Let's deal with the key stats the Saucony axon 3 cost 105 pounds in the UK And a hundred dollars in the US but you Can already pick it up for less than its Original price that puts it in and Around affordable daily training shoes Like the Nike wind flow pure velocity Nitro 2 the Reebok float right energy 5 And decathlon's kit run ks900 light the Nick is tested on the channel as well Stats white it's got a four millimeter Drop that's 35 millimeters at the hill And 31 millimeters at the forefoot and Our UK size eight weighed at 246 grams Or 8.7 ounces otherwise it's an Engineered mesh kind with sock and his Power and cushioning in the midsole so Similar to what you'll find in a soccer Shoot like the guide 16. the outsole Looks to be a thicker one used on the Axon 2 to help give it better grip and Wet conditions and make sure it's one That's fit to second