The Saucony Axon 3 and Puma Velocity Nitro 2 are two of our favourite affordable running shoes that aim to serve you for the same types of runs, distances and speeds.

We’ve now spent plenty of running time with both, so if we had to pick one, which would we go for? Tester Mike breaks down the key differences between the cushioned daily trainers to tell you where the strengths and weaknesses lie with the Puma Velocity Nitro. 2 and the Saucony Axon 3.

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Price and Differences
01:20 – How do they fit?
02:41 – Initial verdict
06:58 – Verdict

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Foreign Testers and in this video we're going to Be talking about the Saucony axon 3 and The Puma velocity Nitro 2. now these are Two of the more affordable running shoes That you can buy right now but if you Had to pick between one of them which One should you go for we'll take you Through the key differences how we got On in our run tests and let you know Whether you should go for the sockony Axon 3 or the Puma velocity Nitro 2. Here's a quick rundown of the stats for These two shoes Saucony axon 3 cost 105 Pounds of the UK or 100 in the US on a Puma velocity Nitro 2 comes at 105 Pounds in the UK and 120 in the US they Both can be picked up for less than Those original prices Stats wise the velocity Nitro 2 has an Eight millimeter Heel To Toe drop while The axon 3 has a four millimeter one our UK size 8 velocity Nitro 2 weighed in at 260 grams compared to 246 grams in the Same size on the axon 3. otherwise the Velocity Nitro 2 features a knit upper While the soccer uses an engineered mesh Kind The midsole Puma uses its nitrogen Injected Nitro foam while soccer uses Its Eva based power run foam in the Outsole department PB uses its Puma grip Outsole while sock any sticks with a Carbon rubber outsole

Okay so in terms of fit I've had both of These shoes in a UK size eight and I Have zero issues to pour on both of These shoes now typically I'm a UK size Eight in sockony shoes and in Puma shoes As well and I've had absolutely no Issues whatsoever I think the uppers That I use on these shoes do kind of Dictate the kind of feel that you get And the kind of fit that you get as well I would say in a socket shoe the upper Feels a little bit more supportive Um and you know but still gives you that Kind of good amount of room up front of The toes and a good hold of the midfoot As well Um and then I think on the pure lossy Nitro 2 I think the upper lens itself to Being something that's prioritized as Comfort space being roomy as well Um that's kind of what I I felt and Experienced in this shoe I think when You look at the level of padding you're Getting around the hill collar those Kind of spongier kind of laces that You're getting on the Puma as well it's Kind of feels more built for comfort and That's kind of what I felt on those runs But ultimately in terms of sizing on my Kind of narrow fee I would say go-to to Size the UK size eight so both of these Shoes have worked well for me as I said I feel maybe the Puma is a little bit More roomy and spacious but I'll have

Absolutely no issues with the cycling Axon 3 in terms of the space and in Terms of getting a good fit in general Overall Okay so into that run test now in terms Of the types of runs these shoes are Both designed for I would say they're The same these are daily training shoes Ones that you can potentially go out run Long in run easy in and they'll give you A level of protection and comfort to do That but then also shoes that you have The capability to run a little bit Quicker and do some more Up Tempo Running in it maybe not your fastest Speed work but ultimately can give you The scope to run a little bit quicker in Them as well now in terms of delivering That I definitely do think both of these Shoes do kind of tick those key boxes But I think they deliver that experience In slightly different ways um I would Say on the Saucony axon 3 and kind of Really kind of focusing and hoeing in on What you're getting in the midsole here It's definitely a little bit firmer than What you're getting on Puma's midsole Here you can even just see from kind of Giving them a little bit of squeeze that It's a little bit softer on the Puma Velocity Nitro 2 which is definitely a Little bit firmer on the axon 3 but I Don't think it feels overly firm I do Think that midsole jet generates a kind

Of very nice bouncy kind of feel Underfoot gives you a nice ride you get A kind of gentle rocker feeling in here To make it nice running a little bit Um more Up Tempo in it and then when you Ease off It's firm but it's not overly firm as I Said and you can run some kind of Slightly slower kind of longer runs in It now when you look at the pure Velocity nitrate too I think you sink More into this midsole a little bit more And I think when you kind of really have To kind of engage in terms of what You're getting in the midsole when you Want to run a little bit quicker in it But it does feel very nice and smooth And comfortable and you can kind of run Some quicker stuff in here I think maybe It works a little bit nicer those easier Paces when you need to kind of slow Things down and I think that just lends Itself in terms of what you're getting In terms of the fit of the upper the Roomy kind of spacious nature of the Upper and the midsole and that kind of Softer feeling that you get when you Sink into it does make it a little bit More comfortable to run it a little bit Slower in but ultimately I do think you Can do those types of runs but I think That's mainly where I've seen the Differences in terms of the easier runs The pure velocity nitro2 seems to just

