The Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 was one of our favourite carbon plate running shoes and we expected big things of the Saucony Endorphin Pro 4, which features a new dual-density midsole setup. In this video Mike, Laura, Kieran and Nick give their first impressions of the shoe, and we’ll have a full multi-tester review to come in time, when hopefully Tom, the Endorphin Pro 3’s biggest fan of all, will have had a chance to try the 4.

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:13 – Design & Key Stats
01:57 – How’s The Fit
06:47 – First Run
21:41 – Early Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our first look at The socon Endorphin Pro 4 so we were big fans of the S endorphin Pro 3 and been very much looking forward To testing out this new shoe I think We're a little bit behind the aall some Other people have had it before us but a Few of us have got it now so we're going To give you our first run take here and Then a full multitester review down the Line first thing to look at is the price Which has gone up in the UK it's £230 Now in the UK which is a 20 price rise On the Endorphin Pro 3 but it's the same $225 in the US as the previous model got A little bit of a weight gain as well It's 233 G or 8.2 o in my UK size 9 it's About a 15 G rise in weight compared to The Endorphin Pro 3 you got the same Stack and drop though it's 8 mm drop the Stack he of 39.5 mm at the heel 31.5 at The forefoot so the biggest update to The new shoe comes in the midsole which Is now a dual density setup you have a Top layer of sakon power on HG phone Which is the phone was introduced with The Sak endorphin Elite carbon racing Shoe last year and the bottom layer is Sakon's power on PB foam the same stuff That's been on the Endorphin Pro and Speed for the first three generations Al He still got a full length carbon plate Running through the shoe and talking his

Speedroll rocker geometry as well Another little change to the cushioning Is the new SRS sock liner which is a Super responsive sock liner that stands For apparently so that just gives you a Little bit more bounce on the top of the Midsole there you have a redesigned mesh Upper which is very breathable it has a Built-in stretchy tongue with a very Nice little tab here that you can use to Fold over the top of your laces little Bit of padding around the heel but not Too much going on there and some extra Structure there with an internal heel Counter at the back of the upper there Also got a slightly redesigned outsole Here which now has a lce pattern uh You've got pretty similar coverage to The previous models of the shoe with Good 4ot coverage and a couple little Strips at the back just to protect the Key impact zones with plenty of exposed Foam and a big cut out in the middle There to bring the weight Down So the fit for the Endorphin Pro four for me was I found it Better than the three so I ran the London Marathon 2022 in the three and um I' I'd always in my training found it Like maybe came up a bit short for me I'm a UK size 6 um I've got a six again I had a six last time I did I do think I Ideally like a little bit more beyond my

T But I do feel it's it's closer to what I Want than last year I I ran in the speed This week and actually do feel like There's more um room beyond my big toe In the speed than there is in the um Pro Generally good fit I found um know these Integrated tongs sometimes when like me I have slightly narrow feet they can Lead to some like bunching up um um Because there isn't that that that Overlap of the fabric um but it was fine I I cinched it in nice and tight got a Good fit no heel slippage um at all on My run generally the fit was good Comfortable comfortable from the off all Around um the upper is a little bit more It's still quite lightweight in the Upper but very Um there's there's a little bit more to It than the three Little bit more substance to it and for Me that's a good thing I don't mind an Extra few grams in the upper if that's Going to make it a bit more um more Comfortable particularly for those for Those longer runs I think overall I Would describe this fit as roomy Particularly in the toe box there is Plenty of wiggle room there's plenty of Distance between your end of your toes And the end of that toe box there's Quite a lot of room and volume across The top as well you know you could

Actually really sort of wiggle your toes Which is great it's not too too tight on The sort of hugging race fit they do Hold well across the midfoot I did find There was a little bit of movement of my Heels almost sort of sliding in the heel Cut a little bit so that did feel a Little bit loose at times but in terms Of got a movement up and down in the Heel those heels held well and yeah you Do have to sort of pay attention to how You're lacing them down it's not as snug And as hugging as some carbon raoes in Terms of the fit but I would recommend Going through to size so in terms of fit I've had the Endorphin Pro for in a UK Size eight that's exactly the same size That I had the Endorphin Pro three and I Shoe that I have run a fair amount in I've raced at Marathon uh I've done a Lot of my math and training runs Long Training runs in that shoe as well and I Didn't really have any issues with the Fit and the feeling of the upper on the Pro three the only thing I would say is That it had turned a couple of my white Running socks permanently pink at the Toes But ultimately aside from that it' Been absolutely fine now with the pro For I would say the upper kind of Reminds me it's kind of reminiscing of This kind of endorphin speed Style Uppers I don't think that's the only Similarities with the speed range which

