Hey people, welcome to The Run Testers. We’ve done the test miles and now it’s time for us to deliver our verdict on the Saucony Endorphin Speed 4. If you’re a regular Run Testers viewer, you’ll know we’re fans of the Endorphin Speed 3. So we had high hopes – and a bit of anxiety – about what the Speed 4 upgrade would bring. The Speed 4 is built for racing and speedy runs. There are a few important changes here, a tweaked winged nylon plate =that sits a little lower in the midsole and some modified uppers. But much of the DNA of the Speed 3 has been retained. So the big question: is this an upgrade that you just have to have? Or can you get away with buying the Endorphin Speed 3 on a cut-price deal? Hit play to find out in our Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 review.


0:00 – Intro
0:49 – Details: Price, Stack Height, Drop
1:38 – Shoe Whip Round
3:12 – Fit
5:22 – The Run Test
13:32 – Verdict

Hey people welcome to the Run testers Now we've done our test miles and it's Now time for us to deliver our verdict On the sakon Endorphin speed 4 if you Were a regular run testers viewer you'll Know that we were big fans of the Endorphin Speed 3 and I liked it so much That I used it to run across Europe so We had high hopes and a little bit of Anxiety about what the speed 4 upgrade Would bring now if you don't know the Speed 4 just like the Speed 3 is built For racing and Speedy runs there are a Few important changes here a tweak Winged nylon plate that sits a little Lower in the midsole some modified Uppers a few other bits and pieces but Much of the DNA of the Speed 3 has been Retained so the big question is this an Upgrade that you just have to have or Can you get away with buying the Speed 3 On a cut price deal well in this video We're about to tell you let's crack into Our review of the sakon Endorphin speed 4 first up some quick details then and The Endorphin speed 4 stack height stays The same with 36 Ms in the hill 28 Ms in The four for an 8 mil drop it weighs in At 8.6 Oz or 245 G in my UK 8 1/2 test Shoe size that's ever so slightly Heavier than the speed 3 but we are Talking a few grams here and that puts It among the lightest daily trainers Going it's lighter than the Triumph 21

But slightly heavier than a Mac 5 a Hoka Mac 5 that is then on price the Endorphin speed 4 comes in at £180 or $170 in the US again we're seeing price Hikes here in the UK and this is5 more Expensive than the speed 3 was here but The cost stays the same in the US so uh Lucky [Music] You let's give you a quick whip round Then in the Mido keeps a decent size Stack of power run PB pack super foam There's a re-engineered winged nylon Plate in here to provide some stability Rigidity and 4ot flexibility to that Midsole foam and the shoe retains sakon Speedroll geometry with a decent rocker Shaping that looks to be the same here As the speed3 in terms of that overall Shape inside the shoe you've got what Socony calls a super responsive sock Liner to add some extra bounce to each Stride and a bit more Comfort up top You've got zonal mesh it's about the Same structure and sort of density as The Speed 3 and on the whole it's a Light Airy perforated design little bit Thicker maybe the heel collar now also Add a touch more padding not a huge Amount but there just a little bit more That goes a bit deeper into the shoe It's still sort of medium padded overall The thin wrapping tongues of the Speed 3 That were a bit racy have been swapped

For a slightly thicker padded tongues Though these tongues seem a bit more Flimsy you still got the gussets here Too to to hold them in but yeah there There's a bit of a change there on the Tongues if you flip them over you've got An updated outs soole design here now You've got one large lattice design Section that's covering up the whole 4ot Here holds a bit more protection a bit More grip across the front of the foot Into the heel you've got two sections Now on the heels now these seem to cover More of the key impact zones than they Did on the speed three the speed three Sort of had a habit of sort of scuffing On the outer edges here and there's more Rubber now to boost the protection there So hopefully that will fix that Problem so the fit for me in the Endorphin speed 4 uh I'm a size8 in the UK this is a size eight I have found to Be a very comfortable shoe uh but what I Have noticed about it is that the upper Is a little bit more restrictive than The the three um and that is actually Good thing for a lot of people because The three actually had a few issues Whereby people found that it was Actually too roomy and it was hard to Get a nice lock down fit in it uh not a Lot of people have that issue with the Uh s endorphin Speed 2 I think this is More like the S endorphin Speed 2 fit so

