The Saucony Peregrine 13 is the latest version of one of our favourite trail shoes, with the Peregrine consistently being a versatile shoe both in the terrain it grips on and the length and pace of run it works well for. Nick has been testing out the Gore-Tex version of the Peregrine 13 of late, here’s his verdict on the shoe.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and this is our review of The Saucony Peregrine 13 GTX version So the socket e Peregrine is a long Running line of trail shoes from Saucony It's built to be a versatile all-rounder Trail shoe that can handle a nice mix of Terrain and distances and paces and There's usually a Gore-Tex version of The shoe in the range which is what I've Been testing it's the first time I've Tested a Gore-Tex Peregrine the previous Versions I've tested have always been The standard versions of the shoe the Gore-Tex shoe cost 140 pounds and 160 Dollars more expensive than the standard Version which is 130 pounds or 140 it's Also a bit heavier it weighs in at 308 Grams or 10.8 ounces in my UK size 9 it Can be substantially lighter if you opt For the non-gortex version you've got The same stack height though which is 28 Millimeters at the heel and 24 Millimeters at the forefoot for a four Millimeter drop overall the changes to The Peregrine 13 this year compared to The 12 have increased the stack a little Bit to provide a slightly softer ride While also making the shoe lighter so Even though this is a Gore-Tex shoe it's Actually still pretty lightweight at 308 Grams for a trail shoe with decent lugs And a Gore-Tex liner that's you know Really quite lightweight so you've got a

Mesh upper with a Gore-Tex membrane that As you'd expect he doesn't actually feel Too stiff to me and hasn't really been That noticeable On The Run having that Gore-Tex membrane there you've got some Extra protection for high abrasion areas Toe bumper and quite a lot of padding Around the back especially at the heel There it's really quite a comfortable Shoe around the foot when you put it on You've got a really significant heel Counter really adds a lot of structure There quite hard to press the shoe in There so you're getting a lot of support The midsole is made from succaneers Power run foam and you've got a power Run plus insole so slightly softer Feeling just under the foot and then the Power run midsole you've got 1.5 Millimeters and more cushioning on the Saucony 30 Peregrine 13 compared to the Peregrine 12 so just adding a little bit Of cush there and you've got some slight Side walls of foam there to create a bit More stability and then you've got a Rock plate to protect your foot when You're running on the trails and the Outsole is talking his power track Outsole which has changed compared to The soccer e13 you've got slightly fewer Lugs and then slightly more spaced out And there's different sizes of lugs Going on here with smaller ones there in The middle and then large ones on the

Outside outside lugs also been rounded Slightly a little bit which creates a Slightly smoother ride on hard surfaces And the extra space you have between the Lugs on this shoe should help with Shedding mud when you're on a you know Muddy tracks it doesn't get too clogged Up which was a little bit of the problem With the Peregrine 12 for me it did get Clogged up a little bit but overall the Outsole is built for a nice range of Terrains it's also the St version of the Peregrine 13 that is built more for Muddy tracks but as someone who spends a Lot of time in the mud usually Peregrine Has always been quite a reliable shoe in Its normal version to grip well on the Mud I'll also be nice and grippy on Harder stuff A very comfortable and good fit in my Normal size with the Saucony Peregrine 13 that's my normal running shoe size Across the board I've got my normal EU UK and US size in this shoe and I've had No concerns with it at all same size I Wear pretty much all sucking issues and Previous versions of the Peregrine nice Amount of room up front in the toe box So you're not going to have any risk of Your toes hitting the front of that Downhills and a good cushioned hold at The back with this padded collar on the Shoe and padded tongue so yeah no Problems at all for me true to size

I've done around 50k in the Saucony Peregrine 13 and that's included a Couple of 10 marlers it's mostly been on Forest tracks near me that have been Ranging from quite muddy to nice and Hard packed now it's been a bit sunnier Lately I've also I've done some grass Running and a bit of road to and from This Forest as well so probably only one One was really really wet in the shoe Where I really got to experience the Gore-Tex liner it's dried out a fair bit Recently here in the UK so I've got one Running with some puddles and some rain To test that out but mostly I've been Running in the drying on the upper I'd Say it's actually not that noticeable Like you don't even really notice the Weight of it the shoe is slightly Heavier than the peregrine is without it But I don't think it's a heavy shoe at All it feels quite light on the foot the Upper is flexible it doesn't feel stiff Or annoying or rub in any way on the Foot so that's good and it's you know it Can be a tad warm or my last run I think I was running around to 10 miles and Around 20 degree heat and it probably Was a little bit warmer than other shoes But not something I'd really probably Have noticed but I wasn't thinking about It so much because I'm wearing a Gore-Tex shoe so overall yeah no real Problems with the upper at all and then

