The Magnify Nitro 2 is the updated version of Puma’s max cushioned daily shoe. This improved design includes a full-length nitro foam to improve cushioning and provide a touch more firmness.

The shoe features an engineered knit upper to provide better step-in comfort and a more flexible fit. There’s a Pumagrip outsole for an impressive level of grip and to increase durability, an internal and external moulded heel for a good locked-down fit and medial PWRTAPE areas across the shoe to provide support.

Although the Triumph 20 saw a number of updates over its predecessor, the 21’s changes are largely made across the upper. The new design gets a revamped flat knit material to improve fit as well as provide breathability, along with a modified lacing system for better lock-down.

The shoe features the same PWRRUN+ cushioning in the midsole and sockliner – an impressively balanced foam that manages to feel soft while still providing a good level of energy return, and there’s a generous level of outsole rubber to protect that foam and deliver a high level of grip across varied road conditions.

Tom’s been testing the two cushioned shoes out to see which one he’d choose.

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02:29 – The Run Test
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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe versus in this Video I'm going to be taking a look at The Puma magnify Nitro 2 and the Saucony Triumph 21. let's take a look [Music] Pima magnify Nitro costs 130 pounds we Don't have a US price yet it weighs in At 287 grams or 10.1 ounces for men in a Size 8 and the drop is 10 millimeters The Saucony Triumph 21 costs 160 dollars We don't currently have a UK price Weighs in at 280 grams or 9.9 ounces for Men in a size 8. the drop is 10 Millimeters [Music] Magnify Nitro 2 is the updated version Of Puma's Max cushion daily shoe this Improved design includes a full length Nitro foam to improve cushioning and Provide a touch more firmness the shoe Features an engineered knit upper to Provide better step and comfort and a More flexible fit there's a puma grip Outsole for an impressive level of grip And to increase durability an internal And external molded Hill for a good Lockdown fit and medial power tape areas Across the shoe to provide support Although the Triumph 20s there are a Number of updates over its predecessor 21's changes are largely made across the Upper the new design gets revamped flat Knit material to improve fit as well as

Provide breathability along with a Modified lacing system for better lock Gap the shoe features the same power and Plus cushioning in the midsole and sock Liner an impressively balanced phone That manages to feel soft while still Providing a good level of energy return There's also a generous level of outside Rubber to protect that foam and deliver A high level of grip across varied road Conditions Finally there's a heel lock designed to Hold the foot in place and a pull tab at The rear to make getting the shoe easier To pull on and off the shoe is also Slightly heavier than the previous Version Foreign Shoes I'm a size eight these are both Size eights I find the sockney Triumph 21 very comfortable in my size uh there Is plenty of room in the forefoot but Not too much Um and I definitely stay to my size in The Triumph 21. the human magnifier 2 Has a very similar fit to the sockney Triumph 21 but I do find there's a bit More room in the forefoot in this shoe So I would probably size down half the Size in the magnifier Nitro 2 just Because there's a little bit more room Than I I really like and I don't often Find that um with a shoe so I would Probably get a half size in the

Magnifier Nitro too [Music] So the run test is a tricky one with These two shoes they are very very Similar in how they deliver what they Feel like Um what they're designed to do how the Upper feels the outsole everything's Sort of a similar scenario with these Two shoes and I really like both of them I've gone on record many times saying That the soccer Triumph 20 and 21. is Are a couple of my favorite shoes for For cushioned uh training sessions Longer runs easy runs that sort of thing But also Um I've recently uh really got into the Pure magnify Nitro 2 uh I think it's a Great solid shoe for uh easy ones but I Think about these two shoes is when it Comes to Max cushioned shoes uh I think They're both on the more versatile side Of it I think in many ways these Veer a Little bit more towards daily shoes as Well as being Max cushion shoes which You don't often get with Max cushion Shoes and I've got many shoes like the New bands more before which I would say Is not versatile the Nike Invincible 3 Is not a versatile shoe these two are And I think they're veering more for if You're the sort of Runner that wants one Pair of shoes and maybe you're a newer Runner or you're a runner that really is

