Welcome to the latest episode of Customs and Restorations with Vick! This week, Vick takes on a monumental challenge as he restores a pair of rare sneakers sent in by our dedicated YouTube viewers – the iconic Original Air Jordan 1 BANNED. In his impressive career spanning 8 years with Reshoevn8r, Vick has never showcased the restoration of this particular sneaker on camera, making this project an exciting and exclusive endeavor.

The journey begins with Vick acquiring the necessary donor soles to breathe new life into this 23-year-old Air Jordan 1. The sneakers, plagued by crumbling air units, presented a unique set of challenges. Undeterred, Vick dedicates two full days to meticulously restore and revive these classic kicks, ultimately transforming them into a pair that’s not only visually stunning but also entirely wearable.

Throughout the video, Vick generously shares his wealth of knowledge, offering invaluable tips and tricks that empower viewers to embark on their own sneaker restoration journey. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of sneaker customization, Vick’s expert guidance ensures that you’re well-equipped to tackle a restoration project of this magnitude.

In this episode, viewers can expect an in-depth exploration of sneaker restoration techniques, with a focus on the intricacies of Jordans, particularly the timeless Original Air Jordan 1 BANNED. Vick’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through as he takes you step by step through the restoration process, demystifying the art of bringing worn-out sneakers back to their former glory.

So, lace up your sneakers and join Vick on this transformative restoration journey. Discover the secrets behind revitalizing vintage Jordans, and gain the confidence to take on your own restoration projects. Reshoevn8r invites you to witness the magic of sneaker restoration in action – a testament to our passion for preserving sneaker history, one iconic pair at a time. Don’t miss out on this exclusive episode filled with insights, inspiration, and the unmistakable Reshoevn8r touch that breathes new life into classic kicks!

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Hi everyone uh at the ru team uh in toic Big shout out to you guys and thank you For selecting me so these are the Jolan One brids uh band the actual bands from 2011 these shoes are extremely special To me now because of uh mistake in the Printing on the inside of the sho shoe Uh these shoes were then decided to be Released only in Outlets so these shoes Are very special they were daily beers Ever since I got them I haven't been Wearing them mainly cu the shoe as you Can tell has gug quite a bit when I do Wear them now I can tell that the entire Air unit on the inside of the so that's All crumbled so uh the shoe is Constantly filled with the crumbled dust Essentially every time I walk as well I Can feel uh the crumbles within the S I Would love for for these to be restored Once again so I can wear them again big Shout out to the ROP team um for all the Support and all the content you guys put Out thank You [Applause] What's going on guys welcome back to This episode of restorations with Vic For today's project we got one of my Favorite shoes to ever come out the band Jordan 1es with the X on the back but as You can see these need work as you guys Know I've been looking for rare cool Restorations that i' never worked on

Before and this is one of them off the Rip I can tell the shoes been stored in Terrible climate conditions the leather Is very stiff but the dead giveaway is The rubber outsoles it's on the harder Side it's not as flexible as it once was It's more on the plastic slippery side We got to fix that on the inside all the Polyurethanes completely deteriorated Check this out same thing with the air Units just a piece of plastic remaining And for the uppers the leather is Supposed to be a lot more softer as is Right now it's pretty stiff with a Little bit of solution and mink oil we Should be able to fix that later on to Start let's get these ready for some new Sols we got a lot of work ahead of us so Let's get Started first things first we're going To take out the laces and insultes on Both sneakers if you guys don't know About the band ones they came out back In 2011 and it's a special shoe all Around the sneaker there's some cool Hidden details on the lace tips on one Of them it says imagine on the other one It says if with a question mark Everybody knows about the X on the back That's the biggest Factor on the sneaker On the sock liner there's a bunch of red And white X's all around on the side of The sock liner it has a date 101 1885 That's the day that this shoe was

