The Saucony Triumph 21 and Saucony Ride 17 are shoes that have a lot of similarities on paper, with both having a PWRRUN+ midsole and similar stack heights. In this video Tom, Nick and Kieran talk about the two shoes and pick out the differences between them, and say which they’d recommend you get.

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12:26 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and in this video we're Going to be comparing the sakc Triumph 21 and the succ ride [Music] 17 so the ride and the Triumph are both Long running Lines within Sak range like In the past easy to divide them really As the Triumph as the premium cushion Shoe that's got the most comfortable Cushioning the most stack height that Kind of thing whereas the ride was more The daily trainer almost the Pegasus of S range built to do a little bit of it All but the updates to the ride 17 have Made it very similar to the Triumph 21 So we're going to try and pick out what The differences are and which we' Recommend from the two one of the big Differences is the price the ride 17 is A lot cheaper at £1 135 or $140 whereas The Triumph is £170 or $160 the R 17 is A bit heavier than the triumph which is Not something that we' have said about Previous versions of these shoes the R 17 is 306 G or 10.8 o in my UK size 9 Whereas the Triumph 21 is 293 G or 10 .3 O the R 17 is an 8 mm drop whereas the Triumph is a 10 mm drop with the stack Heights being 37 at the heel in the Triumph and 27 at the 4 foot and it's 35 And 27 in the ride so there's lots of Similarities between these two shoes as I mentioned and the reason for that is

That saky added the power run plus Midsole and sock liner to the ride 17 Replacing the power run foam that had Been using it in the past you've Obviously got power run Plus in the Triumph so the mids are now very similar All around you've got that slightly Higher heel stack heite in the Triumph And slightly lower drop in the R and Then also actually the ride is a bit Wider certainly around the midfoot than The Triumph 21 which maybe adds a little Bit more stability although the Triumph Itself is also pretty stable for a Neutral shoe got mesh uppers on both Shoes I think you've got a closer fit And more padding around the heel of the Triumph is something I noticed and then Actually the laces are a little bit Different you've got almost these fabric Eyelets on the r you can see I've Actually managed to rip one of those off With you've got the more traditional Lacing system on the Triumph then you've Got rubber out SS on both shoes slightly More coverage around the midfoot there On the Triumph and like different Designs to the groove at the heel of Each shoe it's a bit deeper and shorter On the Triumph but broadly speaking Quite similar outsoles on both [Music] Shoes so the fit for me in these two Shoes is quite similar as you'd imagine

They're both socony shoes they're both Quite similar in the way that they're Designed I'm a size eight in the UK These are both size eights in the UK I Found to be very comfortable shoes There's plenty of room before the toe in The foref foot in both of the shoes the Upper is quite plush in both of these Significantly more in the Triumph 21 Than the um ride 17 but it's quite Similar upper so there's plenty of room In the 4 foot to move your feet around It's quite a forgiving upper as well so It's quite loose fitting but it's also Good for a nice lockdown fit so very Comfortable uh I will stick to my size In both of these shoes so quick word on Fit then I ran in a UK and a half which Is my regular running shoe size in both Of these shoes I found the fit Absolutely bang on on both of them Really good lock down across the midfoot No slipping in the heels they hold Really nice there's good amount of Wiggle room in the toe box if anything The ride 17 there's probably a little Bit more clearance of the uppers across The top of the toes that makes them feel A bit more Airy and roomy and you know There's a bit more room to wiggle which I really quite like the Triumph 21 feels A bit more dialed in which is probably Better if you're thinking about that Might be used for sort of faster Pace

Runs anyway but overall I would Recommend going true to size in both of These shoes so I have my normal running Shoe size in both of these SHO us it's a Uk9 I've used across S range for many Years and both of them fit me really Well good amount of room in the toe box Nice hold around the heel and midfoot Got a slightly closer more noticeable Fit at the heel in the Triumph 21 but Neither shoe I found has irritated my Heel or anything like that you've got The more traditional lacing system on The Triumph these fabric eyelets on the Ride I think are slightly flimsy as I've Ripped one and I never rip those things I don't yank my laces that hard so that Is one little thing I'd watch out for With the Fit Don't crank those laces on The on the ride too [Music] Hard So I am a massive fan of the Triumph uh 20 and the 21 it's fantastic cushioned Daily shoe the midell foam this paron uh Plus is just a lovely enjoyable slightly Bouncy Midol foam it's really nice for Easy runs for Recovery runs for long Runs it's basically like the perfect Daily shoe if comfort and cushioning is Your main focus whereas some of the Shoes like the Speed 3 is a great daily Shoe but it skews more towards the Faster side of running uh this is really

