We already shared our first impressions of the Saucony Kinvara Pro – a new max-stack carbon plate super-trainer that’s designed to handle a variety of daily training runs. And now, many, many more test miles, we’re ready to deliver our full verdict. Hit play to find out if we rated it in our Saucony Kinvara Pro Review.

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00:30 – Design & Key Stats
01:57 – How’s The Fit?
04:02 – The Run Test
16:40 – Verdict & Alternatives

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers in This video we're going to give you our Full multi-tester take on one of the Most baffling launches of the Year where You've got a shoe that's left a lot of Reviewers scratching their heads and we Are among them and this is a shoe that's Dividing opinion we already gave you our Early thoughts on it in a video a few Weeks back but now we've logged the full Test miles and we're ready to pronounce On the Saucony kinvara Pro so is this Plated super trainer any good watch on To find out [Music] First up some quick details then while The canvara pro come with an eight mil Drop it's the highest stacked shoe in Saucony's Daily trainer lineup it's got A 42 mil stack in the hill and there's 34 mils in the forefoot when it comes to Weight in our UK men's eight and a half Test size the canvara pro comes in at 10.3 ounces or 291 grams and then when It comes to price the kinvara pro among The most expensive daily trainers going These are 200 pounds in the UK and 180 In the US they're not cheap now let's Have a look a quick whip around then Well the canvaro pro midsoles have dual Density mid-solved kind of foam they've Got power run PB close to the foot for More energy return they've got a power Run close to the ground for more

Stability and durability there's also a Power on plus sock liner in there to add A bit of softness there's a Three-quarter length carbon fiber plate Sandwiched between those two midsole Layers and you've got Socrates trademark Speed roll geometry that's on there to Help you kind of roll through your Transitions there's a notably wider heel For more stability as well up to top Then you've got an engineered knit upper In the heels you've got some mid-level Padding you've got a padded tongue That's half gusseted they're still Pretty cushy and overall kind of plush But they're sort of Fairly balanced flip Them over and the canvaro pro has done Away with the outsole rubber to save Weight instead you've got exposed power On plus foam here with these cut grooves That yeah it's not unlike the Under Armor velocity shoes similarity there Again to save weight [Music] Fit me perfectly well in my normal Running shoe size I use uk9 this is a UK 9 which translates to a us-10 with Saucony which is the same size I had in All Saucony shoes so yeah no concerns at All I'd go for your normal size with the Canvaro pro nice amount of room in the Toe box and a good hold around the Midfoot and heel for me the fit for me In the canvara Pro is fine this is an

Eight I'm a size eight it fits perfectly I've had no issues at all plenty of Space in the forefoot but doesn't feel Too big I would definitely stick to my UK size 8 in this shoe now when it came To fit I ran in the UK and a half which Is my usual size and I think these come Up slightly long in the toe they felt a Little bit boat-like when I first put Them on but on the rum actually it Wasn't a problem actually eventually I Kind of appreciate that extra length if You like a nice roomy fit these will do Nicely if you like it a little more Compact yeah you may wish to go half a Size down but I don't necessarily think It's necessary I was happy to go true to Size in these so in terms of fit I've Had the kimbara pro in a UK size eight Now typically I am a UK size 8 in Sockony shoes I think aside from maybe The Endorphin Speed 3 which I found a Little bit too wide for me I think Generally I've been fine getting UK size Eight now the Guevara is historically a Narrow fitting shoe that's kind of what You get here now the only thing I really Observed and I kind of mentioned in the First video is that I did find it sat Very close in the sides of my foot up Front here Um that hasn't really gone away from me It's not been uncomfortable but I have Noticed it and I've noticed it

