I've been hearing rumors of crazy Sneaker deals that people are finding at Ross so I went to my local Ross to see If it was true I found some oddly Familiar looking felis one pair looked Like a pair of Air Jordan twos and the Other looked like a pair of Jordan Sixes No way they have them That's crazy they have the true blue Ones size 18 for 89.99 I thought it was Just a myth I thought it was a rumor I Didn't know it was true but it's true They got them if you're a size 18 come To Ross even though it was crazy to find This pair of ones at Ross they actually Go for less money on eBay so I decided Not to pick them up but then I found Them a pair of Kyrie Infinities in a Size 18 for 4.99 and they actually go For around 70 on eBay so I decided to Grab