The Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 and Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 are designed to complement one another in a running shoe rotation, with the Pro being a carbon racing shoe and the Speed a plated all-rounder for training. In this video Tom, Kieran and Nick talk through the differences between the two shoes.

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Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 Review:
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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick in this video we're going to be Comparing the sakon Endorphin Pro 4 and The sakon Endorphin speed [Music] For the Endorphin speed and the Endorphin Pro are the two shoes that Have been present in the Endorphin Lineup from the start they're now Superseded by the Endorphin Elite carbon Racing shoe but in terms of their Positioning the Endorphin Pro is a Racing shoe it is a carbon plate racing Shoe within the Endorphin line or the Speed is a fast training partner or kind Of daily trainer allrounder within the Lineup they're priced in line with their Jobs the pro is the more expensive shoe It's 230 or $225 whereas the speed is £180 or $170 the pro is a lighter shoe It's 233 G or 8.2 o in a uk9 whereas the Speed is 255 G or 9 o in the same size They've both got an 8mm drop but the pro Has the higher stack heite of 39.5 mm at The hill and 31.5 at the 4T whereas the Speed is 36 at the Hillel and 28 at the 4ot so there's lots of similarities Between the two shoes and going back Through the generations there were even More similarities but they have diverged A little bit over the past couple of Years and big difference is in the Midsole with the S indor speed you've Not only got that lower stack but you

Have a midsole entirely made from s's Power run PB foam with a winged nylon Plate running through it so it's a p Based foam with a nylon plate there That's designed to have a bit more Stability and be a little less stiff and Harsh than the carbon plate you have in The Endorphin Pro which has a dual Density Mido with a top layer being so Power run HG phone that's the fir P to Your phone you have from the Endorphin Elite and then the bottom layer is power Run PB the same peber stuff that's in The Endorphin speed you've got a full Length carbon plate running through that Both shoes use sakon speedroll rocker to Create a nice flowing ride and they both Have the new SRS sock liner that was Introduced with the fourth generation of The shoes that's a slightly more Comfortable bouncy sock liner material Than you had on previous models both Shoes have a lightweight mesh upper you Have more of a booty style fit on the Tongue of the Endorphin Pro 4 which also Has this Nifty little fold over bit at The top which we're all very big fans of You got a little bit more padding on Around the tongue and collar of the Speed as you'd expect from the slightly More training Focus shoe and in general The Endorphin pro has the lighter more Breathable upper they both have pretty Comfortable breathable uppers all around

I'd say then you've got a similar Lattice rber outsole on both shoes it's A slightly different design to the Previous models of the shoes that's Designed to improve the grip a little Bit you've got pretty sparing coverage At the heel of just those strips good Four foot coverage cutouts on both shoes To reduce the weight so it's a more Extensive deeper cutout on the Endorphin Pro which obviously is aiming to be as Light as possible as the racing Shoe so when it comes to fit I have run In a UK 8 and A2 which is my regular Running shoe size in sakon shoes the Main difference I think between the Speed 4 and the Pro 4 I think the pro Four surprisingly for a carbon racer Which you normally expect to be a little Bit more dialed in a little bit more Snug and hugging they're actually a Little bit less than the speed 4 the Speed 4 feel a little bit more secure I Think there's a little bit less room in The toe boox of the speed 4 it's not Huge but there is a kind of a little bit Tighter across the top of the toes I Think overall there's a bit more room For wiggle and flex in the Pro four but Overall I think the fit on these has Been good I've got good hold I did have To adjust the lacing a little bit on the Pro 4 to make them you know fit right But once I've got that sorted actually

They've held really well across the Midfoot I like the fact there's a bit of Room up front and overall I would Recommend going true to size in both of These shoes Okay so they fit for me in These two shoes the socc Endorphin speed 4 I'm a size8 in the UK this is a size Eight uh I would stay to my size in this Shoe what I would say is if you know About previous speeds um the Speed 3 was A very roomy shoe in comparison to the Uh Speed 2 and some people had issues With that especially if you had narrow Feet you might found that there was just Too much space in the uh upper front of The shoe um in in the Speed 3 uh so it Was quite hard for people to get lock Down F and it felt a little bit unstable For some people um this seems like it's A narrow fit and more like the so Endorphin speed to so if that's a Problem for you you might prefer this Shoe and it's the fit's probably going To be better for you but I would stick To my size in the speed 4 so Dophin Pro 4 pretty much the same really um Definitely say to my size in this shoe I' ran hundreds of miles in the S dfin Pro 3 and it fit me absolutely perfectly Had no issues this feels exactly the Same to that I've not had any real Noticeable differences it the only thing I would say about this shoe is that this Upper in it is a little bit um um how

