The Magnify Nitro 2 is the updated version of Puma’s max cushioned daily shoe. This improved design includes a full-length nitro foam to improve cushioning and provide a touch more firmness.

The shoe features an engineered knit upper to provide better step-in comfort and a more flexible fit. There’s a Pumagrip outsole for an impressive level of grip and to increase durability, an internal and external moulded heel for a good locked-down fit and medial PWRTAPE areas across the shoe to provide support.

The Fresh Foam More V4 is a max cushioned shoe designed for plush, comfortable miles that features a number of design updates over the More V3. The biggest of those is the addition of even more Fresh Foam X midsole foam that makes it higher and wider than its predecessor – a design feature that aims to improve the stability of the ride.

Tom’s been testing the two cushioned shoes out to see which one he’d choose.

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Hey there Tommy from the Run testers With another running shoe versus in this Video I'm going to be looking at two Max Cushion shoes so I'm gonna be looking at The Puma magnify Nitro 2 and my old Favorite the New Balance more V4 let's Take a look FEMA magnify Nitro costs 130 pounds we Don't have a US price yet it weighs in At 287 grams or 10.1 ounces for men in a Size 8 and the drop is 10 millimeters The New Balance Fresh Foam more V4 costs 140 pounds or 149.99 weighs in at 298 Grams or 10.5 ounces for men in a size 8 And the drop is four millimeters Magnify Nitro 2 is the updated version Of Puma's Max cushion daily shoe this Improved design includes a full length Nitro foam to improve cushioning and Provide a touch more firmness the shoe Features an engineered knit upper to Provide better step and comfort and a More flexible fit there's a puma grip Outsole for an impressive level of grip And to increase durability an internal And external molded Hill for a good Lockdown fit and medial power tape areas Across the shoe to provide support the Fresh Foam more V4 is a Max cushion shoe Designed for plush comfortable miles That features a number of design updates Over the more V3 the biggest of those is The addition of even more Fresh Foam X Midsole foam that makes it higher and

Wider than its predecessor a design Feature that aims to improve the Stability of the ride as well New Balance has also updated the outsole With new cushion zones across the length Of the shoe as well as Flex Zones to Give it a more natural feel on the run The shoe still features a rocker profile For a smooth transition and a modified Engineered mesh upper that's built to Feel plush but ensure ample Breathability the outsole is covered With a generous level of rubber for grip And to protect the midsole foam there's Also a reflective logo on the shoe for Added visibility at night The fit for me in both of these shoes I'm a size eight these are both size 8 UK in the New Balance more V4 there's a Little bit of space in the forefoot it's Quite a little wiggle room in the Forefoot as well it's quite a roomy shoe But Um I had no issues it felt like it was a Perfect fit for me in a size eight Um and there's a nice lock down fit in The shoe as well it's got quite a Stretchy exterior so it's quite Forgiving as well so even if your foot Presses a little bit towards the top of The the the forefoot it's not a problem At all it felt fine for me so I Definitely stay to my size in the New Balance more V4 in the magnify 2 there

Is quite a lot of space in the forefoot Um so I would suggest sizing down half a Size in your normal shoe size so I'm a Size eight this is a size eight I'd Probably go down to 7.5 in the UK in This shoe there is a nice stretchy Material as well on top of this so it is Quite forgiving I didn't have any Problems wearing a size 80. nothing at All but it just was a bit of extra space So if you're concerned about that Probably size down emphasize in the Magnify 2. So it's been a while since I've done a Video with the New Balance more V4 in Which seems odd since I talk about it All the time Um but this is an interesting one Because they're quite similar in a lot Of ways with these shoes um when I often Talk about the New Balance more V4 Um comparison to other cushioned shoes There's certain standout things about This shoe that I really like that you Don't get in some of the shoes so it has A nice balanced midsole in it there's a Lot of cushioning in the New Balance More V4 it's a really big wedge it's Wide it's high but it's also not one of The softer Foams it's still a fairly Dense foam that it doesn't feel too Squishy under the foot so when you're Out running in it it does feel soft but It's quite balanced as well so it's not

Like the Nike Invincible range where That shoe really squishes into the Ground and bounces you back up there's a Bit less of that in this Um so what I find about the New Balance More V4 is that it's a very nice shoe Just for cruising there's a nice bit of Rocker in it and it doesn't really sink You in so it doesn't it doesn't feel Like it's slowing you down it just helps You just move along nicely nice bit of Turnover Um and just a very balanced feel to the Shoe so um you're not getting uh you Know slowed down or anything like that Um it's a shoe that I would only ever Use for long runs for easy runs for Recovery runs at my comfortable Pace I Wouldn't run faster in this shoe ever I Generally run in this shoe around my Marathon training Pace um long run pace Which would be around just under five Minute kilometers Um and I definitely won't pick it up After that the I have tried to do faster Reps in this shoe before just doesn't Work for that I just wouldn't I wouldn't Use it for that I'd never pick this shoe Up if I was thinking well I might go and Do some faster stuff I don't know what I'm doing today Um but when I go on those long runs when I go on those Um easy runs I just love reaching for