That's a big um plus point for a lot of People other than that I found it to be Very comfortable there's plenty of Padding but it's fairly lean the padding On it but it's well placed um and the Upper it feels very light and Comfortable um I really like this new Tongue section on it um it really PS Nicely against the the foot it's quite a Novel novel tongue um and I've not Really seen many like it it's just very Comfortable and straps the foot quite Nicely so I would yeah I'd stick to my Size in this shoe now I ran in my Regular sakon running shoe size which is A uk8 and a half and I found the fit to Be bang on it might be that the setup Suits my feet but I find sakon has been Nailing fit recently the ride 17 the Guide 17 and the speed 4 all feel Unfussy natural and I find kind of Instantly comfortable and disappearing On the foot for me I get good hold in All the key areas the heel the midfoot Lock down there's good R and flex into The toe box of the speed 4 as well and Overall I'd say the fit offers like a Reliable security without restriction And I would recommend going true to size So the fit for me was good in my normal Run issue size with the Endorphin speed Four I've got enough room in the toe box No concerns at all there whether on Long Run short runs anything like that got

Enough room good hold around the midfoot And a better hold around the heel with The new shoe than I had with the Endorphin speed three I found that shoe Was a little bit too wide for me in General I was swimming around a little Bit and had some heel rub if I didn't Heel lock the shoe I thought I was going To have the same with this shoe after my First run but actually I haven't Bothered to heel lock it I've used it For a couple more long runs and I've had No problems at all with heel rub so I Think it's narrowed up a little bit at The back of the shoe compared to Previous versions but you still got Enough space in the midfoot it was very Good for me I would stick to your normal Running shoe Size now in testing I've covered more Than 60 miles in the s indor speed four That includes 90minut efforts at the top End of my easy Pace I've done half Marathon pace training runs with some Fastest stdes at the end I've done all Out faster than kind of half marathon Pace as well plenty of interval work I've worked this shoe across a range of Paces and on mixed to rain Road and Light off-road as well the good news I Think the speed 4 offers more of the Same as the Speed 3 there's excellent Step in comfort from a shoe that feels Natural and unfussy pretty instantly it

Has that kind of Disappearing feel that Signifies a a good shoe for me and I Found that I wanted to run in this shoe The moment that I put it on it had that Feeling of making me want to get out the Door the ride I think is balanced enough To run at almost any Pace like the speed Three there's a Snappy lightweight Cushioned ease to moving in the speed 4 You're getting a winning mix here of Speed and protection and comfort in one Happy shoe when you get moving there's Plenty of energy from the Mido I find With ample amounts of spring there There's also bucket loads of protection From that proly plus foam that cushions The road without sinking too far the Midsole returns right when you need it To to give it a lively Punchy feel That's how I find anyway the speed 4 Feels a shade softer than Less Direct Than the speed 3 Runners who wanted a Bit more cushioning deeper into long Miles than the speed three maybe offered Might find there's some minor Improvements here too I've done a side By side of these shoes I wouldn't say It's a huge difference but there is some Extra softness one warning though if you Need things super stable there is some Wobble here I find if you're running a Bit ragged but overall when I was Running kind of with good Focus I felt Nicely controlled when you push the pace

They respond well with a light Punchy Controlled response when you drop the Pace down to an easy cruise I think There's an easy softness and protection Under foot that will eat those kind of Heavier miles too now there's another Thing I like is a lightweight Precision Here in each step nothing feels bulky or Cumbersome or baggy or overdone and That's where I think these shoes Definitely have the edge over shoes like The ax Nova blast 4 now when it comes to Grip I ran in some wet conditions with The shoes as well and I found the outso Updates worked nicely there was some Improved traction they struggled a bit With wet drain covers but most shoes Will do and overall when I was sort of Cornering on tight Corners at speed I Found there was a nice control to them Now if there is one thing that I'm not 100% convinced by it's the new style Knitted tongues that they've got they Feel a bit flimsy and unstructured and They feel to me like they might not hold Their shape over the longevity of this Shoe the Speed 3 is No Nonsense lacing Setup has also been swapped for some Stitch style lace tabs in a couple of Points and they also just feel less Robust I'm always a bit worried about Those that you know if you lace too Tight they might break they haven't but It's just a point of concern so I have

