Okay so this is this is an interesting One and to be honest I didn't know what To expect from the converter I've just Recently uh finished testing the latest Kinvara Um so when the converter Pro came Through I opened it and I thought what Is this uh I I thought it'd been said The wrong shoe basically when I when I Picked this out it looks nothing like The canvara It Feels nothing like the Canvara Um so I'm not really sure why it was Called the converter I got a bit Confused by this I know there's various Explanations for why that's the case but Even so it's a very strange shoe and if You're looking if you like the canvara And you've seen that there's a converter Pro I think that might be great that Might be a good option for me it's a Completely different shoe don't don't Don't uh think about getting a shoe Because you like the canvaro because You're you're looking at a 100 different Shoe so the canvaro pro is is it's an Interesting Decision to make this shoe Um I don't really think soccer needs This sockney has some fantastic shoes I've sucking's got some of my favorites