Hey people welcome to The Run Testers. And in this video we’re looking at the new Saucony Ride 17. It’s an upgrade to Saucony’s neutral daily trainer that’s designed to be versatile enough to eat a wide range of regular weekly miles. Run Tester Kieran has taken it for a first spin and here’s his early impressions in our Saucony Ride 17 first run review.


0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Details: Price, Weight, Stack, Drop
0:40 – Shoe whip round
1:30 – Fit
1:56 – First run test
6:01 – Early verdict

Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video we are looking at the New sakon ride 17 this is an upgrade to Sakon's neutral daily trainer it's Designed to be versatile enough to eat a Wide range of regular weekly miles now We have taken it for a first spin first Few miles and here's our early Impressions it's a quick details then Well the stack kight comes in at 35 m in The hill 27 m in the 4T for an 8 mil Drop it weighs 10.3 o or 293 G in my UK Men's size 8 test shoe pricewise it's £135 in the UK and $140 in the US quick shoe whip BR then and in the Mid so so we've now got big but not Max Stack of the livelier power run plus Phone the same phone you'll find in the Triumph 21 the ride 16 by contrast had Regular power run up top the ride 17 has Engineered mesh uppers as ever s says These have been tweaked to improve Breathability but that's spefic Specifically across the toes here but There's also quite notable big Perforations down the side walls of the Shoe too saky also says they've improved The midfoot wrap here and created better Lock down comfort in the heel there are Medium padded heel collars a medium Padded gusted tongue there's also quite A stiff heel counter and some heel pools Here flip them over and there's a good Covering of outsole rubber for grip and

Durability that you like what you'll Find in the speed three or in the Triumph as Well So when it comes to fit in the socer Ride 17 I've just run in a UK and a half Which is my regular size and they fit Pretty well true to size overall roomy Toe box good hold potentially have to Lce it down a little bit tighter because I had a little bit of slipping in the Heel not huge but it just a little bit Of movement around that area but overall I think yeah I would recommend going True to Siz in These so I don't know if it's just that I'm so excited to be in new shoes I've Got that new shoe feeling but it's also A bright crisp day it's a a nice running Day it's pretty cold but first smile in These shoes and wow I think socer has a Hit on their hands with these they are Super comfortable immediately you put Them on the foot they've got excellent Disappearing comfort that really well Balanced cushioning that's not overdone Just nice there's room in the toe box The uppers are holding across the Midfoot but feeling you know snug enough But not compact plenty of room in the Toe box but it's the ride actually Underf foot they seem to have managed to Pull off a nice amount of Bounce in this Midol phone but there's a softness to

The Landings then a spring back but You're also getting the clip through From The Rock ring and overall this is Probably a livel more energetic ride Than I've had from previous ride shoes I've always been a fan of this model but I think they've added a bit of extra pop To it it just feels really effortless Super springy a bit more fun bit B more Lively and uh yeah so far I mean I'm one Mile in but I wanted to just get it on Camera cuz it's it's made me go wow and I'm super surprised with these shoes I Wasn't expecting to really find them That exciting but yeah I'm really Enjoying them so Far So I've just done four miles at kind of Up to about 8 minute mile pace so sort Of middling pace for me but I feel like These shoes want to give me some more so I am going to go and do a really quick Mile now and see how we get on be really Interesting to see if they've got more To offer I'm doing an all out kind of Fast mile here so going to go and do my Usual Loops of the Park So after that fast mile I ran about 6 Minutes 25 for the mile which is roughly My marathon pace what I found is these Shoes will cope with that you are having To work a little bit harder there's There shade heavy for it really

Basically and there is a little bit of Softness which maybe doesn't really Support you to be doing those kind of Fast miles but this is definitely a shoe That you'll be able to go and do mixed Pace marathon training runs where you Have to pick up the pace and get close To marathon pace and then drop back and Do really sort of you know your easy Comfortable miles in between all of Those things so far for me the shoe has Been an absolute Joy I've done 10ks in It in total and straight out the box Straight on the run I have really Enjoyed this shoe it's totally my kind Of shoe it's not too soft but it has got Kind of balanced cushioning the overall Comfort on the foot is great disappears Nicely doesn't feel too heavy there's Good roll through there's a lot of good Bounce coming up from the foam and Overall I just have really enjoyed those First miles it's definitely a sort of Easy cash long running shoe as well I Think this is going to be a good all Kind of versatile daily trainer edging To the slightly softer but with a bit of Bounce much prefer it so far Instinct Says than things like the Nimbus 25 Nova Blast which I've been testing as well It's not quite as firm and as rocked as Something like the cloud Eclipse but yeah a good stable platform To run off as well wide based really

Stable super Comfort I mean that's the Thing it's just like super Comfort but You can go fast in it yeah so far for This first run it's been a big thumbs up For me So just to sum up my first impressions Then a very early verdict are that the Sakon has a good shoe here there's Excellent disappearing Comfort on the Foot it's a really good ride so far that Balances cushioned Landings with rolling Response and springing energy for me It's one of those shoes that feels Natural it's not effortless but just Very easy to move and whether you're Moving slow and easy or pushing things Slightly more Up Tempo it coped with my Marathon pace miles really nicely I'm Keen to do more testing but I think it May well have the versatility to be a Fantastic Workhorse allrounder it's been A while since I enjoyed a shoe straight Out of the box like I enjoyed this one The tri 21 I did as well yeah maybe Looking back even to the stocking indorf And Speed 3 that was another one so my Initial response here is that there's Good potential for this to be a really Good value Workhorse daily training I Think a lot of runs are going to find Accommodating and fun to run in so there You have it that's my first run look at The S ride 17 we'll get more miles in Them to bring you the full multitester

Review very soon to be sure to hit Subscribe and ring that Bell to he when That video lands you'll get notified Otherwise thanks for watching we Appreciate you spending your time with Us as always and we hope to see you Again soon on the Run testers happy Running everyone