Done about 70k in this shoe now I've Been using it exclusively over the Course of a week for all of my runs Because essentially this is what this Shoe is designed for I'm marathon Training at the moment which means that I have lots of easy runs I have some Interval runs and I have long runs so I've been using it for all of those Different runs because that's probably Why a lot of people will buy this shoe Because it can do everything um the Previous versions of the speed I was a Massive fan of um I think uh everybody Knows how popular the speed range has Been uh over the past few years um so I Was expecting more of the same with the Uh speed 4 and it is more of the same It's a very similar shoe to what you Expect from the previous ones which is a Good thing because um you don't really Want to make any major changes to the Speed line um because it is such a Popular line of shoe um the the biggest Changes for me really are it seems a Little bit wider in the back of the shoe For me not massively not that I really Noticed it on the run but it does look Like it's a bit wider there's a slightly Redesigned heel section with the midsole I didn't notice that I'm not a heel Striker it didn't seem to have any Impact on me at all um and it does feel A little bit firmer to me than the speed

Three and as a result I would probably Say that I'd skew a bit more towards the Three than than this one I didn't have a Problem with the fit of the three I Didn't mind the Opera at all um so I I Do like softness in shoes so I think Because the three is a bit softer I did Enjoy that shoe a little bit more but I Would say I do think the shoe feels a Little bit more um poppy uh when I've Been out doing faster runs in it it does Feel like there's definitely a little Bit more in it um and it does feel a Little bit leaner to me uh on the foot So um over those runs I it's much more Of the same if you if you're a fan of The Speed Line you're not going to be Disappointed in this shoe it's very Similar to what you come to expect apart From that slightly different fit um and It's still a fantastic all rounder um Fine for easy runs great for faster Sessions the perfect holiday shoe uh if You were going away and you wanted a Shoe that you could do all of your Training sessions in this is the shoe to Do it and you could even RAC in it as Well um it's still it's still that shoe I think um for me there's probably an Element of it which is uh when the Earlier speeds came out it really was The top dog it was the perfect all Rounder shoe and there weren't many Other shoes that really competed

Obviously the Mac uh is a shoe that um Came close and sometimes we put the Mac Over the speed in previous wards that We've got um I think now there's Actually more shoes that are really Encroaching on what the speed does so It's a tougher game for the speed to Still be uh one of the top dogs um when It comes to to those uh super daily Shoes but it still is up there it's Still probably for me top three um of Those of those types of shoes uh and I Very much enjoy testing it it's still Going to be a firm um it's part of my Rotation for quite a while and Definitely for my marathon training at The moment so I've using indor speed 4 For about 60k of running using it for a Mix of daily training runs as ever it Remains a very versatile shoe I'll say That straight off the bat like all of The previous versions of the Endorphin Speed from the original which I put 500k On right through the Endorphin speed 4 It's been up there as one of the most Vertile if not the most verstile shoes On the market it's kind of shoe you can Go out and do a very relaxed recovery Running as I have done in the shoe the Day after a workout you know a real pla On very tired legs but you can also use It for that workout the previous day or Even racing it because you do have that High amount of Versatility thanks to the

