The Saucony Axon 3 is the cheapest running shoe in Saucony’s current collection, promising a cushioned daily trainer for just £105/$100.

Going up against other affordable cushioned shoes like the Puma Velocity Nitro 2 and the Reebok Floatride Energy 5, Tester Mike has been putting in some early running time to see if the new Axon is a cheap running shoe worth checking out.

00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Price and key details
01:31 – How does it fit?
02:59 – The Run Test
05:56 – Initial Verdict

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Foreign Testers this is the Saucony axon 3. I am About to do my first run in this pretty Affordable sockony running shoot Probably in this first because it's very Toasty out there and then I'll give you My initial thoughts on what it's like to Run in the Saucony Axon 3. So some key details on the Saucony axon 3 the first thing to talk about is price And it is 105 pounds in the UK a hundred Dollars in the US so it definitely sits At the more affordable end of the Running shoe market and also in soccer News rage in general to as well I know Getting a four millimeter drop here you Are getting a high stack of uh Power run Cushioning so not the power run Plus or Power on PB we've seen in this things Like the sockney Triumph 21 and also Kind of endorphin range as well again Pretty traditional looking kind of mesh Up here kind of a lot of kind of padding In the tongue and the collar here to Kind of offer that Comfort pretty Traditional laces and then you're Getting an outsole here obviously going To office a lot more in terms of what You're getting in the forefoot of the Shoe and also at the back of the shoe as Well definitely feels a little bit Slippery to touch I don't know if that's Going to be any kind of issues in terms Of the outside performance in terms of

Wetter conditions but normally it's Pretty dry at the moment so we'll see How that fares uh when we get some kind Of mix kind of conditions to running but Yeah those are kind of key things to Talk about if something after and three Now we'll go out and do and get a little Run out in them see what they're made of And then let you know initial thoughts On these Saucony Axon 3. So I've just got back from my first Friendly Saucony axon 3 as you can Probably see from the beads of sweat are Still running from my forehead and I'll Start with fit first and um I would say In general with stocking shoes my Experience with fit has been generally Fine I think there's been one or two Shoes where it's felt a little bit on The narrow side I think you do get that With some soccer shoes I think the early Endorphic speed shoes and I think uh With the axon 3 I want to put it on it Definitely felt a little bit snug up Front here in the toes and I do think The forefoot does feel pretty narrow in That side of things it wasn't something I noticed out on the run but I did know It's kind of that initial kind of Putting on and kind of lacing up it did Feel quite narrow so I don't know where They're going half size up and why it Kind of improve things on that side of Things but I think yeah there is

Definitely some quite you know a narrow Feeling on the floor for elsewhere it Felt generally fine particularly kind of In the mid foot pretty happy with the Level of uh kind of padding you're Getting around the collar and you've got This kind of you know gently kind of Padded tongue as well and the laces Offered a pretty you know they're pretty Standard enough at a pretty kind of good Lockdown there's nothing particularly Flashier but about this upper really it Feels you know you know not you know It's not doing massively anything Radical here in terms of you're getting Here but I would say Just about I think you know from a UK Size eight point of view it worked for Me there might be an argument to say Maybe going a little bit bigger in this Shoe just because of what I said about The up front of the toes But ultimately The fit for me felt generally a fine Overall in the Run So into that first one and I did a 10K In the axon 3. it was pretty easy going Purely because of the weather and it'd Been quite hot out there but I did try To pick it up in places where I could to Get a sense of how versatile this shoe Is I think that's probably the best way To kind of class this shoe I think That's how you know soccer would Probably uh bill it as a shoe that you

Can use for a mixture of runs now the First thing I would say is that runs Pretty light which is something I wasn't Expecting I think I'm waiting against The velocity nitro2 and it came in a Little bit lighter so that's always a Plus I think if you want to run a little Bit quicker in it and you know it's not Working against you it doesn't feel like A bulky shoe to run in so that's Definitely a plus the other thing you Know from the rides uh point of view and Obviously this power and midsole is not The soft uh plush colored midsoles you Get on the Um kind of the Sony drive 21 and the 20 You know things like endorphous B3 the Pro the elite you know you've got that Softer kind of feel of it you know maybe Get a little bit more bounce for it but You do I think it's a good mix between Being firm and a little bit soft so you Do get something you can kind of sink Into a little bit so you get something I Think that feels nicely cushioned feels Comfortable feels protected but I also Think there's some responsiveness there As well a nice responsiveness there I Also feel like there's a little bit of a Nice rocker feel and get you up and kind Of gets you up on your toes as well it's Not got that speed roll geometry here There's aspects of it get you up on Those toes get you through those

