In this video we pit two of Saucony’s big new launches against each other. We’ve got the new plated daily trainer the Kinvara Pro up against the even newer – and cheaper – non-plated Triumph 21. If you’ve been considering these two shoes we’re here to help. We’ll tell you what we think of both shoes, reveal which you should buy (if any). Plus we’ll also share our recommendations for any daily trainer alternatives. Hit play to get our verdict on the Saucony Kinvara Pro vs the Saucony Triumph 21

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:33 – Design & Key Stats
02:44 – How’s The Fit?
04:41 – The Run Test
16:06 – Verdict & Alternatives

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Hi people welcome to the run tests it's Kieran here and in this video we're Putting two of Socrates big new launches Up against each other we've got the new Plated trainer the canvara pro and That's going to go up against the even Newer and even cheaper non-plated Triumph 21. now if you've been Considering these two shoes we're here To help you work out which of them is Best in the next 10 minutes or so we'll Tell you what we think of both shoes We'll cover which one if any we think You should buy plus we'll also share Recommendations for any alternatives so Hit play to get our verdict on the Sockony canvara Pro versus the Saucony Triumph 21. [Music] Details then well the canvara pro come With an eight mil drop it's the highest Stacked shoe in saucony's Daily trainer Lineup with 42 mils in the hill and 34 Mils in the forefoot the Triumph 21 by Contrast has a 10 mil drop so slightly Higher but it's got a lower overall Stack with 37 mils in the hill and 27 Mils in the forefoot when it comes to Weight in our UK men's eight and a half Test size the Triumph 21 weighing at 9.9 Ounces or 281 grams the kinvara pro Comes in a slightly heavier 10.03 ounces Or 291 grams on price Like envira Pro are amongst the most

Expensive daily trainers going at 200 Pounds or 180 dollars the Triumph 21 are A bit cheaper but still pushing that top End price 170 pounds or 160 in the US Now then on to a quick shoe whip round Midsole's first and the cavara pro has a Dual phone midsole with power run PB Foam close to the foot for more energy Return and power run close to the ground For a bit of stability and durability There's also a power on Plus sockliner In there to add a bit of softness on Landings there's a three-quarter length Carbon fiber plate sandwiched between Those midsole layers and you've got Socrates trademark speed roll geometry To the shoe as well there's also a Notably kind of wider heel at the back It flares for more stability now Compared to the Triumph 21 which have a Power on plus midsole and sockliner and There's no plate onto the uppers then in The kivara Pro you've got an engineered Knit upper on the Triumph 21 you have Got a flat knit upper the Triumph a soft Medium kind of padded heel collars and Pretty plush padded tongues as well Those tongues are fully gusseted so they Go right down into the shoe meanwhile The canvara pro offers a little bit less Padding in the hill and a thinner tongue The tongue is also half gusseted overall They're still pretty cushy but just a Little less than the Triumph flip them

Over and the canvara pro have done away With the outsole rubber instead it's got An exposed power run outsole with these Kind of cut grooves it's not unlike the Under Armor velocity shoes that we've Seen that's there to save weight Meanwhile the Triumph 21 has a good Covering It's About Soul rubber overall [Music] So in terms of fit I would say the Triumph 21 has been a better fitting Shoe for me and my runs in general and I've got both of these in a UK size Eight the converter Pro is definitely a More narrow fitting shoe obviously this Is a shoe that wants to be allow you to Go and run fast in it but also kind of Ease off in it as well but I did find That on the converter Pro that it felt a Little bit tighter on the sides of my Foot Um and I did find it a little bit Uncomfortable on longer runs whereas I Think with the uh up on the Triumph 21 Definitely you know create something Naturally that is a little bit more Spacious a little bit more roomy and I Think up front in the toes but also the Size of my foot had no kind of Discomfort from that point of view and I Found a fit a lot better on the Triumph 21 I think elsewhere the laces are very Similar you've got definitely more Padding on the Triumph 21's tongue which

