The Saucony Guide 17 continues the popular stability line with several updates that the brand is calling CenterPath technology. This includes a wider platform, higher sidewalls, and an updated asymmetric profile. This overhaul is designed to hold the foot into a deeper position and nestle it between those two sidewalls, without the need for supportive plastics or posts.

The shoe also features an increased level of PWRRUN midsole foam in the forefoot which produces the new 6mm drop, a soft PWRRUN+ sock liner and strategically placed outsole rubber to protect the midsole and improve grip.

Tom and Nick Nick have tested the shoe on a first run to get some early impressions.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:14 – Stats
00:26 – Design
01:06 – How’s The Fit?
02:10 – The Run Test
07:28 – Early Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers in this Video we are doing a first run of the Sakon guide 17 stability shoe let's have A Look the S guide 17 costs £135 or $140 It weighs 278 G or 9.8 o for men in a Size 8 and the drop is 6 MIM the sakon guide 17 continues the Popular stability line with a number of Updates that the brand is calling Center PATH technology this includes a wider Platform higher sidewalls and an updated Asymmetric profile this overhaul is Designed to hold the foot into a deeper Position and Nestles it between those Two sidewalls without the need for Supportive Plastics or posts the shoe Also features an increased level of Power on Midol foam in the forefoot Which produces the new 6 mm drop the Soft power R plus sock liner and Strategically placed outs soole rubber To protect the midsole and improve grip In addition there's also a new upper Design that makes the shoe slightly Roomier than its Predecessors so I found the fit of the Guide 17 to be really good in my normal Running Sho size the same size I have Across sakon range of shoes it's got a Nice roomy toe box and a good amount of Room for what I would use as an easy day Shoe primarily so it's nice to have that Little bit of extra space nicely padded

Heel and color as you expect good hold Around the heel and mid here no concerns At all in my normal running shoe size With the sakon guide 17 so the fit for Me in the sakon guide 17 I'm a size 8 in the UK I found this to Be very comfortable shoe there's loads Of padding in it there's also loads of Space in the forth I think it's slightly Wider than the previous version um and There's a more forgiving upper so um There's definitely a bit more space in The shoe uh if you have uh wider feet um I did find it quite hard to get a good Fit on it uh I my first run in it was 12K and by about 8K did feel a bit Uncomfortable it felt like I hadn't Quite got the lacings right and it might Be because that upper has a lot more Space in it uh so I did have to Rearrange it quite a bit until it felt Comfortable um but uh I would stay to my Size in the guide 17 so I've only used one guide in the Past I think it was the 15 I like that Shoe it was at the time it was a really Nice stability shoe that just felt like Uh it had a lot in common with the Triumph uh at the time and uh was a Little bit more of an enjoyable shoe to Use and something like the gel chano uh Earlier versions um just because it felt A little bit softer it just felt like um It had a more a nicer rolling action uh

And didn't feel as full on uh as some Stability shoes like the older gel Kos Felt so I really liked um those shoes This first run I took this out on There's um there's quite a few updates In this shoe one of them is um more foam Specifically in the four foot section Which has changed the drop of the shoe There is a rocker in it but what I did Find is that um the ride felt a little Bit different to me in this shoe than I Felt in the previous versions it felt Like very much felt like a stability Shoe um there's a new design element of This uh which beds the foot a bit deeper Into the shoe and it has um quite high Side walls on the shoe and you can Really feel that you can feel the Protective elements on either side of The foot you know you're in a stability Shoe when you're running in this and it Feels very good from a stability point Of view you really feel like your foot Is held firmly in place it's got really Wide base on it um so as far as Stability shoes go it's pretty stable And it and it feels really good at that But what I would say is that that Changing drop um and also I think the Mam is a little bit firmer than than What I've experienced in the previous Version that I tested um it does feel a Little bit sluggish to me uh it doesn't Feel as versatile as earlier versions um

That's just off the first run I am Marathan training at the moment so I may Be a little bit tired on some of my um Easy runs but but I did feel like there Was a different ride in this shoe and it It definitely didn't feel conducive to Picking up the pace um and didn't feel Like it had a particularly nice rolling Action for me as well it felt fine I Didn't have an issue on that run at all It just felt like it was a shoe that Firmly fits in that stability category That is just giving you solid uh stable Ride but isn't really designed to be That versatiles something like the Sak Tempus um is a stability shoe it it's a Lessons stability shoe it is quite a Versatile stability shoe and you almost Don't notice that you're wearing um a Support shoe when you're out running in That shoe this you really do notice it It is firmly sits in that world of gel Keos and things like that where you're Getting a good level of stability but I Think you're not getting much else in it As well it's definitely not a shoe that I would want to use um if I was training Faster or training harder um but it did Feel nice and comfortable and solid on The feet the outsa for me it's a bit of Funny one it's it's got this uh rubber Section around the front of the um the Front of the shoe arch and then a little Bit at the back the rest of this is