I'll kind of get into into in the run Test but um there's a little bit more Volume I would say is a little bit more Sag to that upper you just have to feel It compared to the Pro 3 so some people Might like the fact that there it feels Naturally like there's a bit more space A more accommodating kind of fit Compared to the Pro 3 now in terms of Space up front of the toes it still is a Little bit snug I think it it probably Is a little bit less snug than the Pro 3 But ultimately you know I I haven't Found it an issue I've done a long run In it already and that kind of level of Space in the toe box hasn't been you Know an issue for you there may be an Argument to go half a size up in this But I think for me it's been absolutely Fine terms of midfoot kind of lock down And hold it's been absolutely fine it's The same level of padding in the hill Compared to the Pro 3 the kind of tongue And laces lock down wise been absolutely Fine I've had no issues there I have to Mention this kind of dropdown tongue Which kind of reminds me of the drop Down Tong I have on my football boots um It doesn't really add anything I would Say in terms of the kind of lock down And feel that you get here but it's kind Of a nice little design addition here That s is putting in dorphin Pro for so I would say I'm feeling like going

Through to sizing this will be fine for Me there may be an argument if you Wanted something Le a little less snug In the toes maybe getting half a size up In this shoe but yeah no major issues to Kind of report in terms of my fit with The pro fors so far fit was very good For me with the so IND Dophin Pro 4 on My first run it's got a really nice feel Actually you pull it on and it feels Very comfortable but holds the securely For fast Paces but does have a relaxed Airy breathable feel to it so yeah Really like the upper and I do think That fits very good in my normal running Shoe size you've got the stretchy tongue Which you know sometimes doesn't always Work with shoes but it does work very Well on the shoe so yeah nothing but Praise for the fit and upper of the shoe For Me so about to head off and do my first Run in the sakon IND Dophin Pro 4 which Is obviously very exciting a shoe we Love very much was the Endorphin Pro 3 So be to see what the four feels like my Excitement is tempered a little bit by Fear because of the workout I have Planned which is one of the hardest I Think I've been set mainly because of The Judgment involved so I've got to do 20 time 60 seconds on and then 60 Seconds float so 40 minutes total 60 Seconds on is 5K intensity and the float

Is half marathon intensity so that all Sounds very fast to me it sounds like a Fast 40 minutes so I've got to try and Make sure I don't blow up too much and Judge that correctly because after that I'm going to have a 3 minute break and Then do four miles at 535 Ming it's a Pretty tough session uh be a good test Of the shoes I'm looking forward to Seeing how they feel how the new dual Density feels compared to the Endorphin Pro 3 but yeah looking forward to Getting out there kind of looking Forward to getting out there and Starting That so all done now uh that was that Was tough a very very tricky workout There really hard to judge that first 40 Minutes and you know then the second Fourmile tempo kind of marath and pce Block was really tough but uh ended up Solid overall all half marathon actually Bally was exactly half marathon pretty Solid outing for the shoes first block Was running probably in that first 60 Seconds I averaged probably around 320 k Pce something like that and then more Like 330 330 335 in the second half Slowed a bit towards the end but Actually quite pleased with how that Went like it's not actually 5K or half Marath pace obviously but the intensity Certainly felt intense to me like I was Running at the right kind of race

Intensities it was like a learning Workout for me to try and do that kind Of thing and the pace was okay and then In the math lot like first M I thought I Was going to get nowhere near I did kind Of first mile near the pace started to Really drop off Second Mile and I Thought ah this is going to go really Side sideways but then came back pulled It in strong last two miles last miles On pace so I did 540 per mile instead of 535 per mile which was the goal there uh But yeah pretty pleased with that shoe Felt really good for out so it's a lot More comfortable than socer endorphin Elite I suppose that was one of my fears With this H Pham like I've done a half R Race in the Endorphin Elite and some Long sessions and it really beats up my Foref foot the aggressive rocker the way It kind of snaps through didn't get that At all today really comfortable shoe Really comfortable warmups cool Downs as Well which is a big thing about the Endorphin Pro 3 it was just a very Versatile shoe for a Caron shoe really Comfortable to use for lots of different Things and this is that and then you've Got a bit more paac you've got a Slightly firmer feeling under the for Foot really no I think maybe where There's more power on HG I don't know But you've got that comfortable but not You Squishy back of the shoe and then it

