To honor the Black Mamba on Kobe Day We recreated the mythical 1 of 1 low top Jordan 3 that was gifted to Kobe Bryant by Nike in 2003. With the help of the dream team that I assembled @jake @og @jubes we were able to bring @hedcheq original creation to life! Can’t say anymore, but tune in tomorrow at 8AM for the BIGGEST PROJECT of Vick Almighty’s career.

I want it to be one of the best Basketball players to ever play anything Else that was outside of that lane I Didn't have time for I played games with The flu I play games with 102 degree Fever man This obstacle cannot Define me it's not Going to me it's not going to be Responsible for me stepping away for the Game that I love I'm gonna step away on My own turn because when I retire I Didn't want to have to say I wish I would have done more I would watch Magic play I'd watch Michael play and I would see them do These unbelievable things and I say you Know Can I get to that level I don't know but let's find out