Hey people welcome to The Run Testers. And in this video we’re bringing you our full multi-tester review of the new Saucony Ride 17. It’s an upgrade to Saucony’s neutral daily trainer that’s designed to be versatile enough to eat a wide range of regular weekly miles. And a potential cheaper Saucony Triumph 21 alternative. Run Testers Kieran, Nick and Tom have all clocked plenty of miles in them and here’s the verdict in our Saucony Ride 17 review.


0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Details: Price, Weight, Stack, Drop
1:04 – Shoe whip round
1:55 – Fit
3:17 – The Run Test
10:32 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video we've got our full Review of the new sakon ride 17 an Upgraded neutral daily trainer that's Designed to be versatile enough to eat a Wide range of regular weekly miles from The slower end right up to your uptempo Efforts now one big headline here is That you've got a new power run plus Midsole foam in this shoe that's the Same as you'll find on the Triumph 21 The run test has been busy putting in The miles to see if that makes this a Better cheaper alternative to the Triumph and where this shoe sits in that Busy daily trainer space so if you want To find out if this is worth your money Watch on for our s ride 17 Review so quick details then and the soc Ride 17 stack height comes in at 35 m in The hill 27 m in the 4T for an 8 mil Drop it weighs 10.3 o or 293 G in my UK Men's size 8 Tes shoe that's about half An ounce heavier than the Triumph 21 Price-wise it's £ 135 in the UK $140 in The US a launch price that's now towards The cheaper end of the daily trainer Shelves so let's give you a quick shoe Whip round then and in the midsole we've Now got that big but not Max stack of The livelier power R plus Pham that's The same phone that you'll find in the Trium of 21 the ride 16 by comparison Had just regular power run up top the

Ride 17 have an engineered mesh uppers As ever socy says those have been Tweaked to improve breathability Specifically across the toes though but There's also quite a notable set of Perforations down the side here on the Side walls to make them Airy saky also Says they've improved the midfoot wrap And created better lock down comfort in The hill for this shoe there are medium Padded heel collars and medium padded Gusted tongue there to help with that There's also quite a stiff heel counter Here and a set of heel pools to help you Get the shoes on flip them over and We've got a good covering of out soole Rubber for grip and durability and kind Of in all the right Places fit for me in the ride 17 I'm a Size 8 in the UK this is a size eight uh I found it to be very comfortable shoe There was a nice bit of space before my Big toe in the forefoot uh the upper is Very comfortable there's quite a bit of Padding on it not loads it's not a Massively plush shoe but it's there's Plenty of it it's quite comfortable and I did find that there was plenty of room In the midfoot uh but I could still get A nice lock down fit so I would stay to My size in the ride 17 very comfortable Shoe now on fit I ran in my regular Running shoe size a uk8 and a half if You're interested now I found the fit

Spot on roomy but not baggy good heel Hold and lock down across the midfoot There's enough flex and wiggle room in The toe box it's good security across The midfoot as well without any Restriction and I would overall Recommend going through to size in these Shoes so the ride 17 fit me well in my Normal running shoe size I've got a uk9 Here which is what I've used across SES Range for many years and it fits me Perfectly well good amount of room in The toe box good hold around the heel And midfoot not a huge fan of the eyet Design on the shoe though these little Almost fabric eyelets I've ripped one of Them straight away and I'm not someone Who's ever done that before with other Shoes so I don't really Yank on laces Particularly hard and feel that maybe They're just a little bit flimsy so that Be something I look out for but overall No concerns with the fit uh going with My normal running shoe Size so then in my run test I've now Done around 35 miles in the ride 17 at My usual mix of paces and different Terrains including roads and off-road River paths that were quite muddy and And wet and slippy I've also done a 120 Minute long run test too and I did an Allout treadmill 5K as well so I've put These shoes through a good range of Tests and it's fair to say that I've

