The Puma Magnify Nitro 2 and Puma Velocity Nitro 2 are both cushioned shoes that share a lot of similar features, with great outsoles and midsoles either mostly or entirely made from Puma’s nitrogen-infused Nitro foam. Which of the two is right for you will depend on what you’re looking for in a daily trainer, whether it’s the extra versatility of the Velocity or the extra cushioning on the Magnify. Tom and Nick talk through the relative benefits of the two shoes in this video.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick in this video we're going to be Comparing the Puma velocity Nitro 3 and The Puma magnify Nitro 2 so the velocity Nitro and the magnify Nitro are Puma's top cushion shoes for Neutral Runners within the range the Magnify is the max cushion shoe whereas The velocity is build more as a daily Trainer but but they're both pretty Cushion shoes with a lot of similar Puma Features across them the velocity is the Cheaper shoe it's £110 or $130 magnifies £30 or $140 magnify is a little bit Heavier it's 298 G or 10.5 o in a uk9 Whereas the velocity Nitro 3 is 283 G or 10 oz in the same size the weight comes From the extra stack on the magnify Which they both shoes have a 10 mm drop But the magnify is 40 mm at the heel and 30 at the 4T whereas the velocity is 36 At the hill and 26 at the 4ot so both Shoes you got engine engineered mesh Uppers with power tape on them which is Pumers tape they use to add structure to To shoes especially on the medial side To add a bit more support and stability They're both pretty padded around the Heel but the magnify has more padding on The tongue for sure than the velocity Which trims a little bit of weight by Having a slightly thinner tongue the Midsoles are where the key differences Between the shoes the magnifier is not

Only a higher shoe its midsole is Entirely made of pummer Nitram which is A nitrogen infused TP supercritical foam Very lightweight Bouncy Stuff you've got A lot of that Nitro foam in the velocity The whole top layer on the shoe is made From that but there is also a smaller Bottom layer which is made from an EVA Foam called Pro foam light which is a Little bit firmer hardier and not quite As bouncy as the Nitro foam you have on The top layer there both shoes then have A pumer grip outso it's slightly thicker The layer you have on the magnify Nitro 2 but I think you have slightly better Coverage on the velocity Nitro too bit More exposed foam but on both shoes all The key impact areas are covered you're Going to get really good grip because Pummer grip is such an excellent outsole Rubber yeah bit of a wash there on the Outso they're both really really Good So the fit for me in these two pummer Shoes the magnify uh 2 I mentioned in The review that I did of it that it is Quite a long shoe there is quite a bit Of extra space in it uh so I suggested That maybe it's worth sizing down half a Size if you don't want loads of extra Space in in the forefoot I've been fine With it but there is definitely it's It's a lot of space in that shoe so you Might want to size down half a size in

That shoe otherwise it's a very Comfortable shoe it's slightly narrow um Not I've got fairly average width feet So I didn't have any problems with it at All um but if you do have wide feet you Might find that this shoe is slightly Narrow same goes for the uh pummer Velocity Nitro 3 um I have not had any Issues with it I found it be a very Comfortable shoe I will stick to my Size8 in the UK in this shoe um but some People have mentioned that it's slightly Narrow I think this version is a little Bit more forgiving than earlier versions Um but just take that in consideration If you have wide feet it comes to the Fit I both shoes in my normal UK size Which is a uk9 US 10 for pummer and it's A good fit for me and shoes like this Got enough room in the toe box good hold Around the heel and midfoot but they do Have pretty different fits I would say That so you can see in my hands and Indeed on my feet that the velocity is a Much narrower shoe than the magnify and That's the whole length of the shoe even Around the back of the Achilles the way It pads there is a little bit more tight And cinched now that works for me CU I Have a narrow foot I don't mind at all The narrowness of the Velocity it suits Me very well in fact but if you do have A wider foot it might be something to Look out for the magnify has the more

Spacious fit throughout shoe especially In the toe box I would say that both of Them would be fine for me with my narrow Foot but yeah something to look out for If you have a Wider so these are both shoes that I Really like running in they are both Very good cushion shoes I think they Tick that box really well in terms of Being able to do easy runs very well and That's both shoes I think you have a Slightly softer feeling with the Magnifier with their slightly bulkier Design there and The Wider design as Well which does help I think for easy Runs giving you that bit more ground Contact and structure and support I Think all around they're both very good At cruising around and they're both Pretty pretty versatile shoes I'd say Now with the magnify is one of the more Versatile Max cushion shoes I think Because the midsole is pretty responsive And I think it's not too heavy for a 40 Mm stack shoe it actually feels a bit Lighter on the foot as well so you can Up the pace a little bit in the magnify But I think at its best it's certainly For those easy cruising runs long runs In particular feel really good in this Shoe like it's got a 10 mm drop I'd say But with both shoes you don't really get A big snap through in a very aggressive Way they're not very rocked shoes so