Pushes you through that speed rocket Onto that firmer for foot which is a Little bit more bounce and that's that's Really how I like the setup of the shoes You know it's not like the AL 3 but Similar setup to that where it has that Firmer the firmer in pods under the for Foot to give you that bit more ping off There and yeah it felt very light very Easy to pick up the whole way felt Lighter than it is actually because it Is a bit heavier than the northern Pro 3 But doesn't feel it because of that Firmness it almost feels a bit more Nimble almost and then has that comfort So really enjoyed that first outing in The shoe like I you know I was Struggling there and the whole way it Felt like it was giving me a good Platform to push against giving me some That support saving the legs feeling Comfortable and the way I kind of Rebounded during that four miles you Know almost having having a bit using That first two miles almost to recover Still from the first half of the workout I I think I think that's really good Sign for the shoe that you know that's a Really nice feeling there start to go Off the rails but was able to push again And the shoe had the acceleration of Being able to start turning over quicker Again and the comfort and the bounce Deep into that workout to not at all

Bottom out to give you that platform to Keep running fast against towards the End so it's lots of like about the shoe In the first run there pretty solid and Long first outing so for this initial First run test I've just done seven Miles that included I was supposed to do A 12 by3 minutes at 5 Minute 49 Pace With one minute recoveries in between I Didn't manage to do that I've had a bit Of a cold this week so I killed that Early I did half a dozen of those so a Good sort of fast interval session Pushing my very sort of top Paces I Guess and some recoveries and then I Also either side of that tacked on some Very slow ploty miles so I've given These a good test and that was on feet For about an hour so about an hour's run Out overall my sensation with these is This is initial feedback it's the first Time I've running them so I'm going to Reserve judgment fully but this is what I'm thinking right now they weren't as Punchy as many other carbon races They're quite soft there's quite a Comfortable kind of broad platform to Run off the kind of shoes that I think You're going to be happy with if you're Running ragged towards the end of a Marathon you know there's plenty of Forgiveness there in that midsole but I Don't think it's as Punchy it's not as Aggressive as some shoes it's a bit more

Accommodating maybe a bit more Accessible maybe a bit More yeah I don't know a bit more kind Of long run friendly if you're not Feeling absolutely 100% when you're Racing and for that I actually found it Probably did better when I was sort of Cruising along at kind of 8 minute mile Pace rather than when I was trying to Push all out to get those kind of Intervals as I said I had a cold this Week so I wasn't really feeling my best I was hoping the shoes might give me a Bit more I don't found that they really Sort of helped me that much or when I Needed it again this is a massive caveat Because sometimes when you come back and Run in these shoes and you're feeling Leggy and you're not feeling great you Can kind of say well it's the shoes Problem when it's not it's just how your Body is but my initial feelings of this In the first run is is that they're not As kind of Snappy I don't think they're Even as Lively maybe as the Hyperion Elite 4 that we ran in last week in Barcelona I put them in the kind of mild Uh Super Shoe sort of bracket and having Just run earlier this week in the speed 4 the so dorphin speed 4 the big Question I have and I'm going to put These side by side at some point is Actually how much better and how much Puncher are they in the speed for on

Instinct right now having running that I Don't think there's much to choose Between these shoes I actually had to Sort of have a stop and have a look and And just make sure I put the right shoes On cuz they look very much alike so yeah For me that's it I didn't find the ride That much more Punchy that much more Propulsive I interrupted by a b yeah and overall I Just think this might be one that fits Into a bracket of like an accommodating Super Shoe that is more accessible for a Wider sort of range of Runners rather Than this kind of allout you know fast Fast Punchy racy Alpha fly kind of vibe So yeah that's been my first run test in It going to be really interesting to see If that changes over time I'm looking Forward to doing a lot more miles in a Lot of different paces and also to put Them side by side by some of the other Carbon shoes but initially I enjoyed Running in the shoes I just didn't find Them particularly Lively in comparison To some of the other carbon races out There okay so into that run test now I've done a couple of runs in the Endorphin Pro 4 now my first run was a 5 Mile treadmill run and that was kind of At my 10K pace so kind of 630 640 minute Mile Pace did a treadmill run fast and That's really my way of trying to get Sensive am I going to be okay in terms