Transitions relatively nice and quickly Give you that scope to run a little bit Quicker in it and it felt pretty good Running it kind of a little bit more of A Tempo Pace in it and when I had to Ease back It felt generally fine from that point Of view as well as I said it's a pretty Light shoe Um and it's when you do slow down it Doesn't feel like a heavy shoe to kind Of you know weigh you down when you want To kind of ease things up on the pace Front Um outsole wise I mean it was absolutely Fine I mean it's pretty dry at the Moment and you know I was on Pavements Went on to a little bit of Road up in Places but it was absolutely fine from That point of view I would like to see How it fares in kind of wetter Conditions I mean it might be a while Before we can get some wetter kind of Conditions here in the UK you know you Never know though you know it's a British summer so we could have Um and yeah it was fine from that point Of view had no issues with the outsole Looks like it feels well protected in Terms of the kind of the hair or the Kind of full foot parts of the shoe so From that point of view the outsole felt Fine as I said pretty dry conditions to Running at the moment so yeah it felt

Pretty good overall I think as I said I felt alright when I wanted to run a Little bit quicker in it it felt Comfortable and I wanted to ease off as Well and as a shoe potentially that's Going to be a kind of a versatile one or An affordable one it feels potentially Off that first run that it could be a Solid option so yeah solid first run in East Saucony Accent three definitely Looking forward to spending a bit more Time in it maybe going a little bit Quicker maybe running a little bit of Rain as well when that happens and Seeing how it copes in those conditions Too So some initial thoughts on the sockony Action 3 and I think feels like a pretty Good cushion daily training shoe Ultimately and you know a shoe that you Know it costs 100 pounds a hundred Dollars but ultimately if you said it Was a little bit more than that then you Know I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised Really I mean it felt pretty good in That first run it feels like it's a two It's going to be pretty versatile Overall Um the weight feels good I think the Outsole feels pretty good overall as Well too And yeah if you kind of look at you know You go up from the Saucony axon 3 you've Got something like the canvara canvaro's

Got the power on base midsole as well But you've got more of it here in the Axon 3 you know bat you know out the Hill and at the forefoot as well so it Gives something I think probably a Little bit more uh cushioned a little Bit more comfortable a little less firm Than the converter which is Thomas kind Of tested recently Um so from that point of view you know It works pretty well I say it felt Pretty good when I ran a little bit Quicker in it in places as well too I Think when you kind of look You look at the price you look at what Else you can get for that money now the Obvious one is the pure velocity nitro2 I mean you know it's a shoe that we Absolutely love and for good reason it Is a really really good shoe and it's a Prior you know it's a shoe that falls Well below its kind of retail price of 100 pounds you know a lot of the time You get it close to kind of 50 60 pounds Of places if you can shop if you shop Around Now I would say in comparison I think The people of the United obviously it's A touch heavier basically now having Kind of weighed them both on the scales I think maybe that shoe is built a Little bit more for Comfort I think the Midsole just offers something a bit more Comfortable or a little bit softer in

Terms of that midsole and you get Something that's relatively responsive And Imperial velocity Nitro too as well Which you do get here I think with the Axon 3 Um so I think there's a lot of Similarities but I think maybe the Velocity Nitro two you're getting maybe A thicker upper a more comfortable kind Of upper in general but you're also Getting something that's versatile and Actually like you are here Um you're probably going to think about Other shoes well I haven't run in but I Think the Reebok float right energy five Which I know Nick has used and I think You know that kind of sits around this Price range that this has dropped down To kind of 40 50 pounds I think that Runs a little bit firmer based on what Nick's kind of said in his videos Um based on what's in the axon 3 but But feels as a shoe around that price Point below could have 100 pounds around 100 pounds uh mark it feels pretty good And you know I wouldn't have any issues Picking this shoe back up right now and Doing some kind of a mixture of Different runs in it as I said It felt Pretty good on that first run and I Expect it to you know be as good as that One I've done a little bit longer in it Run some quicker stuff you know shorter Kind of sharper stuff in it as well so

Yeah so far so good I would say in the Sockney accent three it's first time I've used an axon shoe I'm glad I have I've used kind of pretty much every Other shoe I think they can Vara the Ride the guy the Endorphin speed uh the Pro the shift I've could have pretty much got through The range and I think this you know While it's the cheapest in soccer news Collection at the moment I don't Necessarily think that's a bad thing or It means you're getting a less well you Know an inferior shoe compared to what You get in the rest of the range so yeah You know pretty positive on that first Run definitely looking forward to Running a bit more in it I think you Know in terms of the price point in Terms of what you're potentially getting Here on the axon 3 and what it's capable Of pretty solid overall and yeah very Positive uh first impression on the Saucony Axon 3. okay so there you have It some initial thoughts on the Saucony Action three plenty more running to do In the issue but if you've got any Questions about the shoe or other shoes You want to know how it compares to let Us know in the comments as always like And subscribe hit that little bell to Find out about latest videos and yeah We'll see the next round test this video