Particularly on kind of longer runs Um for me in terms of my testing and It's a shame because elsewhere I think It's absolutely fine I think the space Up front of the toes is good I think You're gonna get get decent lock down Here as well And comfort wise and kind of the hole at The mid foot is generally fine it's just That little issue for me might be Personal to me but I have noticed it on My longer runs and it does press a Little bit closer to my uh kind of size Of my foot up front as well but other Than that it's been absolutely fine it's Going half a size gonna sort that issue Out I'm not entirely sure it might just Become a little bit too long for me but That is something to be wary of Particularly in my experience of testing It [Music] Thank you now on my run test I've done More than 30 miles in the converter Pro Including a mixed paced half marathon Test where I went through the gears from Slow and sluggish to close to marathon Pace I've done my miles mainly on road But some light off-road too I've also Done some shorter faster efforts to test The top speed of this shoot now overall This shoe has me perplexed on most of my Test miles I couldn't shake the fact That I think they felt a little bit

Heavy and a bit clunky for something That's aimed at being a performance shoe I also felt that kind of midsole plate Combination was just a little bit Sluggish and a bit soft for me I Couldn't quite get the response I was Hoping for from that big stack of power On PB foam and I struggled to feel much Of the benefit from the plate as well I Found it hard to get that engaged now I Was ready to accept that these didn't Really work for me a bit like the Nova Blast you know it's a shoe that some Runners find wonderfully energetic but I Just can't get on with however in the Second half of my Marathon test the Midsole did seem to come to life a Little bit like it had woken up and when I moved with more intent I felt they did Give back a little bit more but overall I'm still still not enough if I'm really Being honest I get more from the Speed 3 And the Mac X I have a feeling that These might chime with some Runners Though but I also think they're going to Baffle others one of the things I like Least really is just the overall kind of Bulk the weight the heavier than I'd Like they feel like more shoe on the Foot than I would really like though you Are getting something for that weight With that extra stack of cushioning Particularly in the hill where you've Got you know really wide base to run off

And it helps with that kind of stability So they're pretty stable overall I can See a lot of people who like a softer Ride enjoying these shoes but I found Myself wondering what they were for now If it's trying to drop into the plate Super trainer bracket to go fast in I Personally think they're a little bit Too heavy and a touch too cumbersome for Me I think they're actually better Suited to easy recovery runs although Slower Pace runs you know heads up easy Pods where you want to run 10 15 miles And just clip over happily I think they Did a good job for that I think they're Actually very capable for that I've done 30 miles now in the converter Pro There's a couple of shorter runs ahead Of our early review and since then I've Gone and done a hard session yesterday In the shoe and another easy run at a Very relaxed pace and I'm still pretty Unconvinced by it I have to say there's No type of run that I feel like the Cavara pro does really well that I Really loved using it for like even at Relaxed places it feels a bit big a Little bit awkward to get into a rhythm With at times like especially if you're Not on the Flawless flat tarmac it's Just a slightly strange shoe it's got a Rocker there and you feel the rocker and It can be quite smooth at times but not Not at any of really the paces I've used

It for so I've noticed that at very easy Paces recovery runs it feels a bit big And awkward when I push the pace in it Which I'll come on to a bit more it Feels just really big and not great for That kind of running at all I think the Only time I think it has felt Comfortable and work for me has been at The end of an easy run where I've been a Bit late and rushed home at a slightly Above easy pay so the kind of pace you Don't really do any runs at just that Slightly too fast for easy run pace Which it felt okay for but overall Broadly speaking it's not really excited Me and actually during the hard run Yesterday I did a about 17K run in total With a 45 minute session in the Middle Where I did a heart rate progression run So finishing off with 15 minutes at a High heart rate you know pushing hard And it just felt so big on the first Time I didn't really get anything from The plate in terms of punch or Propulsion a little bit of a rocker There like the paces I hit were about or I'd expect to hit with my heart rate but It just felt not fun in the shoe put it Out there there's lots of shoes I've Done that kind of run in that feel a lot Better actually did the exact same run In the Hoka Mac x a couple of weeks back And enjoyed it a lot more in that shoe Just for being a bit more light and