Obviously do get the benefit of the Protection of that Gore-Tex liner so When I'm running in really muddy Conditions there's usually at least one Panel big enough that it will go over The sides of the shoe which would be Annoying because it's still going to be A little bit careful but where it really Comes into its own for me is running Through wet grass because that just gets Cold seeps through the shoes and when You've got a Gore-Tex liner it just Keeps it all at Bay your feet stay nice And dry nice and warm you can just run Through whether it's due in the morning On grass or just wet grass in general Even if it's quite long you can plow Through that without worrying about Having wet feet for the rest of the run So that's probably where I enjoy Gore-Tex lines the most I know there'll Be different use case scenarios Different people on this but yeah so Actually outside of those periods I Don't really notice the Gore-Tex liner That much Um but maybe come winter he'll get a bit More use but like I say usually in the Winter there's big enough puddles that Are still going to be pretty careful to Not let water go in over the side of the Shoe underneath that upper you've got a Really nice pretty balanced ride from This power on midsole it's uh it's not

The softest or liveliest foam in the World but it feels nice and light it Gives a little bit back I've done a Couple of runs with faster sections in Them like like a progression run moving From easy to steady Pace by the end on Some nice undulating terrain and it just Gives you the platform to go and run Pretty fast if you want to while also Being nice and comfortable for long runs At easy Paces it's yeah it's just a good Midsole it's not that exciting or Thrilling or anything like that but it Gets the job done picks up quite nicely When you're going up hills and you've Got enough cushioning there to really Pound down them and not really worry About any damage being done to your legs The formulate a drop I'd say has to be a Little bit noticeable for me when I'm on Runnable terrain so I tend to prefer a Slightly high drop even just six Millimeters I think takes the edge of it A little bit for me sometimes in terms Of the impact going through my calves as A heel Striker but when you're on an Uneven ground in that I don't really Notice the formula to drop so much but Yeah it's something that is a little bit Lower than I tend to go for in my shoes Didn't notice a huge change in the ride Compared to the Peregrine at 12 in terms Of cushioning like I'd say it is a Little bit more cushioned but it's quite

A marginal thing I think what I did Notice a bit more was that I feel like The Peregrine 13 is a fair bit smoother On the road and hard surfaces in general I think it's got a slightly less Intrusive ride I found that the Peregrine control could get a bit Snappy On the road and the lugs could be feel a Bit out of place on the road and and Actually I didn't find the Peregrine 12 A superb road to Trail sheet I found it Much better just on the trails whereas Do you think this was great on the road Like I've not been on very long Stretches on the road in this shoe but It didn't feel like it was skittish or Hard you know the lugs were you know Annoying me in any way on the road so I Do think a slight change made to the Outsole have made it a slightly smoother Ride on hard surfaces without really Taking away any of the grip you have on Soft surfaces so Peregrine is a shoe That I say I've been in very deep mud Like in one of the earlier versions of The shoe I did the race the train race In Wales where the mud was knee-high and You know it was really good it grips Really well for a shoe that does have This amount of grip on hard surfaces as Well so there aren't many for example For example in that race the first five Six miles were on the road and then You're into very deep mud and it's quite

Tricky to find a shoe that balances that So well as the Peregrine and that is Still pretty much the case with the Peregrine 13. I've never really felt the Need to go and get the muddy version of The shoe because even when running in The mud around here it grips really Quite well yeah over time you can get a Bit clogged up although that is less the Case with the Sulkin e13 I have noticed That it sheds mud a little bit better Than the suck any 12 did for me but even Then if you go through deep mud for a Long period it will start to feel a bit Slippery and get claggy underfoot but For the most part it's pretty good in Soft conditions whilst being nice and Grippy on hard stuff as well So Peregrine 13 is a little incremental Update to the line that kind of Builds On the change that sockney made last Year like peregrine 12's big plus point Was that it was a fair bit lighter than Appearing in 11 and soccer has continued That Trend with the new shoe which is I Think important because this is a shoe That's got that lightness as part of its Heritage it is quite a nippy shoe while Still being built up and cushioned and Gripping well so the change continued in That direction and it worked well it's a Bit more cushioned it's a bit lighter And even if you're getting a Gore-Tex Version of the shoe like this it's just

