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What are the characteristics of a good Sneaker store is it having the best Prices or being first to get the latest Drops for me it's always about having a Diverse product selection from shoes to Clothes affordable to high-end for when You want to splurge so I'm headed to one Of Toronto's newest and best sneaker Stores called one-of-a-kind shop to Check out some heat So the owner Frank has given me the keys To the store and has allowed me to Engage with product and show you guys a Whole bunch of different stuff and as Soon as you arrive you are met at the Door with a wide variety of different Clothing options the first corner of This store has a bunch of different La Based Brands like Gallery department This is of course one of the most Popular brands at the moment famous for Their upcycled vintage pieces as well as Collaborations with long Von and the Migos they are also one of the biggest Local suppliers of chrome Hearts once Again another california-based brand Known for their jewelry and accessories Which they also carry by the way I'm Also talking leather goods as well and If you didn't know I think they're Actually evaluated at like over a Billion dollars now which is absolutely Wild and now we are in the essential Section of the store and it's a perfect

Opportunity to get some of your comfy Clothes there's a ton of variety that You can choose from and as you can tell In a wide range of color tones as well Quick fix check I got on the green Representative I got on a pair of Vintage Levi's and the Air Jordan 4 White some men 11 years old so Definitely a special shoe in my Collection and on top we got the more Apparel hat dropping August 25th and Every sneaker store needs a good sneaker Wall and that's exactly what this is There's a ton of variety all the way From Yeezys to dunks to Air Jordans as Well something for everybody I want to Show you guys a few of my favorite items As well when it comes to Yeezys I've Always loved the all black version so Something like the easy slides which you Guys know I just picked up recently I've Been wearing these non-stop around the House or just to go get groceries or Something as well as something like the Easy 500 in this ash gray colorway or This ash black very very wearable and Believe it or not the best-selling shoe In the entire shop is the pandas we're Talking about like 40 50 pairs per week So if you're wondering if people are Still wearing them and buying them the Answer is yes and as for Jordans we have Some of the best releases of the past Few years I'm talking shoes like the

Pine green Air Jordan 4 arguably the Best shoe to release all year as well as The Chicago ones and this is my favorite Wall of the entire store this is their Premium display where they have a ton of Grails and high-end pieces like these LV Trainers right here this is my first Time holding the shoe in hand and of Course the materials are super premium These are made in Italy and I believe There's like 18 man hours involved in Terms of crafting this shoe in terms of Getting the thread counts and everything Ready so Um you're definitely getting a good bang For your buck with this and with the Release of Travis Scott's new album I Thought this would be a perfect Opportunity to rank all of the Travis Scott shoes that are in the store right Now so number one choose any colorway I Think it has to be in terms of the shoe Model it's got to be the Jordan one lows For sure looking at these fragment lows Like this literally might be one of my Favorite releases of the past four or Five years this is also my first time Holding the olives in hand and honestly For this price I think I might have to Grab these then I'm actually going to Say the the fours I think these ones When they first came out people are a Little bit confused by the colorway it's Obviously inspired by the Houston Astros

But either way this is definitely up There for sure and I think it's going Getting better over time these Olive Sixes right here Super Fresh colorway Six is not as hyped as some of the other Shoes on this list but either way this Colorway is super clean you guys know I'm a sucker for Olive the Air Max ones Are super underrated as well whether you Go with this colorway or the other one And the Air Force Ones Um the original canvas ones are Super Fresh this one with the Shroud are not As good but either way the materials and Uniqueness of the shoe were definitely There and then I think last but not Least even though it is still a great Shoe we got to go with the air trainers Over here the Shroud a little bit weird But either way it's still a unique Design and I think it's good to have Something different every once in a While and on this section of the wall Are some of the highest selling items We're talking about babestas these ones Are very loud in terms of the colorway But it's also a classic for sure as well As the Rick Owens Ramones these ones Cannot sit on the Shelf they're flying Super quick and this is another shoe That I think is really nice premium Quality materials as well and once again Goes with literally everything so buying These products is super accessible as

Well they have an e-commerce platform Form a website that you can shop at and They're also one of the largest Canadian Operators for streetwear and sneakers They have two stores in Montreal they've Got a store in Ottawa and of course this Brand new amazing store in Toronto as Well so now we're in the change room and I'm literally going to be trying on some Of the craziest items that you have ever Seen I'm talking about a ten thousand Dollar Louis Vuitton jacket we also have Chrome Hearts Louis Vuitton Denim and a Bunch of sneakers as well so this first Outfit is honestly one of my favorites You have a spider hoodie which is Young Thug's clothing brand with the little Hits of Carolina blue to match the Sneakers Carolina blue threes as well And some accent colors to match with the Chrome Hearts hat and then these pants Right here are a nine thousand dollars Which is insane these are a pair of Chrome Hearts denim pants and let me Tell you something why do these fit so Good am I am I Really Gonna drop that Amount on a pair of pants but either way This one is Super Fresh and then this Next fit is honestly another one of my Favorites I feel like I'm a rapper in a Music video I got the goyard laptop case Right here this is a Gallery department Times long Von collab hoodie you got the French terry on the outside it looks

Like it's inside all kind of you got the Babe hat and another one of my favorite Items are the denim tears Levi's these Honestly fit perfect and then of course The Travis Scott Air Jordan one Lowe's And Olive colorway next we got the full Essentials fit in this turquoise color With the easy 350s to match one of the Cool things about oakshop is that if There's an item that you want to try out They provide styling Services where they Can pull out multiple pieces to form a Cohesive outfit so if you wanted to try On a t-shirt they can give you the Shorts to try on as well if this one you Thought it couldn't get any better There's this LV varsity jacket genuine Leather this thing is like ten thousand Dollars is it massive on me of course it Is but just the fact that I'm able to Touch these products and try them on Just to go to show you how many rare Items they have in here and the variety Of stuff as well so some of these items I will probably never get to see in Person again by the way I did pick up The Travis's I'm going to be sent to Different pair just because that wasn't My size okay that place was absolutely Insane Um once again thanks to Oak shop for Letting me touch all those products some Of that stuff I may never literally Touch again it is now raining outside so

I'll catch you guys later