The 2007 Motorsport Jordan 4 is one of the rarest sneakers in the game; what makes it so rare?! There were only 16 pairs ever created and they were gifted by Michael Jordan to his Motorsport team. Michael Jordan was heavy into motorcycles prior to signing his first NBA contract, did you guys know this?!

When I got the opportunity to work on these I couldn’t turn it down. They didn’t need to much of a restoration, because they were in great condition for a 16 year old sneaker. To start the restoration we needed to clean the sneaker using RESHOEVN8R’s Essential Cleaning Kit. The cleaning process is simple and the three different brushes and solution make it easy to clean. Plus we used the Shoe Trees to reshape the sneaker and remove some of the creasing. After the cleaning it was time to use the indoor set up to remove the unwanted yellowing. Normally we rely on Sole Revive, but due to the materials and age of the sneaker, we didn’t want to risk it.

For the final step of the restoration I had to replace the backtabs which were the main issue on this sneaker. Luckily I had some back tabs in my boneyard from a 2017 pair. I had deconstructed a 2017 pair a few months back to create a custom for our global sales manager and combined them with a Fire Red 4 to create a fire Polo inspired custom. Replacing the backtabs gave them a whole new look and brought these 2007’s back to life!

This is one of the rarest sneakers that I have had the pleasure to work on. What is one rare sneaker that you would love to add to your collection?


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I promise that you won't want to miss This opportunity one lucky winner will Win the opportunity of a lifetime Including an all-inclusive trip to the Recruitment headquarters to meet the Entire rejuvenator team plus you'll get To go home with a one-of-a-kind custom Designed by you on top of all that You'll also win a ton of rejuvenated Products from luggage to display cases And so much more it gets better you'll Also get thousands of dollars in gift Cards to our senior Boutique many roads And guestlist AZ entering is easy head Over to your souvenir.com and gain one Entry for every dollar you spend good Luck everybody and hopefully I'll see You soon What's up everybody today we're going to Be working on one of the rarest Air Jordan Force to ever be produced the 2007 Motorsport Air Jordan 4. what a lot Of people don't know is Michael Jordan Is a lifelong fan of Motorsports he Actually had a degree to stop riding a Motorcycle when he signed his first NBA Contract in 2004 he formed his own Motorcycle team and years later to Celebrate the fourth anniversary Together he personally gifted each of The members of his four teams with a Pair of these legendary Motorsport 4S on The side panel we got the Mars logo the Only other shoe that has that logo is

The Mars fire red from 2006 the 2017s do Not have that the biggest issue with These is the back tabs we gotta go in And replace them we got some work ahead Of us so let's get started For a shoe being from 2007 these are in Great condition I've seen these one Other time and they were in B condition A lot of paint cracking on the midsole Same thing with the back tabs cracking Off however this shoe the mid tools are In great condition there really isn't Any other damage on the sneakers besides Them being kind of dirty I've only ever Seen this shoe once in the last 15 years And they were in bad shape I can tell The shoe hasn't been worn much maybe two Or three times at the most on the bottom All the stars are still there zero heel Jack in the back I'm looking at the Mentos and they're in great condition There is zero cracking that is a common Issue for this specific shoe and all the Jordan 3s and fours from that specific Era the main issues on this sneaker is a Little bit of grime and dirt all around The sneaker from the couple of times That they've been worn we have some Yellowing on the midsole and The netting I don't think it's going to fully come Out using the indoor setup but we're Gonna try and the back tabs let's start Off by giving the shoe a proper deep Clean inside and out we're going to be

Using rejuvenar's essential shoe Cleaning kit that comes with all three Brushes and solution we're gonna start Off by taking out the laces and insoles And using the air compressor to blow off Any surface dust Oh All done with the pre-treatment of these Shoes real quick will put you to the Side and focus on the insoles these Insoles really aren't that dirty the Drum ants are still on there I don't Want to risk rubbing this with the brush And potentially rubbing off the Jumpman These are in great shape anyway they're Just covered in dust so we're gonna grab The compressor one more time and clean These up on to a great start we got These intels Back to Black originally There was a thick layer of dust not no More let's keep it moving next we're Gonna grab our shoe trees and put them Inside the sneakers right now there's Some creasing going on we gotta reshape These toe boxes Shoe trees are in place now describe our Solution and score two squirts inside Our bowl of water now typically for all Cleanings I use all three brushes but For this one I'm only going to be using Our soft and slippers to brush these Shoes really aren't that dirty my main Focus for the upper is to give it a Quick clean to wipe off any surface

Grime and dirt and with the help of our Solution it's going to recondition the Leather on these shoes these shoes are On the older side let's start with the Side bristle brush Cleaning is all done soles and uppers Look great wasn't too much of a task Let's put these to the side and focus on The laces For the laces they're not super beat up But they are a little dinge we're going To clean them up using the leftover Water and solution then put them in the Indoor setup All right we're all done with the Cleaning of these laces all I gotta do Now is put these with some other laces And give them a good wash once we come Back we'll let everything fully air dry Next to a fan then put them in the Indoor setup the soles look great the Toe box has a better shape let's keep it Moving one thing that I noticed once the Shoe is all clean the bag type's got a Lot worse it's cracking everywhere I'm Thinking it got worse during the Cleaning specifically when I was doing All the flexing and applying Force onto The soles it got a lot worse after that But that's okay we're gonna replace that Anyway next step we gotta remove some Yelling from the shoe for this part I Don't have High Hopes unfortunately for The netting and the midsoles I cannot

