The Puma Velocity Nitro 3 is the update to one of our favourite cushioned shoes and a previous big Run Testers Awards winner.

For the new Velocity Nitro, Puma’s adding in more foam, making changes to the upper and crucially, aims to deliver to that same satisfying running feeling that made previous Nitro shoes compete and in many cases, better the much pricier competition.

Testers Tom, Mike and Nick have got their feet inside the Velocity Nitro 3 just in time for some Sunday long run action to see if Puma’s served up another cushioned shoe great.

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Price and what’s different
01:37 – How does it fit?
04:02 – First Run Test
12:38: Initial verdict

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Hey this is M the Run testers and in This video we're going to be giving you Our first run review of this the pummer Velocity Nitro 3 it's fair to say a firm Favorite with the team now first we'll Take you through what's new and Different from the pum velocity Nitro 2 And then myself Nick and Tom will give You our early thoughts on what we think About the pumo velocity Nitro 3 so [Music] Far here's everything you need to know About the Puma velocity Nitro 3 the Nitro 3 Launches on January 24th and Lands in stores and on puma.com from February 1st price-wise it jumps up Slightly from £105 to £0 in the UK so While it's pricier it does remain an Affordable cushioned shoe weightwise our UK size 8 weighed in heavier 265 G Compared to 259 G for the same sized Velocity Nitro 2 has a 10 mm drop like The two with the stack heite jum up a Couple of millimeters both the for foot And the heel all remains a dual density One with Nitro foam and the Eva based Pro foam there to balance out the Responsiveness of the Nitro foam and Offer some control and stability it Still uses mesh in the upper but it's Now lined with pummer power tape which Has appeared on some of its ratios and Cushion options like the foreverun Nitro Offer more structure and support in the

Upper down below you'll find a pag grip Outsole with an adjusted pattern that's Designed to offer strong grip across Different Cerf Pum says the velocity nitr 3 is built to Hold up for up to 500 [Music] Mil fit for me in the pummer velocity Nitro3 I'm a size 8 in the UK this is a Size eight I found it to be very Comfortable but what I would say is that There is a lot of space in the foref Foot for me so um more than I'd normally Have between my big toe and the end of The shoe um I didn't have an issue with It I probably stay to my size in this Shoe but there is quite a bit of extra Space it also has quite a wide 4f foot As well so there's plenty of space Around the side of the 4f foot um so if You have very narrow feet you might Really notice that um it was absolutely Fine for me and I managed to get a nice Lock down fit pretty easily in this shoe The new upper I really like it's very Comfortable it feels quite breathable But also it feels quite structured as Well so when you tie down the laces it Feels like it's in a very very good Position and there's loads of padding Around the ankle collar and here I had No slip around anything on the run that I just did so fit for me I've had mine In a UK size eight I've had the velocity

Nitro the velocity Nitro 2 in a UK size Eight I've always found the shoes a Touch long and I do think that kind of Trend continues velocity Nitro through So I think there is an argument you Could go half a size down in this shoe Based on that first run and what I'm Seeing so far now I didn't have any Issues out on the run but ultimately I Think you're getting a good amount of Space up front of the toes and that kind Of extends out to the size of the foot As well elsewhere generally pretty good You definitely get getting a little bit More kind of you know padding in the Hill collor here compared to the Previous shoe the laces have changed the Tongue is similar to the Nitro 2 the Upper which I'll get into more has Definitely a more kind of sucked in kind Of kind of feel to it compared to the Upper on the velocity nitr too so you're Definitely getting something that I Think holds a lot more generally Throughout the shoe as I said my UK Size8 I was fine but I do think you know You could argue going half a size down This shoe just cuz I think you do get Quite a lot of kind of volume up front The toes it does feel a touch long Overall uh so the fit of the veloc Nitro 3 is great for me in my normal running Shoe size it's the same size I had in The velocity Nitro 2 now some people

Found that was a bit of a narrow shoe I Don't think anything has changed here on That front I think if you found that Narrow you'll probably find the velocity Nitro 3 narrow but I enjoy the fit of it I think it's got a slightly more dialed In fit around the heel the padding has Been changed the W almost cradles the Ailles from each size compared to the Lost un Nitro 2 and that works quite Nicely for me enjoyed that on the run Today so yeah all around very happy with The fit of the Lost Nitro 3 in in my nor Run issue [Music] Size so my first run in the pummer Velocity nro 3 I have just been out to Do a hour and 50 minute long run uh Which was uh included five sets of 8 Minutes at my half marathon pace I Wouldn't normally use this shoe to do That but um I needed to do a first run Review of the shoe so but it' be a good Chance to test it out over different Paces and over a longer session so uh Over the course of that run around 24 km Um and I found it to be very comfortable Shoe I don't notice any major Differences from the uh PR velocity Nitro uh 2 it still feels pretty similar To me I know it's got more Nitro foam in It but I didn't really notice that out On the Run still feels like a pretty Solid da shoe to me uh over the easy

