The Saucony Kinvara Pro and Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 are both plated shoes designed to handle a wide range of runs. They both use Saucony’s PWRRUN PB foam and Speedroll rocker, but deliver very different experiences on the run. In this video Tom, Kieran and Nick run through the pros and cons of each shoe, and say which they prefer.

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Foreign Testers my name's Nick in this video We're going to be comparing the soccer League envira Pro and the soccer league Endorphin speed 3. So Speed 3 and canvaro pro are both Plated shoes within something's lineup They're geared more towards training and Sit beneath things like the Endorphin Elite and endorphin Pro 3 racing shoots Within soccer news lineup but although They have quite a lot of similarities on Paper they are very different shoes and Geared towards different purposes so he Thought it was worth comparing them to Try and explain what we think those Purposes are Speed 3 is a cheaper shoe It costs 165 pounds or 170 dollars Whereas the Enviro Pro is 200 pounds or 180 Speed 3 is lighter it's 240 grams or 8.5 ounces in my UK size 9 whereas the Canvaro pro is 303 grams or 10.7 ounces In the same size they both have an eight Millimeter drop but they can buy a pro Stack height is 42 millimeters of the Heel and 34 of the forefoot whereas the Speed three is a little bit lower at 36 At the heel and 28 millimeters at the Forefoot so they've both got the speed Roll rocker geometry from Saucony and They both use the brand Piva based power Run uh PB foam but there are a lot of Differences like I say between them b3's Been around a while now as the training

Partner shoe to the Endorphin in Pro It's got a lightweight mesh upper above A full power on PB midsole through which Runs a nylon plate with a little Winglets on the side to create some Stability and like I say it has so many Speed roll geometry got a rubber outsole With fairly limited coverage but all the Key impact areas are covered there Fair Bit of exposed foam in the middle but We've not seen any problems with Durability with this shoe the canvara Pro has a slightly more built up upper Than the speed 3 a bit more padding Around the heel and a lot more structure At the heel in terms of a big internal Heel counter that helps to create Stability with that higher stack you've Got a dual density midsole the top layer Is power run PB and then the bottom Layer is something's power run foam it Also has a power run plus insole so you Have a lot of different types of power On going on in the shoe the power on PV Is the best stuff the bounciest the Lightest foam then you've got the firmer More stable power on foam on the bottom Of the shoe for the middle of the shoe Runs a three-quarter length carbon plate And like I said it's got that speed roll Geometry it doesn't have an outsole the Canvara pro it just has that power run Foam mold is to make sure you get a good Enough grip but there's no actual rubber

There on the outsole so is also a really Wide shoe which again helps with Stability the Speed 3 has been widened Compared to previous versions of the Shoe to help with stability but it is a Nimbler thinner shoe than the Enviro Pro Still Foreign Pro I am a size 8 UK this is a size 8 Shoe in the UK and it fits perfectly for Me there's plenty of room in the Forefoot Um I definitely want the size up or down In the shoe uh it felt fine for me Um and no issues at all the soccer Endorph in Speed 3 uh again size eight I'm a size eight um in the UK uh it's Fired everyone's size up or down in the Shoe but I would say that if you're used To using the soccer endorphin Speed 2 It's a little bit more forgiving than That so it does feel like there's a bit More space in the top of the shoe and Some people have mentioned that there's Probably been a little bit too much Space and doesn't feel as secure as You'd like it but for me it feels fine No it is at all so fit then I ran a UK Eight and a half in both of these shoes And I think I would go true to size in Both and that's what I'd recommend I Think they've both got plenty of room Lengthwise in the toe box if anything I'm going to draw distinctions on the

Fit I would say that the canvaro pro Feel a little bit more snug a little bit More structured there's a little bit Less room in that toe box a bit more Wiggle room in the speed three so if You've got kind of wider feet there's a Bit more Flex in the uppers and just a Bit more room in general I think the Particularly across the top of the toes The upper's flex better in the speed Three than in the canvara Pro though I Would go true to size I haven't had any Problems with each of them just a bit More snug in the canvaro Pro overall I Would say some a bit of the two shoes I Am happy in my normal size with both Shoes these are both uk9s which equates To us tens with Saucony and I've got the Right amount of room in the toe box do Have some problems with heel slippage on The Endorphin Speed 3 which like I said It's quite a wide shoe and my narrow Foot seems to struggle with it a bit you Can see how tight I pulled the laces There Hill lock in the shoe does help With the heel rub in German's got quite A wide fit I actually prefer the fit of The canvara pro which even though it is A big wide shoe itself the upper seems a Bit more dialed into me and I find I can Get a more secure fit with it overall I Would say that go with your normal on Issue size with both of these shoes Especially because on length they're

