The Saucony Guide 17 continues the popular stability line with several updates that the brand is calling CenterPath technology. This includes a wider platform, higher sidewalls, and an updated asymmetric profile. This overhaul is designed to hold the foot into a deeper position and nestle it between those two sidewalls, without the need for supportive plastics or posts.

The shoe also features an increased level of PWRRUN midsole foam in the forefoot which produces the new 6mm drop, a soft PWRRUN+ sock liner and strategically placed outsole rubber to protect the midsole and improve grip.

Tom, Nick and Kieran have tested the shoe out to see if it’s worth picking up.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:14 – Stats
00:26 – Design
01:06 – How’s The Fit?
02:36 – The Run Test
10:51 – Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the r testers in this Video we are going to be doing a full Review of the S guide 17 let's have a Look the socony guide 17 cost £1 135 or $140 it weighs 278 G or 9.8 o for men in A size 8 and the drop is 6 Mm the sakon guide 17 continues the Popular stability line with a number of Updates that the brand is calling Center PATH technology this includes a wider Platform higher sidewalls and an updated Asymmetric profile this overhaul is Designed to hold the foot into a deeper Position and Nestles it between those Two side walls without the need for Supportive Plastics or posts the shoe Also features an increased level of Power on Midol foam in the forefoot Which produces the new 6 mm drop a soft Power and plus sock liner and Strategically placed outsole rubber to Protect the midsole and improve grip in Addition there's also also a new upper Design that makes the shoe slightly Roomier than its Predecessors so the guide 17 fit me very Well in my normal running shoe size it's A Well padded shoe I don't always love The way Sak does heel collars and stuff Like that it sometimes irritate my Killes a little bit I was okay in this Shoe for the most part I didn't get any Rubbing it holds the foot well nice Amount of width good R room in the toe

Box so yeah I was very happy in my Normal running shoe size in the guide 17 Same size I use across sock range there Now I ran in a UK 8 and a half which is My regular socony shoe size I've got Wider feet and kind of high in steps and I've running the ride 17 and the speed 4 In this size recently and found good fit And for the guide 17 it was the same Deal I'm really enjoying the fit Actually of socony shoes right now I Find there's a good balance of security And hold in all the right places and Just about enough room in the toe box to Have a bit of flex and a bit of wiggle Without cramping the guide held well no Slipping I found it easy to get good Lock down across the midfoot and overall I think the fit is bang on and I would Recommend going true to sizing these so The fit for me in the guide 17 I'm a Size eight in the UK it's a very Comfortable shoe there's plenty of room In the forefoot there's plenty of room In the midfoot there's plenty of space In front of my big toe um it's just all In all the shoe designed for Comfort um And the uh upper is really nicely Designed is quite well reinforced so you Can really get a nice lock down fit in It and there's a good bit of ankle Support as well and lots of padding Around the an Very comfortable shoe I definitely stick

To my size in this um I've not had any Issues with it at All now in my testing I've covered Around 40 KMS in the guide 17 most of That has been at the easier end of my Marathon training so I'm talking about Kind of slower Pace runs easy recovery Runs that kind of thing that's largely Been on the road though I did throw in Some light off-road Stony River PS to Give the stability a bit more of a Rigorous test now despite the updated Combo of softer cushioning here Initially fresh out the box I found the Big cut of Stack this midsole big block Quite firm and a bit blocky other Reviewers I've seen said they found it Softer than the previous generation Which I didn't run in and quite soft Overall but my experience was initially Different perhaps because the shoes I've Tested recently before this maybe a Little bit softer overall but I felt the Big platform was markedly stiffer and Somewhat more solid underfoot than You'll get from the likes of the ride 17 Not a surprise because a stability shoe Now that was the case at least in my Early miles however that did soften up Somewhat the more that I ran in them Though I would still have these down as A mild firm shoe when I got into a Rhythm quicker with a quicker turnover I Enjoyed the role from The Rocker ring

And I found the platform compared to Some other shoes does make for a Reliable stable ride on ride it kind of Reminded me a lot of the Hoka arahi or Maybe something like the V Olympus 2 The Alra V Olympus 2 and I'd say the Stability elements here sort of fall Towards the more subtle end for guidance Shoes now I like my shoes rocked and Quite stiff so this shoe kind of Suits My style anyway but I found it felt Really nice and light on the foot as Well with a decent disappearing fit that I think sakon has nailed in most of its Recent shoes there's a nice fast light Turnover Vibe going on here for a Stability shoe and when you kind of tap Tap tap tap tapping along with good Light Rhythm that's when I think the Feel the shoes feel at their best and They feel really good like they're Working with you in a natural way Supportive but not too interruptive and I really like that I did actually wonder If this shoe would be one that I might Choose for sort of longer Ultra runs Like 100k Ultra but my only concern is I Think deeper into longer time on feet You'd want a bit more protection under Foot but it's definitely got that easy Long Haul easy turnover thing going for It so I did run in the GU 16 a little Bit but I didn't use it very much didn't Get around to doing full reviews on it

