These rare player editions were released to the public, making them one of the rarest Jordan 15s to ever release and if you got them you are one lucky person! One interesting fact about these sneakers is that Ray Allen, a NBA legend rocked a pair very similar to the pair you see in Vick’s hand! Vick was given the opportunity to restore these sneakers by giving them a full clean and a complete reglue. Although this may be a simple restoration it was going to take a whole lot of work!

These rare Jordan 15s feature a weaving material on the uppers. Now the Jordan 15s are incredibly underrated and overlooked! Do you agree or disagree?

As always you can’t start a restoration without a little bit of destruction; the soles had to be removed to make them 100% wearable again. Once the deconstruction was completed it was time to reconstruct them, but first comes all of the prep work from removing broken down air units to removing old glue using acetone and cotton balls. Like all reglues the prepwork is hands down the most important and most tedious process in the game.

After the main prepwork was completed it was time to replace the broken down air units with EVA foam, now this step is questionable, but it is 100% necessary to make your sneakers wearable again. Once prepwork was completed it was time to put the sneaker back together using Barge Superstick and some heat. The Jordan 15s have a lot of different pieces and it is quite literally a puzzle to put them back together.

The reglue was finally completed after a couple of days and it was time to clean them up and make those rare sneakers shine again! Next we relied on UV rays to remove that dreaded oxidation from the uppers and midsole. Pro tip: UV rays are a perfect tool for removing oxidation and often you don’t even need to apply chemicals to the shoe.

Do you like the Jordan 15s? Let us know in the comments for your chance to win some product.

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you soon! What's up everybody today we're going to be
working on a shoe that doesn't get talked About enough the Air Jordan 15. This is a unique, beautifully designed shoe
after MJ retired in 1998 these came out in 1999. I think these didn't get as much love or attention
just because you didn't get to see Michael Wear these on the court. This is one of the rarest Air Jordan 15s to
ever come out and the crazy thing these were Released to the public. We'll get into it in just a bit. Today's workload is to make the shoe fully
wearable again as you can see the shoe is Fully separated there's a lot of different
parts to it I've never really glued a Jordan 15 so it's going to be a task. We got some work ahead of us so let's get
started [Music] like I mentioned these are Player exclusives this specific pair is the
purple and white colorway it's my personal Favorite in the set there's also four other
colorways you get the black, midnight navy, Red and green. To see the full set is super rare although
PE's should never get released some pairs Of this colorway popped up at East Bay for
sale they were considered leftovers so Jordan Brand gave them to Eastbay to sell now many
of these were available if you got a pair You're very lucky. Another cool thing is NBA legend Ray Allen
who's also known for his player exclusive Sneakers had a pair very similar back in the
day during his Milwaukee Bucks days it was The exact same colorway but with some minor
details on the inside it had a green embroidered 34 and on the pull tab it had Ray super rare
pair. The last bit of information I'm gonna leave
you guys with is the inspiration behind the

Design these were designed by Tinker Hatfield
the Air Jordan 15 took inspiration from the NASA rocket-powered X-15 Hypersonic Jet Plane
the X-15 sleek and sweetie design is recreated All over the silhouette of this sneaker. Now it's time to get to work first things
first we gotta destroy the shoe to rebuild It. [Music] [Music] We got everything separated as you
can see we have a lot of different parts to Work with on the inside of both midsoles we
have some broken down air units they are no Longer functionable they have no air. We're going to remove these so we can replace
these later. Air Unit's are out as you can see they're
still fully intact so I'm savings for the Owner. Later on in this video I am going to replace
these with some comfortable EVA foam let's Put these to the side and get started with
a bunch of prep work we're going to be using Acetone and cotton balls to remove all the
old glue from the top portion of the midsole And bottom all these rubber parts and for
the uppers we'll do a different technique [Music]. [Music] [Music] all right [Music] [Music] Now we're on to the uppers first we
got to remove all the adhesive from this back Leather piece using some acetone and cotton
balls but first we're gonna heat it up [Music]. Glue is fully removed from this back piece
now we got to do the same thing on the rest Of these gray roughed up areas for this part
we got to use a Dremel with the 60 grit sandpaper Bit we can use acetone because it's not going
to remove the adhesive we're going to be doing This part in Nick's studio so we don't make
a mess in here. [Music] All done with the dremmling step on the uppers
now before we start gluing we got to replace The broken down air units for this we're going
to be using some 10 millimeter Eva foam first Using some tape we're going to go in create
our pattern pieces there's two different shapes We got to create after that we'll lay it down
on the foam trace it and then cut it out. Prep is all done let's start laying down some
glue first we're going to apply glue onto The EVA foam and use four pods on the midsole
after that we have a bunch of glue to lay Down on all these rubber parts and the uppers
let's get it going. [Music]