Spot on for me Thank you So I've just done the side by side Mile In the canvaro Pro and the speed three I've got one on each foot now the big Difference that you can feel here I Think upper's slightly More Hugging a Little bit less room overall but the Major difference here is in the ride and How they feel the minute you put them on The foot you could really feel that Kinvara Pro High stack which kind of Sits a big volume of foam under the foot The speed three by comparison feel much Lower to the ground they feel flatter to The ground there's much more connection To the ground than you're gonna get with The converter Pro now what's really Interesting is as you run in them I Think you feel the plate and the foam Connecting and working to much better Effect than in the Speed 3 than you do In the canvara Pro as I'm running around Here I'm really kind of reaching to see Where that play is it's not really Engaging and all I'm getting is what is Sort of oh I don't know it's quite a Squishy quite a soft quite a sluggish Response basically from the kinvara pro Which just feel bigger more voluminous And just softer and a bit more squishy And to me it's just a bit more labored Overall because of that whereas the Speed three you know the things that we

Really loved about them is they gave a Lot cushion and protection but they were Light and they were Nimble they were Agile but they were kind of Punchy as Well you know they really worked when You're up the pace and they gave Something back that really helped with That you felt like this is a shoe that You could go happy cruising in but when You wanted to take it up they would work Really well as well the canvaro pro it's A really mixed kind of bag it's such a Weird one to position they just don't Feel quite as Punchy you don't get quite That kind of roll through I don't think The speed roll Geometry of that speed roll kind of System is as pronounced either in the Canvara Pro and as a result yes you're Getting more cushion yes you're getting More protection I don't think the way I Run you get more bounce and more kind of Forward propulsion or any of the kind of Efficiency saving I think I'm working a Little bit harder overall to make these Shoes tick over now there are other Traders to having that Hulk and great Stack of foam which is I also think that They're slight they feel heavier on the Foot and they're not as stable I don't Think as the Endorphin speed three I Think particularly around the heel area I get a little bit of a wobble out which I don't get on the speed three which is

You know I think just nice and stable And does a great job for me And overall you know I'm a big fan of The speed three I ran a long way in the Along the Danube 1800 miles in total and They did a phenomenal job across a range Of paces and they're a favorite of mine I thought the kinvara pro might step up And do something a bit different and Kind of replace them you know when you See a big stack of foam you think I'm Gonna get a plate with that you think it Actually this is this going to be nice And spring and bouncy and give you the Efficiency gains but overall it just Hasn't really offered that and I know Some of the other run testers have Really really not gotten on with the Converter Pro for me it's still a bit of A mix but I can't quite work out whether I like it or I don't I'm sort of Somewhere in the middle I don't like the Price I know that much I'm not sure if It's bringing anything new over the Speed but more on that in the verdict so On the contest the speed threes issue We've had for a while and it's just a Great shoe it continues the Endorphin Speed fine Heritage of being an Incredible all-rounder it really is Great for pretty much everything it's Very powerful I've gone down to very Slow recovery Paces in this shoe and Enjoyed it and also gone up to race pace

And done speed sessions at the tracking It and it does all of those things Really very well it's got a lightweight Poppy ride it's not exceptionally Squishy and bouncy even though it's got The pure Foams there it's more a very Smooth shoe and a nice bit of punch off The plate and it just feels great on Every kind of run it's really fast Really Nimble but nice and comfortable Like I say outsole can be a little bit Slick at times but it's never been a Huge problem for me even when running in Pouring rain it's just not as good as Some of the other options on the market Cavara Pro contrast is a really big shoe It's a very noticeably large shoe you've Got a little bit of The Rocker there but It's hard to notice that and I also find It harder to notice the plate with the Shoe like I've taken it down to some Fast Paces it's like mid 330 package That kind of thing and although it feels Okay it doesn't really feel that bouncy It's got a much duller feeling underfoot From the combination of the Foams and I Just don't really feel like I'm getting A lot from the plate in the shoe or this Size kind of canceling it out for me and Just yeah I struggle to feel it with all This foam underfoot it's a lot less Grounded than the Endorphin Speed 3 Which has got a pretty high stack itself But it certainly feels a lot more