Would I describe it um it doesn't feel Very reinforced uh so it it does feel Like there's a bit more space in it and It's quite hard to get a lock down fit In this shoe um I wouldn't say it's a Massively roomy shoe I just think this Upper is very flexible and um doesn't Really hold the foot down easily so as a Result you really have to play around With the lacing system um to get a good Lock down fit sometimes I was getting it Too tight sometimes it was just felt a Bit loose so getting it right is a bit Tricky the other thing as well is these Laces have these these stretch laces um And sometimes when I tie them into a bow Um I'd realize that the because of the Extra give in the laces it would Actually have a bit more space in it so Then I have to retie them um but I would Stick to my size because uh once you get That that fit perfect it's fine um and You and it's it's not really an issue Once you work out how to do it but um I Would say to my size in the S Dophin Pro Four comes to the fit of the shoes got The same size in both got the uk9 which Is a US 10 it's the same size I've had Across the generations of both the pro And the speed and it is the right size For me I would say stick to your normal Running shoe size the length of both Shoes is good I find that the Endorphin Speed is a little bit wider in the way

It fits than the pro but unlike the Previous model the Endorphin Speed 3 Which I found a little bit too wide for Me I have quite a narrow foot and I had Some heel slippage with one shoe and Just general a bit too much room it's Been okay with the Endorphin speed 4 I've not heal rub with either shoe I've Been able to just use normal lacing Techniques and I find that the fit is Really good in my normal running Sho Size with Both okay so these two shoes are shoes I'm a big fan of both of these um I'm Pleased to say that I really like the S Norin Pro 4 um I think it's a nice uh Progression from the three I wouldn't Say Improvement because I think the Three has some elements that are Probably more applicable to some people Than the four this new layer of HG foam In the midsole of the pro four I do Think it changes the ride a very little Bit um I think it makes it a little skew A little bit more towards faster running I think there's a little bit more Responsiveness in it um and I do feel Like uh it really comes into its own When you pick up the pace in it um also I feel like when you're going at a Slower Pace I don't think it quite has The um softness and the comfort of the Sock in Pro 3 but only a tiny bit I mean The the difference between them is

Marginal um I haven't run a marathon in These yet so I'll see what that's like When I do Boston uh hopefully I'll be Using this one if um everything goes Well um but what I would generally say Is that it's very similar to the Pro 3 But it just that HG foam does change it Slightly it also has this sock liner in That's designed to be a little bit Bouncier um I I wouldn't it doesn't Necessarily make it softer I just I do Think gives it a little bit more energy Return on the forefoot when you're Picking up the pace um but I didn't Massively notice it in comparison to the Pro 3 the soc endorphin speed 4 very Similar ride to what I've experienced in All the other earlier versions of the Shoe it's very much a daily shoe that Can be do a lot lot of stuff you can run Fast a pace in this you can do Relatively easy miles in it but it's Just a great allrounder that's and it's Very similar to the previous versions of The shoe not any massive differences for Me I would say that the midsole I felt It was a little bit firmer when i' I've Been testing it over the last uh four or Five runs I've done in this uh shoe um But I think that's probably just because It's wearing in um and it's only minimal As well so I don't notice a massive Difference in this shoe at all from um What I've exper in the two and three

Apart from that fit in the upper which Is noticeably different in the in the Speed 3 um so both of these shoes I have Done a variety of runs in um the Pro 4 I Have done um intervals in and I have Done a 21m marathon uh training session Which included um 5 time three uh miles At marathon pace which I didn't succeed In doing because my legs were wrecked um But it was great for that it was it Really comes into say when you pick up The pace Um and it just more so than the S dfin Pro 3 it just feels like it wants to run A little bit faster and once you start Getting onto that for foot you I think That HG foam really kicks in and you can Feel a little bit more pop and a bit More responsiveness from from that foam Um the so 3 3 I've used for intervals um And I've used for longer runs I've used To easier runs it's great it's you can Still do a lot of stuff in it um it's Exactly what you'd expect from the speed Line um and it it's very very versatile Uh running up faster Pace in this feels Really really good um and uh I've yeah I've got no nothing surprising um to to Come back with off the back of the Speed 3 so both of them I've been very Impressed with uh the outsole on these Shoes um it's very similar actually that Has this new ltis uh or waffle design on The outsole have had no issues with it