Nimble and more speed focused it's not Like I loved the Hoka Mac X as a speed Shoot but it's a lot better than the Converter Pro on that front overall my Run experience hasn't been great with The shoes the only thing I think you Worked for for me would be as a very Cushioned shoe to sit above something Like the endorphins P3 in a rotation With a similar rocking feel but there Are lots of shoes I prefer for that and Actually obviously considering the price Tag of this and the tech going on it's Left me wanting a little bit it's got Quite a dull feeling under foot the uh Power on PB foam is I think almost Entirely negated by the Big Slab of Power on foam underneath and the power On plus sockliner as well like you lose The Bounce from this you get with Something like the dolphin speed and It's not not Nimble enough to really Make the rocker work for me um with this Amount of foam underfoot the outsole has Been okay though I will say that I've Done two runs in very wet conditions in The shoe and it has gripped pretty well I've not seen any signs of wear there But I have avoided going into my local Forest and like a canal toy path because I do think it will cut up a bit more Than shoes with rubber on the outsole And that again comes into play when You're talking about a shoe of this

Price that seems primarily geared for Mostly easy ones daily training if you Are a bit worried about taking it on Certain surfaces that's another big Negative against it because if I want I Want to do my easy runs on a mix of Road And light trails and I feel less Confident doing it in the shoe than one With an outsole so overall run test Hasn't been particularly joyous from the Enviropra that's been okay for a range Of runs but I really don't think it's Got the chops to really excel at Anything or be a very viable all-rounder Okay so into that run test now I have Run in a converter before I think a Couple of versions and you know that is A shoe that I know is a kind of quite Low profile kind of racing style shoe Pretty firm but you know built for being Kind of very responsive and in terms of What you're getting with the canvara pro I mean it's a very different shoe Compared to those previous guitars that I've tested ultimately this is a shoe That I think wants to be a lot of Different things and in terms of being Good at all those different things I'm Not 100 convinced when I look at the Faster runs that I've done in this shoe I think ultimately the things that stand Out for me is that you know the you know There's elements of those kind of Endorphins speed and pro shoes that are

Put into the shoe to give it that more Kind of racing kind of feel and I think In terms of how those chants are over I Think the speed raw geometry side of Things works really nicely from that Point of view I think you can get a kind Of quite smooth ride in there it does Get you through that those transitions Very quickly but ultimately what's Holding you back is I think Um the sheer size of this shoe I think The weight of it you know in terms of What you're getting in this midsole you Know you're getting that softer layer But it's not massively soft that you Don't really sink into it and then you Get this really kind of more dominant Harder midsole which probably more Um in line with the kinvaras before and Ultimately it just adds to something That feels a little bit bulky on the Heavy side I think in my quicker runs I Definitely felt that you know it maybe Felt okay in those kind of earlier parts Of the run but I think in the latter Stages I really felt the size of this Shoe and just the you know the heaviness And the firmness that you are getting Still in this midsole I think when I've kind of eased off and Go for the slower stuff and I think Ultimately this is a shoot still wants To be able to do that you feel that Firmness again you know you're getting

Some characteristics that make you kind Of roll kind of quite nicely through Those most that kind of running motion But ultimately in terms of being you Know on par with the other kind of Really nice heavily kind of cushioned Shoes that you do get sock in his own Range it doesn't really match on that Front and I just think I came away from Most of my runs and not really enjoying Any of them really to a massive degree And just really kind of struggling to Work out where this shoe would fit in a Rotation and how I would use it and Whether I would use it in terms of other Things the outsole feels pretty good in General it's very different to some of The outsoles that we've kind of seen in Generous difference to the kind of top Endorphin shoes as well but I'm not Seeing any terrible wear so for me you Know I've done about 40 50k in this shoe Now and ultimately you know I'm not Seeing anything like as I said bad signs Of wear which I think is good and makes It feel like it's going an issue that You can hold up to a decent amount of Mileage But ultimately in terms of my Running experience with the kinvara pro There wasn't one type of run and what I Thought okay this feels amazing this is A shoe that I think this is where it Really fits I think ultimately that is The problem with the converter Pro tries