Enjoyed these shoes a lot from the Moment I put them on I found they felt Natural easy disappearing on the foot I Personally think that you can tell Quickly you've got a nicely balanced Shoe here the moment you step into them There's an airiness and a nice roomy Flex from the uppers your feet have some Freedom to breathe your toes have some Room to flex but they hold well without Restricting as in in the Triumph 21 the Power on plus foam midsole provides a Softness that takes the edge off your Landings but it's not too sinking it Bites back at the right time there's Good immediacy here overall for a Cushion shoe and along with the rocker Ring speed roll you get smooth Transitions in a shoe that's I think has Got Great Clip along across a wide range Of Paces actually they're heavier than Shoes like the Triumph 21 the Nova blast 4 and the New Balance 1080 v13 about the Same weight as the oncloud eclipse but I Don't think they feel heavy on the foot Actually in compar to some of those There's definitely probably too much Weight here to want to pick them over Spriter shoes for the faster Pace Efforts like you know if you're going For an allout 5K you probably wouldn't Want to use them but they're generally Geared towards more like everything from Slow and easy up to marathon pace but at

The same time I did manage to batter out A sub 25k in them on the treadmill with Relative comfort and ease so they can do That they're not designed for it but They handled it okay so I think there's Really good versatility here in this Shoe this is another great shoe for runs Where you're not really sure how you're Going to run you know know those runs Where you're going to go out and just Well you got a plan you're not training And I think there's a lot here for new Runners or beginners who need enough Protection but also want a shoe that can Handle a really good range done 55k in The sakon ride 17 using it for a mix of Daily training runs I've done one long Run some easy stuff and an interval Session as well and overall I think this Is a good shoe it's not one I've Absolutely loved running in myself but I Do think this is a good shoe that will Appeal to lots of Runners it's certainly Heavier than previous versions of the Ride and with the slightly softer foam Feels like a less versatile shoe I'd say For me than the things like the ride 15 Which was the last ride I tested it's Quite a big shoe on the foot and feels Fairly heavy it's heavier than the Triumph 21 just with all the Similarities between the shoes is a Little bit heavier than the Triumph 21 And it feels a little bit less Nimble on

The foot cuz it's also a little bit Wider so I think that really helps when It comes to cushioning and the Protective feeling under foot when You're using it for nice easy runs but Over anything slightly faster or longer It just feel like a slightly big shoe to Me uh when I was using it but that extra Cushion I think will appeal to lots of People you've got better outso coverage Here than on the previous versions of The ride as well certainly shoot that's Built to last you know good Workhorse With that power own plus phone which is A good phone like it's stable we've Liked it on the triph for several Generations it's a stable foam it's a Comfortable foam it's not too squishy it Gives you a little bit back it does mean You can use this as a shoe for faster Stuff because you do get a little bit Back from that foam even though it's not Very light and it is a Durable foam as Well so there's certainly lots to like About it and and itly does deliver a Very similar feel to what we have with The Triumph 21 like when I was running In both shoes at the same time there's So much common between the shoes and how They feel Under Foot obviously got the Slightly lower drop on the ride 17 the Slightly higher amount of heel Cushioning on the Triumph 21 but in Reality you didn't notice them that much

On the run I think the Triumph 21 does Feel a bit lighter and nimbler but you Know it's not a much more vertile shoe So he'd certainly be using them for Similar jobs and the rer 17 does a very Good job has that cushioned comfortable Workor shoe that the Triumph has been For several years yeah it's definitely a Shoe that can do a nice range of day Training I think some will find it very Versatile and be able to use it for lots Of different stuff for me it's just a Bit too heavy and a bit too weighty for That kind of thing but as a cushioned Protective Cruiser it does a very good Job so I've done about 50k in this shoe So far and I am very pleased with it so Far the ride range is uh a series of Shoes which I've used in the past uh Some versions I've thought were okay uh It was a fairly solid daily trainer uh But it didn't really do anything that Exciting either it was a sort of a shoe Especially around the ride 145 where you Could take it out you could do daily Runs in it and and it was fine but it Didn't really offer anything of any Excitement or any interest the midsole Tended to be a little bit dull for me it Was a pretty lean shoe so it was pretty Good for versatility you could go out And do a nice uh comfortable daily run In it or you could pick up the pace a Little bit more but it wasn't a