On either of these shoes they both feel Like they've got a really good uh grip On the ground and I've been running on a Lot of wet Road at the moment so solid Out on them as well so I've done over 50k of running in both of these shoes Over the past couple of months during my Marathon training I've also tested all The past generations of both shoes I've Been a pretty big fan of both shoe lines Uh since the originals came out a few Years back first two generations of the Endorphin speed and pro i' say they were Very similar you had the same stacky Same materials you just have the carbon Plate in the Pro and that just created That stiffer slightly harsher ride I Think it did give it a little bit of an Edge over short distance speed in Particular but actually I think in the First few Generations you can make the Case of the speed was the better issue Uh in general especially for long Distance racing or for most people just Cuz it was a little bit more comfortable While still being nice and Poppy I think Things diverged a bit with the third Generations of the shoes the Endorphin Pro got a higher stack became lighter Bouncier just in general a really proper Carbon racing shoe that had more Comfort Than the previous models whereas the Endorphin speed probably moved a little Bit more the other way where it became

Slightly wider slightly softer around The heel and became a bit more daily Trainer I'd say well while it was still Very versatile I think there was a bit More of a gap between the shoes and you Could really see that he had the daily Trainer and the racer I think that's Continued with the fourth generation of The shoes and actually Gap has widened a Little bit more lot lot that is down to The layer of power on HD foam you have In the Endorphin Pro now which does give It a poppier faster ride especially off The fourth I found like I've used this Some really tough long workouts in Marathon training and I think there's no Bottoming out at all it's really Comfortable for out workouts you still Get that responsive feel especially from The 4 foot uh with that HD foam deep Into workouts I've done a couple of Really long workouts one was I did 10K Uh at my marathon gold pace of 330k park Run and then 8K at marathan Gold Pace Off straight after the park run and just Really feel like you're getting the Support and efficiency benefits of a Full carbon racing shoe with the Endorphin Pro with an extra pop and Punch from that new foam on top there Whereas I thought maybe with the Endorphin Pro 3 at times it would just Lose a little bit of that punch from the Power run PB foam alone at the end of

Long runs whereas the speed 4 I think is Pretty similar to the Endorphin speed Through I think the Pro 4 has got that Little bit of an upgrade on the Pro 3 And become that little bit faster and More aggressive whereas the speed 4 Feels quite a lot like the speed three For Me Maybe they've widened out the Back a little bit more even and it's uh Slightly more comfortable but I still Think it's a very vers shoe but it Definitely now feels to me like a Do-it All super trainer definitely do fast Workouts in this I've enjoyed doing like Long steady runs and like shorter Workouts in the shoe but it also really Can handle easy Paces very well it's Really nice to cruise around in at a Very relaxed pace it's got a real Do-it All Vibe and I think it works very well In partnership with a shoe like the Endorphin Pro because when it comes to Those fast efforts the pro definitely Has the edge for me whereas like I say In the first couple of generations of The Speed Pro was a little bit faster But I think over long distances I'd Probably have taken the speed now you Get that real Step Up in Pace I think With the Endorphin Pro thanks to the Power on HD foam the lighter set up the More racy feel all around I also say That the pro is quite a comfortable shoe Just for mooching around and it is

Probably the most verstile carbon shoe Like it feels because it's not really Soft and springy and wobbly and all that It's got that rocked ride that is quite Stable I think it is one of the more Accessible Super Shoes out there and you Can use it for daily training I still Wouldn't I think the speed certainly is A a level up in terms of comfort and how It feels at relaxed pace as it really Cruises through very nicely and ticks Over even in like recovery run Pace then Does have that pop to push it up a step If you are going to do faster runs in it I say the difference in Stacks is Noticeable on the four foot for me Though like if I do a hard run in the Endorphin speed like kind about 10 Mi Steady something like that or pushing Beyond like kind of 20K overall I can Feel under the forefoot there's less Foam than on the Endorphin Pro which is Very comfortable like whatever distance You're pushing to with the speed like if I'm going to run hard for a long period I get a slight touch or for foot Discomfort it's not a problem at all Really like I'd be happy to use the shoe For long distance races and that kind of Thing but does show I think the extra Phone you get in the Pro uh does add That element of protection under the for Foot and extra bounce under the forefoot Which you don't get quite so much from