Setup with the p foam in the midsole Here and that nylon plate say I've not Really noticed any kind of loss of speed Or anything like that with this shoe Compared to previous versions you've got The slightly more builtup heel but it Hasn't been a problem for me at all I've Really enjoyed using it for faster runs Did that steady hour for my first run in The shoe which was just over 10 miles in An hour kind of run done in every Generation of the speed and it felt Really good for that you get that nice Roll through from The speedroll Rocker a Little bit of punch from the plate but Nothing too aggressive or unstable or Wobbly or too exciting really you know It's not like a full carbon shoe like The pro where you get that bit more Explosive feeling under fit but you get A nice fast feeling a little bit of Punch from the plate that separates it From really good non-plated shoes things Like the rebel V4 or the Max 6 from Hoka Just get the extra bit of pop and that Really helps when you're holding Paces Over long periods and it's got the Nimble feel that you need for short reps As well so yeah versatility is certainly Still right up there with the Endorphin Speed 4 I almost you get a slightly Snappier feeling with the shoe than the Endorphin Speed 3 but you know it's Really much of a muchness I'd say

Overall in terms of the pace you have Here one area that has been improved is The grip you got slightly better grip From this ltis out soole that I've been Running in wet conditions quite a lot Lately and I did notice a little bit of A boost on that front so minor Improvements I would say would be the Fit and the grip and the ride feels just As good maybe slightly snappier but in General I think the ride's probably Pretty similar maybe just the improved Fit to makes me feel like I've got a bit More punch from it when running at Faster Paces only I have with endorphin Speed 4 probably have a long distances Which I had with the Endorphin Speed 3 As well was I get a little bit of Discomfort under the 4ot from the way I Snap through as a heel Striker if I'm Running fast for a long period doesn't Feel quite as cushioned under that for Foot as other options that have stack Heights that go above 30 mm at the 4 Foot so hit 40 at the heel and then drop To like 32 something like that don't get Quite so much cushioning under the for Of the shoe but there's still plenty There it is still really comfortable for Sure I would be happy running you know All up to Marathon distance in this shoe But I'm just saying you maybe get a Slightly plusher feeling from other Shoes that have other slightly lower

Drops or just more cushion for in General so for me the Endorphin speed 4 Is a good little update on the Endorphin Speed 3 S has kept things mostly the Same I would say which is probably wise Because it is such a popular shoe line You've got that very well balanced Midell setup there's no need to do Anything too drastic with it I think it Continues to be the best most vers hole Allrounder on the market slightly Improved grip slightly improved Fit For Me Maybe a slightly snappier feeling but In general very similar all around with The Endorphin Speed 3 I'd say go and Find the Endorphin speed three in a deal If you can that would be the better Option I'd say if you had real problems With the width of that shoe or got heel R like I did the Endorphin speed 4 has a Slightly better fit I think but for the Most part getting a lot of similar stuff Here with the shoe it's very versatile Great allrounder use a bit of everything Whack it in your rotation as your daily Training your speed shoe or use it as Your only shoe for everything great shoe For racing as well really good Allrounder there are some fantastic Other super trainers out there though These days the speed isn't completely Out on its own anymore like it used to Be the adids Boston 12 is a really good Shoe all round I'd say it's another

Really verstile option maybe not quite As comfortable as the speed for for Relaxed runs but certainly has lots of Pace it's cheaper than the speed and Actually a shoe that pops up in sales Quite a lot so that will give you a bit More value upper is a bit more racy than The one on the speed which also Contributes to it not being as good for Easy runs I think at a speed but the Underfoot feeling is very comfortable And relaxed on easy runs and there Certainly a lot of pace there for faster Runs aex magic Speed Line is really good As well like the magic Speed 3 is a race Issue than the speed I quite like Cruising around it at easy Paces but is Much more geared up for Speed so it's Probably a less vertile shoe than the Endorphin speed but if you're looking For a super trainer for race day in Particular and using Just For Speed Sessions I think the magic speed is a Bit quicker than the speed a bit Narrower a bit nimbler lighter a bit More aggressive so that's another good Option and then there's also the Puma Deviate Nitro line the DV8 Nitro 2 is a Really good allround trainer it's got a Better outside than the speed it's not Quite as fast feeling underfoot for me Doesn't have as good a rocker or Anything like that but it's another Really good allrounder super trainer you