Definitely you know obviously a little Bit more Comfort makes sense it's a Longer easier run as well level of kind Of padding on the heel collar definitely Pretty similar from that point of view So elsewhere generally fine I just found At the front of these shoes the Narrowness of the converter Pro a lot More than I did on the um Triumph 31 Which naturally is a little bit more Roomy in spacious just because of the Types of runs the types of distances I Think this shoe is designed for compared To the Navara Pro so with it for me in Both of these shoes these are both size 8 UK I'm a size eight I'd find them both Fine very comfortable I definitely Wouldn't sides up or down in these shoes Uh I've not had any issues with them at All so I would stick to my size in the UK in these shoes fit then I run in UK Eight and a half in both of these shoes Which my usual size and I think they Come up ever so slightly long in the toe Or at least they're a bit roomy Lengthwise but if you like a good inch Between you like your Piggies and into The toe box that'll be a really happy Thing they've definitely got that room Can be good for going along and a bit of Kind of swelling and stuff on the run I Had no issues with that extra room so I'd be happy to recommend going true to Size in both of these shoes

[Music] Onto the run test then in the canvara Pro I've run just short of 25 miles Including a half marathon test with a Mix cut of pace from slow and sluggish Up to marathon pace in the Triumph of 21 I've done just short of 30 miles and That included a 1 hour 45 half marathon Test but overall testing I've done Similar mix of pastes in both from slow Through to marathon pace and up to all Out mile pace and I've used them on a Mix of terrain plenty of roads and Tarmac and some light River paths kind Of off-roading I also did a side-by-side Mile with one of these shoes on each Foot to really compare the feel and Here's how I got on So I've just done the side by side Mile With the Triumph 21 on the right foot I've got the canvaro pro on the left Foot and here's a few things that I've Noticed doing that side by side first Thing when it comes to the uppers the Canvaro pro is a little bit more Structure which means that they hold a Little bit more tightly a little bit More securely it's just a little bit More room wiggle room across the top of The toes and generally into the toe box I think in the Triumph 21 so if you like It marginally roomier then you might Want to go for those over the canvara Pro otherwise the overall kind of

Comfort and the step in Comfort on both Of these I think is excellent I think They both feel really good the moment You put them on there's a similar kind Of feel in terms of the way the heel Collars wrap and hold securely lace down Is all the same to me really I think There's not much to choose there at all Between those two when it comes to that Comfort and then you get into the ride And this is where it gets really Interesting because Obviously the cavara pro came out first With that carbon plate that sort of Higher stack of foam and you would think This is going to be a snappier faster uh Shoe daily trainer super daily trainer Super trainer would call it what you Want Then the Triumph 21 came along and Actually There's very little to choose between Them even just doing that mile around You can feel the higher stack on the Kinvara pro it's a little bit kind of More pillowy a bit more marshmallow it's A bit softer and for me it's a bit Sinkier a bit saggier and a bit more Sluggish actually I thought that would Have kind of an injection it might have A bit more spring back and you'd really Feel the combination of that higher Stack and that plate working but I don't Really get it I not too much even when I

Pick up the pace Particularly over the Triumph 21. the Triumph 21 feels a little bit firmer a Little bit more direct It comes back quicker in terms of its Response And actually I think it feels a little Bit lighter it feels to me a little bit Racier as a result and that's where I Think this canvara Pro sort of throws up Some interesting dilemmas a lot of People are saying not really sure what The shoe is for and I kind of concur With that It doesn't really feel like a Snappy Speed three if anything I think that the Triumph 21 feels more akin to the speed Three yeah it sort of feels like a Cruising shoe to me it's like a slow Easy shoe and if anything the Triumph 21 Feels a little bit more like an agile And a little bit more speedy and Something you feel like you want to run Faster in I think the other thing that you get in The kinvara though compared to the Triumph 21 is maybe the footbed feels Slightly wider and it feels like it kind Of cradles the fill a little bit more You feel like you sort of sink in a held A little bit super comfy you know that Makes for good Comfort under the foot But I'm not sure it makes for the most Kind of responsive ride you don't get