Myself but I have done a lot more in the Guide 17 and I do prefer the feel of the New shoe the way that sakon has adjusted Its approach to stability with this shoe There's a lot of similarities on paper You got the same mid cell phone the Stack's not that different and the Weight's not that different but I think The shooters a lot different different On the run and I prefer the way the guy 17 feels as someone who would look at Using the shoe purely as an easyday Cruiser I don't think it's the most First ho shoe but what you do have here Is a comfortable supportive shoe for Easy runs so with the lower drop on the New shoe and the way that suak has Adjusted the stability features to just Give you more General support rather Than a medial post or a plastic clip or Something like that it feels a very Comfortable shoe and a natural shoe to Use even as a neutral Runner myself you Roll through very smoothly it's a much More rocket feel to it than the guide 16 Had I found and I kind of prefer that For shoes like this because when you got A fair amount of foam under F and it's Not the lightest shoe and the foam in This in the mid isn't the most bouncy or Exciting I think the rocker is Appreciated because it takes away some Of that weight creates that nice smooth Ride you can tick over the miles really

Easily and it doesn't matter so much That the foam isn't giving you a load Back in terms of responsiveness because The uh The Rocker is really predominant Feeling on the run so I've been using The shoe for mostly for easy runs during Marathon training like my highest Mileage weeks ever of L been running Fairly high mileage and using this a lot For Recovery runs easy runs and it does Really do a good job it does support the Legs well gives you a lot of protection Under fo it's not overly bulky or Cumbersome though it's not isn't a huge Stack he and it doesn't feel very big on The F end because of that rocker you can Just tick through those slow miles very Nicely in the shoe it's comfortable to Wear for longer periods I've done like Several longish runs in the shoe and it Just feels comfortable and good for them Like it protects the body well you move On with your day it's not a shoe that Wows you but it's exactly kind of what You want on your foot the day after a Very hard workout when your legs are Tired and you just want that little bit Of extra support I think the versatility Is okay so it's not the heaviest shoe in The world which is good and if someone Who likes a cushion daily trainer I Think it will do a decent job I've up The pace on one run in this shoe and it Didn't feel great for it because I

Someone who prefers a lighter shoe for That kind of thing but if you are Looking for a protective daily trainer Maybe you're a newer Runner or maybe Slight heavier Runner than me you might Get a bit more out of the shoe for that I think it is a solid versatile option For those who want a stability shoe for That it's is broadly equivalent I guess To the ride 17 within S range but you Haven't got as good a foam as on the Ride 17 you're not getting a load of Bounce from the foam but you do get a Smoothish ride not too heavy a shoe not Too cumbersome a shoe so it can do a mix Of runs for me though it's very much at Its best for those easy runs as the Third Sho in a rotation almost a shoe That you'd pull on for Recovery runs Relax long runs just stuff where you're Mooching around and want a bit of Protection under foot and then swap to Something lighter bouncier something Like the s tempus for faster runs if You're looking at stability shoes but Yeah overall I had quite a positive run Test with the S guide 17 it wasn't a Shoe I expected to wow me or anything Like that and it didn't but it did its Job really well as a Workhorse shoe that You can just roll through easy miles in So I've done about 50K in this shoe so Far and that's mainly been easy runs Recovery runs I'm marathon training at

The moment I generally have about 40K of Easy runs a week I've been using this Shoe for that um but I have used it for A few strides I've used it uh for a bit Of an inter interval session um but Really I'm just using it for the Intended purpose of uh those easy runs Uh where I want some stability um and Just a nice comfortable feel to my shoe Uh and what I found is when I did the First run for the guide 17 uh I I didn't Really take to it straight away um I Think I was a little bit tired from Marathon training it just felt a little Bit sluggish to me uh and a little bit Dense in the way that it rode so uh it I Was I wasn't taken with it straight away I didn't mind it massively I think it Was a solid comfortable stability shoe I Just didn't really get a lot from it Initially after running it a few times I've actually warmed to it a bit more um I think that midell foam after a few Runs breaks in a little bit more and Becomes a little bit more um flexible And comfortable less rigid um but Overall uh what I found in the shoe is That it's a very good stability shoe it Definitely fits more towards the uh Heavier stability side than shoes like The Sak tempus and things like that Which have a little bit of stability in Um but it does have some nice updates to It it's definitely um feels like more of

A natural shoe now than the previous Versions um I I've used previous Versions of this shoe before they've Been absolutely fine um but I've never Really warned War to those shoes Massively this one I do feel like the Updates to the way that the stability Elements are added to the shoe does make It a more comfortable uh accessible feel Much like the A6 gel keano 30 which um Was a massive Improvement on the Previous versions for me it just felt a Little bit more comfortable a little bit Less like a stability shoe but still Having plenty of stability elements in It so on those easy runs that I've done With it or daily runs that I've done in It it's been absolutely fine uh it's Definitely not a versatile shoe it's a Shoe that really beds in at those easier Easier Paces um it feels consistent it Has a nice rolling action for me um but It's not a versatile stability shoe like Some of the newer ones that we're seeing Um come out at the moment so it's really A shoe that if you do need a lot of Stability this is a good option for it It's got a really thick wide base on it It feels very very stable and supportive But not overly uh so that it it feels Uncomfortable it just feels like a Comfortable shoe that really beds you in Nicely and comfortably it does have a Nice rolling action in it I think this