Created on the back of the Nike tongue Tag it says imagine if as well the inso Is pretty sick as as well you have a Giant X and it says on October 18th 1985 They were thrown out of the game Cool Insole cool details all around the Sneaker the shoe was a limited release Back in 2011 and nowadays they go for a Lot of money but not in this condition Let's take the laces and inses out so we Can start Deconstruction the reason why we're Going to replace these outsoles is for a Couple different reasons the first one Being the inside polyurethane is Completely deteriorated same thing with The air units there's no Comfort at all The rubber outsoles have hard in some Areas that's not supposed to happen the Shoe has minimal grip so we're better Off replacing the entire outsole with Some donors super cheap on Nike only Cost you about 100 and something bucks It's a little bit of an investment but It's worth it for these bands first Thing I got to do with the blade I'm Going to cut the stitching in between The upper and the mid soole I just got To be very careful and not cut the upper I'm not trying to save the thread so We're just going to chop It All sols are off we don't need those Anymore we do got to do a lot of prop

Workor on the uppers but we'll take care Of that later now we're on to the donors We're going to take off all the thread From the mid soole before we can pour Some asone inside the sneaker usually I Grab an xacto knife and chop all the Thread from the inside however I notice This shoe on the inside has a red thread I could use it for a future project so I'm going to carefully take it all out And then while I'm at it with the blade I'm going to cut off these tongues cuz You never never know when I can use [Music] [Music] Them next we got to melt the glue for That we're going to be using some Acetone we're going to pour it on the Inside of the shoes let it sit for a Good 10 to 15 minutes we'll come back And try to separate the Uppers So far so good we got our new donor sols Pouring acetone into the shoe it Weakened the glue but it wasn't enough To pull the uppers off the sols nicely So we had to use a steamer we put it Inside the shoe for a good 5 to 10 Minutes after that the upper came off Like butter we still have to remove all The old glue but we'll take care of that Later we're back on to the uppers to get A great quality glue job we got to Remove all the O glue off the SES and

Uppers as you can see on this one I Removed all the O glue using the skying Method this one's still untouched for This we're going to be using a sharp Blade all we want to do is remove that Top layer of material that has a Glue skying is complete now we do have Some polyur residue on the bottom board That's going to get in the way real Quick we're going to heat it up to Melting point and then we're going to Scrape it off [Music] Onto the Dremel in a bit we're going to Go outside so we don't make a mess in Here we're going to be using a 400 grit Sanding bit to go back on the areas that I skyed to roughen up the leather this Is going to help with adhesion onto the Rubber outsoles while we're out there we Still have to remove all the old glue From the outso so for that part we're Going to be using a metal drill bit you Want to go over it very lightly so you Don't CA any damage to the [Music] [Music] [Music] Rubber all done with the Dremel we got All that glue off let's go back inside And finish it up with some Acetone [Music] [Music]

Prep workk is complete now we're on to The glue real quick one thing I had to Do off camera was cut the bottom boards Off with a blade really easy to do I Don't I don't always do this for my Reglo but sometimes it makes life a lot Easier one thing I noticed with these Uppers and these new donors the uppers Were sitting a bit too high where it's Not going to lighten up flly and easy Way to fix that is to cut the bottom Boards off all we're going to do is lay Down the glue like normal then when the Time is right and this upper is glued on To the midsole we'll go in and lay this Piece down let's go to the next studio And lay down some Glue [Music] Got all the glue laid down on all six Parts I laid down the first coat Yesterday let it dry overnight this Morning I laid down the second coat That's something I like to do with all My reg glues lay down two coats to get a Stronger Bond everything's fully cured We're going to be applying some heat to Stick everything together we'll start With the uppers then the soles and then We'll finish it off with the bottom Boards [Music] Glue job is complete doing all the Correct crap work applying the right

Amount of glue and the right amount of Heat is what makes a good quality glue Job and we still have to go in and apply The stitching onto the soles we got some White thread and a sewing G we're going To be using two pieces for each shoe First I'm going to stick a piece of Thread into the shoe then with the other Piece we'll tie it together and then We'll go from there when it comes to Stitching on your midsoles it's a Repetitor process using two pieces of Thread you start with the outside you Stick it in you want to give yourself Some slack with the thread on this side Then once you're inside on the needle You'll have the thread on both sides you Want to hold on to the one that's Closest to you and then pull the sewing All out then with the inside thread you Loop it into the outside thread and then Pull your thread [Music] Out [Music] Stitching is complete on the right one Everything looks good now we're on to The second but with some editing magic All done with the stitching we're done With that part of this restoration now We got to take care of the uppers like I Mentioned before the shoe was on the Stiffer side the leather really needs to Be reconditioned we want to get it back

