It is always a great day when you get to restore an iconic sneaker! The MF Doom Nike SB Dunk features a ton of amazing details and solid materials. However, with the age 90% of these pairs are falling apart due to brittle glue on the midsole and outsoles. In today’s video Vick will walk you through exactly how to reglue a sole on the Nike SB Dunk High.

To start the project we had to take care of some deconstruction. Since the glue was so brittle taking the soles off was easy. We had to be careful to not to rip the thread since we wanted to use that again at the end. One thing about this shoe is that there are hidden details all over the sneaker from the inside to the out, but they didn’t stop at that. Putting a hidden detailed print under the sole is truly a level of detail that we haven’t seen come to life in a long time! The clear bottoms were facing a little bit of oxidation after some wear and tear, so Vick relied on UV rays to bring them back to life while he prepped the rest of the shoe. Although ripping the sole off was easy the next step of the project was very time consuming.

Vick had to take a sharp knife and remove the old glue from the uppers; this process is called Skiving. Although you only saw a couple minutes of it on camera this process takes HOURS! Once that was out of the way it was time for more prep with the dremel. Now that the uppers are taken care of it is time to tackle the midsoles and outsoles using acetone and cotton balls to make sure all the old glue has been removed from every part of the shoe!

With all the deconstruction complete it was time to move onto the reconstruction. For this step we relied on Bulldog Adhesion Promoter and Barge Super Stick to make the outsoles and uppers sticky! All in all it takes a lot of glue to get all of the pieces back to where they need to be , but it is worth the time and effort that goes into it. Everything was all prepped, so it was time to make the glue tacky and stick it all together. However, just sticking it together doesn’t complete the job, Vick had to take the original stitch and stitch them back together to complete the reglue process!

Although the restoration wasn’t crazy it took days to get the perfect glue job! After the shoe was all back together it was time to bring back any color fade and condition the materials on this iconic pair of kicks! To restore the materials we relied on the Mink Oil and Horsehair Brush. This not only revives the materials, but it restores the ash you see on the materials.

All in all this restoration came out top tier! What is your favorite element of the MF Dooms?! Drop a comment!

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[Music] What's going on guys welcome back to the Channel for today's project we're going To be restoring one of the sickest dunks To ever come out the MF Dooms the Details on this shoe are insane the Material are gorgeous unfortunately the Glue on all these pairs is brittle just Like this the job today is to make these Wearable once again and make them proud This video is presented to you by Capsule if you guys don't know about This product stay tuned to the very end We got a really cool giveaway for you Guys let's get Started first things first we're going To take out the laces and Niles so we Can start deconstruction we want to get It to this point so first we got to Remove all the thread from the minle We're going to start by using a pick on The inside part we want to save this Thread so we got to be be very careful Pulling it out cuz we are going to reuse It when it's time to restitch it back Onto the sole these Doom dunks have a Ton of details throughout them they have An ominous presentation with all the Darker materials like the midnight fog Leather bow ostrich and gunmetal gray Paneling to mimic Dr Doom's Armor got the thread off the midsole now Let me show you how easy it is to remove The soles off the uppers when the glue

Is all dried Out real quick let me show you guys a Cool detail about the soles it's Actually two different parts you got the Clear Sole and underneath the foam you Got some sick artwork on both Shoes there is some yellowing going on On the clear soles so we're going to put Them inside the indoor setup for a good Two days hopefully after that we can get Them back to icy Clear right now we're going to be Focusing on the uppers only we got to Get all that o glue off in order for That new glue drop to hold up nicely First we're going to be using a sharp Blade to shave off that top layer of Material we just want to get that glue Off the original macas for this shoe had The New York next colorway that was Scratched along with the embroidered MF That was dropped before the release There was a squel MF Doom dun that was Rumored to release but that never Happened all right so this is a very Timec consuming process there's a few Things I got to watch out for one I Don't want to shave off too much of the Material two I don't want to cut the Uppers or slce my fingers but in reality It takes a few hours to do this [Music] Right skying is complete we removed all The old glue last step I'm going to do

For the prep on the uppers using a Dremel with a 60 git sanding bit I'm Going to go back and hit the material One more time to roughen it up a little Bit before we lay down the glue Protection is Important [Music] [Music] Prep is complete on the uppers now we Got to do the same thing for the soles And the foam but for this part we're Going to be using acetone and cotton Balls All done removing all the old glue one Thing I forgot to mention these Souls Came out perfect after putting them in The indoor setup for a solid 3 days They're back to fully icy on both sides Next before we lay down the glue on all The different parts we're going to go Outside and spray some adhesion Promoter On the outsoles and both sides of the [Music] Foam to start we're going to be using Bar super stick we lay down a nice Den Even Co all on the inside of the Outsoles same thing with the uppers when We're done with these we'll move on to The other [Music] Parts We still need to put glue down on the MF Doom canvas artwork same thing with the

Foam pieces for this we're going to be Doing the wet stick method we'll lay Down glue on the canvas and on this Piece and then stick it right away I'm Going to go about it this way so when I Stick both pieces together I'm able to Adjust a piece if I have [Music] [Music] To [Music] Glue's been applied we let it cure for a Couple hours it's time to stick Everything together first we're going to Be working on the Soles and the foam Pieces off camera I did apply a nice Than even coat across the camera is Piece it's ready to be bonded we're Going to be focusing on these two parts First and then we'll attach the [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Uppers Glue jop is complete everything lined up Nicely I let it fully dry overnight now We still got to go in and apply the Thread onto the midsole for this we're Going to be using a sewing G and some Brand new white thread for the inside This is the original gray thread from When I first removed the sole let's

Stitch It [Music] Up [Music] All stitched up no issues with that all That's has to do is to put the insoles Back in the sneakers for the insoles It's the exact same artwork as the Bottom soles once you put them inside We're going to put the Sho trees inside The sneakers to reshape the toe box then We're going to lace it up we have two Different options red laces or gray Laces personally I like the gray ones More so we're going to go this Direction One more thing I want to point out on The laces themselves they have some of The sickest metal dubr I've ever seen on One of them it says spr and the other One says bln super [Music] [Applause] [Music] Villain [Music] The final step and this one's important We got to apply some ruminator mink oil With our horsehair brush the shoe is on The older side so you want to keep the Materials nice and healthy fully Reconditioned plus the shoe has some Buttery soft black newbook as is it's Looking a little ashy once we apply some Mink oil it's going to look brand Spanky

New first we're going to be applying Some mink oil directly onto the brush And then we'll brush it in in a circular Motion onto the Shoe [Music] [Music] Now that we did all that work the owner Wants to keep these brand new and Preserve the Isis souls for years to Come so we're going to be using capsule To make that happen it's the first of Its kind really there's nothing else on The market that compares capsule is a Reusable airtight preservation pod Designed to keep them in prisin Condition it's meant to preserve Materials like polyurethane rubber suede Newbook leather canvas denim knit nylon And these MF Dooms are a perfect shoe Because of all the different materials On them capsule is designed to double Your shoes Lipan and prevent yellowing Aging and Crumbling Now I did say I have a cool giveaway for You guys what's a sneaker in your Collection that you would preserve using A capsule kit comment down below and We're going to pick one random comment For a lucky winner to win a capsule Starter kit that's going to wrap it up For this project these MF Dooms came out Perfect we got them fully wearable again

With some isy Souls this is a shoe that I still need in my collection hope you Guys enjoy this video this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday See you [Music] Guys [Music]