To do a lot probably doesn't excel at Any type of run that I would probably Look to use a running shoe for in General Um and that's kind of what I've come Away feeling a little bit kind of mixed About the converter Pro where it's going To sit where it would sit in somebody's Rotation Um and ultimately it's a shoe that I Absolutely haven't loved really okay so This is this is an interesting one and To be honest I didn't even know what to Expect from the converter Pro I've just Recently finished testing the latest Kinvara Um so when the converter Pro came Through I opened it and I thought what Is this I I thought it'd been setting The wrong shoe basically when I when I Picked this out it looks nothing like The canvara It Feels nothing like the Canvara Um so I'm not really sure why it was Called the converter I got a bit Confused by this I know there's various Explanations for why that's the case but Even so it's very strange shoe and if You're looking if you like the canvara And you've seen that there's a converter Pro I think that might be great that Might be a good option for me it's a Completely different shoe don't don't Don't

Think about getting a shoe because you Like the Enviro because you're you're Looking at a 100 different shoe so I Think Guevara Pros is it's an Interesting decision to make this shoe Um I don't really think soccer needs This sockney has some fantastic shoes I've sucking's got some of my favorite Shoes Um in fact things like the soccer knee Endorphin Pro 3 still my favorite uh Carbon plate shoes so I am in no way Against the brand I think they're doing Fantastic things and I think some of the Stuff that they've got in the range like The The Tempest and things like that are Brilliant shoes the kimara pro I I'm not A fan of Um I have done about 40K in this shoe so Far and I've done a 10k race in this Shoe and I've also done a 5k part run in This shoe I wasn't fully racing either Of those because I'm just coming a bit Off injury but I did try Um so I I wasn't just jogging them I was I was putting some effort in and what I Found about this shoe is that it just Feels like a lot of shoe Um it just and and not in a good way I Like massive cushioned running shoes use I like to use with loads of stack on Them Um but this is like it's got loads of Stack on it but it's really firm it

Feels a bit like a clog when you're Running in it it just just doesn't feel Like a running shoe for me it just feels Like um you're wearing like a big Plastic shoe on your foot Um when I first went for a run in them They sort of felt fine when I when I Started just ringing them Um that you can sort of feel the plate In it a bit a little bit of that Um that lighter midsole foam in there um But after I got to about 3K it just felt Like it wasn't giving me any benefit at All it just felt like the the this Thicker outer midsole um foam was just Like a really dull plastic just hit in The ground and just didn't really serve Anything definitely didn't get a lot From the plate after a bit Um so yeah didn't really I haven't Really enjoyed testing this shoe at all And it just feels like a bit of a slug When I go out and it just feels like There's too much unnecessary shoe on This shoe Um and I'm not I didn't enjoy it when I Did the 10k race I did the Brighton Phoenix 10K Um a few days ago and now I my normal 10K times like 38 minutes on this week I Got 45 minutes because I'm coming off Injury so I'm being a little bit careful And I can't really run that faster Anyway but I I did put and put in quite

A bit of speed on the first couple of K And it just didn't feel like he wanted To do it it just it just didn't feel Like a shoe for that I know it's not a Ratio um I know it's not a shoe that's Designed for for racing um fast short Distance events in Um but I did want to see if it could Hold out for um for those faster efforts It can't it's not designed for that at All Um however on easier runs uh where You're running slowly it still doesn't Really feel to me like it does anything It still feels cumbersome it doesn't Seem to have any major benefits for me It doesn't have the softness of of Something like the sockney Triumph 21 it Doesn't have the bounds and proportion That you might get from something like The super blast it just doesn't seem to Do a lot and and Um for me I I just wouldn't wear the Shoe I just can't see any benefit the The only the only thing I could would Probably say is that I'm relatively Light Um and for this shoe to really kick in You might need to be a bit heavy to to Really get the benefit of that harder Midsole foam in there and for me I it's It's not loosened up in the runs that I've done and it just feels very firm Very hard