Natural on the foot in a way it is a Comfortable shoe is stable but it's it's Pretty soft it's not exceptionally soft I say that it's like it's not overly Soft which is a good thing but at the Same time it's not very soft which is a Little bit of a bad thing it's not very Comfortable I think it's okay I've got No problem going out and cruising long Runs in this shoe but it's not sure I Really look forward to putting on or Really feel like it's exceptionally Comfortable at the same time I don't Really think it adds a lot of punch to Any kind of fast runs you're going to do That never felt that versatile to me I'll put it that way like it's a shoe That I found okay for rolling around Easy runs it does have a bit of a rocker There and that rocker is noticeable at PACE as well there's no issue I felt Very comfortable pushing too fast-paced Zoom just because of the size and I say The slightly dull feeling on the foot From the mixer Foams you had here say on Easy runs it's probably a touch more Stable than the Endorphin Speed 3 Especially at the heel as a heel Striker I haven't had a big problem with Stability in the endorphins P3 myself I Know that some others do in which case I Think you are going to get a slightly More stable experience from the Converter Pro if you're a heel Striker

That comes at a big cost in terms of Other things so this is a pretty easy uh Versus for us to do um the soccer league Environment Pro is a shoe that has sort Of came out of nowhere and I'm not Really sure what it's for I've done About 40K in the canvara Pro so far Um and I'm not really sure what the shoe Is designed for it's a very clunky shoe There's a lot of shoe there but unlike Something like the fuel cell SC Trainer And trainer V2 where You do have a lot shoe there but there's Also a lot of bounds a lot of cushioning A lot of springiness there's none of That in the Saucony canvara Pro it just Feels very big cumbersome clog like Um dense and I don't really get any Bounds from it I don't really feel like There's any softness or Um impact minimization anything like That I just don't get anything from the Socrates converter Pro I've done easy Runs in this and I didn't really find it Was a nice shoe for an easy run it felt Like it would slow me down even more as I was running Um just because there was no nice Turnover in it and I then definitely Didn't feel anything from the foam the Dual density foam all the plate in it as Well so didn't really get anything on Easy runs from it just felt like it was Just making life a bit harder for me I

Also raced in this year I did the Brighton Phoenix 10K in it last week Um I wasn't running my full Pace because I'm just coming off injury but I I was Picking up or trying to pick up the pace In the shoe and it really didn't want to Do it it just there's not a nice Turnover in the shoe for running it at Speed it just feels like you're carrying A really heavy thing on your foot and it That really firm midsole just deadens it When you land it doesn't really give you Any sort of responsiveness Um at all when you're trying to pick up Speeding it so I haven't really got on Very well with the sockony canvaro pro Um I'll keep using it to see if it gets A little bit softer as I use it but at 40K you kind of hope that you would Notice some benefits from it so it still Feels almost new to me really really Hard Um the solid office B3 is one of our Favorite daily trainers Um for the past year or so and included Further including the older versions of It and it is fantastic it's still Probably the best up there with Hawker Mach 5 as a really versatile shoe you Can do easy runs in this you can do Daily training sessions you can race in It it's just fantastic it really hasn't Been beaten yet the only thing that's Come close and in some ways does beat it

Because it hasn't got played it's a bit More natural is the Hulk 5. Um but really if you want that that Feeling of a super daily shoe that can Do it all you might be the sort of Person who just wants to buy one pair of Trainers to do everything from your easy Runs all the way up to race day it can Do that it's fantastic it's really Really versatile Um so it's it's still one of the best Out there if not the best and I still Love running in this shoe Foreign On these two shoes is probably pretty Easy to guess the something endorphin Speed 3 is still one of if not the best Daily versatile trainer out there it's Fast it's bouncy it's responsive it's Cushioned enough it's got everything you Need from a shoot do it all shoe if you Had to get one shoe and you wanted it to Do everything you couldn't buy any more Shoes speed would be right up there Um it's just really comfortable and Great and yeah it's Um very few shoes come close to it so I Can Vara Pro is not a versatile daily Trainer I'm not entirely sure what the Benefit is of this shoe it seems like a Strange one it's definitely nothing like The canvara Um but the only thing I can think of is That it is because it's quite dense and