They have quite traditional rides and They don't feel too harsh Under Foot Obviously with all that cushioning there And there's enough under the four as Well so I don't get any kind of Discomfort in either shoe the velocity Is that a little bit lighter and nimbl But it's not so much about the lightness I think it's the narrowness and the Difference in the Mido I think that Makes it the more versatile shoe that Has it more as that midlevel allrounder Daily trainer that can do a little bit Of everything because you've got a bit More feel for the ground under the foref Foot in particular it's not quite as Cushy and comfortable as the magnify but You do get a little bit more nippin to The shoe I think in the way you hit the Ground under the for foot there it's Still very soft and cushion at the back It feels quite similar to the magnifier To me at the back as a heel striker but It's the 4 foot where the difference Comes through and the transition just Feels a little bit snappier I don't Dislike the Dual density setup on this In theory you know more Nitro foam would Make this just simply a better shoe Because difference in weight isn't that Much you've got more foam here it's got The better foam more of the better foam But the Dual density setup I do think Brings that element of Versatility to

The ride of velocity in that you've got The firmer feeling foam under That Bouncy Nitro layer it gives it a more Responsive feel and I think it makes it Better for picking up the pace whether That's short intervals or sustained Efforts at a decent pace I think you're Going to enjoy those more in the Velocity it's just a bit more suited to Those kind of runs and I think a lot of That does come down as well to the Narrow design which just just makes the Turnover in the shoe feel a little bit Quicker and more natural at faster Paces So I have done a little jog where I was Wearing both shoes at the same time one On each foot to feel the differences and It really just kind of bears out what I Was thinking about the shoes before I Did that where you just got that Slightly firmer feeling under the Forefoot in the velocity a slightly Nippier feeling with a narrow design Both feel very cushioned and comfortable At the heel though and the magnify is Not like it feels a lot heavier on the Foot or anything like that but it is a Noticeably bigger shoe and slightly Poppy just the way the phone set up it Feels just like a bit more cruy and Enjoyable for that it is a reasonably Versatile shoe but velocity I think does Win on that front but there is a lot of Overlap certainly in the way these shoes

Perform on the run test so these two Shoes are for a similar purpose um the Pum velocity n 3 is a daily shoe it's Designed for uh a nice mix of comfort Easy runs um a little bit more Versatility so you can run a little bit Faster in it it's a fantastic shoe it Really is sort perfect holiday shoe if You're going away and you want a shoe to Do lots of different types of runs in it You might not you're not probably going To be doing races in the shoe or Anything like that but it is a very nice Shoe and you can pick up the pace a bit In it and do um faster sessions in it I've done intervals in this shoe uh I've Done faster paced uh Tempo runs things Like that and it's absolutely fine it's Really good uh for a lot of those things As a daily shoe it's not as versatile as Something like the sakon Endorphin speed 4 um but it significantly cheaper than That shoe so it's really good all round Just great value daily shoe that is very Comfortable um and you can do lots of Different runs in it it's a great shoe If you are the sort of person that wants To get one pair of shoes and you don't Want to spend loads of money maybe for a Beginner or maybe you're just a general Runner who doesn't really care about Spending loads of money on lots of Different shoes it's a great option I Often tell my friends any anyone who

Asks me uh who Maybe started running and They want to get a running shoe I always Say get an older version of the pum Velocity Nitro range because you can Picked them up for like £50 now and it's A fantastic shoe punches well above its Weight um and price when it comes to uh Just great value um daily shoe offerings When we've done reviews of the shoes in The P these the line of shoes in the Past we've often compared it with shoes That are significantly more expensive so Things like the fresh frame 1080 line uh Stuff like that where this actually Comes off on top a lot of the time uh Especially considering the previous Shoes about1 it's just a great value Brilliant shoe and it's really Comfortable um the pummer magnify nitro2 So this is the more cushion version of Uh Puma's range it's it's the um the Highest chunkiest version that they've Got uh it doesn't have a plate in it or Anything like that it's a very very Comfortable shoe um what I would say About the magnify nro 2 is that if You're buying a a shoe because you want Loads of cushioning this moves more Towards the firmer side of cushioning The foam that is in both of these shoes Um that that pumi uses this nitrogen Infused foam it compresses quite uh Quite a bit but it's it's quite a dense Foam um so it's not that bouncy um and