Um and just just not very fun [Music] Okay so my verdict on the sockony Kinvara pro is that I think this is one Of the few misses from Saucony in terms Of its new launches and you know that Says a lot when you know it's launched Very good shoes this year know I would Say the back end of last year as well I understand what it's trying to do with The canvara pro it's definitely sitting In this new breed of super trainer where It's a shoe that you can use for pretty Much all your runs you can kind of run Faster maybe you're racing it as well But ultimately in terms of the runs that I've done in it I can't say that I've Come away feeling like I've had a great Run in this shoot I kind of put that Down to a few things I think it just is A bit too big for me a bit too bulky I Think in terms of what you're getting in The midsole I don't think you're getting Enough there and although it's pulling Through those some of those Characteristics from those quicker shoes In sauconys range I don't think it Really transfers over in a really Impressive way and ultimately If I was looking for a shoe to run fast In is this going to replace it it won't For those slower easier runs again I Think there's better better sorry Sockony shoes in its own range to kind

Of do those types of runs as well so for Me yeah it's a bit of a miss and I think In terms if you are looking for a shoe That can kind of do it all and offer Everything and you know we're starting To see those shoes in terms of what I've Tested and I've put more time in the Hawker Mac X I think that sits in the Same category of these shoes as well and I thought that is better suited I think The weight is a bit better I think in Terms of what you're getting from it From kind of slower and kind of faster Paces it just works a little bit nicer As well too And yeah I think ultimately for me the Enviro Pro where is it going to sit in My rotation is it going to replace a Quick issue that I you know a shoe that I use for quicker sessions a shoe that I'm going to race in a shoe that I'm Going to uh do slow runs in I don't think it's going to fit in any Of those categories for me it'll be good Enough to kind of replace the shoes I Already use for those type around so Yeah for me the Guevara probe didn't Quite do it for me that I didn't see Enough in it I don't think it quite Works for me I think ultimately there is Room for a shoe that can do that and you Know be a more kind of stable version of The kind of quicker more versatile shoes You do get in soccer issues but

Ultimately I think the cavara pro isn't The one I think maybe they will get There eventually but I don't think right Now the cavara pro is the do it all Super trainer based on my testing okay So my verdict on the uh converter Pro is That it's a strange shoe that probably Doesn't need to exist I think Saucony Has some great shoes some of the stuff That the brand has released over the Past couple of years has been fantastic So I'm not against sockony I think it's A great brand the problem is I just Don't think this shoe needs to be made I Don't know why it's really being created Um it is a bit of a niche uh it doesn't Feel great there's too much of this hard Midsole foam in there there's a there's This dual layer of midsole phone you've Got the faster foam at the top and then You've got this sort of harder daily Foam underneath it just doesn't I just Don't think it works I don't think the Ratio of it works I just I don't think It needs some of that foam in there Um so yeah I just not a big fan of it Um definitely don't like wearing it Um and I'm I'm not the sort of Runner That needs to wear the shoe I don't know Who that would be as I said it might be The heavier Runners that really want That denser foam that harder foam Um but for me it's just there's better Options out there I'll start my voting

From the three by saying this is not a Shoe that's probably geared towards me Or a shoe that I don't really consider My rotation like everything that the Canvaro pro does all the kinds of runs You might want to do in it I would do Any endorphin Speed 3 very happily Because it's a large issue about issue a More fun shoe still perfectly Comfortable for easy runs grips just as Well as the shoe I find I could use the Endorphins to be three for anything I Might consider using the canvara profile So maybe if you're somebody who does not Like the Endorphin speed for a mix of Runs you find it too soft too unstable Uncomfortable he wants more foam Underfoot the converter Pro might work As a Max stack alternative it's got a Firmer feeling a more stable feeling Certainly a stable shoe I've had no Concerns on that front it's got a bit of A rocker going on some good foam in There that three-quarter length plate so Maybe that's what it's for because I Have been struggling with what it's for It maybe it's the endorphins B3 for People who find at the end of it to be Three too minimal too unstable but it's A huge step down in performance on the Endorphins P3 for any speed work in Particular and then I don't think it's That great for easy runs myself I think It's just a bit too big and I'm not