Of fit in terms of all those kind of Things before I go out on the road and Do some longer time in it now what I Would say the thing that really stood Out for me on that first run was it felt Nice to run at that pace ultimately First and foremost I think what really Shines for me and I think in the in ding Range in general is that kind of speed Rail geometry which really quickly gets You onto your toes and makes you feel Like you want to run faster than it's Shooting it it's assistance but it's you Know you still got to put the work in to Get that really good feeling out of There from that point of view it felt Very good um now obviously the mids Soole there's a big change there you've Got that power run PB which you had in Endorphin Pro 3 but you're also getting That power run HG which in the Endorphin Lee I found a little on its own I found A little on the aggressive side in terms Of of its application in that shoe I do Feel like maybe that was a little bit of A contributor to me getting injured I Just the aggressive side of it just was A little too much for me it was clearly Is a good shoe but I think in the Endorphin Pro three I think there's a Good mix here I think you're still Getting that kind of nice bounce here From the power on PB I think also and I Don't really talk about the sock liner

You can really feel like you're sinking You're getting some Bounce from that Sock lineer as well too which I think Really helps where you are getting a Firmer Edge from the power run HG I Think particularly in the kind of front Of this shoe where you're kind of Getting you dropping down that softer Kind of bounce your power on PB and You're getting something a little bit More firmer not overly firm but fir in There to give you that kind of nice Responsive feel as well too I think Maybe it I don't know I'm not 100% Convinc and obviously only a couple of Runs in but I feel maybe it's lost a Little bit of that kind of rocker feel And I don't know if that comes from a Kind of more denser kind of more volume In this shoe that I'm feeling I know I Say I'm not 100% sure but that's kind of What I'm feeling now I did that longer Run that was a kind of 180 mile marathon Training run and it was kind of a 8 Minute mile kind of average Bas I drop Down to kind of 730 740 minute mile pace Which is closer to what I'm aiming to be Um kind of when when I do London Marathon what I found in this year you Really can Coast in it and I think That's a really important thing and That's the thing that really start out For me that long run when I was running At that slightly kind of quicker Pace

More Marathon level kind of pace for me I felt like I was coasting in this shoe It's nice and stable so that speedroll Geometry works really nicely and I felt Like you're still getting that power on BB kind of kind of bounce that you know To make sure that ride is enjoyable but Then you're getting that firmer Edge Particularly I think up front in this Shoe as I said I I don't know I feel Like maybe there maybe has lost a little Bit of the enjoyment for me that I got From the Dophin Pro three I didn't think There was massive amounts wrong with the The ride and experience of the pro three But this feels like maybe it is going to Be a bit more supportive in terms of Like easing off in your pace um in a Marathon where I think you know from That point of view it's going to make it More accessible I did say that in the The upper side of things it feels a Little bit more like the Dophin speed to Me I do think there's Hallmarks of it in The ride and the experience of running In this shoe where I think you can do a Lot of training in this shoe you can Also race in it and you get that feeling You want when you're running those Faster Paces but I think when you ease Off there isn't a shoe here that's going To fight against you to do that you know Is still going to want to push you Forward but it isn't going to feel too

Overly aggressive on that side so so Outside wise I've gone kind of over 20 Miles in this year now the design is Pretty similar to the indulin pro three Which I think the outside was very good Good on the pro three and I think it Gave it that ability to run you know do You racing as well longer distance but Also do a lot of your daily training Kind of stuff or quicker stuff in that Shoot as well too now yeah I'm not Seeing any kind of where whatsoever yet After those kind of 20 or so Miles an Issue the design is very similar I think The level of rubber is very similar in Terms of what you got on the Endorphin Pro 3 and I said I think the you may be Getting a little bit less in terms of That design but I think you know in Terms of the areas that it's protecting Or giving that durability and that grip It's similar I've been kind of in dry Conditions you know on a treadmill on Road and Pavements and it's been Absolutely fine from a you know traction And gripping point of view haven't had Any issues in terms of cornering in this Shoe either so from an outside point of View I would say not massive amount to Report so far it feels very similar to The proy which I feel like they didn't Have to change much on the outso front On that shoe to be honest I've had two Good runs I say I'm a massive fan the

