The Saucony Tempus is a shoe that aims to balance performance features with stability elements, giving runners that want a supportive ride the versatility to train comfortably across different sessions.

That support comes from the combination of a contoured PWRRUN frame and a deeper midsole design to hold the foot in place with a plush fit, along with supportive midsole geometry and base.

The Asics Gel-Kayano line has long been synonymous with all-out stability. For those runners looking for a high level of support, it’s an option that sits at the top of the list, but has offered little versatility for runners who want a balance of stability, comfort and enjoyment.

The Asics Gel Kayano 30 sees one of the biggest revamps the shoe has seen for a long time, featuring an increased level of cushioning, a new FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam and a 4D Guidance System that aims to provide a more natural level of stability.

Tom has been testing the shoes out which he’d pick as his stability option.

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe versus in this Video I'm going to be taking a look at The Asics Gel krno30 and the Saucony Tempus I was sent to the A6 gel Keanu 30 From the guys over at sports shoes I'm Not paid to do this review so I can say Whatever I want but be thanks to sports Shoes for getting me this so that I Could do this versus video if you want To find out more about the sxjlkano 30 Head down into the comments below and There's a link to the website right Let's dive in and do the verses [Music] Tempest costs 170 pounds or 160 dollars Weighs in at 263 grams or 9.3 ounces for Men in a size 8 and the drop is eight Millimeters the A6 gel Keanu 30 costs 180 pounds or 160 dollars it weighs 300 Grams or 10.6 ounces for men in a size 8 And the drop is 10 millimeters [Music] The Saucony Tempest is a shoe that aims Balance performance features with Stability elements giving Runners that Want a supportive ride the versatility To train comfortably across different Sessions that support comes from the Combination of a contoured power and Frame and a deeper midsole designed to Hold the foot in place with a plush fit Along with a supportive missile geometry And bass the power and PB midsole

Sucking soft and bouncy cushioning Works Alongside the supportive Design Elements To deliver energy return and bounce Without sacrificing control while the Form fit upper gives a personalized fit Across the length of the shoe other Features include an xt900 outsole for Grip and durability a breathable mesh Upper and an Adaptive lacing design The A6 gel Keanu line has long been Synonymous with all-out stability for Those Runners looking for a high level Of support it's an option that sits at The top of the list but has offered Little versatility for runners who want A balance of stability comfort and Enjoyment The A6 gel Keanu 30 sees one of the Biggest revamps that she has seen for a Long time featuring an increased level Of cushioning a new FF blast plus Eco Foam and a 4D guidance system that aims To provide a more natural level of Stability the shoe also includes pure Gel technology below the heel to add Comfort and minimize impact a stretchy Engineered mesh upper for a better fit And breathability and a generous layer Of outsole rubber that includes sections Of AR Plus on the heel Okay so the fit for me in both of these Shoes I am a size eight in the UK these Are both size eights in the UK I find Them supposed to be very comfortable

Shoes uh I would say the A6 gel Keanu 30 Is a slightly roomier option Um it has a lot of padding in it it's The shoes very much designed for Comfort A sort of plush feel to it and there's a Nice bit of wiggle room in the forefoot Of the shoe but it doesn't feel too Roomy the midsection of the shoe has a Nice lock down as well so I think it's a Very comfortable shoe and I would Definitely stay to my size in this shoe Socket Tempest I would say to my size in This as well but what I would say about It is that it's probably slightly more Restrictive than the gel Keanu 30. not Massively but I do think it's slightly More narrow shoe than the gel condo 30. I would still go to my size in this I Didn't have any major issues with the Size of the shoe I think it's absolutely Fine but worth noting that if you're Really looking for the bigger option out Of these two shoes So these two shoes are stability shoes Or support shoes of varying degrees and Support shoes is something that has seen Quite a lot of developments in uh recent Years and months Um the old world of stability shoes Tended to mean that shoes were quite Bulky they were really quite rigid and If you're wearing a stability shoe you Knew it was a stability shoe and what's Happening now though is that more and