Apply store revive it will ruin the Materials I'm going to depend on 4 500 Watts of UV rays AKA my big 2000 we're Simply going to let them sit in there For a solid seven days I'm in no rush For this project we're gonna put the Shoes fitting this way at first after About three and a half days I'm gonna Flip it to the other side really I just Want the netting and the metals to Absorb as much of the UV rays as Possible after about seven days we'll Pull them out again I don't have the Highest expectations just give it a shot Got the shoes out of the indoor setup After seven days they look a lot better They're not perfect areas where there Was a lot of yellowing specifically on The netting is still there but it looks A lot lighter same thing with the Mentos There's still a little bit of yellowing But again I'm not complaining they look A lot better now let's keep it moving The next part we got to focus on is the Real issue the back tabs right now They're pretty bad we got to replace Them first we gotta remove them using an X-Acto Knife and seam ripper but we got To be very careful and not rip up any of The leather for the X-Acto Knife I'm Gonna corrupt the majority of the blade With some tape to avoid any mistakes Got a nice clean removal old Tabs are Fully out I'm gonna hang on to these

Just in case the owner wants to display These next to the shoes next we're onto The donors last year I did this really Cool project using some 2025 red forest And some 2017 motorsport for us to Combine them to make some Ralph Lauren Polo Force they came out so sick Definitely one of my favorite projects At the end of it I was left over some Spare parts such as soles tongue tabs Plastic hardware and back tabs there's No better donor for these 2007 Motorsport 4S than using a pair of 2017 Retro Motorsport 4S and it saved the Owner a bunch of money let's go ahead And clean up this back tab there's a lot Of old stitching that we got to remove Before we add some new simulated Stitching All right Simulated stitching is complete that Part is very important so when we glue It onto the shoe it looks like we Actually sewed it on the reason why I Don't use the Patcher and directly sew It onto the shoes is because I don't Want any threads showing on the sock Liner it'll look very unprofessional We're all done with the back tabs we're Going to put these to the side next we Got to add the white thread onto the White leather we're going to do the Exact same method with some white thread And this time with the curved needle the

Reason why I curved it is so I could get Into the holes a lot easier Foreign I'll know what the white simulator Stitching on the white leather not gonna Lie this part took forever early on in This process I had to change techniques I was going to use a curved needle but I Realized that was not the way to go I Had to change to a regular size needle And use a thimble pliers and some Tweezers to get this job done basically What I had to do every other Stitch was Remove the needle from the thread stick The needle back into the leather on the Opposite side having The Eye Inside the Leather then I would re-thread it pull It back out make a new Stitch and redo That whole process sounds a little Tricky it was it was time consuming but Honestly in my opinion that was the best Way to go about it I didn't tear up the Leather I didn't make new holes I didn't Cause too much stress and create Creasing all around the white leather it Literally looks perfect now we got to Keep it moving using a Dremel we're Going to roughen up the leather just This little strip where the holes are at We're also going to hit the center point To roughing it up that way when we stick The tabs onto the shoe it has a better Bond Prep is complete now we're on to the

Easy step using some bar super stick Cement and a paintbrush we're going to Apply it onto the back tabs and onto the Shoes all we want to do is apply a nice Thin even coat then we're going to sit For a solid hour before we go in and Stick it all together Glue's been applied they've been sitting For exactly one hour it's all cured Let's stick it together first we're Gonna paste it inside a shoe make sure It's lined up perfectly then we'll apply Some heat to finish the job Tabs are in Place this couldn't have gotten any Better when I installed the tab I Started on one side worked my way to the Middle and then I finished it off on one Side alignment was on point no issues With that now we still got to finish This off we gotta apply glue all inside This area first we're gonna tape it off Apply glue let it sit for about an hour And then we'll finish it off Foreign Once again for this we're going to break It open to Parts we're going to start Off on this side heat it up clamp it Together and then work our way to the Other side again we don't need much heat This restoration is basically complete All we gotta do now is lace them up with These white laces that we just pulled Out from the indoor setup All right everybody that is going to

Bring us to an end on this restoration On these 2007 Motorsport Air Jordan 4s Honestly I didn't realize how yellow These shoes were before I started I went Back and checked out some before picks And some before b-roll and these shoes Were heavily yellowed on The netting and On the Mentos there was a lot going on But thanks to the indoor setup we wiped Off at least 80 of the yellowing they Look so much better now besides that we Gave this shoe a property plane using Our rejuvenator essential shoe cleaning Kit thanks to the oils in the solution It also reconditioned the leather Because the shoe is on the other side Overall the shoe cleaned up nicely the Soles look brand new and lastly the Biggest thing we had to tackle was a Back tabs luckily I had some Perfect Replacement donor tabs after that it was All about the prep work we took our time To remove the old one did some perfect Simulated stitching on the white leather And the black back tab once it was all Glued on it came out nearly perfect I'm Really proud of this one these shoes Look almost Flawless these are really Expensive rare shoes there's only less Than 20 pairs out there these are up There with the m m4s and undefeateds Rare air hope you enjoyed this video This is Nick Almighty I'll catch you Guys next Monday see you guys