The Salomon S/Lab Spectur is different to most super-shoes, with Salomon designing it to suit runners logging times of around 4hrs in the marathon, or 45min for the 10K, who the brand says need a different kind of shoe to elites using the best carbon racers. Tom and Nick have been out for a first run in the S/Lab Spectur to see how it feels, and how it shapes up against true super-shoes and super-trainers.

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02:38 – How’s The Fit
03:46 – First Run
10:18 – Early Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our first run review Of the Salomon slad [Music] Spectre the slab Spector is an Interesting shoe from Salamon it is a Super shoe designed for the masses so Salomon says that most Super Shoes are Designed for Elites running very fast Marathons chasing world records and Actually they don't work that well for People running things like 4-Hour Marathons or 40 5 minute 10ks and the Spectre is a shoe aimed at that crowd Like I say a super shoe for the masses With a ride that will suit those people Better than standard Super Shoes so it Sits below the Salamon slab fantasm 2 in The range of Super Shoes they have that Is a full carbon Super Shoe within the Salamon range and it shouldn't be Confused with the Salamon Spectre slab Is the key part of the name it's a lot More expensive than the standard Spectre I don't know why Salamon makes things so Needlessly confusing with its naming Structure but yeah this is the slab Spectre so it's priced like a super shoe That's for sure it cost £210 in the UK $220 in the US so it's only a little bit Cheaper than most carbon full carbon Super Shoes aimed at just being very Speedy it weighs in at 254 G or 9 oz in My UK size 9 and it has a stack heite of

38 mm at the heel and 30 mm at the 4T For 8 mm drop key feature on the Spectre Is its duwel density midsole with the Top layer being salamon's best foam it's Energy foam plus peber foam that you Find on shoes like the fantasm then You've got the energy foam underneath Which is a blend of Eva and Orin that Salamon has used in some of it top car Shoes before but it's a firmer less Springy and lightweight foam than the PE Foam on the top layer of the midsole There you've got the brand R camber Rocker design with the energy blade Carbon plate running through the shoe With the uh with the Spector the energy Blade plate is winged at the back to Create a bit more stability and there's A lot of going on for stability at the Back of the shoe you've got quite a wide Base at the back there the way it flares The two different sides of the shoe There you've got side walls of foam at The back of the shoe here as well and This high collar as well which will add To a feeling of stability the back of The shoe in line with the idea that People running at slow speeds are more Often heel Strikers than those running At faster speeds and with all of this Kind of adding up the idea that the shoe Will support you landing at the heel and Then roll you through quickly onto your Four foot okay the upper has got quite a

Lot of padding around the tongue and Color of the shoe and this extended heel Tab at the back here which I'm not a Huge fan of got more breathable upper at The front there but lots of padding at The back to give a bit more Comfort than You get from most super shoo very thin Lightweight uppers you got a conour grip Rubber out sole with pretty good Coverage here along the for foot two Strips of rubber at the back got a bit Of a cutout to reduce weight and it's Kind of sculpted around here so really Anything that's going to come into Contact with the ground does have a bit Of rubber contact on there to increase The durability of the shoe and and Hopefully improve its grip as [Music] Well comes the fit of the shoe it fit me Well in my normal UK running shoe size Which is a uk9 with Salamon that's a US 9.5 that's usually about where I am in US sizes 9.5 or 10 it's got a nice close Fit around the front of the shoe but Without being at all constrictive it so It's it's roomy enough while still Having a racy feeling got a good hold Around the heel and midfoot I haven't Loved this extended heel tab though on My first run today did notice a little Bit of irritation around the back of my Achilles I just don't like it it just Sticks up too much and I don't know why

It's there so I'm not a huge fan of that Overall I'd say the shoe fit well in my Normal running shoe size I would stick With that I just don't like the heel Very much the fit for me in the S lab Spectre uh is fine I'm a size eight in The UK this is a size eight didn't have Any issues with it at all I had plenty Of space in the forefoot uh and around The side of the front of the foot um and I found it was quite easy to get a nice Lock down fit in it's quite a padded Shoe uh for what is effectively a race Shoe um it's probably one of the more Comfortable race shoes I know it's not Designed uh in the same way that Elite Shoes are uh but it's definitely um a Comfortable shoe didn't have any issues With it I would stay to my size in [Music] It so I've actually done two runs now in This shoe one of them was a quite a Tasty uh interval session so that was a Marathon training session which I did About 40 18K which included um 6 * 6 uh At my uh almost marathon pace so a Little bit faster than my marathon pace So it was about 4 minute kilometers that I ran those intervals and then there was A float uh recovery in it so that was uh 3 time six times 3 minutes at um 30 Seconds slower than my marathon pace so It's about 430 minute kilometers um for That um and it was an all right shoe for