More brands are releasing stability Shoes that have a varying level of Stability to them and the reason for That is not everybody needs the same Level of stability if you go and have Your running checked you might find out That you need stability shoes but just Having a few options like in the old Days where sabilities were all very Similar in terms of how they felt and What you'd get from them is not really The case now and there's lots of varying Ways that stability shoes are being Developed and some of them are really Just a touch of stability so that it Just helps people out a little bit when They need it but doesn't make it a Full-on stability shoe so these are two Examples of shoes that really are an Interesting development in the world of Stability shoes the A6 gel Keanu is a Shoe that is historically associated With being a pretty hefty stability shoe If you've tried some of the older jocano Shoes you know they are stability shoes They're pretty Um chunky they feel very rigid and they Don't really offer any of the Performance experiences that you might Get from comparative shoes that don't Have stability elements in them that has Changed with the Asus gel Canon 30 There's quite a big overhaul in the Design of this shoe and it really does

Change the experience of the shoe for me I've never been a massive fan of the A6 Gel Keanu line that's possibly because I'm not a runner that really needs a lot Of stability I'm told that I need a Little bit when I've had my running Checked but when I try to choose like The A6 gel Keanu previous versions it Just felt so full on that I found with Those shoes that I really couldn't run Naturally in them it felt like I had a Quite a whole King shoe on and I didn't Really need the level of stability that I got from them the gel County 30 really Is a modern take on stability and it Still has a lot of stability in it but The design of it the foam in it the way That it rides is is very different than What I've noticed from the previous Versions it's actually feels more like Something that you'd get like the A6 GEL Nimbus 25 which is a very nice Comfortable easy run long run shoe and This delivers very similar to that it's Almost like a stability version of that Shoe and as a result I've actually Really enjoyed running in this um and I Can't say that about the old uh Asics Gel Corner shoes I've always found them To be very clunky and almost slow me Down when I'm on the run and not in a Not in a good way not in a comfortable Nice way but more like a really carrying A big Hefty bit of weight on my feet uh

The AC gel can I30 has an updated foam Which is really nice balanced it's it's Softer than what I would have expected From the shoe and you can feel that when You're out on the run it's a nice feel To this there's a nice fluid motion the Stability element in it is equally it Feels a bit softer it feels a bit more Flexible it feels like there is a bit More to the shoe when it comes to Running naturally and it's not really Forcing your foot into that stability Um that stability of motion and as a Result it it works really well for Somebody that doesn't necessarily need Stability it the stability edits are There they're helping you to run in a More supportive way but you can still Run in it like a normal cushioned Running shoe and it does a really nice Job at that so I've really been enjoying Running running in the ACL Carly 30. Probably done about 60k in it so far I've used it mainly for easy runs I've Used it for a couple of longer runs but Really it fits nicely into that world of Daily cushion use where you just want to Tick off a lot of miles and you're not Going to be running that fast I Definitely wouldn't run fast in the S6 Gel Keanu 30. even though the design has Made it a little bit more enjoyable to Run in and a little bit less bulky Feeling it's still an all-out slow shoe

I run it about five minute 20 kilometers When I'm going out for an easy run or When I'm going out for a long run and That's generally where I find this this Sweet spot for this shoe if I go Anywhere over that if I go up to like Four 50 minute kilometers I this shoe Just doesn't really can't pick it up I Wouldn't go any further than those 4 Minute 50 kilometers in the shoe but I Think it's a solid comfortable enjoyable Shoe that is really nice development of The stability Shoe World especially when There is still a lot of stability in it So this is still a great shoe for people Who need need stability the Saucony Tempers Is an interesting one because it sits at The other side of that Um spectrum of stability shoes this is Really a stability shoe which has a Sprinkling of stability in it Um but also it really delivers like a Shoe that doesn't necessarily have Stability in it so I did a lot of Training in this shoe when I was Training for a marathon earlier in the Year Um and what I found about this shoe is That it doesn't feel like a stability Issue it really feels like a daily shoe And because of that you can it's a lot More versatile it's a shoe that if you Wanted stability and you but you also