The speed and the fact it's lighter with The extra stack where does help with Positioning it as a racer compared to The speed I ran in both shoes briefly at The same time you really could feel all Those elements come into place you've Got the softer landing at the heel with The speed and the slightly wider design At the speed and the way it turns over Is quite similar to the pro but then you Get a fair bit more punch off the toes From the pro feels lighter feels nimbler Feels raer all kind of things that you Would expect on paper that weren't Necessarily true though with the early Generations of the shoe and speed has That more doit all Edge to it little bit More of a relaxed feel but if you want The punch and the aggression I think the Pro definit provides it now in testing I've run well over 60 mi in the soc and Dophin speed 4 I've done north of 40 mil In the soc and Dophin Pro 4 I've put So's two fast plated shoes through very Similar tests from All Out intervals up To marathon pace runs and longer slower Efforts most of my miles were on the Road but some of them also took in light Off-road River PS which I find is a Really good test for the durability and Stability of the shoes I also did one Marathon training interval session which Consisted of half a dozen reps at 5 Minutes 49 per mile pace and halfway

Through I swapped the speed four out for The pro four I also did a side by side Mile with one shore on each foot to te Out the differences between the shoes Now on those interval reps I was really Surprised to find that the Endorphin Speed 4 gave me a snappier more Responsive ride overall they felt faster More efficient and when I swapped into The Endorphin Pro for they felt a little Soft a little less immediate by Comparison it was a bit harder work to Maintain the pace in the Pro for and I Certainly didn't get that leg sparing Benefit that you expect from a lot of Carbon races where they kind of almost Punching you along and giving you extra In each stride there's more cushioning Here for sure in the Pro four and it Feels softer in The Landings there's a Little more bounce in the mids soole I Find for the way that I run when it when That kind of mids soole eventually Returns but I'm not sure that really Translates overall winter more efficient Ride for the way that I run at least You're not getting that propulsion that You might get from livelier carbon races Now to illustrate that I certainly Wouldn't want to run too far with an Alpha fly on one foot and a speed for on The other foot you would really notice That a difference but with the pro four Speed 4 combo the difference actually

Was far more subtle it wasn't that Pronounced I could run further in those Two shoes the Endorphin speed 4 is Stiffer and firmer it relies a lot more I think on The Rocker ring and that Firmer platform for me makes it a more Stable ride than the Pro 4 which has a Little more wobble in that kind of Softer mid there is potential benefit to That softer indorfin pro ride though it Certainly look after you better than Most carbon running shoes deep into Longer races from that perspective of Kind of cushion comfort and roow Protection and fighting kind of foot Fatigue that's really great news if Things get strained at Mile 22 of a Marathon for example the speed 4 might Not be quite as protective deeper into Longer time on feet however when it Comes to comfort on the foot that General Comfort I think there's very Little to choose here both offer good Reliable disappearing feel on the foot I Don't think you notice the weight Difference between the two shoes that Much Either so my verdict is that these are Two shoes that both do their job really Well speed is the allrounder and I think It is the best allrounder on the market From any brand still I think it's got it Slightly more relaxed feel than some of The early models of the shoe which some

People won't like if they preferred the Racier feel maybe the Endorphin speed One and two but I still think this has Plenty of pace I've been very happy Doing hard workouts in this shoe and now Has a slightly more relaxed comfortable Feel for rolling through easy runs as Well it's a brilliantly versatile shoe Does that job fantastically well the Pro 4 is a very good carbon racing shoe it's Giving you the efficiency benefits you Expect gives you quite a natural ride For a super shoe it's more reliant on Its rocker than any particularly bouncy Or soft Foams it just really does Propel You on your way though and with that Layer of HG foam I think it is a more Effective efficient racing shoe than the Endorphin Pro 3 and it does hold its Pace over long workouts a bit better if You look at the market at large the Speed 4 is more of an outstanding option Within its bracket of shoes than the pro For like if you look at other super Trainers other versatile rounders with The plate I think the speed 4 is the Best available I think the closest Competition is probably the Endorphin Speed 3 and if you can find that shoe at A hefty discount I'd happy to recommend Getting that instead of the Endorphin Speed 4 but it does stand out like there Are some other really good super Trainers out there like the Adidas

