Vick Almighty is constantly searching for rare shoes to restore and new opportunities. When he found these unreleased Nike Zoom Double Go rare PE turf shoes, he knew he needed to restore these. In Today’s Customs and Restorations with Vick, he takes on this rare sneaker that was supposed to be released by Nike as the 6th Deion Sanders sneaker, but they never released. Deion Sanders, better known as Primetime is definitely known in the world of sports, but did you know about his sneaker game?!

The restoration was pretty straight forward. Of course the cleaning was the first step using the RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit. The uppers were super delicate, so when it came to cleaning we mainly focused on the Soft Bristle Brush to avoid any damage. The Soft Brush is delicate, but still tough enough to break down that unwanted dirt and grime. After the cleaning was completed it was time to move on to the next steps.

When Vick got these shoes the soles were already separated and HIGHLY oxidized, so they needed some extra focus. The process started with some RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive, saran wrap and UV rays to bring back those icy bottoms. The unyellowing process is for sure the most tedious and time consuming part of this restoration.

Other steps that were needed to fully restore this Deion Sanders sneaker included; replacing the air units with EVA foam, a full midsole repaint, and a full reglue. You already know from watching Vick that all of these steps include quite a bit of prep work and a whole lot of patience.

After the bulk of the restoration was done it was time for the finishing touches. Vick repolished the patent leather on these sneakers using Mink Oil and RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Wipes. Now I would say these sneakers are right back in their “Primetime”

What is one rare sneaker that you want to see restored?

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What's up everybody? Today we're going to be working on a special
pair we got these Prime Time Deion Sanders Rare PE turfs; you guys you don't see these
every day. You got the Primetime right on the tongue
and on the back you got the cross if you guys Know Deion Sanders that's on every single
one of your signature shoes these shoes have Some better days. We got a lot of work ahead of us so let's
get started. To get this project going we got to get this
shoe a proper deep clean overall the shoe Isn't that dirty, but there is a lot of scuffs
and stains all around the sneakers really For this cleaning we're only going to be using
two brushes the stiff bristle brush and the Soft bristle brush on the uppers there's a
lot of fragile materials specifically the White there's cracking and peeling going on
if I scrub too hard it's gonna get worse. The blue material is good I'm not worried
about that but the overall cleaning on the Uppers will be taken care of with the soft
bristle brush to start we're going to take Out the laces and insoles as well as the soles
that's a different focus. [Music] Next we're gonna grab our Shoe Trees
place them inside to give the shoe some structure While I clean up the sneaker then we're gonna
grab our air compressor and blow off any surface Dust on the inside and outside of the shoe
[Music]. I'll go with that, next we're going to grab
our four ounce bottle solution and squirt It into our bowl of water to start the only
brush we're going to be using is our Soft Bristle Brush I'm going to go over the entire
upper in a circular motion I don't want to Press too much on this white material the
only area I'm gonna do a lot of scrubbing In are these white back tabs and start scrubbing. [Music] So far so good I can already see a difference
after the cleaning there are still some slight Marks on this material that's simply because
I didn't scrub hard enough I'm going to be Using some RESHOEVN8R Wipes to try to buff
that off. Cleaning is complete on the uppers we're gonna
let these air dry next to a fan now we're Back onto the soles before we start cleaning
up these soles and midsoles on the inside We have some really old air units at one point
there was some air inside not no more they're Fully crumbled and cracked we're not going
to use these so we're going to just peel these Off. [Music] So it turns out we do need a Medium
Bristle Brush we're going to give these midsoles A good scrub.

[Music] All done with the Medium Bristle Brush we
got the midsoles almost back to white on the Outside part we got some scuffs we're going
to wet the towel and buff it out after that We'll move on to the Stiff Bristle brush to
clean up these outsoles. Soles and midsoles are fully cleaned up now
we're on to the insoles and the laces for The insoles I'm not even going to clean them. I'm just going to use the air compressor these
look brand new so there's no point in cleaning Them, however the laces are dirty not the
worst I've seen but they can be a lot whiter. Once I give it a good scrub I'm gonna put
them in the washing machine with a separate Load to get them as white as possible. Cleaning is all done thanks to our RESHOEVN8R
Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit, let's keep it Moving the next step we got to remove all
this oxidation from these outsoles we're going To be using RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive, some plastic
wrap and my Vick 2000 . First we're gonna Remove the midsoles to get those out the way. Usually when I use Sole Revive I always apply
it onto the outside of the soles but for this One I'm going to apply it on the inside part
the main reason is because I don't want to Get any sort Sole Revive on the blue part
I could tape it off but that's more work but On the off chance that it doesn't I'll switch
strategies and apply it onto the outside [Music] Sole Revive is applied now let's put these
in the Vick 2000 we're gonna put this in there For a good four to five days every single
day I'm gonna pull them out reapply Sole Revive Until we get the results we want I'm also
going to put the uppers and laces inside the Vick 2000 with the soles to get as much of
the yellowing off the white as possible. Got the uppers out of the Vick 2000 after
a good spot or two days the uppers definitely Look a lot better we removed some of the yellowing
that was on that material. Now we pulled these out early the sole is
still in there icing up we're gonna start The prep work process on the uppers right
now specifically this bottom piece there's A lot of old glue we got to wipe that off
to get it ready for the new glue so for this We're going to be using a 60 grit drill bit
with The dremmel. [Music] [Music] We're going to be using this and some cotton
balls to wipe down the bottom boards the front Toe cap pieces and this back strap you gotta
be very careful not getting any of this stuff