Particularly modern shoe and it didn't Have many um impressive features in it Like new Foams or anything like that the Ride 17 for me is a massive update to The previous versions and it's now Become a shoe that I've really enjoyed Testing uh I've done a few different Runs in this so uh those are vary Between sort of 9 kmet easy runs up to a Track session which I did in the other Day uh and what I found about this shoe Is that thanks to this new paron plus Midell foam uh it is a significantly Improved shoe uh for versatility for Daily runs basically it just does a lot More than what I was getting from the Ride previously I had used the previous Ride for a variety of runs including Races and uh track sessions and I found It was a bit of a SLO the midell foam in It didn't really do a lot I found it was Quite hard to get a nice uh consistent Fastpac in it uh so it wasn't great for Versatility this shoe I think is a lot Better that power on plus midell foam Just has a lot more to it it's a little Bit bouncier it's a little bit more Responsive and it just feels like you've Got a bit more energy in the shoe which Is massive plus point when I was using It for track despite the fact that it's Not a light shoe um it does feel like You can really pick up the pace nicely In it and just really train at a higher

Daily rate I'd probably go as far as to Say that if you're a runner that's Looking for a nice all round shoe where You want to be able to go out and do Training sessions in but also maybe even Want to race in it I'm not saying for Like if you want to go for a sub three Marathon or anything like that but if You're the sort of Runner that just Wants a nice solid one shoe to do Everything and you want to cross the Finish line and be able to go a bit Faster it feels now like a shoe that can Do that uh and that it's all down to That parum plus midell foam I think uh Which is the same foam you get in the Triumph as well um in the Triumph it's Slightly different it's a little bit Softer in the Triumph for me I think There's a little bit more energy in the Triumph This is a little bit firmer the Other thing I'd say about the shoe as Well is that that uh midell foam that Power plus midell foam is very stable as Well actually really reminds me of the Sakon tempus U very similar ride to both Those shoes you can't really tell the Tempest is a stability shoe it just Delivers like this really it's a it's It's um for me it's a very very Comparable shoe with with with the Tempest and I I'm a massive fan of the Tempest so yeah uh the only other thing I would say the outsole is fantastic

Really good outsole on this good grip I've been out on the wet quite a lot in Brighton and it's been absolutely fine Um so overall I'm very very impressed With the shoe I think it's a solid daily Shoe lovely Midol foam and yeah just uh Well worth a look considering the Price so s clearly has plans to revamp Its lineup in general I imagine we'll See a big update on the Triumph 22 that Maybe brings in something like power run PB foam to separate it from the ride 17 Because this is a very similar shoe and It is good that you're now getting the Best features of the trium 21 in a much Cheaper shoe with the ride 17 you've got That power run plus midsole it is Comfortable it's protective it's not Actually as versatile as the Triumph 21 Cuz is a bit heavier I find I do prefer The feel of the Triumph 21 very slightly Myself but they are very very similar Shoes for sure and the ride 17 is Cheaper it'll be the one to go for out Of those two I think compared to Previous versions of the ride you have Got a different shoe here I think this Is more of a cushion daily trainer a Comfort first shoe the ride 15 and I Think the 16 were similar had a firmer R For Shore but I think was a more Versatile shoe as a result you had that Firmer feeling under 30 it was a lighter Shoe I did enjoy using that for a mix of

