Let’s face it, treadmill running can be pretty dull. Bashing out miles in a straight line staring at a wall isn’t always a whole lot of fun. It’s also not the same bio-mechanically, as getting out into the real world on the road and trails and that can inhibit the training effect. But one company is out to change all that. Reaxing has produced the Reaxing Reax Run, a treadmill that can move and tilt – at random – across all plains of motion (up, down and side to side) to better mimic unpredictable real world running conditions. Run Tester Kieran travelled to Italy to the sports testing lab of Italian performance apparel makers UYN and got to try this new running machine for the first time. So what’s it like to run on the world’s most advanced treadmill? Hit play to find out.

0:00 – Intro
2:02 – Running on the Reaxing Reax Run
2:34 – Instant reaction
3:38 – The Reax Run explained
8:51 – Reax Run first run verdict

Thanks to UYN Sports (https://uynsports.com/en_gb) for giving us the opportunity to run on the Reaxing Reax Run.

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Oh Hey people welcome to the run test it's Kieran here and I am out here at the Wind HQ in Italy where we in are in the Aras lab this is their performance lab This where they make all of their gear This is where they do all of their Research and development and they have Got a brilliant lab that tests athlete Reactions behind me we've got bikes that Lean here but the main reason I'm Excited to be here is right here over Here is the reaxing Reax Run treadmill Now this treadmill is super special I Wrote about this F men's held a while Back it's special because it moves on Lots of different planes of motion so it Can go downhill it can go sideways it Can go up and it will do it at random Which means that it mimics the idea of Trail running or outdoor running a Little bit better so you are going to be Able to have a more realistic more Challenging run on the treadmill I'm Going to go and have a go on this Treadmill and see what it's like to do It's been the first time I've been on it I'm pretty excited a bit nervous about How it's going to feel but let's go and Get On So first run on the react tread pill you Can see down there that basically is Tilting side to side it goes up it goes

Down it's a pretty odd sensation when You first done it it's taking me a Little while to put the speed up but Think the worst bit is when it tilts Forward because that is you're not used To running down here on a treadmill and The side to S side you have to pay a lot More attention to where you're placing Your feet this takes a lot more Concentration that's part of it but Apparently part of that Concentration and thinking about the the Movement your proper reception is what Burns more calories it takes more effort It uses more cognition it's more Challenging it's more like running on The Trails I'm going to try and do some More So Alexandro we're here with the reaxing Reax Run treadmills these are pretty Innovative I've never seen anything like This before can you explain why these Treadmills are different what's Different about them how do they work And what do they do okay thank you very Much am aland I'm from reaing Academy so I can explain to you the main concept That stay behind our product so these Products are based on the sudden Dynamic Interference concept it means that when You move on our uh our equipment you Received Interferences that are Dynamic and

Sudden so every single movement every Single step every single action that you Do on our equipment is always different In every single moment you body perceive A different kind of as a different Perception of the movement so in this Way your muscle are engaged in a Completely different way because you can Engage changing the angle of work the Muscle fiber involved so the range of Mus fiber involved moreover your your Brain is involved not only your Cerebellum because you can uh preview The every single movement so you you Have to manage every single Movement by Your brain so in this way you have two Advantages one metabolic advantages on Your muscles and another another Advantage on your brain so this could be A very a re a result accelerator on Every single on every kind of uh Training I think what's really Interesting here is that it kind of Mimics that kind of randomness of kind Of running on a trail and what you said Is when you're walking it's more Pronounced but when you're running Because you're moving lighter over the Ground you can anticipate the Interference a bit more you can react When you walk on our treadmill you Perceive more interference than when you Run because of course when you when you Walk you stay more in contact to the in

Touch to the ground than when you run Because when you run you have a flying Time that is uh that is uh longer than When you when you run when you you when You move on on our Trad mid you have the Same feeling on a um outdoor uh running Because you have a on under your feet The platform moves so you perceive the Same the same feeling of an an outdoor Running and in terms of the controls on There there's many many programs that You'd find on regular treadmill but you Can also set it to random mode um and You have kind of infinite control so you Can you can you can choose the gradient If you like or at least the the the Percentage of interference that you're Going to experience so you can tailor it To how you want to run as well yes of Course we have many many different Programs available on our uh on our run On our treadmill so some programs are Open so you can manage you can manage The speed you can manage the Interference but you can also use our Tread in a standard way using only an AIS uh of the movement but we have a Another feature because our tread wheel Moves on uphill and in downhill so you Can experience also all the movement That engage for example your the muscle Of your legs in eccentric way then not Only in consent way and but we have also Preset programs that engage your body in