Thank you [Music] [Music] Glue has been applied to the uppers
and the rest of the pieces while we did that The glue cured over here we're going to heat
it up so we can stick everything together After that we're gonna do some dremeling. EVA foam is attached looks good but it still
needs to be fitted before we go in with the Dremel and get it nicely shaved we got to
go in with an X-Acto Knife first to remove The bigger chunks. Alright let's finish this step in Nick's Studio [Music] EVA foam is nicely shaped all we got to do
now is finish off applying the glue onto the Top portion and the bottom portion of the
midsole to let everything fully cure. [Music] Glue has been applied to everything we let
it cure for several hours now it's time to Start sticking stuff together there's a lot
of different pieces to this shoe so first We're going to start with the midsole and
this front piece of the sole we're going to Heat it up and stick this part together after
that we'll move on to the next piece. Part 1 is complete not that bad now we're
on to the uppers and gluing it onto the sole And midsole first we're gonna start with the
toe piece get it lined up perfectly then we'll Jump to the sides and then finish off the
rest of the shoe. [Music] It's looking good you guys we're on to the
last couple parts we still got a glue on the Heel cup onto the shoe for this we're going
to heat it up line it up in this very bottom Corner and after that do the second half. Thank you Heel cup is on there now for the last piece
let's throw a little bit of heat final piece Is on there looks great real quick I'm gonna
show you guys a quick stress test. Nothing too crazy the glue is still fresh
but they look good next step is to let them Dry. Glue is fully done there was a lot of different
parts to the shoe, but it looks great alignment Looks good no glue where they shouldn't be
let's keep it moving. After the reglue was done I let the shoe fully
cure for about two days just to make sure The reglue was fully dried now the next step
we got to do is give the shoe a proper deep Clean.

Overall the shoe is really clean however the
last few days I've been touching the shoe A lot with my oily fingers and I've done a
lot of prep work on the shoe where a lot of Dust got on the uppers so real quick we're
going to be using our RESHOEVN8R solution And our soft bristle brush to give this a
quick Passover all over the sneaker [Music]. Cleaning is complete the shoe looks good I
didn't soak the sneakers so they're really Not that wet the next thing we got to do is
remove the yellowing from the uppers and the Sole as well as the rubber so for this we're
going to be using the Vick2000 we're going To stick them in there for a solid day and
the laces as well once you pull them out it Should be back to white. Alright shoes are back to White let's lace
them up. Alright YouTube that is going to bring us
to an end on this full regular these Air Jordan 15s I gotta say this is my first time doing
it and it was a lot more work than I thought So much prep work so much glue I had to apply
so many parts to stick together but overall It was the exact same thing as other reglues
I've done in the past you just got to do the Right techniques and take your time while
doing this process and everything will work Out. We also cleaned the shoe up using our RESHOEVN8R
solution and brush as well as a Vick 2000 To get them back to White you can find all
their products at reshoevn8r.com hope you Guys enjoyed this video this is Vick Almighty
I'll catch you guys next Monday see y'all. Thank you [Music]