The other side so Comfort cushioning but Also has a little bit more versatility In it that midell foam means that you Can do lovely cruising miles I've used This shoe for quite a lot of uh my Longer runs so if I'm out there doing Like a tempo run or just doing a 160 Miler I would use the tri 21 just Because it's comfortable and just Delivers everything that you would want So I think the trium 21 is just a Brilliant shoe uh and it's definitely One of if not the best cushion shoes out There at the moment the ride 17 is an Interesting one because the previous Rides the 15 and the 16 were fine they Just didn't really do a lot the midso Foam in those shoes was pretty dull uh The shoe itself was relatively versatile It was a daily shoe that probably skewed A little bit more towards uh doing Shorter maybe slightly faster efforts But it didn't really do a lot the midell Phone was pretty um boring uh and I'd Never really enjoyed that shoe that much Uh the ride 15 I actually used for a Couple of races um and some uh track Workouts and I just found it just didn't Feel like it was giving me anything back It was relatively responsive because the Pham was actually a little bit firmer Than what you find in a lot of daily Shoes but it just just felt sluggish for Me didn't really have anything the phone

Didn't do a lot the ride 17 uses power Run plus uh same as socer Triumph 21 Does feel slightly different for me in Both of these shoes it's a little bit Firmer for me in the ride 17 not Massively it feels like there's a nice Bit of Bounce in it it feels like it's Responsive it's definitely getting Significantly closer to the trium 21 um They they feel very similar actually These shoes I just think it just comes Down to a little bit more firmness in The um ride 17 for me but not massively It's not a firm shoe any stretchy Imagination especially in comparison to Like the ride 15 or the ride 16 so I Have used the ride 17 for few runs now So I've done uh interval session in it I Have done part run in it um and I've Done about up to about 15K in this shoe Uh in Easy runs uh and I'm really Enjoying it I never said that about the 15 and 16 they were fine they just Didn't really do anything for me whereas The R 17 is getting significantly closer To the the trium 21 very similar stack Kits in these shoes same foam um and They're almost doing the same sort of Thing now the only difference I would Say is that I just think that the trium 21 is a little bit softer little bit Bouncier for me and just a little bit More comfortable it's a bit it's a bit Plusher there more cushioning it's just

A better shoe for me all over when it Comes to those sort of comfortable miles But I do think the ride 17 has got a Little bit more of um versatility to it I think you can go a little bit faster In this shoe uh and it just it skews a Little bit more towards those more Responsive efforts than the trium 21 for Me um it's not particularly light shoe Though so it's not like a fast daily Trainer it's just daily shoe that really Just skews more towards the um slightly Fir more responsive side than the trium 21 for me other thing to say as well is That the outso on these is pretty much Identical which I think is a fantastic Outsole I didn't have any issues with Slipping in either of these shoes and I've used them for quite a lot of wet Runs around Brighton so so very similar On that on that way uh that they're both Got great outsoles on them so um very Impressed all over basically with both Of these shoes so then for my run tests I've done many more miles in the Triumph 21 which has become one of my go-to Every Run shoes I've now done around 35 Miles in the ride 17 I've done a mix of Paces in both shoes and covered Different terrain including roads and Off-road light River paths and park Paths I've run up to 120 Minutes a long Run in both of these shoes as well oh And I did a allout 5K sort of sub 20