Lend itself a little bit better in here Because I think when you're running a Little bit quicker it just feels a Little bit more natural uh in the Sockney axon 3 where maybe the beauty of Lossy nitrate too doesn't feel natural That it's going to run a little bit Nicer when you run a bit quicker but it Does kind of offer that Um capability in this shoe now from an Old soul point of view PM's outsoles are Very very good and you know in terms of What you're getting on the sarcony axon 3 I think it's a strong outsole Performance as well I think durability Wise and being shoes that you can log a Lot of mileage in I think both these Shoes are capable of of that and I think If you want to do some lighter trails And these shoes you can I mean I've run A lot in these shoes I've run a little Bit more in the pivot lossy Nitro 2 and Outsold your ability Wise It's been Absolutely spot on grip wise has been Absolutely fine you can run and wear to Conditions and it's been fine I've done One kind of rainy run in the axon 3 and From that point of view it didn't slip Around the grip felt very very good you Know it's a bit more focused in terms of The areas of that um outsole grip and Compared to the Puma Posse Nitro 2 but In terms of being shoes that feel fit to Kind of run and dry and wet conditions

But also offer good level of durability I think both are kind of level pegged on That front maybe going to get a little Bit more of a puma but I think Ultimately I don't think it's going to Be a massive amount between the two so Yeah for me I would say these both can Offer those kind of daily trainer kind Of traits something that you can run Slow and long in but also run a little Bit quicker in I would say that I think The velocity 950 feels a little bit Nicer to run they slower easier runs Whereas I think the something actually I Definitely feel it's got a bit more of a Slant on running that little kind of Slightly quicker Um or more Up Tempo Um runs in it just because that fellow Midsole does change how it feels when You're running a little bit easier in it But ultimately I do think it can run uh Fine on those slow runs and easy runs as Well so yeah very close I think as I Said they they fit those kind of daily Trainer versatile daily trainer profiles But I think in terms of how they deliver In those types of runs or similar types Of runs I do think there are some Differences that will kind of affect Your experience of running in these Shoes Okay so I'll vote is the way you should Go for the sockony axon 3 over the Puma

Velocity Nitro 2. so we'll start by Saying well in terms of being affordable Daily train issues these are two of the Best that we have used and it's a bit of A case here of don't judge a shoe by its Price because in terms of them being Below 100 100 pounds these shoes Definitely can match up with more Expensive shoes so that's a positive on Both these fronts of both these shoes I Think in terms of types of runs that are Designed for they both definitely sell On those fronts I would say that with The velocity Nitro 2 I think it works a Little bit nicer on those slower easier Ones I just think the upper the terms of What you're getting in the midsole here It just lends itself to easing off an Issue a bit more than it is with the Sockony axon3 it can handle those runs But I do think it feels a little bit More comfortable and a little bit more Natural in the pure lossy nitro2 Sony Axon 3 I think it definitely has a more Up Tempo slight to it I think that just Naturally lends a seven Center the kind Of rocker design you're getting here That kind of firmer midsole that you're Getting here as well Which I think with the Puma of lotion it Doesn't feel like it's a shoe that Should run quick but it definitely does And it does feel nicer but it's kind of More Up Tempo Paces outsole wise there's

Not much in it I think grip and Durability they're very very close in Terms of that point of view so I think For me if you're going to pick between These two I would say that the pivoting Objective Works a little bit nicer at Those slower easier Paces so if that is Something you kind of Veer towards in Terms of your shoes and you also want Something you can run a little bit more Kind of quicker in then that's probably Going to be the shoe for you I think if You're looking for a shoe that works a Little bit more on those kind of Up Tempo Paces can work at slower Paces as Well but definitely has a bit more of a Slant on the emphasis on those kind of Slightly quicker runs and I think that's Where the axon 3 for me kind of works Personally I would just be going for the Pin velocity Nitro too but I don't think Is a huge amount in it for me really I Think you know as I said I've had a Really good experience with the Saucony Axon 3 in general and I think in terms Of where it sits it's a really a good And strong option I just think that kind Of extra level of comfort that I found On those slower runs I think works a Little bit better for me than it does on The axon to you but ultimately two very Good cheaper kind of daily trainer shoes Are going to work for a lot of people And I think you couldn't you know you

Won't go massively or going for either One of these shoes but I think the piano Velocity not just do just about edges it As I said for those kind of Little extra level of comfort you get Those slower easy runs but the axle 3 Another solid shoe from Saucony and a Really good affordable daily Trainer Shoe to look at as well too okay so There you have it that is our take on How the sockony acts on three compares To the Puma velocity Nitro 2. now if You've got any questions about these Shoes or other shoes you want to see all Of these shoes compared to let us know In the comments as always like And Subscribe hit that little bell to find Out about our latest videos and yeah We'll see you next round test this video [Music]