Midol foam is really good solid midso Foam for um running at a daily Pace uh Doesn't really allow you to do much more Um but other than that I I found it to Be a very enjoyable stability shoe um And a good Improvement on the the guide Range uh the out soole I would say is a Little bit um U lacking in rubber so you Do have rubber around the back section Of the shoe and some around the outer Area of the forefoot of the shoe there's A lot of exposed midell foam here it's Quite a sturdy thick midell foam so it's Probably not going to be an issue for From durability but it does um I do Think there would be issues on wet Terrain on this if you landed on the Wrong area I've not really had any Issues so far but it's definitely not a Grippy um section of the shoe so i' just Be aware of That so my verdicts on the socony guide 17 I think it's a very comfortable solid Stability shoe um the only thing I would Say is that there are a lot of good Stability shoes coming out now so if you Need a stability shoe and you don't Necessarily need a full-on stability Shoe I think there are better options Things like the s tempus for me is a Really nice uh balance of stability but Still feels like a shoe that can do a Lot more I think still sits in that World of things like the A6 jelo where

It's a full-on stability shoe which is Great and if you need that that it's a Good option for that um I would probably Pick the um as6 J Caro 30 over this just Because I think the midsole is a little Bit more enjoyable it's a little bit Softer and just feels a little bit more Forgiving when you're out running in it This still feels a little bit firm for Me um and uh I don't really like that in A running shoe but if you like that and You want full-on stability a nice wide Base and uh very comfortable shoe I Think it's a really nice option and You're not going to really going to go Wrong with it you're just probably going To struggle if you're running at those Faster Paces because it's not that much Of a versatile shoe so the Gody 17 is a Good stability shoe that provides a nice Subtle level of support that I think Will work for people who do over prate But also works quite well for neutral Runners I found in my testing it's Comfortable ticks off easy miles ticks Off long runs does all that quite well Without feeling too big on the foot While still offering a really high level Of protection and support it's not the Most versatile daily training option I Think you can find it's a stability shoe But I think it will do a job for lots of People if you do want a lighter feeling On your foot for General training I

Think the Sak tempus would be a better Option pumers Forever on Nitro as well I Think it's quite good versatile Stability shoe though I don't think it's Quite stable with especially around Theid where it's a fair bit narrower Than the Sak guide 17 I think the guide 16 probably had a snappier feel to it And maybe had a bit more versatility as A result but I prefer the more rocked Smooth feeling you get with the guide 17 With a slightly lower drop I think it is An improvement all around the way they Set up the shoe and I think it's a Similar shoe actually to the aex gel Cayo are coming in a fair bit cheaper You get a bit more cushioning with the Jael Cayo but actually I think the guide 17 will be cushioned enough for anyone It is a big shoe on foot and the way at The stability is quite similar with the Kind of inherent stability of a wide Base and the sidewalls of foam and that Kind of thing so really good option to Have on the market now I think similarly To the ride 17 I think Sak is taking a Lot of features from big cushion shoes The very expensive premium cushion shoes Like the Kayano and the uh a6l Nimbus The S Triumph and all those shoes and Brought them down to a slightly lower Price point so I think the ride and the Guide do a lot of the same things as Those shoes for less Now guide 17

Doesn't get the power on plus phone that You have in the ride but I do think the Power run foam is okay especially like I Say with the lower drop here and the Geometry that allows you just to roll Through your stride without really Missing any big bounce from the phone That just isn't really there overall is A pretty solid shoe for me it is one Like I say that's best for easy runs but A little bit of Versatility there if you Want a cushion daily trainer as well so Yeah solid update here third it then Well I think socket is having a bit of a Belter of a year actually I love the Ride 17 the speed 4 is tiing a lot of The right boxes in testing and the guide 17 I think steps into the lineup as a Solid No Nonsense milder stability Option there's a lot to like about this Shoe and for a maximal highly cushioned Stability shoe it manages to feel like The smooth transitions I think there's a Great clip along feeling for those Slower easier miles once you've broken It in for sure it's the kind of shoe I Think that helps you tick over easy Miles with solid reliable Comfort I'd Picked this shoe a long way before the Likes of the aex gel Kayo 30 just feels Like a big bulky shoe by comparison Though fans of sort of softer support Might prefer the Kayo's more cushioned Ride I also preferred it to things like

The Nik structure 25 just based on the Overall kind of lightness on the foot of This shoe now stepping outside of the Stability segment if I was choosing Between this and other shoes I don't Always need stability so I can benefit From it from the gate tests I've done But I don't tend to run in it actually I'd probably choose the ride 17 over These I find them plenty stable for me But if you need that extra support I Think the guide 17 are really worth Adding to your short list this is a good Dependable stable daily right here so That's it for us on this review of the S Guide 17 thanks a lot for watching don't Forget to like subscribe click the Little bell and if you're go to catch Below you can find a link to our podcast Which comes at at the end of each month Thanks for watching catch you next Time