Minute treadmill run in the ride 17 as Well I also did a side by side mile to Compare how the shoes feel when they're On the feet and here is what I found so I've just done my sideb side mile I've Got the ride 17 on the left foot I have Got the Triumph 21 on the right foot Initially I thought these shoes would Ride fairly similar that was going to be My gut reaction anyway but having put Them both on now there are some Differences here that are really Important one is that with the ride 17 You're getting a wider base in the heel And in the forefoot on The Landings at Least that's how it feels pretty sure if You measure them up you're going to get More across the base of the foot a Bigger platform to land on that platform Is also lower stack and you do notice it But it's also softer that's the key Thing here it sinks much much more than The Triumph 21 it's a noticeable Difference when you've got them side by Side like this you might not pick it up Quite so much when you're running you Know in just one of the pairs of shoes And I think both of these can cover Similar runs what you're going to get Here though I think overall is that the Ride offers you a little bit more Cushion protection and softness whereas The Triumph 21 will feel a little bit More energetic a bit more racy if you

Like that power run plus stack of foam That's got more in the hill same in the For I think it just comes back a little Bit more immediately so it stiffens up a Bit quicker than the ride 17s which just Cushions your Landing a little bit more That means you have to work ever Slightly harder to get back out I think And so in terms of overall Responsiveness I think the Triumph 21 Are going to win here and they are going To be the shoe that overall for faster Pace run are going to do better than the Ride 17 what I will say though is that In terms of comfort on the foot I think They're both on par here I think Secretly I was hoping that the ride 17 Were going to be an easy replacement for The 21 to tell you all that you can save Yourselves a bit of cash but those Differences they they are noticeable They will make a difference to the ride Overall I think there's a little bit More punch in the Triumph 21 but that Immediacy makes them a little bit better At the faster Paces I think to a certain Extent you do notice the extra weight on The shoe or at least the ride 17 just Feels like a bigger overall shoe on the Foot whereas the Triumph they just give You a little bit of extra kind of Agility Precision they just touch more Nimble it's not a huge difference here And I'm pretty sure you can do all the

Same runs in both of these shoes it's Just probably that the ride 17 are going To be better equipped for the sort of Slower stuff up to your marathon pace Whereas the Triumph 21 are going to be Hand able to handle the slower stuff but Probably going to be better if you Really want to go out and kick up the Pace to Marathon pce and Beyond so I've Done a mix of training in both shoes Like long runs easy runs some slightly Faster stuff I tend to think of both of These shoes as cushion shoes for easy Runs mainly little bit of Versatility There like in my rotation they'd Certainly be the cushion shoe I think if You were maybe a newer Runner you could Use these as really good all rounders Potentially but for me they're very much Shoes that I prefer mainly for easy Running the foam is really good and it's The same in both shoes that power R plus Foam is just a really well balanced foam It's not really soft and Squishy but it Is comfortable gives you a little bit Back it creates a stable ride and an Enjoyable ride for ticking off runs and It feels the same for out runs at the End of a long run you're still getting That same resiliency and bounce back it Doesn't really compress or lose any of Its uh liveliness over the course of a Longer run Triumph 21 feels slightly Better at PACE to me I think it's a

Slightly lighter more Nimble shoe but Overall when running in both shoes I'd Say I didn't really notice a huge Difference you've slightly more foam at The heel of the Triumph and that Slightly higher drop but as a heel Striker maybe that's why I prefer this Sho slightly but really when I was Running in them both of them at the same Time I didn't really notice a big Difference between them in terms of the Ride feel even with that slightly lower Drop on the ride the width I'd say on The ride is a bit more noticeable I Think you can notice that you get a bit More ground contact with the ride and Maybe that's why it feel just a little Bit bottom heavy to me at times and even Though the difference in weights really Isn't very much between these two shoes I think the ride 17 does feel like a Nobly bigger and heavier shoe even if The difference is very small does feel That a little bit bigger and less first Style to me than the Triumph but I'd use Them both for the same kind of runs Doesn't really amount to much in Practice I'd [Music] Say okay so my verdict on the sakon tri 21 and the ride 17 is I would previous Versions I would never have compared These two shoes just because the ride Just didn't do anything that the 2021