There's a lot of midsole foam in there It feels quite stable uh it might be That if you're heavier running you might Get the benefits from it that I'm not Getting because I'm quite light but Really it's just not not giving me Anything back so for the price in the UK This is 200 pounds uh the soccer Endorphins speed is significantly less Than that Um it's just a no-brainer I would just Always go for the soccer league Endorphin speed 3. so both of these Shoes are built to be plated versatile Trainers that you could also race in I'd Say but they do it in different ways I Think they probably have quite different Runners in mind I'm much more of an Endorphin Speed 3 Runner myself I like How light and Nimble it feels it still Feels very comfortable to me it's stable Enough for me for easy runs very relaxed Runs and then it's a lot lighter and Faster than the converter Pro when it Comes to the speed sessions or races you Might want to do in it I find I do Notice the Bounce from the plate in the Shoe and the more pop you get from the Foams in it compared to the Enviro Pro And just all around I think I enjoy a Lot more on any kind of run however That's probably not gonna be the case For everyone I guess which is why the Canvaro pro exists I think if you're

Someone who does find endorphin speed a Bit unstable or not protective enough The envira pro it doesn't really do a Good job of being the speed three but More cushioned I think it's a different Shoe entirely but it is a more stable Robust shoe on underfoot and it's Probably a more comfortable shoe in that Vein as well because it does have the Extra foam on the foot but I don't know It loses a lot of speed for me there is A rocker there is a plate there but Those really don't come across in the Same way as on the speed three this Feels a lot more like a generic cushion Shoe and that's the other problem I Probably have with the Kombat Pro is That it's really expensive I don't think You can get cushioned shoes that do a Very similar job to this for a lot less And they're just more normal shoes Whereas the speed three is expensive but It lives up to its price tag it does an Awful lot there's not a lot of shoes Like this on the market and it you know It is a super trainer that really feels Like a super trainer enviropro feels More like a traditional shoe to me and I'd certainly go for the speed three Myself I think it's a fantastic shoe the Envira pro is just an okay shoe and it's Got the price tag of a fantastic shoe my Verdict on this head-to-head then I've You know I'm kind of biased I love the

Speed three it was a long favorite I Managed to break a world record in them So it's going to take a good shoe to Dislodge them as one of my kind of Favorites but the kivara pro had a lot I Think on paper that saw suggested they Might fact is I don't think they quite Do it for me the Speed 3 still offers The best versatility it's good at easy Paces it can really cope I think when You get faster and it will do lots and Lots of workouts this is one shoe if you Can only ever have one shoe in a Rotation this shoe would do a lot of What you needed to do I think you can do Training up to racing in it and it works An absolute treat it's lighter it's more Agile I think it's more stable I feel More racy in it I can rock back and go Slow in it the canvara pro I just feel Like if they're a little bit sluggish They're a little bit ponderous there's Not quite the energy there's more weight In them I do feel they also feel a bit More constrictive overall so if you like That kind of fit though that might be a Thing for you the only place that I can See really for the canvaro Pro 3 for me Is if you want something that's got Quite a big high stack a protective Cushioning and all-round kind of Plushness for Long Easy cruising miles Then I think this has a place Potentially there are other shoes out

There though I think do that probably Just as well for for a lower price but To put that into context I'm genuinely Thinking about the converter Pro versus The Speed 3 for my upcoming 100 mile Ultra around the Berlin Wall in about Two weeks time I still haven't decided On which shoe I'm going to use I know The Speed 3 can do a job for me I think The Enviro Pro might offer just a little Bit more protection later into those Miles and that's the kind of thing that I think they might be able to do a good Job for For anything shorter than that distance Though I just think there are better Shoes out there and if I'm picking one Out of these two it's got to be the Speed three not least because you can Get them for a very very good price and They do pretty much everything you need Them to do [Music] So that's our comparison of the talking Camera Pro and Speed 3 shoes hopefully That makes it a little bit clearer how They sit with him sucking his lineup Please do let us know in the comments Below what you think of them and do like And subscribe ring the little bell and We'll see you next time