To the racer carbon plated endorphin Pro 3 the soccer endorphin Speed 3 is a Standout all-rounder that offers speed And comfort by the bucket load there's a Winged nylon plate to add some extra Spring to the big stack of responsive High energy power on PB foam you also Get Saucony speed roll midsole Tech a Sort of curved rocker shaping that helps With smoother Heel To Toe transition at 237 grams they're light and agile and Great for conquering training miles at Most Paces they'll happily handle some Races too and they're a great option for Road Ultras up top breathable and Flexible mesh uppers hold the foot Without restricting your wiggle room Vibration rubber zones on the outsole Deliver reliable traction even when You're taking tight Corners at top Speeds it also boosts that all-important Big mileage durability overall the Speed 3 offers balanced cushioning and a Punchy response that excels during Faster training miles but provides Extra Protection when fatigue kicks in this is A great value versatile