Over 300 grams in the UK 9 or a that's a Us-10 that's pretty good going for a Shoe with a big outsole like this and a Gore-Tex liner Gore-Tex whether it's for You or not will really depend on use Case I probably wouldn't go for the Vortex version myself because when I'm On the Forest Trails I think I Rise to Have the lighter shoe and just take my Chances with the money puddles if you're Running on grass a lot I definitely Would consider the Gore-Tex version it Really stands out at that time or if you Just here it's always running in the Rain then yeah that's another another Thing to consider but even in the UK I Didn't know there was enough rain uh for Me to go and get a Gore-Tex shoe it's More for me when running through grassy Fields and keeping that fresh morning Due at Bay in particular so yeah that's Something so it's a little bit more Expensive you can get slightly heavier Sugar slightly hotter shoe as a result Um yeah so that for me I'd be looking at Probably the standard version just as it Fits my use case a bit better midsole is Good you can get live limited social Sockony itself like I was recently Testing The Exodus Ultra 2 which has a Midsole that's Blends some power run PB With the power run frame on it and that Just has a bounce here Lively feeling Under foot it's got a slightly higher

Drop as well it's gripped well for me in Similar conditions so I probably all Round prefer the second Exodus 2 Peregrine is a slightly lighter shoe Especially if you're up to the normal Version and probably has a slightly more Bite to its grip and the XS Ultras is Built more for the Long Haul but Actually I think it's quite similar in How I'd use the two shoes they're both Good for short stuff long stuff pretty Comfortable you know quite Lively and Fast shoes when you want them to be I Think very slightly further ride feel or The Exodus Ultra because it has that Bouncier midsole feeling at times other Couple of good options that I consider Really nice all-rounders there's the Hoka speed goat 5 which is more of a Smooth ride than the snappy feel of the Peregrine 13 and um that's a good shoe That doesn't look like it's going to do Fantastically well in soft conditions But has gripped pretty well for me in Them this has the Peregrine 13 does have Better grip on that front but yeah the Speedo I think is a little bit more Comfortable and smooth when ticking Through Long Easy miles in particular if You're eyeing up things like Ultras and That kind of thing and then another good Shoe is the innovate uh trailfly g270 Which is a zero drop shoe which isn't Something I traditionally would go for

But I don't know the ride of it felt Really good to me and sometimes the way The geometry is built on shoes the Actual drop doesn't matter so much it Felt kind of equally low Drop to the Paragraph for me even though this is a Four millimeter drop and innovate grip Is fantastic on a range of visual like Basically there's no kind of trail that I wouldn't be happy going on in the Innovate g270 just because the grip is So versatile it's a nice streamlined Narrow shoe feels very Nimble on the Foot as well and yeah that's another Issue I really like which I go for out Of them I don't know it's a bit of a Close call there I think they're both Great shoes maybe for looking more at Things like Fels and muddy running the Innovate just has a little bit of an Edge but um it's pretty close all around I say maybe the Peregrine has a slightly More comfortable midsole and a good Cheaper alternative that I've tested Lately that really did remind me of the Peregrine line in general was the Evidect Mt cushion 2 from decathlon now This is a issue that just costs just Under 100 pounds and it's got quite a Similar setup to the Paragon in many Ways it's got a smaller midsole for sure It's a less comfortable shoe for if You're looking at long distance stuff But if you're mostly running up to

Around 10 15 miles I think it's Certainly comfortable enough in my Experience the grip is quite similar to The Peregrine in that it grips really Well in a nice range of things comes a Little bit unstuck if you're a deep mud For a long time but generally not a Problem so that's a option except if you Don't want to spend huge money on your Trail shoe if it's more of a an extra Shoe in your lineup and you're more of a Roadrunner you just want something on The side then that's a good option to Consider as well Peregrine like I say a Bit more comfortable slightly livelier Midsole than you get on the Eva dick Shoe overall there's nothing really Default here with the Peregrine 13. I Think it's a really good shoe I think It's a nice little update from Saucony It's not a massive update if you're Looking at deals and you find a great One on the Peregrine 12 I'd pick up that Shoe I don't really think you're losing Out on much by not going for the latest Version like I say the Gore-Tex version You'll know if your use case demands it But I will say in its plus point the Upper really isn't that noticeable even The actual weight wasn't that noticeable It's really well designed very Comfortable upper with that Gore-Tex Membrane slightly hotter but that's to Be expected and yeah it wasn't something

That really put me off the shoe that Much good update Paragon 12's out there For dual I'd grab it lots of other good Shoes out there but you certainly won't Be let down by the Peregrine 30. That's our review of the zucchini Peregrine 13 let us know what you think In the comments below please do like Subscribe ring the little bell and we'll See you next time