the way I'm staying Underneath the yellow laces you have This gloss y fabric tongue that actually Features this very subtle Powerpuff Branding embroidered into it which I Absolutely love it's such a subtle Detail that you really don't see until You see the shoe up close but again it's Another one of those details that just Make this collab that much more special It's a very very solid Hit And even if You're not a fan of the show you can Look at this sort of tongue logo Treatment is almost a textural detail And it really makes this tongue a bit More interesting than it would have been Without it I mean they really could have Just phoned it in and gone with a Standard tongue but uh they decided to Add this detail which I really like of Course it's a Nike SB tongue so it's That thick padded tongue which again Really feels nice on your foot Especially if you're skateboarding I Don't skateboard but if I did I would Like that and then at the top of the Tongue you've got this blue tag that Says Nike SB surrounded by these really Interesting sort of black embroidered Starburst details which I'm assuming has Something to do with Powerpuff Girls and Then just below that you've got the name

Of the specific Powerpuff girl that this Shoe is inspired by in this case it's Bubble sneaker so it says bubbles I'll Be totally honest I'm not 100% familiar With what she does I think she can speak Different languages I think she can Shoot things with her Eyes probably fly based on the pictures But if you guys know let me know in the Comment section down below that would Actually be sick if this collab made you Fly but it doesn't unfortunately but Believe me as soon as flying shoes come Out I'll give you guys a review first so Subscribe if you haven't yet might be a Couple years but hit that subscribe Button another cool hit is on the back Side of the tongue you've got the second Half of the tag except this time in Yellow it's got the Powerpuff branding And the Nike SB branding the right shoe Features the sugar emblem embroidered Into it which I think is a nice hit Don't know exactly what that is but it's A cool hit and I like that it's Different from the left shoe it's always Nice when they change things up from Shoe to shoe moving inside the sneaker You've got this satin sock liner in a Matching blue color and then rounding Off the inside of the shoe you've got This printed insole now the insole Features some really cool sort of Cartoon fighting details and also

Apparently a hidden baddy from the show Which I mean to be fair if you're a fan Of power buff girls you probably think They're all baddies that was a weird Joke the bad guy from the show hidden Somewhere on the insole but that's According to Nike I actually haven't Found him I should probably pull out the Insoles and see like I said earlier in The video these shoes do fit your decize So if you're grabbing a pair of these Grab Trudy size or whatever size you Usually grab in Nike SP dunk Lowe's and Then moving down on the side of the Sneaker towards the mid foot you get More of that blue leather material and Of course on top of that you've got this Bright yellow Nike swooosh which is Backed by that black piping I've said it Before and I'll say it again I love the Contrast that this yellow creates with The blue on the upper of the shoe very Very clean I also love that it's got This 3M hit around it another nice touch And then moving towards the heel of the Shoe you get to the most eye-catching Literally detail on the heel of the shoe I love puns I'm not going to lie with The uh the embroidered eye now to be Fair you can't really tell exactly what This detail is until you get both sides Of the pair together and you see someone From behind most likely and it's it's Crazy that they're SHO are kind of

Watching you I I really love that I love The fact that they made this such a big Exaggerated detail on the shoe and Obviously as you can see on the right Shoe you've got this little black Embroidered line which does create the Powerpuff girl's mouth which is a really Cool touch so the entire back of the Shoe is a face which I absolutely love It's not really an Easter egg cuz it's Such an obvious detail but it's one of Those things that you might not realize What it is until you see the two shoes Together and I love that about it it's Such a cool unique hit on this Collaboration I've never seen this done Before I mean even with the mummy dunks You still had eyes but they were on this Like bottom middle part underneath this Area and it was still a cool effect but With this they literally took the entire Like back tab of the shoe and made it an Eye which is super super cool plus it's Embroidered and not printed so it feels Even more premium it's just such a nice Hit man and then it's also edged with The uh the 3M I mean there's so many Things about this that just make it look So clean so finished so well thought out And I kind of hate to admit it but Probably my favorite part of the entire Shoe it's cool it's just such a cool Little hit then moving down on the shoe You get to this black Nike SB dunkow

Midsole which I've heard some people Don't like because they don't like black Midsoles I'll be honest I think it works Really well with this color way I think It works really well on the Nike dunkow Lobsters or orange lobsters as well it's A detail that I don't mind personally I Wouldn't want all of my Nike SB midsoles To be black but on this color way it Works super well and definitely adds That sort of cartoon look and then Finally we get to the bottom of the Sneaker you've got this bright yellow Hit in the midfoot and of course Rounding off the look you've got this Semi-translucent blue outsole so I hate To admit it but I feel like my top 10 List of 2023 might have been a little Bit premature because this shoe wasn't Out yet and I had not seen this shoe in Hand and looking at this shoe in images It wasn't as good as it actually is in Hand and I hate saying that because it Sounds so cliche but genuinely this is One of the best releases of the year now I don't know exactly where it' be on the Top 10 list it would probably be closer Towards the bottom because it's not like A personal favorite of mine but with That being said I do think it should be On the list maybe like number nine or Number 10 I don't remember exactly what Was on the list but I don't know what it Should knock off I don't know maybe it

Should be an honorable mention let's go With honorable mention this shoe should Have been an honorable mention because I'm thinking about the other dunks that Dropped like the hitos and the born rays That are actually on the list and those Shoes were better I don't know I guess It's not as bad as I was thinking it is But if I were to redo the list I would Make make this shoe an honorable mention Let me know in the comment section down Below where this shoe would sit in your Top 10 sneaker list of the year whether It even make the list let me know those Thoughts and comments in the comment Section down below and of course with All that being said thank you all so Much for watching make sure to subscribe If you haven't yet and I'll see you all In the next one