Boston 12 and the aex magic Speed 3 but I don't think any of them offer quite The level of Versatility you get from The speed then if you look at the carbon Shoe market it's a bit trickier for the Endorphin Pro 4 I'd say I think it's a Really good carbon shoe and it does Stand out well with loads of other Options I think like I said before it's A slightly more accessible option than Many of the others and it will work Really well for lots of people who maybe Find overly soft shoes or overly Aggressively rocket shoes a bit too much And they don't really work for them it's Got quite a natural feeling while still Being very very fast there are some Super sh though that I prefer like Straight up I think the Nike Racing Shoes the vly and the Ally 3 are both a Little bit better in terms of Pure Performance I really like the new aex Metas speed skyp par is a lighter Punchier ratio as well so I think there Are lots of shoes you can pick from in The carbon bracket they're as good and There a few I think are better than the Endorphin Pro 4 which of the speed I do Think it is the stand out option in its Bracket when you're looking at past Generations the Pro 4 is more of an Upgrade on the Pro 3 than the speed is On the speed three so maybe that's Something to consider like you could go

And get the Endor from Pro 3 though I Think it is a great racing shoe I just Think you get a bit more punch from the Pro 4 when you're going into those long Events or long workouts so yeah I think Overall the speed 4 is the more Accomplished shoe it's the one I would Put in my rotation of these and I'd Probably then pair it with a different Carbon racing shoe like I said say like The alply or the ax metas speed shoes Just cuz I think they're a little bit More aggressive and to my taste than the Endorphin Pro 4 but I do think this is An outstanding racing shoe and if you Went with an all endorphin rotation you Could pretty much have a two shoe Rotation and you'd be very well set for Races of any distance with the Endorphin Pro and training runs of any type with The Endorphin speed but in terms of Comparing the two shoes they are Different shoes that do their jobs Really well whereas the past there a lot Of overlap I think very clearly now the Speed for is a very good daily trainer But if you want the pace of a racing Shoe you would go and get the Endorphin Pro for okay so my verdict on these two Shoes they're not really designed for The same purpose um but if you were Picking up one of these shoes uh and you Wanted to just train fast in it and Maybe racing it which is sort of why why

You might buy either of these shoes um I Will definitely go for the socket Endorphin Pro 4 I just find it to be a Really comfortable enjoyable fast shoe That is very very accessible it's well Worth getting if you're new to racing And you want to pick up a carbon racer But you don't NE you're a bit worried About getting something that is probably A little bit too aggressive you Definitely want go for something like SOC endorphin Elite um or maybe the Alphafly one or two um it's a shoe that Really just for anyone they can put the Shoe on it feels good straight away you Can you can jog in this shoe and it Feels pretty good um and obviously you Can be pacing it and it just does the Job so it's a great natural feeling uh Comfortable shoe that really does have Good performance benefits in it so Endorphin speed four um it's still a Fantastic allrounder that does does it All I think think the Market's got a Little bit tricky now because there's Some really good plated daily trainers Out there that um are great options uh As well as the speed uh when the earlier Speeds came out uh it really was the Clear winner um when it came to Versatile fast daily trainers but now There's quite a lot out there um and Some aren't even plated um so still a Great option uh I think it really comes

Down to what you want to use I mean uh I Would if you're racing in the shoe I'd Still go for the soing doin Pro 4 uh if You're using it for training you're not Racing it I'd go for the speed uh for um And also the prices obv a big price Difference as well but um when it comes To racing I'm going pray for all the Time verdict then and what I think You've got here are two extremely Capable shoes that are very happy at Marathon pce and faster the Endorphin Pro four is more cushioned it's more Bouncy the speed 4 is still energetic But it's firmer it's snappier it's more Immediate there's a responsive ride to This shoe the Endorphin Pro fors less Aggressive more cushioned stable for a Super shoe ride I think will suit a lot Of marathon runners who want to shoe They can rely on from the first mile to The last on marathon race day but it's Not the punchiest carbon race you can Get if you're looking for that allout RAC there are better shoes like the Alphafly the edios Pro 3 the strong X2 Those kind of shoes and while those Rival carbon shoes are a sizable step up From the socer Endorphin speed 4 the Difference between the pro4 and the Speed 4 is much more subtle I think you Can get the same performance from the Endorphin speed 4 for much less muler Much less spend and that's in a shoe I

Think with a speed for that can be used For racing and training speaking of Which I think both shoes can cater for Faster training and racing the speed for Offers marginally more versatility when It comes to ticking over the slower Miles though I would find putting budget To one side if you're looking for a shoe To tackle faster training runs and races I think the decision comes down to this If you like a little more cushion go for The Endorphin Pro 4 if you like a faster Slightly more direct response go for the Endorphin speed 4 choice for me for me I'd go speed for all day Long That's our comparison of the Endorphin Speed and endorphin Pro fourth Generations let us know what you think In the comments below please do like Subscribe bring the little bell and We'll see you next Time