The Saucony Axon 3 is the most affordable shoe in Saucony’s 2023 collection and like the Axon shoes that came before it, is a firmer-feeling daily trainer that can handle a mixture of speeds and distances.

Tester Mike has been putting the Axon 3 through its paces to find out if Saucony has served up another great shoe in 2023 that’s kinder to your bank balance than other shoes in its collection.

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Price And Key Details
01:09 – How Does Fit?
02:05 – The Run Test
05:19 – Verdict

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Foreign Hey this is Mike for the Run testers and This is our full review of the Saucony Axon 3. is this one of the best Affordable running shoes of 2023 let's Find out [Music] Let's deal with the key stats the Saucony axon 3 cost 105 pounds in the UK And a hundred dollars in the US but you Can already pick it up for less than its Original price that puts it in and Around affordable daily trainer shoes Like the Nike wind flow pure velocity Nitro 2 the Reebok float ride energy 5 And decathlon's kit run ks900 light the Nick has tested on the channel as well Stats wise it's got a four millimeter Drop that's 35 millimeter Hill and 31 Millimeters at the forefoot and our UK Size eight weighed at 246 grams or 8.7 Ounces otherwise it's an engineered mesh Kind with sock and his power and Cushioning in the midsole so similar to What you'll find in a soccer shoot like The guide 16. the outsole looks to be a Thicker one used on the axon 2 to help Give it better grip in wet conditions And make sure it's one that's fit to Soak up plenty of running time Thank you So fit for me has been absolutely spot On in my UK size eight with the axon Three generally I am a UK size 8 in

Soccer shoes apart from a couple of Shoes I've had some slightly tighter Fits I have had no issues with the axon 3 in terms of the fit pretty happy with The space up front in the toes Um good hole in the mid foot I think you Get a good lock down for these laces and While the tongue isn't generously padded I felt it sat very comfortably Um and didn't kind of move about on my Runs either and you've got similarly not A massive amount of padding in the hill But just enough to make sure you've got Good comfort and good kind of support There around the heel collar as well so Yeah for me based on my quite narrow fee And you know what I've kind of used size Wise of sockony shoes I found the axon 3 Absolutely fine in my UK size eight I Think generally people are going to be Absolutely fine going true to size in This shoe as well Foreign Just under 50K in the Saucony axon 3 now And I can't say that I've had a bad run In this shoe and I haven't run in an Axon shoot before I've obviously run in A lot of different uh Saucony shoes ones That cost a little bit more money than Issue but I don't think the price really Reflects what you get in a shoe here and I think the types of runs that it Excelled to me were kind of actually More the more Up Tempo runs which I do

Think this is a shoe that's able to kind Of handle Um the midsole is is firm it's a little Bit like the you know it's the same Phone that you're getting in the Saucony Guide 16 but I didn't find it was as Firm feeling there's definitely a nice Little bit of Bounce there so it makes An enjoyable ride in general and then You're getting a quite a gentle kind of Rocker feeling there just enough to kind Of nicely transition you through that Kind of running motion and make it feel Pretty smooth and pretty enjoyable in General I think from an upper point of View Um it's not that kind of thick hugging Kind of upper that you get on some shoes But it does kind of offer enough support So from that point of view I think it Works when you're running a little bit Quicker in this shoe when I try to ease Off I do think you feel a little bit More of that firmness in it but it isn't Uncomfortable it didn't make it hard Work to run a little bit slower and Easy In this shoe so I do think it has that Versatility if you want something that You want to run a little bit easier but You also want something you can pick the Pace up a little bit I think you know Weight Wise I think you could do a Little bit of speed working it as well Don't think it's out of its wheelhouse

To do that either so if you wanted Something that could work at variety of Paces and also in the kind of longer Runs I think it held up pretty well on That point of view I didn't feel that Firmness when I kind of eased off or got A little bit tired and there's kind of Longer runs it was absolutely fine from That point of view outsole wise now I'd Say that I think ultimately there is a Little bit more Um rubber particularly obviously over The front and the heels of this shoe and From a grip point of view it's been Absolutely fine I had one pretty Treacherous rainy run in these and they Were absolutely frying like from a kind Of pavement and kind of Road point of View and I did a little bit of kind of Lighter trails with it and I wouldn't Have any kind of qualms of doing that I Think it's absolutely fine from that Point of view I'm not seeing any kind of Wear or noticeable kind of issues on the Outside there being some kind of exposed Areas here so from a gripping and an Outsole point of view Very very happy feels like a shoe you Could do a lot of mileage in but Ultimately as I said I had I didn't have A bad run in this shoe I think you get a Nice little bit of Bounce in that ride I Think it does get you kind of give you That kind of nice rocker feel in there

As well which makes it a little bit Nicer to run a little bit quicker in uh And yeah longer runs it felt absolutely Fine from a comfort point of view I Didn't have any issues from that Um side of things as well so yeah all Very positive for me on the axon 3 a Shoe that I've you know really enjoyed Running in overall and I haven't had a Bad running and pleasantly surprised Um particularly when you know that this Is a one of soccer's cheapest shoes Probably it's cheaper shoe in its Collection and I don't think it's Necessarily at a place with other shoes That cost a lot more money as well [Music] Okay so my verdict on the sockony axon 3 Is that this is a very good versatile Daily Trainer shoe available at a very Good price I think if you're looking for Something that can work for shorter and Longer distances has a scope to kind of Pick the pace up as well and run kind of More Up Tempo style runs in this shoe is Very capable of doing that I think in Terms of the um the midsole it's on the Thermostat but not overly firm I don't Think offers a really nice bounce I Think you get generally a really nice Kind of rocker ride in it so it makes it An enjoyable shoe to run in overall I Don't think it's too heavy or either as Well so if you want something that runs

Relatively well uh kind of quicker stuff Then I think this can work and an Outsold your ability and grip I've been Absolutely kind of satisfied with what You're getting here and what I have Found on my runs now If you look at where it sits with other Shoes at this price point so you're Looking at things like the wind flow and Things like the velocity Nitro 2 where I've spent a lot of time running in Nick's kind of tested the Reebok float Right energy five and that kind of sits This price range and then the kit run Shoe and that sits here as well too so I think it sits very well with those Other shoes as well I think the biggest Kind of comparisons I can draw with the Pure velocity Nitro 2 where I think both Are versatile shoes I think you sink in A little bit more in the midsole on the Piano velocity Nitro 2 probably works a Little bit nicer at easier Paces just Because it doesn't feel as firm But Ultimately I do think both of those Shoes work very well from a kind of Versatility point of view and maybe it Looks a little bit nice as well the Puma Shoe But ultimately if you're not kind Of bothered about looks you're looking For as I said a shoe that can work as a Daily trainer you don't want to spend a Huge amount of money and I said you can Find this for less than 100 pounds now

As well and I definitely think this is Worth looking at as I said I haven't had A bad run in his shoe I've enjoyed Putting it on every time and you know From all the things I would look for From a daily trainer style shoe this Ticks all those kind of key boxes for me Ultimately I do wish it looked a little Bit nice but you know Lux isn't Everything ultimately when you get what You get on the sockony axon 3 which is a Very as I said solid burst old daily Trainer shoe that I think a lot of People are going to appreciate Okay so they have it that is our take on The Saucony axon 3. now if you've got Any questions about the shoe or other Shoes you want to see it compared to let Us know in the comments as always like And subscribe hit that little bell to Find out about latest videos and yeah We'll see the next one test this video [Music]