Thankfully the Puma Velocity Nitro 3 isn’t a major overhaul to the hugely popular Puma Velocity Nitro 2, instead making a few adjustments to improve the overall experience of the shoe.

The biggest of those is a slight increase in the amount of dual-density midsole foam to improve comfort – although this does increase the weight slightly.

The Pegasus 40 has long been Nike’s affordable workhorse daily trainer designed for ticking off the miles in comfort. The shoe combines a moderate level of Nike React foam for a good level of cushioning, with two Zoom Air units for added bounce and responsiveness.

The result is a balanced shoe that aims to cover a wide range of sessions, from short recovery efforts to long runs. The React foam offers a slightly firmer ride, but by doing so improves stability and support for runners who want added security.

Tom and Nick have been testing the two daily favourites out to see how they compare.

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00:14 – Stats
00:40 – Design
02:04 – How’s The Fit?
03:12 – The Run Test
10:09 – Early Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers in this Video we are going to be doing a versus Of the Nike Pegasus 40 and the pum Blossy Nitro 3 Let's dive In the pummer velocity nitro3 cost £10 Or $135 it weighs 271 G or 9.6 Oz for men In a size8 and the drop is 10 mm Nike Pegasus 40 costs £19.99 or $130 it weighs 272 g or 9.6 o For men in a size 8 and the drop is 10 Mm thankfully the Puma velocity Nitro 3 Isn't a major overhaul to the hugely Popular pummer velocity Nitro 2 instead Making a few adjustments to improve the Overall experience of the shoe the Biggest of those is a slight increase to The amount of dual density midso foam to Improve Comfort although this does Increase the weight slightly there's Also a modified padding design that aims To improve Comfort specifically around The heel and new power tape strips on The upper to improve structure and Support as with all previous generations There's an impressive covering of the Brand's excellent Pig grip outso rubber Meaning it can tackle all conditions Even lighter Trails the Pegasus 40 has Long been Nike's affordable Workhorse Daily trainer designed for ticking off The miles in Comfort the shoe combines a Moderate level of Nike react foam for a Good level of cushioning with two Air

Zoom units for added bounce and Responsiveness the result is a balanced Shoe that aims to cover a wide range of Sessions from short recovery efforts to Long runs the react foam offers a Slightly firmer ride but by doing so Improves stability and support for Runners that want added security the Upper is where the most recent version Sees the changes with a single mesh Layer now including an implemented Midfoot band designed to be comfortable But also provide a good lock down fit on The out soole there's a generous layer Of rubber to provide a high level of Protection for the midell ph and ensure A good amount of grip on varied Road Surfaces and even lighter Trails I found that both the Pegasus 40 And the velocity Nitro 3 fit me well in My normal running shoe size I've got a Uk9 for both of them which is a us10 With both Brands I say the velocity is a Notably narrower shoe you can see it Either on the foot or in the hand there Uh but I've got a narrow foot that suits Me quite well I had no concerns of Either around the heel they're both Quite well padded but they didn't Irritate my Achilles or anything and They held the midfoot nicely so all Around the fit was good for me my normal Size but I would say the velocity is a Bit ner look out for that maybe if you

Have a wide foot so the fit for me in These two shoes I am a size eight in the UK these are both size eights they're Very similar size shoes um I find them Very comfortable there's plenty of space In the forefoot in both of these shoes And I definitely stay to my UK size in These the only difference I think is That uh the P velocity Nitro 3 is Slightly narrower not a problem for me I've got fairly average width feet um so I've had no issues at all uh but I Definitely think there's a bit more room In the Pegasus 40 so if you do have Really wide feet um then that might be a Better opportunity uh to pick up those But really sizing for me both of these Absolutely perfect in in my size in the UK so I would you both of these shoes as Kind of cushions daily trainers they Both sit in the middle of their brands Ranges they're not the top most cushion Shoe available they're also a bit Cheaper than the top cushion shoes Things like the Invincible on Nike side Or the magnify on pummer side they both Are pretty well cushioned in the midsole There as a pretty much all shoes these Days but they're fairly lightweight so In theory they can do a nice bit of Everything and they are both reasonbly Verstile shoes but I definitely think The velocity Nitro is the more verstile Shoe it's a little bit lighter for one