Different ways so for example we have Three different kind of farle three Different kind of trays three different Kind kind of high intensity training Programs based on Pace on Cadence and Programs dedicated to CHR and so on and You might not be able to say this but if I wanted to buy one of these could you Tell me how much it would set me back How much would I have to pay to own one So I can't I can't speak I can't speak About the prices but I I I I assure you That they are affordable and do you do You think what's the future like do you Think we'll see more of these in yes in Gyms and will they become commonplace This kind of technology so our products Has three different fields uh can can be Used in three different fields the first Field is um standard gyms so the Commercial fness and a second Interesting field is the rehabilitation Because our products are used a lot on Reab people that have injuries but also People with u neurod degenerative Diseases in fact we have very we have A very important Partners especially in USA that work for Parkin with Parkinson Uh patients or people with neuro Degenerative diseases and all people That have to recover after a Stroke I'm back in the UK after my trip To the wind HQ and I'm ready to share Some thoughts on the reaing react run

Treadmill I have to say that I really Loved running on this it was an odd Sensation at first it felt really quite Unfamiliar but once you got into the Flow of it it's really a lot of fun and A very very different kind of challenge It's not like any running that I've ever Done before it's something completely New I think it's a much more taxing Workout for the brain and the body but In a good way now the short hand here is That it can replicate outdoor running And even mimic trail running to a Certain extent but I'd say that Comparison isn't entirely accurate Unlike the real Trails you're never Quite sure when the down sort of all the Side tilts are coming and so it makes it Somewhat harder to predict the road Ahead on the trails your brain has a Good habit of recording what's coming in Front of you sort of up to 10 MERS but You can't do that here so you have to Concentrate hard and then respond as Quickly as you can when the interference Actually kicks in so it's not 100% like Hitting the trails but it's much more Mentally challenging than you'll find You're running on a regular treadmill Now you can also feel it challenging Your leg muscles and your feet in a Different way it took me a while to Build up the confidence to move the Interference dial up to sort of Beyond

30% and then when I use the preset Trail Mode where it controls the interference And the speed automatically in a Pre-programmed way sometimes it hit 87% Interference and that was where things Got really wild the sudden UPS the they Definitely challenge your muscles in a More realistic way you don't have much Time to prepare for incoming climbs like You might when you control the incline On a regular treadmill where you kind of Wait for the belt to rise and it Gradually moves up and you you can sort Of build up into the run this changes The incline in much quicker way and you Find yourself having to dig deeper in The instant and work the quads more Instantly and that's a bit more like Moving over rolling terrain I think it's Actually a bit more realistic now the Downhills are also really interesting They're quite tricky to manage it's a Very very unfamiliar sensation trying to Control yourself moving downhill on a Belt again it's a different skill to Master but boy do you feel it engaging Your quads so many times I've been Training for a mountain Ultra in flat London or recently the hilly comrades Marathon on the down run and wished for Something like this that could prep you More for downhill running now just like Rashing out regular intervals on a Regular tread can't replace Road efforts

The Rea won't replace running on real Trails but it's can certainly plug a gap I think I know that they could to get Outside and do it for real crowd will be Hollering at the screen right now and I'd absolutely rather be running in Nature any day on real Trails but I Still think this is a really interesting Technology that takes treadmill running Experience to another level it's a very Different challenge it's a lot more Interesting Dynamic and fun you have to Think a lot more and you're definitely Working muscles more than you will on a Regular treadmill there's a huge array Of 21 preset training programs as well Including hit Fleet calorie burn Distance heart rate constant Pace or Constant speed and even outdoor run walk Simulations for hiking and Trail and This offers all kinds of sessions that Are far more varied than you might find On a normal treadmill too now as ever Connecting with visuals would make it Better but that's still a huge Challenge And right now unless you've got a lot of Space and very Deep Pockets you Certainly won't be buying this for your House anytime soon it's likely to set You back close to 35,000 euros and it Has a much bigger footprint than a Regular tread however I don't think It'll be too long before you see this in Commercial gyms and those kind of

High-end Fitness Studios sport training Centers and like anything it's probably Only a matter of time before we see Smaller cheaper versions of the Technology tailored more for home use Though the Big Challenge here is that You will always need a slightly larger Running platform so you have room to React on the Belt but this is definitely A big step towards making treadmills Much less boring and much more potent as A training tool so there you have it That's been my first run look at the Reaxing react run over at the win HQ Hope you found it interesting give us a Like if so maybe share it with running Friends who need a treadmill like this In their life don't forget to subscribe If you haven't already ring that Bell to Get notified when new videos land Otherwise it's been great to chat to you About this new tech and I hope to see You again soon on the Run testers happy Running everyone