Really managed to get into a good rhythm With this shoe at any point on my runs Like it feels okay but it's just loads Of use that feel okay for easy ones and Work perfectly fine for easy runs and Just traditional cushion shoes do just As good a job of it and they don't cost 200 quid overall I don't know what I'll Be picking the shoe up for it I thought It might be an endorphin Max at first Like replacement almost the Endorphin Shift in Stockton's range but you know For a cushioned shoe alongside those Expensive impressive shoes the speed and The pro you just want a fairly standard Cushion shoe I don't think you need all Of this going on and spending that much Extra money on it like even if money is No Object you think oh yeah I don't care About the money I want the best Endorphin style shoe to having my Rotation for easy runs I still in that Situation would be looking at other Brands or even something about the Triumph ahead of the canvaro pro because I just don't it doesn't give me a lot Back when I'm running in it and I don't Know if maybe I just can't put enough Impact into the shoe because I'm not a Very lightweight Runner I weigh around 70 kilos and obviously I was putting Quite a lot of force through the shoe And running hard in it at around kind of 330 335 AK Pace but still didn't really

Feel like I was getting much back from It so maybe there are people who will Get lots from it uh they have all those Other problems in mind you've got the Price tag as well which just makes it You know a very hard shoe to recommend In any way for any job so if you are Looking for a plated shoe that is more Comfortable stable than things like the Endorphins B3 and can do a more you know It does a better Easy runs things like That then I'd look at the poker Mac X For sure that's better shoe than this I Think maybe the new new balance as well The um SC Trainer 2 again is a plated Train That's geared a bit more towards That kind of easy daily training if you Are looking for a plated or rounder to Cover off a range of runs including Speed work then it's the Endorphin Speed 3 is the best choice Puma deviate Nitro 2 is a good choice the S6 magic Speed 3 Is very racy probably not great for easy Ones so far in my testing but again it's I think if you're looking at a super Trainer I think you want a bit of speed In it like because if you're getting a Play to choose to do loads of easy runs I would look at a cushion shooting Myself a traditional cushion shoe that Will cost half the price and that you Know protect the legs well and be fine For easy runs don't really know why I'd Be going for I think of our Pro so

Verdict then I'm going to come straight Out and say this isn't really my kind of Shoe overall at least not as a daily Trainer where you're going to want to go Faster I think the shoe is going to Divide opinion as well because I think It's a very hard shoe to pin down I Didn't hate them and I can happily take Over them when I'm running easy they Also kind of grow on me the more miles I Clocked in them but generally speaking I Think there's a bit too much going on There's a bit too much weight I prefer Things a little bit stripped back Somewhat more direct I found that Cushioning just a tad too soft now my Take on this is I think they're a better Option for cruising recovery miles from Those mid to top speed efforts and I Don't think this is quite as versatile As some of the other good Plated and non-plated daily trainers Actually I think that extra weight would Sort of stop me choosing it over lighter And more lively shoes like the speed Three maybe even the Mach 5 maybe even The Mac X I'd throw out the Puma Rossi Nitro 2 into that as well yeah just many Other shoes I think probably do a better Job for the kind of running that I like To do I think it's also that problem That's got that whopping great big price Tag and I'm worried about the creep of Daily shoes going over the 200 pound

Mark it doesn't do enough to Warrant That for me so it's a good not great I Think there are better cheaper options Out there that you're probably better Off taking a look at so there you have It that's been our review of the canvara Pro we hope you enjoyed it if you did We'd appreciate it if you could hit that Like button that really helps maybe even Subscribe if you're not already that Also really helps and yeah if you've got Something to say about these shoes or About what we've done here drop us a Comment if you think we've missed Something or you've got your own Thoughts on the shoe we're always Keen To hear your take as well as our own Now if you're in the market for a plated Daily trainer you might also want to Check out our Hoka Mac X review which is Appearing on the channel right about now Otherwise it's been a pleasure to talk To you about the kinvara pro and we hope To see you again soon on the Run testers Happy running people and good luck with Whatever it is that you are trying to Achieve out there and you're running