Quite as much kind of cradling in the Triumph 21 it just feels a little bit More stripped back a little bit more Ground contact coming up I personally Prefer that if you like it open more Cushion maybe you'll prefer the kimbara Pro but I quite like the directness of The Triumph 21 the Triumph 21 is Definitely a shoe that I would prefer For its overall kind of firmness Obviously they've got different outsoles As well and in the tests that I've done I haven't really found too much Difference in terms of the grip Obviously the converter Pro have that Exposed outsole there is no outsole Rubber the Triumph 21 have that kind of Standard rubber outsole grip I haven't Run anything particularly crazy wet Though so I haven't put it through sort Of any severe tests but overall I don't Think there's too much to choose between Them on that front now the other thing To mention the canvara pro have that Kind of slightly flared heel it's bigger It comes out of the shoe a little bit Wider around the back of the heel Triumph 21 a little bit narrower I think That definitely kind of AIDS stability I Feel like despite you've got that kind Of higher stack I actually think the Cavara pro are marginally more stable Than the Triumph 21 overall that's also Partly because you've kind of got that

Cradle that I mentioned as well from the Kind of footbed so in terms of that run Test and there's definitely some overlap In terms of the types around the shoes Are designed for ultimately the cavara Pro Is aiming to be a versatile shoe one That you can run quick in run that you Can you know ease off and run some Slower kind of easier Paces in as well But also do some kind of tempo style Running in it as well where's the trunk 21 is all about kind of comfort Protection you know those longer Recovery easy paced runs that that's the Type of runs that you are looking to do In this shoe now in terms of the Converter Pro now obviously in terms of Running fast in issues the cavara pro Feels naturally a lot nicer for that but Ultimately what I found in my faster Runs is that I've started to feel the Weight of the shoe particularly the kind Of Latter stages of my run and obviously It's nice that you've got that kind of Speed roll kind of geometry I think a Good level Um Kind of ride and transitions getting you Quickly through that motion which is Kind of what you want and you don't have To do it with a huge amount of effort But ultimately I do think you feel the Weight of this shoe when you are running

Quicker when it comes to running longer And that's where these kind of shoes Kind of overlap and those kind of eases Slow runs I found that the Triumph 21 Has been a bit better for me I think the From an upper point of view it just Feels more room and more spacious the Kind of room that I'd want in a shoe and Comfort that I want in a shoe for going You know running longer running easy in This shoe as I said in the fit section I Definitely found the fit the more narrow Fit of the um canvara Pro more Noticeable on my longer runs and you can Run longer in this and it's generally Been fine apart from those issues but I Do think in terms of what you're getting Here from the Track 21 it's built for Those types of runs now in terms of if You want to run quick in the Triumph 21 I do think you can slightly pick up the Pace you've got a you've got enough kind Of Bounce in that midsole I think you've Got enough of a kind of raucous like you Know Rockery feel in there to make it Feel enjoyable to run a little bit Longer and you know feel like you're Running nicely in this shoe But Ultimately again the weight of this shoe It doesn't really lend itself in terms Of running quicker in it but I don't Think you know it's a shoe or you know Soccer is designer shoe to be that type Of shoe whereas with the converter Pro

It definitely is built to run a little Bit quicker but ultimately for me I Found it just runs a little bit too big A little bit too heavy for me and I Found that an issue and put me off Running quicker sessions it generally Because I knew that it would be harder Work longer into the run now elsewhere I Think outside wise I definitely think You're getting a bit more in terms of The outside definitely different Outsoles the trunk 21 feels one that I Feel more comfortable to maybe go and do A little bit of kind of lighter Trail Action in it it definitely feels well Built for kind of durability Um I think the converter post definitely Kind of set up like Grip and traction Wise It's been Absolutely fine in general I've been on Kind of dry roads generally in these Shoes And they've been absolutely fine but I Think from a Jubilee's point of view I Think I would be more confident in the Triumph 21 going a little bit longer for Me just because it's a shoe that is Designed for those types of longer runs As well so I would be expecting a level Of uh durability that's a bit better Than cavara Pro but I haven't seen any Kind of worrying kind of signs of wear In either these shoes really so that is A positive