IND Dophin Pro 3 I didn't think there Was a massive amount wrong with it and It's a sh I've continued to use and I Would happily race in I think the the Pro four um makes some changes I think Makes it still a good shoe but a Different shoe for me and I do still Think it's a shoe you can run quick in You can you can Cruise in as well too And I say in that long run when I was Running kind of a little bit slower in Places but also at my kind of marathon Or intended marathon pace it felt good To do that and I was kind of eating up That quick a time without really Realizing it I think that's a good Hallmark and a good sign of a good kind Of marathon long distant shoe so two Good runs um I would say very different From the proy I'll get more into that my Initial verdict but definitely a good Run and I I can see the IND Dophin Pro For still appealing to people maybe Slightly different people but uh yeah I'll get more to that in the initial Verdict so this week I've run in both The speed and the pro they Are strikingly similar aren't they in The in in the look there and there's a Lot of key details that are quite Similar in the design um I don't know How Runners are gonna feel about this You know are you gonna be annoyed that You're getting mistaken one for the

Other but on the feet they do feel quite Different so um like with the speed There's this the the heel um there's a Lot more width in that heel than we had In the in the Pro three um didn't find It quite as Um noticeable running out in the Pro as I did in the speed this week um from the Off I found it a really nice smooth ride Um maybe slightly less bouncy than the Three but I really enjoyed my warmup Mile um I did six miles with four times One mile at what was supposed to be half Marathan pace but ended up being a bit Faster and that first mile as I was Warming up really was really nice and Dreamy it felt nice and fluid and smooth That speed Roll my legs were like turning over Really nice um and I just found that a Real joy to run in in this shoe um as I Picked up the pace uh it was it was Still good um but I do feel like I Enjoyed it more at that cruy kind kind Of closer to marathon pace than I did When I was um pushing the pace obviously Um some of that might have been because I was finding it hard work yeah I do Think for me it would be a Nice race shoe over longer Distances however Um I in the three did have issues with Um well I did run it running it for a Long run it being quite aggressive and

And for me personally a bit Uncomfortable for those end of the races Now let's think that I'm somebody that's Going to be running a marathon I'm going To be out there an hour longer than Someone like Nick so I will always go Towards Comfort rather than absolute Speed and I Think there may have been a move in this Shoe that switches it more towards what I want from a shoe um so maybe it felt a Little bit less Aggressive obviously I was I was only Going up to 6 miles today but it did Feel a bit less aggressive and there a Bit more comfortable for what I like in A Shoe okay so some initial thoughts on The sakon Endorphin Prof for after a Couple of runs in this shoe now what I Would say is it is it's a good shoe um It's definitely a different shoe from The do Dophin Pro 3 I I think there's a Few ways to look at it I think from a Price point of view it's cheaper than Things like the alphafly it's cheaper Like things like the Haw yellow X1 which I think are very different shoes more Aggressive of you know feeling in terms Of that ride terms experience in terms Of the upper that you're getting on Those shoes as well too this is more Kind of sitting at the price range of Things like new BS SC Elite V4 which I

Think I think I've had a nicer Experience in this Sho so far in terms Of my longer runs in terms of that Shorter sharper stuff I do think this is Issue that is designed for marathons and Long distances and I do think it is one That you can cruise and Coast in and Feel comfortable to do those kind of Longer runs if you want to run a bit Quicker absolutely I mean that's what It's designed it's designed to run fast But I think it feels maybe it's going to Be a bit more accommodating to a lot More people than the Endorphin Pro three Which to be honest I still suggest to People and still think it's a really Accessible uh Marathon shoe and racing Shoe as I said I've just feel like this Different in Dophin Pro shoe and it Feels closer to me than the to the Experience I've had with endorphin speed Range which I think for a lot of people That's going to be a good thing I just Think you know I've still got a lot of Love for the Endorphin Pro three I still Think it's a fantastic shoe I don't have Problems with the upper the fit the ride Those things were not issues for me and I just think with the Endorphin profile So far I'm feeling like it's a different Shoe you might like if you know if you Like the Endorphin Pro three but wanted Something with uh maybe more OD ating Upper maybe something that has slightly

More firmer Edge to it in terms of the Ride you're getting that bounce still From the power on PB but I think Maybe is it as Lively I'm I'm not I'm on The fence with that at the moment after Those couple of runs but I do think it Is a good shoe um and it's it's one that I you know it's felt comfortable to run In it's kind of quicker time that kind Of longer time on my feet as well it's Just whether you know is it Is it a better shoe than the Pro 3 I Just think it's a different shoe um I'm A bit indecisive about this one at the Moment I have really liked it those Couple of runs but I I'm thinking about My time inding Pro three and is it um is It better I think it's just yeah as I Said I feel like it's different at the Moment for me but I think there's going To be a lot of people that this shoe is Going to appeal to particularly when you See it's a marathon shoe Super Shoe at a More affordable price than some of the Other super still massively expensive But you may be going to get something That you can racing still do daily Training miles in have a an outside That's going to give you that level of Durability to do that as well too for a Little bit less money than those really Top tier Super Shoes so initial verdict From me is that I'm quite excited to go Out some more in this shoe um given that