On the blue material or the white material
as well [Music]. Prep is all done with the uppers all that's
left is to apply glue but we'll do that later Next we got some more prep work to do onto
the midsoles we're going to remove all the Glue on the top portion and the bottom portion
with some acetone and cotton balls shouldn't Be that hard. [Music] Overall really easy stuff when you're
removing old glue it comes off pretty easy Using acetone and cotton balls however at
first I was trying very hard not to get any Acetone on the blue areas but I realized that
the glue was on top of the blue paint so I Had to remove it after that I didn't care
too much if the acetone got on the blue paint Because I'm gonna have to repaint that anyway. Now we're on to replacing these broken down
air units there's a slight chance the young Deion Sanders might come out of retirement
if he does I don't want his foot to sink in Or not have these soles be comfortable so
we're gonna be filling in this Gap with some Five millimeter EVA foam first we're gonna
grab some tape fill it in to create our pattern Piece after that we'll lay it down flat on
the foam trace it out and cut. [Music] Got our new pattern cut out these are a perfect
fit very little Dremel needed we're going To be using some Barge Super Stick first when
you're applying it to the bottom and sides Of the foam and this area of the midsole we're
gonna let about 20 minutes sit before we stick It all together [Music]. [Music] While we let the glue cure, let's focus on
these outsoles. These outsoles have been in the indoor setup
for exactly six days and they look amazing. Every single day I've been applying a fresh
coat of Sole Revive and washing it off after All that work and a little bit of patience
we got these back to its original state. Soles are all cleaned up again I'm really
happy with these results I can't wait to put These on the midsoles next we gotta do some
more prep work we're gonna be using some acetone And cotton balls to finish off wiping off
the glue again this should be pretty easy Because this glue is really thin and old [Music]. So those are all prepped they're ready for
glue these are structure plates that go inside The shoes and I believe they help the player
when he's on the field now let's jump back Onto the midsole so we can install the EVA
foam [Music]. To me this is super satisfying this EVA foam
piece fits nearly perfect there's no dremmeling Needed on the majority of this area everything
fits nice and flush.

However just this little piece needs a little
work it's sticking up a little too much we're Going to be using an X-Acto Knife to chop
the majority of it off then with the Dremel We'll even it out. [Music] Prep is complete let's apply some
glue we're gonna apply it onto the uppers The midsoles, the sole and the plate let's
get to it. [MUSIC] We let this cure for several hours now it's
time to bond everything together we're gonna Put these uppers to the side we're not going
to focus on those just yet same thing with These plates right now we're going to only
be focusing on the midsoles and Soles I think We're going to start on the back then focus
on this area jump over here and finish it Off in the middle [Music] Soles and Midsoles are good to go
now we're on to the plates before we glue On the uppers we got to glue these on we're
going to be heating them up and sticking them Right on top of the EVA foam. [Music] Now let's take care of the uppers onto the
midsoles we're going to start with the very Back we're gonna heat up the tip make sure
it's lined up properly once it's good to go We're gonna jump the very front make sure
the toe cap is lined up properly after that Everything will line up by itself. [Music] Glue job is complete we got the shoe back
together no issues with the alignment a couple Of things to know whenever you're doing a
glue job on this shoe or any shoe you want To make sure when you line up the midsole
to the upper you start at the very back all You got to do is apply a little bit of heat
once you stick it together. Let it cool down for a couple of minutes then
you jump to the front do the exact same thing Make sure it lines up properly take your time
then the sides will line up by themselves Also when you're applying heat all you need
is very little if you apply too much two things Can happen you can either warp the midsole
or if you apply too much heat to the glue It'll melt and it just simply won't stay together
again very little heat is needed now let's Keep it moving for the midsoles we got to
give it a repaint first we're going to be Using some 1200 grit sandpapers to give it
a quick prep job [Music]. Now let's get on with the repaint usually
for these projects I always got to mix and Match the paint and it all starts with the
shades of color I'm working with luckily as I was going through all the shades of blue
I found this Royal five I tested it out and

It was perfect again that never happens so
I can get straight to it so for this one we're Going to be freehanding it using an angular
brush [Music] thank you [Music] Almost done with this restoration the repaint
looks really good the color match was on point And I gotta say the lines on this paint job
look better than before now before we could Wrap up this restoration we got to take care
of the blue patent leather right now as is It's pretty dull there's a lot of marks on
it we want to get it back to being shiny, So we're going to start out by using our RESHOEVN8R
Wipes to give it a nice wipe down after that We're going to use our microfiber towel and
some Mink Oil we're going to spray it onto The towel and then in a circular motion we're
gonna apply it onto the shoe [Music]. Shoes are looking shiny we also get the laces
out of the indoor setup they're back to White Now let's lace them up so I can show you guys
real quick on how to remove the fogginess Of the 21. [Music] all right everybody that is going
to bring us to an end on these Deion standard PE Turfs this was a long project, a lot of
work went into these to bring them back to Life, but honestly these look amazing. We started off by giving the shoe a property
clean inside and out using our RESHOEVN8R Products after that we got into the restoration
side of things we put this unit or setup to Remove the yellowing off the uppers and the
soles. The soles there's a huge difference originally
they were brown yellow, but we got it back To its original icy tint for the uppers we
had to do a lot of regluing the midsole the Sole and the upwards were completely separated
we did a lot of prepwork to get this re-glue On point everything lined up perfectly and
we gave the shoe a fresh mental repaint the Only thing that's left is removing the fog
from the 21. For this we're going to be using a heat gun. Heat gun trick we got the 21 back to its original
state but I wouldn't recommend doing that Trick more than a couple times because it
will damage it in the long run these are a Piece of history and it was an honor to work
on them these belong to a private collector And they're going to go on a display shelf
with a lot of other historic pieces for years To come hope you guys enjoyed this video this
is Vick Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see you guys.