To its original soft texture luckily our Rejuvenated solution has natural oils That can take care of that really all I Want to do is give this shoe a nice Passover all around Pat it down dry I Don't want to oversaturate the red Leather cuz it can color it or cause [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Fading Luckily for me the ends aren't too bad So for this we're going to be using the Medium bristle [Music] Brush done with the insoles now we're on To the laces real quick we're just going To scrub them down using the leftover Water and Solution everything's nice and clean we Just got to let it dry so we could come Back and recondition the Upp with Someing oil the uppers look so much Better now in person the leather has a Nice Sheen to it it's softer that's Thanks to the natural oils in our Solution but we're not done yet next We're going to be using our rejuvenator Mink oil we want to spray a nice heavy Coat all around the shoes we want it to Absorb into the leather this is also Going to help recondition the leather And keep it healthy for years to come

We'll spray a nice even coat all around Let it sit for a couple hours so it can Absorb into the leather after that Whatever that's left we'll brush it [Music] In [Music] Spend a couple hours the leather really Absorbed that mink oil in some areas There's some excess remaining we're Going to grab our HSE aair brush so we Can brush it in all [Music] [Music] Around As much as I like the band ones because Of the great quality materials and Details all around the sneakers and box What's crazy about these is they're all B grades that were released in Nike Factory Stores this pair specifically Has a lot of crazy flaws we'll get into That in just a bit first let's lace them Up all right let's start with the most Noticeable thing the sues on this one The stitching's good good good good and Right about here it completely goes off The rails onto the black leather then it Comes back onto the swoosh that's Horrible on this side part of the swoosh Is kind of missing you have the Stitching nice and clean but underneath There's no leather at all this might be Hard to tell on camera but the stitching

Is pretty wonky everything's nice and Consistent but right around here there's Some big jumps where it skips two or Three stitches and you have one big Stitch line there's one right here and One right there pretty awful if you look At the tongue tag here the Nike Air is Way too low where the back tag is Showing in the front that's supposed to Be in the back on the left shoe same Thing with the tongue tag it's sitting Way too low over here in the tongue There's some weird stitching going on There's a perfect triangle that Shouldn't be there there should be two Clean lines on the bottom one clean line On top with nothing in the middle on the Toe box for the most part there's some Nice holes except for this one the hole Isn't fully punched those are just a few Of the noticeable flaws on the specific Pair all the pairs are completely Different some are better than others at The end of the day they're all b-grades A couple more observations about the Specific release all the panels Including the black and red except for The the swooshes on the edges the Leathers rolled over I think that's a Cool detail the collar on the specific Shoe are very short compared to what we Have now not a big fan of it the shoe is Technically a high top however it's not Really on the high side nor is it on the

Mid it's kind of in between it's its own Unique shape all right YouTube that's Going to bring us to an end on this full Restoration of the 2011 band Jordan 1es A lot of work went into them starting With replacing these Dusty old outsoles As you can see on the inside the poly a Thing Comfort was completely gone same Thing with the air units rubber outo Starting to stiffen up this piece was no Good we bought some brand new donor Jordan Ones in the exact same color and Size did a bunch of prep workk on the Soles and the uppers before we were able To glue them down we did all the correct Steps when it came to prep work we Shaved off all the glue from the uppers Removed the glue from the soles lay down Some fresh new glue appli the right Amount of heat and then lined up Everything nicely this couldn't have Gone any better the soles look great and Matches the uppers nicely as far as the Upper SC they weren't really that bad The biggest flaw was that these were Stored incorrectly meaning that the Leather was on the stiff side so after Using a reuven solution giving it a good Scrub and loosened up the leather we Finished it off using some mink oil Sprayed it all around and that really Did the trick it's back to its buttery Soft texture it's not as stiff plus it's Going to be reconditioned and healthy

For years to come thanks to our Rejuvenator solution and our minkle you Can find all that stuff at rejuvenator Dcom use my promo code down below to Save some money once again even though These are b-grades it's one of my Favorite shoes to ever come out the Quality and the details are all there Let me know down below which one's your Favorite Jordan one bread to ever come Out also you guys I'm still looking for Restorations to do on the channel hit us At the email down below hope you guys Enjoy this video this is Vic Almighty Catch you guys next Monday see you [Music] Guys