Exposed midsole foam it's quite a sturdy Midsole um so it's probably going to be Pretty durable but um in terms of the Actual grip you're getting from the Rubber I don't think this is going to do A particularly good job I was fine out On the run today it was pretty dry uh Didn't have any issues but this does Feel like a bit of smooth um outs salt So i' just be wary of that and I'll I'll Keep an eye on it as I do more runs in It but it doesn't seem like uh one of The most Hardy outsoles that I've tested On a shoe so my first run in the GU 17 Was an easy hour the day after a really Hard workout in a high mileage week Probably my highest mileage week ever in Fact and it was just fairly early Morning run so just going out the door Just pling along and just went something With support and cushioning and that Would help me tick through the miles and Just get a few more in the legs and help Me flush out some of the you know the Activity from the workout the day before And it did that job absolutely perfectly Yeah not been a massive user of the Guide in the past I have tried the last Couple couple of models uh but this is a Bit of a departure and I think it's a Welcome change for me I think the rocker Basically really has come in here and is Now a lot more present and effective I Really noticed it on the run it was

Quite a smooth moving shoe for what is a Tank with a big wide base and all you Know the stability features in it I did Find it quite a fluid and enjoyable shoe To use to just knock along at that easy Pace lots of support like I say lots of Comfort but not a very squishy shoe and That's what I tend to like once I start Hitting higher mileage I like a shoe That's comfortable but not really Squishy like a stable platform to push Against there doesn't necessarily have To be a stability shoe like this but the Fact this is a stability shoe is not a Downside at all for me even though I am A neutral Runner I do like uh the way it Feels on the run you are getting a nice Amount of support but it's not really in Your face or very present like classic Medial posting style shoes or anything Like that or overly firm it's Comfortable and like I say supportive so Worked really well for me I would say it Definitely reminded me a lot of the Latest version of the ASX J Cayo the Jo 30 loads of ground contact with that Huge base like it is you know it is a Bit of a tank on the foot like that but Runs a little bit lighter than its kind Of size and weight just because it does Move through the foot strike nice and Smoothly so that's the kind of run I Would use the shoe for a lot we also do A bit more testing at some slightly

Faster Paces just check it out as a Daily trainer for our full review but if You're looking at it as a mainly Recovery shoe and you can use it maybe In rotation something like the i s Tempus or a lighter stability shoe to do Workouts and faster stuff in then it Does that job really well I found uh Yeah really comfortable supportive Enjoyed It So my early verdict for the Sak guide 17 Is that stability wise I think it's Solid it's very comfortable it Definitely feels like your foot is Supported it feels like it's really Holding it in place and it really does Feel like a comfortable shoe to wear It's it your foot really is bedded in And there's a lot of support on either Side of the shoe um but what I would say Is that it doesn't feel very versatile For me I didn't particularly find that Run very easy in this shoe felt like a Bit of a slog um which may be partly Because I'm tired because of marathon Training but it just didn't feel like it Was helping me in any way it just felt Like it was making that run stable and Supportive which is a good thing there's A massive wide base on this it it Definitely feels like if you need a lot Of stability this is a shoe to go for um But uh I think something like the as6

Gel keano 30 that recently came out I Think it's a step on from this I think This midam is a little bit too firm for Me it doesn't feel like there's any Energy in it I think the Asus Jano 30 is Just a little bit more enjoyable to wear And um and for definitely for things Like easy runs um I think I'd much Rather pick up that shoe after that one Run um but I'll keep testing and we'll Come back with a full review soon I V on The guy 17 is that it looks like a Really strong option for stability Seekers who want that big cushion shoe But don't necessarily want anything to Wobbly or anything like that Under Foot Like that could be whether you are a Runner who always uses stability shoes And you're trying to counter some Overation or or a neutral Runner who Just wants something that's going to Give you a lot of support on uh easy Runs during high mileage weeks Marathon Trading that kind of thing does a job Well it feels nice on the foot it rolls Through quite nicely there's nothing Overly spectacular about the ride I Don't think it's going to be the most Verle shoe but check that out a bit Before our full review but as a big tank That's going to roll through those easy Runs recovery runs I think it does its Job pretty well I think it has got a bit Bigger and probably slightly less

Verstile than previous versions of the Guide which I do think had a bit more of A daily trainer Vibe like this is still A cushion daily trainer it's not you Know abnormally heavy or anything like That but it's not the kind of shoe I'd Be whipping out to do even like kind of Easy to steady or Tempo runs i' Reserve This for your easy runs which it does Quite well but don't think it's going to Be that versatile as an allrounder I Think it's reasonably well priced though Cuz if you look at things like the jail Car know from mic they're a lot more Expensive and this is a pretty good Price I almost like the way Sak is Bringing that kind of Premium level of Cushioning and Designs into the guide And ride this year to bring make them a Lot cheaper than shoes like the Triumph Or the aex jelana which the prices are Getting really high so the fact that They're kind of mid-level shoes like the Guid and ride are getting that those Kind of setups and builds and Foams is a Good thing because it just gives you a Little bit more value I think so all Around enjoy using the guide first run I'll probably do a fair bit more kind of Just easy marage in it it's ass sh I Think that will work quite well as an Easy run option in your rotation but you Know it's not kind of Sho that's going To blow you away it's a solid little

Workhorse and I do think the stability Features work well in providing support Without being overbearing so I think it Will work well for quite a broad range Of Runners including neutral Runners as Well as those who always use a stability Shoe that's it every on on this first Run of the S guide 17 thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click that little bell and if you're Going to catch below you can find a link To podcast which comes out the end of Each month thanks lot for watching catch You next Time