But also just the Foams in the midsole I Think add up to create a better ride for A variety of runs than the Pegasus which I do think is a solid shoe I enjoy Testing the Pegasus 40 I probably Slightly prefer the Pegasus 39 just cuz It was a little bit lighter but by you The Pegasus more as an easyday Cruiser Only like you can pick up the pace a Little bit in it but I don't think You're getting a lot of response from The Pham it's durable it's hard it's a Good Workhorse shoe and you can do a bit Of everything in it but while you can do I don't think I necessarily would want To do everything in the Pegasus I would Just use it pretty much for easy stuff And the way it almost snaps through I Think it doesn't have as much cushioning Under the forefoot as the velocity and Other shoes which I think might make it A little bit less comfortable for Speed Work for me than the velocity which is a Really comfortable shoe like it's got That softer foam in the midsole the Nitro uh foam that Puma has here is it's Just a better phone than stuff in the Nike it's softer and more comfortable But it's also bouncier more lively and Lighter so the shoe is lighter despite The fact it's got a really thick good Out soole on it although to be fair the Nike also has a very good out soole H it Just means it's a bit smoother they both

Got a 10 mm drop but I do think you get A slightly smoother transition with the Pumer it just feels lighter and nimbler Helped probably a little bit by its Narrower design and it just means when You do try to pick up the pace and is Shoot it feels a bit better in the pumer And then I do think it's also a bit more Comfortable just for very relaxed runs As well when running in B shes at the Same time it's quite noce we just get a Better ride from the stuff in the Puma Here the mids cell here and I don't Really think it comes with any downside So maybe on terms of overall durability Maybe the pegus will last a bit longer But I don't think there's any real Durability problems with the velocity That I've noticed in previous Generations of the shoe and like I say It's a bit livelier bit more fun bit More comfortable bit smoother just Everything about it I think I slightly Refer the ride of the Velocity like I Said they both got really good outsole So that's not a huge differentiating Factor but I still think the Pumas is Slightly better pummer grip is such a Good outsole and it does grip really Well on wet pavement so yeah all round I'd have the Velocity head on the run Test I've enjoyed it more uh for a mix Of runs from Easy runs long runs up to Faster stuff as well so these shoes are

Actually really similar in what they Deliver what they what they do what they Designed to do uh and how they feel Actually um what I would say is that I'll start with the um Pegasus 40 so I've never been a massive fan of the Pegasus range developed quite a lot over Its time but the past few versions have Been designed for sort the same thing um It is a solid daily Workhorse shoe uh It's the sort of shoe that you see quite A lot of people buying as maybe their First shoe or or um if they're looking For a cheaper shoe in comparison to some Of the other Nike shoes out there or Other brands um but it's also not a Particularly exciting shoe it does have These Air Zoom um sections in the foref Foot uh it's got the react foam midsole But it it's not particularly exciting Shoe to run in it just does the job you Can go out and kick off the miles There's no issues in it at all but also It it's a bit of a doll shoe for me it Doesn't really do a great deal it's fine Um I'm more than happily uh running it For all of my easy runs maybe recovery Runs probably wouldn't use it for long Runs because it just doesn't have enough Energy in it for me I think I'd really Struggle if I was using this for Anything over half marathon distance I'd Really noticed that that midell fo is Not really giving me much back um but

Overall yeah it's fine it's solid it's Good value they've always been um priced Quite well for what they do and they Last a good good while as well the Outsole on the um Pegasus 40 and Previous Pegasus shoes is really good It's got a good grip on it you can Probably use it for lighter trails and Stuff like that and definitely does a Good J job on wet roads and things so Solid durable daily Workhorse shoe Doesn't have a lot of Versatility for me Um there's quite a lot of cushioning in It it just doesn't feel soft enough for Me for those easy runs or long runs um But does the job for pretty much Everything and I it's very comfortable As well pum velocity Nitro 3 it's quite Similar in many ways it's a daily shoe Really designed to tick a lot of boxes Um do a lot of daily miles and comfort Give you plenty of support and Cushioning um but there's just a bit More to it for me it's it's a bit more Versatile the midell foam it's not the Softest midell foam in the world but There's a bit more to it Puma foam tends To compress a little bit more and give You a little bit more back when you're Running in it and I definitely feel that With the velocity Nitro 3 uh also it is A little bit better at running faster as Well it's definitely a more versatile Shoe I I would never do interval