Wanted a shoe that you could do your Daily training miles in and maybe pick Up the pace a bit more in this is a Great option for that it's really Offering stability in a new way which is Really quite impressive Um I would say that this shoe I've I've Done training interval sessions in there So I've done filex sessions in there so I haven't raced in this shoe but what I Found about it is that it can do a lot More it really allows you to pick up the Pace a bit it doesn't feel like it's Holding you back it feels like it's a Little bit nimbler than something like The Asics Gel Keanu line and as a result It's a really nice option now for people That need a bit of stability Um but don't want to go the whole hog And have a shoe like the shl Carly 30 Um and really just start sitting into That world of daily shoes Um with a bit of stability in you can Still tell that there's stability Elements in there it's not overpowering It doesn't feel like it's making your Foot do anything it just feels like the Shoe is very supportive your foot's Really held nicely in place and it's Also it's not very rigid shoe either it Does it does flex quite a bit it's quite A nice feeling shoe that is not far off From what you get from a lot of daily Shoes in some ways it does feel a little

Bit like the socket endorphin Speed 3 There's some of the same technology in It it it isn't a performance shoe it Doesn't have that plate in it but it Does have some of the elements and the Design that make it feel more like that Sort of daily shoot you can go and do Quicker runs and if you if you wanted to If thing I say about the sockney Tempest Is that it has a nice fluid transition It feels quick it feels responsive and It's a very enjoyable shoe to to run in If you want to pick up the pace Sometimes I just think it's a great Daily shoe with a lot of Versatility the Other thing I'd say is that the outsole Is very good very similar to what you Find on a lot of other sockony shoes a Good good level of outside we're running A good level of grip and just works just Works very well across lots of different Types of Road surfaces so I've been very Impressed with the Soggy tempers so far And it's the sort of shoe that I would Happily pick this up Um and run with it um despite it having The stability elements in it and I think That's a big thing with stability shoes These days and how it's developing I Think there's it's a good future for People who need stability shoes because I think now we're starting to see a lot Of the performance features that maybe Haven't really existed in disability

Issues before coming into shoes like This that means that there's just a lot More variety when it comes to stability Um the Asus gel Keanu 30 also has a Really nice level of outsole rubber on It a good level of grip I'd say the Temperature is better I just think it's A little bit grippier a little bit Tackier but there's still a nice level On the acgl Keanu 30 very good level of Grip so yeah overall two very good shoes In the stability World Um and I've enjoyed running them both of Them So my verdict Today's Joke can I 30 and The softly Tempest is that they are both Really good I really like these shoes I Think they're a fantastic development of Stability shoes and I think they offer Something that has been been missing When it comes to stability uh shoes in The past I think the hhl Karana 30 is a Great solid uh cushioned shoe with Stability in it that great for your long Runs great for your Um comfortable easy runs and just off to The nice level of support with a good Level of foam responsiveness Um and just Comfort on those runs which I didn't get from the the previous Joe Keanu lines I just think it's a very Good shoe now which is comparable with Shoes like the Nimbus 25 and other ones As well I think it's a good option and I

Think it's um a vast Improvement on the Previous versions sockony Tempest I Think is a fan just a really really nice Stability shoe it's not got as much Stability in it as the Asus gel Carlo 30 But it you can feel it supportive you Can feel it's holding your foot in place And so it's definitely a shoe that makes You feel secure and you're getting those Elements that you want from it it's just A lot more versatile for me so I think For me the Tempest is the superior shoe I think it's a fantastic addition to Sucking his line it's really nice by far The best uh stability shoe I think they Now have it's a really exciting one Um and uh will work for a lot of Runners Who want a bit of stability but still Want to have the ability to do those Those quicker runs and things like that Whereas the xsgl can I30 is your out and Out Easy run shoe long run shoe so I think It really comes down to that but if I Had to really choose between them I'd Say tempus is the best shoe out of these Two that's it from us thanks a lot for Watching this versus don't forget to Like subscribe click that little bell And if you're going to the caption below You can find a link to our most recent Podcast that comes at the end of each Month also a big thanks to sports shoes For getting me this Asics Gel Keanu 30

So that I could test this head down in The comments and click on the link to Find out more about the shoe thanks a Lot for watching catch you next time Foreign