Could look at then you're looking at Non-plated options there are some really Good ones like the ax super blast which Is a bit more expensive but really big Bouncy and comfortable very comfortable Shoe for long runs for sure not quite as Nimble and aggressive as the speed for Fast runs but can do fast runs pretty Well and the hoker Max 6 and then you Balance Rebel V4 on new non-plated shoes This year which I think do a similar job To the speed I think without the plate You lose a little bit of the repulsive Feel that you get from the speed when You're sustaining a pace over an hour Like that steady hour I did in the shoe Is easier to do in a shoe with a plate And a nice rocker like this but the Max 6 and the rebel are both very Lightweight shoes they're good for Speed Work they can do those kind of runs run Is just not quite as easy to do them in A shoe without a plate but they are also Very comfortable fa a bit cheaper than The speedit lighter really good shoes That do similar job without a plate I'd Be highly recommending those if you'd Rather use a non-plated shoe for your Kind of General all round training those Are two really good options but overall I'd give the speed for another solid Tick it's not a major update on the Three I'd look at that in the sale if You can but it is a really good shoe it

Sticks to the principles of the shoe and Remains a very versatile allround option That I think loads of Runners will get On with very well so my addict on the S Dophins speed3 great more of the same Exactly what you'd expect from the Speed 3 minimal changes that are going to make A difference to how you've uh enjoyed The previous speed versions um apart From the fit of the upper uh which is Probably a bit better actually for most People because the three was a little Bit too baggy in in some cases so I Would say that the speed 4 is fantastic Uh allrounder daily shoe really really Verstile more of the same of what you've Expected from previous ones uh and still Well worth picking up if you if you want That sort of versatile daily shoe or if You're looking for just one running shoe That you can do all of your running in From Easy runs all the way up to race Day it's still that shoe and it's still Fantastic at it so definitely worth Picking up for that I haven't T tested The Haw Mac uh six yet so hopefully I'll Get hold of that and see if I prefer That to this uh as well as the New Balance Rebel V4 which I should be Getting soon um but uh without having Those shoes I think it's fantastic and Still one of the top top shoes out there For versatile daily running so my take Then well I think sakon has tweaked a

Winning shoe and largely delivered more Of the same to create another excellent Versatile daily trainer as a genuine Doit all all rounder the speed for Offers a lively cushion ride I think it Feels light full of energy without any Harshness no fussy business going on It's a shoe that feels immediately Natural on the foot and has all the Reliable comfort of like a ride 17 but I Think with a propulsive ride that's more Akin to an endorphin Pro this is a shoe You can rock back and cruise easily in Safe in the knowledge that you're nicely Protected but it's also built to perform When you pick up through the gears and That's where the kind of midsole rocker Nylon plate all kick in to deliver what I think is a really nice energetic and Fun happy ride if someone told me I was Only allowed to buy one shoe to do all Of my training and Racing for a marathon I think this shoe would be very high up That short list so should you buy the Soccer IND dorphin speed for or the Speed 3 well we'll have a detailed Head-to-head on that soon so be sure to Subscribe and ring the bell to find out That lands but the short summary from my Perspective is that I'd say you can buy Either and not be disappointed in the Shoe as a daily trainer but the choice Probably comes down to price rather than Performance right now if you can find a

Good deal on the speed Tre I feel like You're getting pretty much the same ride Give or take a little bit of soft Cushioning which makes it kind of better Value overall now if I was running Across Europe again would I choose the Speed 4 over the speed three on balance I think I'll probably go for the four Even though it's got a bit slightly Snugger fit that little bit of extra Cushioning might be kind of welcome on The 57th consecutive Marathon but both Of these are great shoes and the speed Four you know I really like it so there You have it that's been our review of The new socony endorphin speed 4 I hope You found it useful be sure to hit Subscribe ring the bell to hear when our Speed 4 head-to-head Land If you're Looking for a fast training shoe I'm Going to pop two videos up on the screen Now that you should definitely watch Otherwise it's been a pleas to talk to You about the shoes thanks for watching And we hope to see you again soon on the Run testers happy running everyone