Sessions or go out for a fast run in the Um Pegasus 40 wouldn't do it very often In the P 903 but if I was on holiday or Something and I wanted a shoe that I Needed to do my training in for a week Or two and I could only take one pair of Shoes I'd definitely go for this shoe Over the Pegasus 40 just because there's A bit more to it it just feels like There's a bit of pick more pickup on it It just feels a bit more energy return In it um and overall it's just a more Enjoyable shoe to run in for different Types of runs um likewise uh it is a Shoe that people tend to pick up um Because they want something that does The job but isn't too expensive but what We've said about the P velocity line in The past is that despite its cost and it Is one of the cheapest good shoes out There there's lots of cheap shoes out There that aren't very good and we don't Really review them on the channel Because they they don't really fit into The same bracket um but this is a shoe That really sits in that that that sort Of good value um world but really Compettive shoes that are much better That it so um things like the Fresh Foam Line up until recently uh the 1080 V12 And v13 those shoes um it it's just Better than them it just it's got a Nicer mid soole it's better for daily Runs and it's just more comfortable and

That shoe is a lot more expensive than This shoe so we've often said that it's This shoe really punches above its Weight and it can compete with shoes That are a lot more expensive than it um The Pegasus 40 doesn't really do that it Is priced correctly um and you're you're Getting what you're you're paying for in It um both are good very durable shoes Got fantastic pumic outsole on the um Pum Vel Nitro 3 um and yeah overall it's Just a really great shoe to have in your Collection just to ticking off those Those miles um and it can do quite a lot Um it's not the most versatile shoe in The world it's not particularly fast Shoe but it's definitely veers more Towards that easy daily shoe uh world But can do a bit more the um Pegasus 40 For me doesn't really move any further Than daily runs you can't go faster in It and it's not very nice when you try And run fast in this Shoe so my verdicts on these two shoes Definitely the fum velocity Nitro 3 I Just think it's a little bit more Versatile I think it's better value I Think um it just has a nicer mid tole in It it just feels nicer when you're out Running in it it for me it's not the Best shoe in the world I I I think There's much better shoes out there Which I would use for easy runs there's Much better shoes i' obviously use for

Running fast in and um for my daily runs If I wanted something a bit more Versatile i' go for the Endorphin Speed 3 or uh something like that uh maybe Even the four but I've not tested that Yet um but for the price bracket which Is a daily shoe that really fits into That lower end of the cost uh Spectrum It is fantastic and there's not very Much out there that that compete with it Uh especi definitely that that price Mark so I'm going for the pum velocity n Show 3 all the way the Pegasus 40 is Fine um it's definitely a shoe that I Wouldn't go P pay full price for because I think this one is the p 2 is much Better option but both of these shoes Are are often um in discounted um and if You get earli versions of these shoes as Well my friend recently picked up the F Velocity Nitro 2 for about £50 which is Absolute Madness for for for what you Get from this shoe that is great value And you're getting a brilliant shoe Because there's not many differences Between the three and the two so it's Well worth picking picking that up um Same goes with the Pegasus 40 if you can Get it cheap it's good it's a good value Shoe to have in your collection it does The job it's solid uh definitely a great Shoe if you're a beginner or you don't Want to spend a lot of money but if You're comparing um based on the price

And what you get from it I'm going Velo Nitro 3 all the way so clear and easy Verdict for me here uh which probably Will come as no surprise if you watch The channel everyone knows I like the Pum of Velo Nitro and I really like the P blost Nitro 3 and I think it's a Better shoe all around than Nike Pegasus 40 s some cheaper shoe on a list price I Think especially in the UK both of these Shoes are in sales quite a lot though Maybe the Pegasus 40 is available for a Big discount at the moment might may me Consider a little bit different between Them because the Pegasus is still a Pretty good comfortable cushion daily Trainer but I just think the velocity is The Shield I'd rather use for pretty Much any kind of run so that just makes It an easy pick for me in this versus so Factors to maybe look at the Pegasus it Is a slightly wider shoe which will not Only help some people with fit but maybe Makes it a little bit more stable but I've had no stability concerns with the Puma I'm not a runner who uses stability Shoes that much so can't say for sure That it is a very stable shoe but I Don't think it's a particularly unstable Shoe but maybe the Nike will have a bit More stability on that front but in General I do think the velocity is the Shoe to go for out of these that's just A more enjoyable shoe all around also

Very good previous versions of both of These shoes if you're looking at the Newest version of both these shoes I Would say don't hesitate to look at the Pegasus 39 or the velocity Nitro 2 as a Very good Alternatives as well because There are a lot of similarities the Older shoes are slightly lighter as well You get a little bit more cushioning in The pity Nitro 3 than the two but Overall performance is pretty similar so You could look at the previous version Of either shoe but I would be looking Purely on the Puma side if I were you I'd get the velocity 2 or the velocity 3 That's it from us thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click little bell all those things that Make us smile and if you go into the Catch below you can find a link to our Podcast which comes out at the end of Each month thanks lot for watching catch You next Time