That um I think it's actually uh some of Those Pacers that I was doing is sort of The Pacers that this shoe is designed For I know it's a shoe that's made for Um more General Runners not Elite Athletes um so you're looking for like That 4-Hour marathon time um for that I Think it it's fine it it feels Comfortable I definitely didn't have any Issues with it what I would say about The shoe is that it doesn't necessarily Feel fast when it's on your feet um it Doesn't feel bad either I definitely Didn't have any trouble maintaining that Pace in this shoe it felt very comfort For doing that um but equally it didn't Feel like it was really helping me Maintain that pace either I think There's a lot of shoes out there that um Aren't necessarily put down as being Race shoes make a lot of daily Super Shoes where they I feel a similar vibe To this shoe um but in a lot of Instances those shoes do feel like They're actually helping you out a bit Something like the soing Endorphin speed 4 um I get a very similar feel to this Shoe um I think the main thing about This is that it has this um the midsole Is designed to be a little bit more Stable than what you would get from a Traditional race Sho so that helps Runners that maybe aren't trying to get Those really fast times um it does feel

Like a f stable shoe to me uh which but Then again a lot of the daily shoes that Do a similar thing that have plates in Them do also feel pretty stable as well And I think I could use them for the Same sort of thing so uh at easier Paces For me which is about 5 minute kilom uh Felt absolutely fine um I definitely Would use it for those Paces it just Feels a little bit uh clunky um and Doesn't have the sort of softness that I'd want at those Paces uh for my style Of running when you pick up the pace in It uh the it doesn't have the same feel That you would get from a lot of uh Elite R shoes or or faster race shoes Doesn't feel particularly propulsive Doesn't feel particularly bouncy it does Have a little bit of a kick in it so When you pick up the pace you can do That um but from that first run and I Did another run as well actually which Is 10K at um my uh comfortable pace Which is about 5 minute km um i' it felt Absolutely fine solid shoe definitely Nice and stable there's a nice wide base On it um didn't really feel a lot from The plate uh I know that uh Salomon talk A little bit about this shoe being Specifically designed for the way that Um more General Runners would run when They're doing a race uh which I think They talk a little bit about the heel The heel strike um I don't think that's

Necessarily true I don't I don't think More General Runners are more likely to Hit heal uh when they're running um but Yeah it was absolutely fine um I think It really comes down to uh the focus This shoe is I think it would be better If this the shoe was delivered as a Daily um super shoe uh something like Hak ma X things like that I think sits Into that World um when you start Looking at it as a uh race shoe or Performance shoe for people that aren't Looking for the fastest times that Starts to muddy the water a little bit And you end up paying a lot of money for A shoe that's not necessarily doing Something that other shoes aren't doing So um on that first run I would say or First two runs I would say that it was Fine it was a solid shoe definitely I Didn't dislike the shoe I think it was Very comfortable and felt very stable But also I didn't feel like it was Particularly doing anything that Benefited me and my marathon time at the Moment is sub three so I'm not Necessarily I wouldn't use this shoe for A marathon because i' use most of my Super Shoes um so uh it's not necess Neily designed for me but also I was Running at the paces that this shoe is Designed for and I didn't really see any Major benefit from that either so um all Right first couple of runs but nothing

Special so I'm just heading out to do my First run in the Salamon slab Spectre Slightly tricky shoot for me to test I'm Not really sure what's the best way to Use this cuz I'm reasonably quick Marathoner my pb's uh 228 so my marathon Pace in theory it doesn't line up with What Salomon says the shoe is for but Today my plan is to go out for a pretty Relaxed hour and test the shoe at a Range of pace is just see how it feels Like I'm a heel strike I should benefit From this nice roll through that Salomon Promises on the shoe and yeah it just be Interesting to see how it feels as Something a little bit different in the Carbon shoe [Music] Market so just back from the run now Lovely day here really sunny so that was A very pleasant part of the run the shoe Felt pretty good like it's firmer than I Expected given the kind of makeup of the Shoe with the PE of foam in the mids Soole you notice the heel the Hill's Quite large and it's bit firm under the Foref foot which gives you a little bit Of a spring off it but it's not Particularly bouncy shoe you can really Feel the stability that Salamon has gone For here with the shoe like the big wide Base the sidewalls of foam it all feels Very supportive and structured but Doesn't feel particularly racy like I

Was running at pretty relaxed pace Throughout the Run picked up pace a Little bit during 1 and a half K or so And it felt bit better actually when I Was running a bit faster you know which Is faster than the pace they say this Shoe is for but about probably the Effort or the motion that I would be Doing when I was running fast myself I Think it does feel better when you are Running fast you know moving your legs And a bit more purpose like whatever That speed actually is I think it feels Better at that pace it rolled for a bit More smoothly but yeah it was okay I Didn't really feel that Lively under Foot or anything like that and I didn't Necessarily come away from that thinking This is a a super shoe of any kind for Any level really it felt just quite Solid like a good solid training shoe But maybe in some future runs I'll push It some my fast Paces I'll be running With a bit more purpose and I'll see how That feels then with it does certainly Feel more like the super trainer end of Things and you know it's got a big price Tag this and it didn't feel all that Explosive or anything like that underf Foot so you can see what they've gone For and the stability elements probably Work in the sense that you know that Would be good for people who find Super Shoes a bit unsupportive but really