Was doing now now it's got the same Midell foam in now it's got the same Sort of Stack height in it it's a very Difficult pair of shoes to to to look at Because they're essentially on paper Very very similar what I would say is The difference is in the comfort and Cushioning of the Triumph 21 so it just Feels a little bit softer for me there a Little bit more bounce in it for me that It's a plusher shoe it's a more Comfortable shoe you just get a lot more From it if your focus is that cushioning And comfort the I 17 is getting very Close to the trium 21 now uh it's just For me a little bit lower in terms of Comfort so you're probably going to be Able to do all the same things that you Can do in the tri21 it's just not quite As good for me when it comes to that Sort of cushioning and comfort but it's Still a fantastic shoe and for the price It I'd probably say I'm going to go for The ride 17 but overall I think the Sak Tri 21 is the better shoe but you've got To weigh up the the cost of the shoe When you're comparing these two things But it's getting very close now it's It's a fantastic update to the ride 17 Really think it's a great shoe now and I'm actually picking up quite a bit for Daily runs whereas the previous rides I Didn't really want to pick those shoes Up just because they just didn't deliver

Anything for me but I love the midsole In this um But overall time 21 is still one of my Favorite shoes out there at the moment I Think it's absolutely fantastic my Verdict then well these are two very Good shoes that offer similarly pleasing Levels of comfort and a good natural Disappearing feel on the foot which shoe You choose though is going to boil down To whether or not you want a daily Trainer that's tuned to slightly faster Or one that's tuned to be slightly more Protective both shoes have the Versatility to handle pretty much all of Your daily miles from the slow and easy Up to the uptempo speeds up to marathon Pace and even Beyond in some cases but The Triumph 21 for me anyway I think cat Better from the middle to the top end Whereas the ride 17 probably cope better From the middle to the lower end however You can run fast in the ride 17 and you Can run slow in the Triumph 21 they're Both still good for those things at Either end just not quite as good at it As each other the ride 17 offers a Bigger sof and more stable platform the Triumph 21 is a bit more responsive Immediate Punchy it's a bit more agile And precise so which would I I recommend Well if you're on a budget I'd say go For the ride 17 if you own the Triumph 21 you don't need the ride 17 I don't

Think if you prioritize snappiness and Speed the Triumph 21 probably edges it If you want more protection and Stability go for the ride 17 which shoe Would I choose well I'm quite Torn To be Honest I think the ride 17 offers much Better value it's a wonderfully Versatile shoe at a really competitive Price in that daily trainer bracket I've Also got shoes in my rotation that will Cover the faster shorter miles that the Triumph 21 might do best so if you have That I think that's one consideration so I'm drawn to the ride 17 on the flip I Think the Triumph 21 is probably the Better shoe for my overall style a bit Firmer bit more responsive and I can run In slightly less protective shoes so I Can get away with them how they run when They're slower but money always comes Into it and I think on balance the ride 17 edges it because of the value it Offers I also think it will better suit A wider range of Runners so I'm going to Be recommending the ride 17 the ride 17 Is clearly coming in to take the Triumph Spot in saky lineup and it's good that It's doing so at a lower price you've Now got a really good cushioned Cruiser Of a shoe from Sak that's cheaper than The Triumph we'll see what happen to the Triumph line next year but if I was just Picking between these two shoes right Now I'd get the ride 17 as it is cheaper

Than the Triumph and you know very Similar in nearly all the main respects If you found them at the same price I Would pick up the Triumph I think I do Slightly prefer the feeling of it but it Is a really slight thing and maybe That's just down to having the Triumph More and have used it for slightly more Running over the course of the year I've Warn to it slightly more but really they Do the same job well which is to be a Cushioned Cruiser that for me would be Something I'd use mainly for easy and Long runs but they do both have the Capability to be used as an allrounder And as I mentioned if I was a newer Runner these would be among the top Shoes I'd be considering as an Allrounder to use like when I first Started out running I use the Triumph Line a lot and I do think they are Cushion shoes that are more versatile Than a lot of cushion shoes out there But overall picking between them I'd get The ride 17 cuz it's cheaper the same Price I'd probably just lean towards the Triumph as I slightly put the ride field But really isn't much in it at all be Very interesting to see what happens With the Triumph 22 next year if s Pops In some power run PB Pham to Differentiate it again from the ride 17 But for now yeah very similar [Music]

Shoes that's our comparison of the ride 17 and the tri 21 let us know what you Think in the comments below please do Like and subscribe ring the little bell And we'll see you next Time