Um for me but ultimately I think in my Run test I think uh you can definitely run a Little bit quicker in the kinvara Pro But ultimately I think that weight Counts against it Um overall in terms of when you want to Run Um harder in it even though it feels More natural to run quicker in it and I Think the trunks antennas just generally Felt more comfortable for me to run Longer in Um and the types it runs it's designed For I think it really excels in and the Scope to run a little bit kind of Quicker Pace in it you know not speed Work kind of level but you know a Moderate kind of pace I think it's Absolutely fine Um based on my testing okay so I'll Start with the try on 21. Triumph 21 and the Triumph 20 very Similar shoes the only difference is the Upper in the Triumph 21 so really could Be I might as well be talking about the Triumph 20 as well so Um I'm taking that into consideration if You're looking to pick a pair of these Up uh the giant 21 is a fantastic shoe It the Triumph Line Used to Be classed As a Max cushion shoe but now it's it's Becoming more of a daily cushion shoe Really

Um and it's very good at that it still Veers more towards the cushion side of Things but it's just a little bit more Versatile the midsole foam in it is not Just a little bit of Bounce in it it's Nice and soft it's responsive you can You get a lot of energy in it for a Cushion shoe and I used to try them 20 For a lot of training last year as part Of my marathon training it was just very Good for long runs but I could also use It for runs where I was getting a little Bit faster as well because it just has a Little bit more to it it's very Comfortable there's a nice turnover in It and I just really enjoy the shoe I Think it's probably getting there as the Perfect cushion trainer and if you're so A runner that maybe has just started Running or your general Runner and your Your main focus is comfort and maybe Even doing a marathon but you want Something to get across the line in Comfort the Triumph 21 is a great choice For that it really does a lot of those Things well the only difference with the Triumph 21 is the upper in comparison to Try and 20 and it's just been made to be A little bit more breathable I prefer The upper and the 21 but it's a Negligible difference to the triumph 20. Kinvara Pro is an odd shoe it's almost looks Bigger than well it probably is it does

Look bigger than the um the Triumph 21 To me Um but it's a very dense shoe it feels Very hard very firm that midsole is very Very plasticky Um and I've not really worked out what This shoe is designed for it's Definitely not an easy run shoe because It's just too firm for that it doesn't Feel comfortable I wouldn't like to do Long distance runs in this shoe It's not really a daily trainer either Because it's quite cumbersome you can't Really just bang out lots of miles in it Without it feeling like you're carrying A lot around on your feet and I raced an Issue as I did 10K Brighton Phoenix 10K In this and Um I'm just coming off injury so I Wasn't going at full pace and I'm quite Glad about that because my normal pace Is about 38 minutes 10ks but I did a 45 Minute because I was taking it Relatively easily Um and this shoe just just didn't have Any speed in it at all it just felt like It was slowing me down it felt very Cumbersome on the feet that really firm Midsole just felt like it was just Deadening the the Um motion as I was running it was just Stopping me dead in my tracks and there Was no benefit from it at all I don't Feel the plate in it I don't feel like

The midsole there's a dual density Midsole layer here I don't feel like I'm Getting anything from it there's no Bounce Um and it definitely doesn't feel like It's helping me accelerate in any way so Yeah I don't really know what the soccer League canvaro Pro is for and for me I'm Not really found to benefit for it Whereas the Triumph 21 is this really Solid just all-round cushioned to daily Trainer which I just love wearing [Music] Foreign If you're choosing between these two Shoes I think you should buy the Triumph 21 and save yourself 30 pounds the Canvaro pro haven't been a hit with the Run testers I personally don't dislike The shoe I'm just not sure it adds much And certainly not at that price for me The Triumph 21 offers just as much in Terms of comfort and ride it feels a Little more agile or Nimble on the foot I think it actually feels less sluggish Despite the lack of plate and lower Stack which is interesting when it comes To other Alternatives you might want to Consider I think there are plenty I Think the Speed 3 Soccer League speed Three is an obvious starting point it's A lovely shoe with a plate it's nice and Poppy it's lighter it's livelier it's Pretty better at Top Pace than both of