Bring a lot to the Run uh in the way That obviously uh true Super Shoes or Even the best super trainers [Music] Do it's my early verdict on the uh slab Spectre is that it it's a tricky shoe Because I'm not sure that the aim of the Shoe really is required uh at the moment Um if you're paying this much money for A shoe that is designed for running at Slower Paces for Marathon distance Half Marathon distance that sort of thing um There are lots of other shoes that can Do that um and they're significantly Cheaper than this shoe so it's a tricky Shoe to pinpoint I think if it was Priced cheaper uh and it was Penn as a Shoe like the s in speed 4 something Like that which is a daily training shoe Which you obviously can use for Marathons and and and half marathons and Other races then I think it would be More interesting as a shoe more likely That people would pick this up um I Definitely think for me in my rotation I Would use this as a training shoe um Probably uh for marathon training things Like that where I want a little bit of Extra stability in the running that I'm Doing there are plenty of Super Shoes Which aren't necessarily designed in the Same way that the alpha fly and the Vapor fly that have a bit more stability In them things like the S dorphin Pro 4

And the Pro 3 I think um they're Probably going to do the same sort of Thing as this and they're applicable to Lots of Runners that aren't necessarily Going for sub three marathons um but Also they do have a bit more performance Benefits to it as well I definitely say If you were going to do a marathon and You aiming for a 4 hour or four half Hour marathon time that those shoes Would be absolutely fine and if you Wanted to pick up the pace those shoes Can do it to have a shoe that is Specifically based on doing those sorts Of times doesn't give you a lot of Flexibility with the shoe either so if You do want to start picking up the pace And um you're you're going for faster Times and you won't be able to use this Shoe anymore which seems a bit of a Strange uh way to Market a shoe but um I Think it is a solid comfortable shoe I Don't think you'd have any problems if You had this shoe I just think it's uh Fairly specific purpose and um I haven't Quite worked out for me what I would use That for but having said that I'm a Runner that runs at sub three marathon Pace so maybe I it's just not designed For me but at those Paces that I did Test it out which are the the paces that This shoe was designed for just didn't Quite click with me early verdict that Wasn't the first run that really blew me

Away but you maybe I wasn't really using The Spectre today for the kind of thing I should have been doing like regardless Of the pace you're going at this is a Shoe probably built more for faster runs So I'll go and do some faster runs at my Pace and see how that feels just Mooching along today I had a fairly firm Feel I would say and it wasn't all that Lively Under Foot but you had some Stability and it did roll through quite Nicely I did the pace for a short Section so we'll see how that goes in The future in general I would say I'm Not entirely convinced by the idea of a Super shoe for the masses I don't really Accept the idea that Elite runners run In one way and other runners run another Way I think people's gates are very Individual like if I look at the runners Running around me and marathons they Will run in very different ways and Different to me with my very shuffly Style and I think that's true across the Range of Paces so there might be some Things that hold true for slow runners That don't hold true for Elites like Maybe you do need a fracture more Stability and that kind of thing but I Still think that'll be quite individual And there are lots of Runners at the Slower paces who will get a lot from uh Standard Super Shoes which you know Offer a lighter bouncy and more Dynamic

Ride cuz this doesn't really have the Feel of a super shoe so if you're going To price it quite expensively and call It a super shoe for the masses and just Basically take away some of the pace and Fun and dynamism of a super shoe then You'll be really convincing that you are Better for that kind of Runner and I Just don't think that kind of Runner Really exists on a grand scale like I Say there might be some things that hold True at different Paces but overall I Think people run in quite different ways At any pace so you have got the extra Stability here and I think we ride I Think it will work quite well actually As a versatile shoe which might be quite Interesting as a as a super trainer Style shoe but then you have got that Very expensive price tag I think it Might be of appeal to people like the Canara pro from sakon which wasn't a Shoe I liked myself but I think has some Similar elements to the kind of dual Density midsole big stable design with a Plate to try and give you some punch This is a lot lighter than the S conara Pro so if you like that shoe I think you Might get a lot of the same stuff here But in a lighter design but probably so Far my impression would be like if you Really want that super shoe feeling you Need to go and get a Super Shoe or and Actually if you're

Looking at the more stable end of things And you want a shoe that will suit slow Paces better I think there are already Super Shoes that do that quite well Things like the Endorphin Pro or Actually even the Endorphin speed is a Lightweight super trainer that's a bit Less than this shoe and I think will Achieve a similar effect so while there Was some pluses to the right I think it Was solid stable ride roll for K bu see A fair bit more from the Spectre as we Continue testing ahead of our full Review if I'm going to consider itue That anyone to really racing regardless Of pace and what anyone should really be Look at buying given the high price you Have here But That's our first look at the Salomon Slab Spectre let us know what you think Of the shoe below do you think this is a Good idea the idea of creating Super Shoes that work for everyone and are Different to normal super shoes uh Please do like subscribe ring the little Bell all those things help the channel Out and we'll see you next Time