Sections um it felt fine very Comfortable um just plenty of foam in There uh just enough foam to feel Cushioned but not enough to feel too Bulky um so very good at the easier bits Of that run when I picked up the pace so The 8 minute sets at my half marathon Pace were about 4 minute to 4 minute 10 Uh kilometers which is quite fast for me Um and normally if I'm out doing that Pace I would use one of my car plate Shoes or I would use something the Haw Mac 5 um it wasn't great at dealing with Those Paces but it was okay I definitely Wouldn't use this shoe for that sort of Run normally I'd probably use this more Likely for um daily run where I may be Running at a consistent pace of around 430 to 5 minute kilm or or slower than That I think it'd be absolutely fine if You're just doing a nice easy run or Recovery run um but definitely not a Shoe that skews massively towards faster Training sessions if you look at Something like the hawm 5 that is a Daily shoe that actually really works Well for faster training I used hwm bu For a lot of my marathon training Previously when I wanted to do a faster Interval session or something like that And didn't want to use a car plate shoe Um I would say that this moves a little Bit more towards that easy and daily Shoe um world I probably wouldn't um go

Too too fast in this shoe but it was Fine at it if you were going to buy one Pair of shoes if maybe you're a beginner Or you're just somebody that just wants One pair of shoes and you want good Value I think it's a good option um it's It's comfortable you could probably run Any distance in this shoe and it would Feel absolutely fine but if you're Really looking at getting a shoe that's Going to be able to tackle those faster B efforts I just don't think this shoe's Got it in it but um it's a solid nice Comfortable daily shoe and I really Enjoyed that first run it was absolutely Fine um and had no issues at all I think It was uh was perfect um the outsole Again says about every single pum Sho That comes out Pig grip fantastic Outsole on this very similar to the Previous versions loads of rubber on it Really uh grippy rubber it wasn't that Wet today uh and it wasn't that slippy So I didn't really get to test it out Either that but um it yeah feels Absolutely fine good coverage no uh Noticeable wear or anything from that Run so great solid outso on this shoe Still so into that first run on the London marathon training plan today was A 13 Mile run at 820 830 minute mile Pace so it felt like the ideal type of Run to put the velocity Nitro three to The test now the first thing I

Definitely noticed on this shoe when I Was out running with it is the upper Just feels different now when you Compare it to Lost Nitro 2 which I would Say the upper I would describe that as Kind of being comfortable nug More Hugging in terms of the experience this Kind of really wraps closer to your to Your foot and really kind of locks Things in a lot nicer I think in Comparison now the other thing I would Say is from a ride point of view I think There's kind of very similar traits the First two shoes you're getting something That's not super soft but I think you Know that Nitro foam does give some of That kind of softer responsive feel and Then you've got that Eva kind of pro Foam there to kind of you know Harden Things up offer a little bit more Protection a little bit more control Here now what I would say is you still Get that bounce I think when I picked The pace up in places I do get that Enjoyable bounce I think there's a nice Smooth kind of feeling in that ride as Well too that's what I felt when I was Running a little bit quicker in it I Definitely notice a lot more you do feel That foam a lot more in the hill that Kind of pro foam here which tells me Compared to the veloc United trade too That this you know it just feels more Supportive more protected I think more

Stable in general that's definitely Something that I felt in that run I do Still think you get that kind of nicer Feeling at more Tempo speeds But Ultimately you do notice or I did notice That heill a lot more I drop back on it You know on my heel during that run so That's something I definitely think is a Difference in terms of experience of Running in the velocity Nitro 3 to the Velocity Nitro 2 but in general at that Pace it felt pretty good for me you know It felt very similar to the first two Shoes in terms of that overall feeling That overall ride I think where what you Would we've looked for from velocity Nitro all kind of praised I still think You're getting it here but I do think The upper feels different I do think You're getting a lot more foam here You're noticing that foam a lot more the Hill which I think creates something More stable I'm not sure if you know I Think you know I absolutely prefer it to What I felt in the velocity Nitro 2 Which you know probably isn't as stable But I do think still offered a generally At the same ride I think a protective Ride as well too but this does feel like Maybe it's going to be a bit more Supportive and did feel a little bit More supportive on that longer run Overall outso wise now the pattern has Changed but ultim there's a lot of