This year it just works perfectly for me It just feels like it's just nestling my Foot into the ground and helping it just Move forward in a nice fluid motion Without any sort of sinking feeling or Anything like that so lovely balanced Soft midsole Um which is not necessarily responsive But it just helps you turn over nicely The beauty of magnify Nitro 2 it's quite Similar in a lot of ways so that midsole Is uh it's not the softest midsole You're going to get in a a high stacked Shoe it's actually also quite balanced The nitrogen infused midsole that you Get in the magnify Nitro too Um it has a nice bit of softness in it Nothing like the Nike Invincible range And it's also a little bit responsive as Well as a little bit of bounce back from It which means that it's a little bit More versatile than what you get in a Lot of Max cushion shoes Um so what I would say between these two Is that Movie 4 really excels for me at those Longer runs those comfortable runs the Runs where you just want to go out and Not think about your shoe turn over Nicely that's basically it and I Wouldn't use it for anything else other Than that probably walking nobody Walking shoe as well uh people Magnum Financial too I think there's a bit more

To it than that and and I think you Could probably up the pace a bit Depending on the type of Runner that you Are Um I would probably if I went out and Did some intervals in the shoe it's not Gonna be my best intervals I'd ever do It still wouldn't feel amazingly fast But it does feel like it can do a bit More it just has a little bit of pickup In it a little bit of responsiveness That just means that Um it just does a nicer job at um more Versatile running and if you're the sort Of Runner that is looking for one type Of shoe and just to do all your runs in And maybe you're not going for like you Know a four minute kilometer Um Pace you want something that just go Into your training runs comfortably Enjoyably and you maybe want to throw in A few slightly faster efforts I think This is a good option I think it's it The magnify Um two is definitely a shoe that thanks To that Nitro foam is a bit more Versatile when it comes to cushion shoes And I think it veers a little bit more Towards the daily trainer World whereas This the more V4 just sits firmly in the Cushioned world I would not ever say This sits anywhere near a daily trainer Magnified 2 does other things I would Say about these two shoes is that the

Outsole is very good on both of them but I think the outsole on the more V4 is Competent I don't think it's the most Amazing outsole in the world it's like There's a good level of rubber on it um That midsole foam is actually pretty Sturdy as well so it's not a it's not a Sort of middle phone that you have to Worry about Um on exposed areas it's a fairly Durable foam anyway so Um I think that's really good from that Perspective on the more V4 but it's not The most amazing grip in the world it's It's just fine Um I haven't ran in the uh on the wet Ground with this every other run I've Done has been finding it but um it's Nowhere near the level that you get on The magnify 2. Puma grip is one of if Not the best outside rubber you get on Running shoes at the moment and the Level that you get on the magnify 2 is Fantastic there's some really nice Um design like waffly designed to the Outsole which is really good at gripping And it's quite a nice thick level of it As well so very protective really good At gripping the really really holding Thing you've got in place feel really Sturdy and comfortable on that for a Max Cushion shoe it is a very solid Supportive shoe to run in and you can Really feel your feet gripping onto the

Ground and I don't think I'd have any Trouble in this shoe at all it's pure Grits fantastic in fact both of these I Would say that they are quite stable Shoes Um when it comes to Max cushions now Puma does that the magnifier 2 does that Because of the firmer it's more solid Midsole foam really makes it hold your Foot in place more V4 Um it's just got really wide bass and That's really where the stability comes On the more V4 the foam itself is Actually pretty sturdy as well Um but it really comes from there's a Really wide base on that that more Before and you really notice it when You're on your own you can sort of feel Your feet Landing all over it it's it's A nice feeling and really feels like Your foot's being cradled nicely into The ground but it's different style of Stability you're getting issues neither Is the ability shoes but I would say Both of them are pretty good when it Comes to Max cushion because some maths Questions use aren't very stable so These are very good when it comes to um Being a touch more stable than you'd get From other Max cushion shoes So my verdict on these two shoes the More V4 and the magnify Nitro 2. it's Quite difficult actually if you watch The channel frequently you'll know that

I talk about the more V4 quite a lot I Absolutely love this shoe I just find it So comfortable that it's such you I Always want to take out and just go for A nice easy run-in magnify 2 is actually Pretty close I really like running this Shoe it's solid every run that I've done In this shoe I've really enjoyed it's Just been really Enjoyable comfortable experience Um I just I enjoy the more V4 more I Just like the feeling of cushion the Cushioning it just hits the sweet spot For me this level of cushioning um for Those those runs where I just want to Run nice comfortably easily uh and just Really feel like I'm cruising along I Love doing long runs in this shoe and The more before I think it's great Mainly Financial too really enjoy as Well I like the responsiveness in it I Like the fact it's a little bit more Versatile than the more V4 Um but I do think that because it's a Bit more versatile it's not it's a bit More of a jack of all trades as opposed To hitting the sweet spot for a certain Area so if you want one cushion shoe to Do lots of different things I think the Magnify Nitro 2 is the one to go for It's a solid shoe it lasts a while it's Got great outsole on it very nice bit of Stability it's got everything you could Want basically from a a solid Workhorse

Uh cushion shoe I just think the more V4 Is more enjoyable and for me I like to Have a really enjoyable cushioned easy Day long run shoe and a faster daily Trainer whereas this sort of sits in Between the two so if you're the person Who wants that then go for the magnify Too if you really want to have a Full-on cushioned day shoe that you Really enjoy New Balance more V4 for me Okay that's it from me thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click the bell and all those sorts of Things and check the channel out for all The other videos we've got if you're Going to the caption below you can also Find a link to our podcast which comes Out at the end of each month but we also Do specials as well now so we have Interviews with other people from the World of running so check that out if You're looking for something to listen To on your next run thanks a lot for Watching catch you next time Thank you