A lot more General running you just want To take off the miles and maybe do a Race but but you're not going for like a Really fast PB uh you just want Something really comfortable and solid That takes you across the Finish Line Both of these shoes would fit into that Nicely Um think for me the biggest difference In these tissue shoes is the midsole Foam the upper let's start with the Upper actually the upper is very similar It's a sort of stretchy fabric the Triumph 21 has a new upper in it over The trial of 20 and it's just designed To be a bit thinner a bit more Breathable a single layer um upper and It's very good it's the only uh update That's really been made to the 21 Um it's a it's a minor benefit it's Slight positive over the 20. Um but it's slightly nicer does I prefer It to the 20 but there's not much in it Everything else is relatively the same Um including the midsole and the outsole Um the pure magnify Nitro 2 I really Like that upper as well it's very it's It's breathable it's a little bit Stretchy so it's a bit more forgiving if You um have bigger feet your feet sort Of stretch out in a bit a bit more Sock-like Um and it has lots of structure around The outside and from this power tape to

Um give your foot some nice support and Hold it in place comfortably and does a Very good job of that so down to the Midsole the midsole is really where the Difference sits I think the sockley Triumph 21 has this power on plus Midsole foam and it's a great midsole Foam it's really it's a Max cushion it's A lot of cushioning in it it's it's very Soft and enjoyable to running if you're Doing a slow recovery run it really does A great job at that it just Nestles your Foot into the ground feels really Comfortable Um and um just minimizes all of that Impact but it's also got a bit of Bounce To it as well and I do find that when I'm doing runs in this and I want to Pick up the pace of it but I really Enjoy doing it in this shoe it feels Like there's a bit more to it the the Foam does have a probably feels a bit Lighter than the the Mami Financial 2 Foam for me just feels like it's a bit More bounce in it and just makes the Runs more enjoyable it's a lovely Cruising shoe if you're training for a Marathon or something and you're doing a Lot of long runs this is a great Cruising shoot it'll just take you Through the run and really you don't Think about your feet it sort of Pops You along nice thing just is really Comfortable people magnify Nitro too

That nitrogen infused mid sulf foam is Quite similar Um it's not as soft as the socket trying 21. it's still relatively soft in Comparison to Um some of Puma shoes but it is it is Softer Um but it feels a lot denser to me so I Don't feel like I get the bounce back That I get from this and I don't feel That it is quite as soft and cushioned As this shoe is either Um I'm about 70 kilograms so that might Be different and that might be a good Shoe if you wait more than that and you Just want a little bit more metal foam In there just to really help you if Maybe this Triumph 21 foam is a little Bit too light for a heavier Runner Um I haven't I can't test that but that Might be the case Um but I would say both of them have a Very similar ride to them it's just Identity in the people magnifying Eyeshadow 2 which I don't enjoy as much As the um Power and plus midsole fan you Get in the Triumph 21. uh the outsole on Both of the shoes so the Puma memory 5 Nitro 2 has this Puma grip outsole it's Fantastic pure grip is one of the best If not the best outsole rubber you can Get solid uh really grips the floor Nicely Um and covers the midsole foam really

Well as well so it is just a fantastic Missile frame Um and grips very very well the outsole On the softly Triumph 31 is equally very Very good there's a lot of outside Rubber on there it's very very grippy Um very protective of that midsole foam And does a great job on all the trains That I've tested it in all the road Terrains that I've tested it on so all In all I think it really just comes down To how you want that feel of the midsole Foam and how much you can get the shoes For [Music] So my verdicts on these two shoes is a Really difficult one you probably guess Which one I'm gonna go for Um I think I would be happy very happy Because these are two of my favorite Max Cushion shoes out there at the moment so Either of them I'm happy to go in for a Room with if push came to shove I'm Gonna go for the Soggy Triumph 21 I Think it's a little bit more versatile I Think the foam is a little bit more Enjoyable a little bit more Poppy and I Enjoy cruising for longer runs in this Shoe over the Puma magnify Nitro 2. it's Not a bad shoe for running Those runs in I just I just like the midsole foam a Bit more it's just there's just a bit More to it and it's just a little bit More fluid and nicer transition and

That's what I'm going for um but having Said that a few Nitro 2 I think is a Little bit more solid than the Triumph 21 so as I say if you're maybe you're Heavier or maybe you want a little bit Of support it's not a support shoe but It does feel very stable thanks to that Midsole foam so if you want something That's got a little bit more Security on The run you might want to go for the Purifying magnify Nitro 2 but for me I'm Going for the Saucony Triumph 21 just Because I love it and I love that Midsole frame That's it from me thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click the little bell and if you go into The caption below you can find a link to Our most recent podcast and that comes Out at the end of every month but we Also do extra ones at the moment which Are normally interviews with other YouTubers so if you want to find out What we've been talking to them about Head over to the podcast thanks a lot For watching catch you next time Foreign