These shoes I personally prefer the Mac X to both of these as well and if you Like things a little bit more direct That could be a good choice for you to Look at I've not tested them personally As well but I know that Nick is a big Advocate of the Adidas Boston 12 and That is another option to look at here Also so my verdict on these two shoes Probably pretty obvious sockony Triumph 21 is probably up there with the for me As my favorite cushion shoot at the Moment it's up there with a new balance More V4 which is probably fighting for That top spot but for different reasons The more before is a little bit chunkier It's a little bit better for easy runs For me Um and really slow runs driving 21 is a Bit more versatile so I sort of use it For different things but I really like Both of them Um but I definitely go for this shoe uh Anytime over the Saucony kinvara Pro Because kivara Pro it's I just haven't Found a use for it I don't enjoy running In it I've definitely I haven't found The run that works for it out of the the Training ones that I've done in it and It just feels so big and clunky Um and I've Loved many of Saucony shoes Over the past couple years there's been Some absolutely fantastic ones really Innovative designs this just just I

Don't see where it fits in I don't see I Don't know how it got how it came about Because I can't quite work out what it's For Um so yeah definitely going for the Soccer league tribe 21 out of these two Shoes so verdict would I get the Triumph 21 or the kinvara pro I think we know How this is going to go now I think for Me Um with the canvara pro I do think it is A shoe that you can run quicker in I do Think it is a shoot you can ease off in As well it has more versatility But Ultimately what holds it back in terms Of being a shoe that I think really Excels is it's a big shoe you do feel The size of this shoe now ultimately That is a problem here I think for me And particularly for me in terms of Really enjoying running in this shoe but I think you know you start off it feels Pretty good I think all the Characteristics that you want in a shoe To be versatile is there I think Ultimately the weight and the size it Really counts against it hasn't really Changed for me in terms of my runs now In terms of the tribe of 21 this is a Shoes not saying he wants you to run Quick it's saying I want you to take it Easy go slow you know keep it Comfortable Um but also you know you can in places

Pick it up uh if you want to you're not Going to do speed working it but you can Run a little bit more of a breezy Pace In this I would say and I think in terms Of the types of runs this is aimed at it Excels at and it's a shoe that Ultimately is going to stay in my Rotation because of that because if I Want a shoe for kind of you know longer Kind of recovery star runs easy runs This is where this shoe excels and I Think even though you know looking at Size shoes are not small shoes and in Terms of you can run easy and slow in This I think it just feels a lot nicer It feels a lot more comfortable I think The upper just lends itself better Though to those types of runs and I do Think you get you know a bit of Versatility out of it as well but Ultimately not what you're going to get On the Um canvara Pro but for those kind of Reasons I think you know the Triumph 21 For me is the one that's going to stick In my rotation Um I think the converter Pros try to do A lot of things but ultimately I don't Think it massively excels in any Particular area and ultimately as I said I've kind of you know enjoyed elements Of my runs but ultimately the whole Experience hasn't been fantastic and it Hasn't been a shoe that's kind of I felt

I want to go out and put this back on And run it in immediately Because I said you know I do feel the Size of the shoe when I've been out on Being trying to do some slightly quicker Stuff and I think in terms of the slower Kind of easy runs this is a better shoe To do that and that is the shoe that I Think people should go for and just keep In mind that the types of runs that this Shoe is designed for where it's you know The kind of claimed versatility you do Get on the converter Pro I just don't Think it feels amazing and I think There's probably get other shoes that Can do that job and do the kind of Slower stuff as well like the Track 21 At two so there you have it that has Been our head to head of the Saucony Canvara Pro and the soccer league Triumph 21. I hope you found that useful You have any questions hit us up in the Comments below don't forget to like And Subscribe and ring the bell for more Content coming up on the channel soon There'll be lots more head-to-heads with Both of these shoes amongst the daily Trainer kind of plated Market we'll be Looking at both of those yeah there is Other content on the channel as well if You're looking for a full review of the Triumph 21 that will be appearing on the Challenges about now Otherwise it's been a pleasure to talk

To you about these shoes and we hope to See you again soon on the run tests Happy running everyone good luck with Whatever it is that you're doing out There those times that you're chasing And those run goals that you're trying To hit