Rubber here and the Puma grip uh kind of Out SS in general have been very solid Cross issues I don't think it's going to Feel any different here I was mainly on Roads it's pretty dry out there pretty Cold so absolutely fine but I wouldn't Hesitate going a little bit kind of on Lighter Trails here because there's a Lot of rubber here and I think you know While the pattern has changed I think Ultimately the grip is going to feel Pretty gen you know generally the same As the evelocity Nitro too so yeah out So seems pretty solid very similar to The previous shoe the ride definitely Feels similar as well but I do think You're getting your feeling that foam or That Pro foam that harder can EVA foam In the hill a little bit more I would Say and then you're getting an upper That I think is more supportive overall And kind of really kind of pulls in Against your fit a lot more than the Pummer velocity Nitro 2 so a solid first Run I think overall um but there are Definitely some changes I think are they Good changes are they bad changes I'll Get into that in my initial verdict just Ting off to do first run in the pumo Velocity Nitro 3 now obviously excited To use this shoe as a very big fan of The Velocity Nitro too doesn't seem like Pummer changed a whole lot about the Shoe just that little bit more Nitro

Foam in to raise the stacky a little bit So looking forward to getting out in Them today just doing a nice relaxed 90 Minutes today to round off a fairly easy Week of running after being quite ill Early on in the week so looking forward To getting out in them and seeing how They [Music] Feel so I've gone for about 13k now and Truthfully he's not much to report and That's that's a good thing really the Velocity is still the velocity still got That Comfort there still got that nice Balanced platform fairly nimble Not too heavy good amount of cushioning Little bit extra cushioning there Haven't really noticed the difference Too much yet but got another 30 40 Minutes of the Run left so that come to Play there but all around just enjoying Life in the velocity Nitro again it's Still a really really great [Music] Sho so all done in the first run in the Velocity Nitro 3 did around a half Marathon then a little bit more chicken Is pecking me unbelievable um and it was A very enjoyable first run yeah the shoe Still feels really good to me still Feels like a a lot is very much the same As with the velocity Nitro 2 and that's A good thing you've got that really Balanced feel to it it's not too heavy

It's not too big it's not overly Cushioned but it is comfortable it Delivers a little bit if you want to run Up the pace I did the last three k of The run today with a little bit of pick Up and speed to round steady pace and Felt good for that but still nice and Comfortable no four foot discomfort you Know there a 10 mm drop shoe uh and you Know sometimes snapping through you can Get a bit of for foot pain I get with Some shoes I even had it with the Astic J numers 26 recently but just don't get It with this shoe it's just yeah a Really good all round shoe like when I Got home I didn't did a little run Around the block wearing the vitro 3 on One foot and the Vel nro 2 on the other Foot and I don't think there is a Drastic change here like the veloc nro 2 One of the differences I noticed it Feels it's got more relaxed upper but The fit is a bit more dialed in Especially with the heel of the shoe on The velocity Nitro 3 but getting a lot Of the same stuff here you've got that Little bit extra foam which might sway Some people into viewing it more as a Cushion shoe for their needs but I don't Think it's a huge change in the level of Comfort underf foot and all round just Yeah feels like a really strong shoe in Exactly the same way that L Nitro 2 did So yeah very pleased very enjoyable

Looking forward to using it a lot more In the coming [Music] Weeks early verdict on the pum of blo 3 Is that it's pretty much more of the Same it's still a solid great daily shoe It's still uh comfortable it still has a Nice level of foam in it it's not too Heavy um it's just balanced enough it's Not massively soft so you can actually Do a little bit versatile running in it Um and it's a shoe that probably would Fit into most people's rotations or if You're just looking for one shoe that Ticks off a lot of your different daily Runs um only thing I would say about it Is that I think that shoes like the HW Ma 5 even though it's a little bit more Expensive is a better option for this When it comes to versatility I would Definitely pick up the HM 5 um as if I Was going to get one shoe and I wanted To do faster sessions and easy runs and Things like that in it although I would Say that this probably is a a little bit Better at those easy runs I think the Cushioning is just a little bit um more Substantial and a bit more noticeable When it comes to comfort On The Run um But for the price I think it's still a Great value shoe I think it's well worth Picking up if you're um just looking for A great daily trainer and you don't want To spend loads and loads of money I

