New velocity Nitro 2 is one of our Favorite cushion daily trainers Regardless of price so when you factor In that it's also a pretty cheap shoe That's almost always available in a sale Somewhere it becomes one of the most Attractive options on the market the Dual density midsole has a top layer of Nitro foam and a bottom layer of pro Foam light and it's comfortable while Having enough punch in it for faster Runs the Puma grip household is also one Of the best available for grip and Durability and works well on light Trail As well as the road you can use the Velocity Nitro too as an all-rounder Running shoe or in a rotation as your Daily trainer or even cushion shoe for Easy runs it's not a Max cushion shoe And some might want more stack for easy Runs but the velocity Nitro 2 is more Than comfortable enough for easier long Runs in our experience while being a bit Lighter and more versatile