I thought that this might not be a shoe That was suited to me based on how I got On with the pro three I feel like maybe Sone have gone have have made this a Little bit more accessible as a shoe in The in the four version to accommodate People like me that maybe are after a Little bit less um aggression from their From their racing shoe to sue over that Longer distance so the the three it was It was fast it was very fast as a shoe I Think this one to my first test feels a Little bit less fast a little bit more Accessible and a little bit more Comfortable so that from a selfish point Of view brilliant early ver this looks Like a nice little update for the Endorphin Pro Line I use the Endorphin Pro 3 a lot and I found that over time As much as I liked it I think it Softened up slightly a little bit and I Lost a little bit of the response and Speed from it over time I wonder if the New HG Pham you have in the mid here Will change that make sure it stays a Bit more resilient and give you that Better fast feeling deep into runs and Also over the lifespan of the shoe but It does still retain a lot of the key Characteristics of the Endorphin Pro 3 It's got a similar Feel On The Run and It's got that commoda feel too that Means it's a shoe that I think a lot of Runners will find quite a natural ride

For a carbon plate Super Shoe like this While still being very fast and it's one That you can use actually for a nice Variety of runs as well because it isn't So soft and wobbly and doesn't dictate The way you move so much as some of the Other more aggressive carbon shoes out There it's got a really nice feel to it That actually is still very fast and Great for workouts and races but I think We'll work aot of people very well that And that I think differs a little bit to The Endorphin Elite which you know I Thought was a really fast shoe but the One that didn't really work with my gate I found it a bit harsh bit uncomfortable Under the forefoot for when using for Faster long runs and long efforts and This is a a much more you welcoming shoe And one that I think will probably work A little bit better for me obviously Loads of competition in this area we'll Get to some head-to-head verdicts and Stuff like that in the full review but For now my early impressions are that s Has made a nice little update to the Endorfin pro line here with the shoe and Mostly kept the price the same which I Think is a plus obviously it's gone up In the UK a little bit but that's Happening to us in the UK with every Brand that we're getting really you know Hit hard on that but in the US you've Got that relatively low price deck for a

Carbon shoot at this point and that's Probably because suy wants to keep the Range a bit separate with the Endorphin Elite at that really high price point so Yeah enjoyed first run in the Endor from Pro 4 so for my initial verdict a big Caveat here is after one run an hour and About 7 miles so I don't really feel Like I want to give a sort of full Verdict this isn't the full review so Don't make a decision on whether or you Going to buy them based on this but it's So far after those miles it's definitely A like not love for me in terms of these Shoes really enjoyed the way they feel On the foot nice they're light you know They do feel comfortable they do help With the clip along but I would sort of Question whether or not I put them up There in terms of those kind of Super Shoes they just didn't really feel like They were giving me that energy compared To some other shoes that feel either Like a hooker rocket X2 which just feels A bit more direct a bit more racy a bit More Punchy a bit more of the old school Vapor Vibe where you've got to be up on Your toes and you've got to be it's Encouraging you to move FAS in clip this Feels like it's quite a big platform of Of a lot of cushion and you know some Shoes when they get that big sort of Platform of cushion then you get the big Bounce and the kick from the cushioning

I wasn't really getting that either here What I got was like a nice cushioned Energetic comfortable run but one that Didn't really fill me with kind of that Joy and that bounciness that you might Get from like a strung X2 or an alphafly 3 or those kind of shoes or an alphafly 2 so I should say I haven't run in the Three and so at the moment I feel the Shoe might be falling between two camps I do think a lot of people going enjoy Running in it though but is it in a Super shoe bracket I Maybe not maybe as A sort of long distance faster trainer Perhaps that's where I would put it but That's off the first run going to give It some more and we'll come back with The verdict in the Review that's our first look at the Endorphin Pro 4 let us know what you Think of the shoe if you've been testing It yourself we will get to our full Review in due time when all of us have Had a chance to test it it's going to be A big multi tester so it might take a Couple of weeks but yeah we'll get that Up as soon as we can like sub subscribe Ring the little bell and you'll get Notified when we do launch that Video