Think it probably competes with shoes That are a lot more expensive than it um And it's a good option as well if you Are somebody that wants a data shoe and You don't want to go for one of these Really big Max cushion options that are A available at the moment because it's a Little bit more balanced than that and Doesn't feel like you've got loads of Shoe on your foot so yeah really Successful first run um and pretty much More of what I've experienced in the Previous to Puma VY Nitro shoes just a Really good solid daily shoe ICT is that The velro 3 is going to please a lot of People the same way the velro 2 did it Really is the embodiment of this kind of Mid-range mid cushion trainer you get From lots of Brands that's reasonably Good value but and pretty well cushioned But not overly so so compared to things Like Pegasus the Supernova rise from Adid Das the hoker Clifton the aex Nova Blast even all shoes that sit below the Very very cushion shoes in the brands Range and that can handle a range of Training and for me the L Nitro 2 was Always kind of the best of those Trainers and I feel like the L Nitro 3 Follows on in exactly the same way in That it's a fairly lightweight shoe but It's got a great outsole it's got a good Amount of cushioning it's comfortable And just can deliver in lots of

Different ways so looking forward to Getting out in it again doing some more Running but overall that first run Suggest Vel night 3 is going to be a Nice solid update the veloc Ro 2 that Sticks to most of the same principles we Say early Impressions would be that if You now go and see the veloc nro 2 for 50 Quid then that would be a great deal I wouldn't say you have to go and get The new version of the shoe I don't Think there's been a drastic change here Just that a little bit of extra Cushioning and like I say slightly more Dialed in fit at the back of the shoe But all around uh I enjoyed the first TR A lot and I think it's another really Strong shoe from Puma to sit in this Training range as a very practical all Round first style shoe so some initial Thoughts on the P velocity Nitro 3 and What would say is I feel like it's a Solid update or feeling like a solid Update to the velocity Nitro 2 I think What's important here is that pum hasn't Kind of entirely ripped up the script in Terms of what the shoe is capable of and The types of runs it's designed for Keeping the elements I think from the Previous two shoes I think really worked And didn't need to be tinkered with so I'm thinking about things like the ride The out soole the general overall fit as Well and I said you know just being

Capable of running easy and more Up Tempo runs in this shoe I definitely Think there are some differences that Are going to change the Experience the first thing being the Upper where is definitely more Supportive more structured Than The Flossy Nitro 2 which to be honest I Quite like the comfort and the more snug Feeling upper on that shoe but this Definitely feels more structured and More I would say supportive overall and You're definitely getting more in the Hill in terms of that kind of you know Extra bit of foam I think you're getting Something that's more kind of stable Overall it's just protective as well too Which makes it I think a bit better Suited those longer runs but ultimately I think the experience and the types of Runs they're designed for are still the Same here that they were on the velocity Nitro 2 now it definitely reminds me of One other shoe and that's a s axon 3 Which like this shoe you know it's not Massively soft in terms of a cushion Shoe I think that kind of it still has That Bouncy ride I think it has that Kind of nice supportive upper as well Too and it's a similar price I think It's a bit difficult to a bit more Difficult to get a hold of at the moment I think it's kind of sold out on s's Website at the moment but that is

Another shoe that I think kind of sits Well with the p velocity Nitro three and I think in terms of price it's jumped up A little bit but I think ultimately what We've seen from P velocity Nitro issues Previously the previous generations they Have dropped down in price pretty Quickly I think even now as it stands It's feeling like it's going to be Another affordable cushion Sho to look At if the trend of the price drop Happens with the velocity Nitro 3 that's Going to make it even more attractive so Yeah I think feel to me a solid update So far I've had you know a good first Run with this shoe I think generally I Think the changes that Puma has made to The Vost Nitro three from the two I Think mostly positive the only thing I Think probably is that I think you lose A little bit in the kind of snugness and Comfort of the upper and obviously it's G it's gone up a little bit in weight as Well too but I think you don't think you Massively are not sure I'm going to Massively notice that in my runs going Forward so yeah initial thoughts on the P velocity Nitro 3 feeling like a pretty Solid update so far okay so there you Have it our initial thoughts on the P Velocity Nitro 3 for myself Nick and Tom Now obviously plenty more testing to do Before we get to a full review but in The meantime if you've got any questions

About the shoe and more importantly Other shoes you want to know how it Compares to then do let us know in the Comments as always like And subscribe Hit that little bell to find out about Our latest videos and there's going to Be a lot of new videos on the way a lot Of big launches hope you enjoyed the Video uh stay tuned because we've got a Lot more coming up and yeah see you for Next round test this [Music] Video