Runs whereas the ride 17 I'd see much More as a cushion shoe for easy runs Myself but I do think it will work as a Versatile shoe for lots of Runners like The trif 21 I think an excellent shoe For new Runners pick it up at a lower Price than the tri 21 you can use it for A bit of everything this is maybe a shoe That I think will appeal to more Runners Uh it's in line with what we see from Most brands when it comes to cushion Daily trainers compared to previous Versions of the ride which were Maybe Just a Touch Too firm for lots of people Other options you could get around this Kind of pricing is quite similar to the Nike Pegasus 40 or round I probably Slightly prefer the feel of the ride 17 But it's pretty close between they're Both solid shoes will last a long time Do a mix of stuff quite well but aren't That vertile in terms of how they Perform at faster speeds there's also The pum velocity Nitro to which Obviously a big favorite of mine which Is a lighter more versatile shoe Slightly livel foam in that shoe Compared to the ride 17 the velocity Nitro 3 is likely to come out soon so That might see some really good deals on The two but the ride 17 is a slightly More built up protective shoe I'd say And especially if you maybe if you're a Heavier Runner I think you'll get a bit

More cushion and protection from the Ride 17 all in all I think this is a Good Sho I think this is one that's Really to my taste but I do think this Is probably a good update for the line I Think it will appeal to lots of Runners Now it's nice to have all those Characteristics from the Triumph in a Cheaper shoe I just didn't personally Love the ride FIV it myself I found it Just a little bit heavy and big on the Foot and the Triumph 21 even was a bit Nimbler in that regard but the ride 17 I Think is the one to go for from S range If you are looking for a cushion shoe Now because it is so much cheaper than The Triumph and so similar but if you Want a lighter nimbler shoe then maybe An older version of the ride or see what Happens with the Triumph next year so My Verdict on the sakon ride 17 is that It's a really good Improvement on the Previous versions the midell foam the Power plus midell foam is significantly Better than what was in the sh shoe Before it's now elevated the shoe to be A solid daily shoe that is quite Versatile as well good for running Faster good for solid consistent daily Runs probably a good option if you're Looking for something to do all of your Running in um especially considering the Price is significantly lower than some Of the um very expensive shoes that are

Out at the moment so it it's a great Solid Workhorse daily trainer that is Really verstile well well worth taking a Look at um now and I wouldn't have said That about the previous ride versions Because I think they were just really Shoes that tipped some boxes um but Didn't really do anything interesting Now I think it's a shoe that does Interesting stuff and um is well worth Trying if you want uh either a great Daily training for your rotation or You're just looking for one solid shoe That can do a lot of your runs now I Said it in the first run video and after Many more miles in the ride 17 I've not Changed my mind sakon has a very good Shoe here in my opinion there's Excellent disappearing Comfort a really Good ride that balance cushion Landings With rolling response and a bit of Springy energy for me it's one of those Shoes that feels natural Straight Out of The Box very easy to run in it's not Totally effortless but it's just very Happy to roll around in whether you're Moving slow and easy or you're pushing Things slightly more Up Tempo it just Feels natural again I'll use that word Again it coped well with my marathon Pace miles it was protective enough for Easy recovery plots as well and it Handled that fast 5k that I did for me This has all the Hallmarks of a very

Versatile fantastic allrounder it's been A while since I enjoyed a shoe Straight Out of the Box quite like I enjoyed this One the Triumph 21 was one of the others That Springs to mind or you know I Really love the speed tree Mak you know People will know that if they regular Watchers of the channel and overall I Think this represents really good value As a Workhorse daily trainer I Personally would choose it over things Like the Jael numers 25 or the Nova Blast 4 or the 1080 v13 but that's maybe Because generally speaking I think I Prefer a slightly lower stack or at Least a more compact shoe a shoe doesn't Feel quite so hulking great on the foot So yeah so there you have it that's been Our review of The Ride 17 we hope you Found it informative and helpful if you Liked it enough to want more make sure You hit the Subscribe button and ring That Bell to hear about when new reviews Land on the channel if you're after a Daily trainer I'm popping our pick of The best daili up on screen about now go Check that out otherwise thanks for Watching we really appreciate you Spending your time with us and we hope To see you again soon on the Run testers Happy running Everyone