It definitely isn't very soft but it's Very comfortable it's a really nice Balanced uh Midol foam and it's because It's a little bit firmer it's also a Little bit more responsive as well so it Does make it a little bit more versatile Than some other cushion shoes out there It's definitely more versatile than Things like the PE uh it's definitely More versatile than things like the new New Balance Mo V4 um and even shoes like The uh New Balance 1080 v13 it's just Got a little bit more responsiv to it And a little bit more kick from that Firmer midell foam but having said that Even though it's firm the foam that is In it is it's quite dense so it's it's a Comfortable foam it's not like you're Running around in a a really firm Plasticky feeling shoe it's nice it's Comfortable it's just quite dense so you And you can really feel that when you're Out on the Run the other thing about Having a slightly firmer denser midsole Is that it's very stable as well for a Cushion shoe some cushion shoes that Have lots of um mids foam in them can be A little bit wobbly can be a bit squishy This isn't it's a very stable shoe both Are very stable shoes actually so the Major difference for me between these Two shoes is just the feel of that Midell foam um I think with the pum Nitro 3 there's a little bit more give

In it um and I definitely go for the Magnifier Nitro 2 if I was doing easy Runs um long runs uh but because it's a Little bit more of a balanced foam um You can probably do quite a lot of UR Runs in this it's not reserved just for Those recovery easy slow runs you can Actually pick up the pace a little bit In it do a bit more marathon training in It and things like that um but it really Just comes down to FID of that midell Foam to me and I'm I prefer the magnify 2 midell foam just because I like loads Of midell foam in my shoes um but they Are quite similar in the way that they Ride and they Feel so the over word it's on for me on These two shoes I think it's negligible Uh I would go for the pum bangy Nitro 2o CU I like more foam in my in my shoes I Like to have a little bit more Cushioning uh and you do get that with Magnif ISRO 2 but it's negligible it's Um there's not a massive difference for Me between these two shoes I think they Deliver a very similar thing so it Really just comes down to the price and Because of the pum V show 3 um being a Really good value shoe is slightly more Expensive than the older versions now um And I would say get get the pre l i show One or two too if you can still get it Because you can get that for like 50 now So it's a fantastic deal to get on this

Shoe it's well worth picking up uh even If you just want a spare shoe to have in Your collection um that you can take With you on holiday or if you just want Something to tick off the miles and you Don't want to use your other shoes if You can pick up the older shoes for £50 Absolutely fantastic so really I think It comes down to the price for me Because even though I really like this Shoe and I think it's fantastic cushion Shoe um I don't think you're losing a Lot by going for the pummer velocity Nitro 3 both good pumer shoes I think There's a lot of overlap here and you Could pick up either one of these and Just use it for your all round daily Trainer kind of depending on your Preference and ride feel if you like More cushioning Under Foot then you're Going to get it with the magnifier it's Got that wider fit as well you can use It for very similar runs to the velocity I think it is a reasonably verstile Cushion shoe and then it probably is That little bit more comfortable and Protective over long distances velocity I think will be cushioned enough for Most people like it's certainly Cushioned enough for me I don't think I Need the extra 4 mm of foam Under Foot For easy runs or long runs of that kind Of thing and you get a little bit more Of a pepy lightweight Nimble feel when

You are going to use it for speedier run So both be very good daily trainers I Think the magnifier could fit into a Rotation as just your Easy Day Cruiser You can get another lighter daily Trainer as well velocity can do that job But I do think it is versatile enough to Handle pretty much every kind of daily Training and then you just use a speed Is shoe for really intense sessions and Races but yeah like I say I do think They'll both do similar roles well you Really might just prefer on how much Cushioning you want Under Foot velocity Offers a little bit more value that's For sure and I think even though both Shoes R sales a lot velocity will always End up being a bit cheaper you can look At the velocity 2 as well which is a Pretty similar shoe around get the a Similar experience for a lot less Magnify 1 I did not like as much as the Magnify 2 but it is another pretty solid Cushion shoe as well but I would go for The magnify 2 if you are looking at that Shoe it's also one that does pop up in Sales occasionally so yeah two really Good shoes here I think you've just got That slight difference in the approach To cushioning got a little bit less Cushioning and a slightly nippier Narrower feel with the velocity Magnifies a bit more of a cruiser but I Wouldn't underestimate it versatility if

You are looking for a daily Trend that Can handle a little bit of speed stuff As well but certainly the velocity is The more versatile shoe and they both Excel in a few areas in terms of comfort And grip in Particular so that's our comparison of The magnify Nitro 2 and velocity Nitro 3 Let us know what you think in the Comments below please do like subscribe Ring the little bell and we'll see you Next Time